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Family Christmas Photos That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Christmas is coming up, and it’s time to think about those holiday traditions with the family! We all love a filling Christmas dinner, classic seasonal movies, and sitting with a nice atmospheric tree all lit up in the background. Many people love putting up a Christmas tree themselves—not to mention finding gifts from our parents, relatives, and siblings underneath! Indeed, it’s the perfect season to be jolly!

But we all know that Christmas isn’t just a time to receive gifts and enjoy food. It’s also a time to laugh at our terrible family Christmas pictures. The humor in these images might be more than one person can handle, so hold on to your sleighs. Thumbs up to these hilariously awkward holiday images! Let’s HO-HO-HO our way down the list.

Identity Crisis

Christmas is something we look forward to, especially when we are young. We expect gifts and the never-ending Christmas songs—probably not this spooky horse-looking-dog surprise. We can see who enjoyed this moment the most; it’s neither the dog nor the tot—It’s definitely the mom!

isduofwee / Imgur

Props to the dog for being such a good sport with whatever his fur parents want him to do. Even though he looks so confused with the mask on, he still proceeds to do his part. After this, surely he deserves more than a little bowl of his favorite wet food.

Coming Soon: Spiderman in Christmas Nativity Play

Well, this crossover is a surprise! Christmas plays are something some parents want their kids to experience. For some people, it’s a tradition that they want to pass on to their family. And when we say play, you might automatically think of dress-ups like this kid, not a nativity play.

Photo via Imgur

This kid’s parents might have gotten so excited for next year’s Halloween that they decided to let him wear a Spiderman costume. I mean, we get it, we want our child to be happy, but we don’t think this is the right place for that. But then again, as Peter Parker once said, “Some spiders change colors to blend into their environment. It’s a defense mechanism.”

Santa’s Creepin’

To be honest, the photo makes the hair at the back of our necks stand up. It’s a bit creepy, like the song that keeps on playing, “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.” The idea was great, but the execution was a little weird.

DutchTessa / Imgur

Santa must have been so tired of all the other deliveries he had to make that he forgot to smile nicely for the photo. He looks stressed as if Christmas wasn’t so merry for him. We just hope Santa has a good rest for the next 11 months so he can recover.

No Reindeer, No Problem

This photo sets up the Christmas family portrait to the next level. Why bother having reindeer? Your whole family can act as one—this is definitely one that we want to recreate this coming Christmas season. Guess someone’s creativity will earn them an A+.

Swiggy1957 / Imgur

It’s amusing to see this family get together for an awkward seasonal photo. However, if you look closely, you may see someone whose expression screams, ”SAVE ME FROM THIS EMBARRASSMENT!” We hope they weren’t forced into doing this, but on the other hand, what’s Christmas without a little cringing? No harm done!

Off-The-Chart Creativity

Christmas trees are pretty expensive; it has to be said. A real tree costs a fortune. It’s not necessary to have a real Christmas tree during Christmas, but you have to admit, guests are always impressed by one. / Via

Just consider how much money you’re spending—80 to 100 dollars, maybe even more—on something you’ll only use once a year, then toss away. Why spend so much when you can only spend a few dollars on an air freshener that looks like a Christmas tree? Not only will you have extra gift money, but you’ll also experience the merry scent.

Phases of Human Emotions

I admit Santa’s a bit more friendly here than the Santa sneaking in the window. He looks happier, healthier, and stress-free. But, before Santa takes on the spotlight, take a look at the faces of the young tots in the photo. 

cyclone / Imgur

This photo is an excellent representation of how human beings react to something different from one another. The younger child seemed to be in shock, the kid with the glasses was undoubtedly afraid, and the older child was overjoyed to have finally seen Santa in person.

The Difference is Uncanny

We just love seeing family getting together for Christmas. We adore this type of photo so much. No matter how many examples we see, it still surprises us how two brothers may be so different from one another, just like this pair.

IChangedMyUsernameSoMyEmployerCantFindMe / Imgur

We can see the difference in their personality just by looking at what they’re wearing. One appeared youthful in a sweet teddy bear sweater, while the other seemed like someone you might find at an underground fight club. The two share a common interest, though, which is a love of the Christmas season.

Bridget SOLO Debut

To be honest, we are a bit concerned with Bridget right now. Don’t get us wrong, the cards are great—scratch that—they’re phenomenal. It will surely make her relatives smile, but we think there’s a deeper reason she does what she does.

WillyMac / Imgur

If there’s nothing sinister lurking beneath her antics, then it’s all good. But, if she’s going through difficult times by herself, we hope she’ll be able to find peace and genuine happiness at the end of her journey. We’re rooting for you, Bridget.

The Fall of the Gingerbread House

Before we say anything else, why did this person take a photo of the incident before putting out the fire? It’s so risky. We bet this person took the risk because the internet buzz would be worth it. But, honestly, it’s dangerous. People, don’t be like this person, okay?

Photo via Imgur

But seriousness aside, the little girl’s expression is everything—the gingerbread men are all at varying stages of losing their battle against the flames. You can just forget about the gingerbread’s expression, which is hilarious. The girl’s expression is on as much fire as the roof.

To Be Discussed ….

Look at this family’s Christmas card. You know it’s funny. It isn’t exactly what you’d call a normal photo, is it? A dad and mom, together with their kids, dog, and their kid’s significant others. It’s cute, pretty cute. But not for long, though. Just look at the TBA in the photo, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The youngest son’s breakup with his girlfriend—mere months after this photo was taken—left the family’s Christmas card useless. That’s what you might have thought, but it’s nothing a little patching up can’t fix. They just edited it and continued to use it. Petty? Yes. Creative? Yes. Resourceful? Yes!

Quick Realization

We can all relate to this woman. We always make this face whenever we realize something we did or remember something awkward we’ve done in the past. You might think this pose was made by accident, but no.

Kelsey Cordes / Huffington post

According to the woman in the picture, it was 100% intentional. We don’t know why she did that, but it looks hilarious to us. Why settle for a smiley face in the photo when you can be as weird as you want to be? 

Santa’s Eyebrow-Raising Friend

Can somebody enlighten us on what on Earth is happening in the photo? I mean, yes, the kids might have taken a picture of Santa while shopping at the mall. But, can somebody explain why a clown is there—and a bizarre one, it has to be said.


Honestly, this doesn’t happen all the time. A clown and Santa in one photo? That’s crazy. We won’t let this slide. We have a problem with how the clown looks. Is it just us, or do we all agree that it seems a bit creepy to smile like that?

The Christmas Tree Destroyer

For someone who has cats, we totally agree with this one. Cats just love to destroy things without even trying or meaning to. Christmas Trees are one of their favorites—maybe because of the shiny and shimmery balls hanging on the tree. They just love playing with them.

jina100 / reddit

Not going to lie, but this is a good idea. We almost gave up on having a Christmas tree this year (which is so sad), but thankfully, we saw this one. We can sleep at night now that we know our Christmas tree is safe from my cat’s playful habits. Thanks, internet!

Christmas is For All Ages

Christmas is not only for kids to enjoy. Some adults look forward to it too. Why? Well, first it’s a holiday, which means no work. Plus, working adults have their bonuses. But, above all, it brings back old memories that will always put a smile on our faces.

CanadianLadyMoose / Imgur

This woman, indeed, is having the time of her life. She doesn’t only have a Christmas tree but also a sweater from her mom. Oh! We would wear that one, a vintage-looking sweater made with love while sipping a cup of hot choco and watching our favorite movie for goodness-knows how many times now.

The Reality of Having a Sibling

It’s not always butterflies and rainbows when you have a sibling. Imagine arguing with someone who has the same patience as you. That alone speaks so much about how chaotic your home can be when you have a sibling. Well, lucky for you if you have a brother or sister who is the total opposite of you, though.

Swiggy1957 / Imgur

This photo really is an excellent example of what living with a sibling is like in reality, especially when they are young. So, for all loving parents out there, we salute how patient you can be when something like this happens. We have to be honest, though—this photo is a bit alarming to look at.

Two Types of Kids

Some parents have kids that are completely different from one another. Here’s a good example of this—one is being so bubbly and friendly, and the other is looking like she’s already getting onto her college thesis.

We just love how unbothered both of them are with what the other is doing. The girl on the left is so relatable. Honestly, We’d be like the girl lying on the floor face down—too tired to even wait for the clock to hit 12:00 AM and shout “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

When Edgelords Meets Santa

Admit it, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine this ever happening. We don’t know how and why they took this photo, but it’s really refreshing to see this contrast in one picture. Maybe Santa wanted to expand his horizons with a new group of friends. Who knows?

Janthomasz / Imgur

Perhaps the five emo friends surrounding Santa were taken aback by how colorful he was that day and decided not to waste any more time by getting their picture taken with him. The combination is strange, but we enjoy seeing how people defy expectations.

No Favorites

We can clearly see that this parent has no favorites. It’s obvious. Smell the sarcasm there? Often, parents who say they don’t have favorites are lying. They do have one, but they just don’t want to tell anyone in case the unfavored ones catch wind of it.

Photo via Imgur

But even their kids can clearly see that they do have a favorite. What’s with that gigantic stocking right there? Well, there’s a twist. Rosie isn’t a person. She is their pet, so you can see why it’s large, no? Someone’s getting spoiled by the whole fam, right, Rosie? And if you think this one is bad, wait till you see the next one.

They Probably Do Love you, Allison

We can’t figure out why Allison’s Christmas sock isn’t decorated like the other—white socks with a sticky note above it—yes, that isn’t what we expected. Imagine how Allison would feel if she saw this. Obviously, she wouldn’t be happy about it if she knew.

akantho / reddit

Steven’s and Wiloon’s (or Is it Wilson’s?) stockings have the most decorated socks with gold embroidery and embellishments. On the other hand, Allison’s sock appears to be a school project that she couldn’t finish in time. Wouldn’t it be better to just not give her a sock at all at that point?

Christmas Gift Ideas

We don’t really think this is a great gift idea, not unless the person you’re giving it to happens to love batteries. Is there anyone who has this kind of collection or something? That’s weird. But anyways, if you can, don’t give batteries as a gift, especially to young tots. What do you expect them to do with them? Eat them?

Photo via Imgur

Well, they might have a toy whose batteries died months ago, giving you some leeway for your terrible choice of gift. But even so, if you could just spend your money on something more significant than a battery. 

Expectation VS Reality

Well, we can see why she’s upset. Maybe she was expecting something from you. Like a REAL ENGAGEMENT RING, maybe? And you wonder why she’s upset. We’re going to give you some pointers on what to do. But first, we’re going to tell you why she might be upset in the first place. Maybe you’re giving her mixed signals.

Photo via Imgur

The ring is cute, though. We could wear that. But, well, you have to fix this one right on the spot. You don’t want to start a new year having this type of misunderstanding. Just tell her you’re working on it. If not, then SINGLEHOOD is calling your name.

Who’s Excited for Christmas Turkey?

For some families, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Christmas turkey. Of course, we can say it’s already a norm for some of us. Who wouldn’t, though? It’s mouthwatering that even thinking about it makes us drool. We can’t wait to make our version of Christmas Turkey this coming Christmas season.

EMdchYw / Imgur

Just look at the photo above. You can see three different expressions that tell a story. First, the father seems incredibly proud while looking at his wife (who is the one taking the photo). Then there’s their oldest son, who seems a bit like John Travolta, and their youngest daughter, who looks like she will devour the whole turkey any minute now. We’re with you with this one, lil girl.

The Search for The Best Christmas Sweater

Besides Christmas turkey, many people enjoy wearing Christmas sweaters over the holidays. We hate to break it to you, but the best ones aren’t the most expensive ones—they’re the ones your granny or aunt makes. However, the weirdest ones get recognition among the sea of sweater-wearers.

Saaavaaannaaah / Imgur

We think this man was forced to put a mirror in his normal sweater for his girlfriend, who loves to check herself and her woolly outfit in the mirror every now and then. Kudos to you, man! This man might get the trophy if there’s a competition for having the most original idea for bringing passive aggression to Christmas.

1, 2, 3 BLINK!

How close are you with your family members? We bet this family is so close that they all know when to blink simultaneously without saying a word. How cool is that? But behind this successful photo are countless useless ones, where they all have their eyes open, ready to be deleted.

We can only assume this was intentional. But if not, then seriously, what sorcery is this? We can see that they are totally close to each other, which we love. Actually, this is a cute family photo idea and something we’ll be asking our family to take a photo like this one. 

The Untold Story

You might think this woman was just not in the mood when this photo was taken. Well, partly yes, she was. But, there’s a whole lot more to this than meets the eye. To give you a brief story, this woman was invited by her boyfriend to celebrate Christmas eve with his family.

elisol / Imgur

Now, that’s sweet, right? Then why isn’t she happy, you may ask? Well, she’s been a vegetarian for over three years now. And she clearly told her boyfriend about that. The worst part is that all of the food served on the table at that time has meat. She can eat the apple, though.

Halloween in the Spirit of Christmas

Does anyone here have a hard time cleaning their Halloween decorations? We just throw them away because we’re so tired of cleaning and storing them inside our homes. We don’t have space for that.

savage_irony / reddit

This house owner might be like us—or he is just so busy working that he forgot he had a skeleton lying in his front yard. His neighbor just pointed it out to him during Christmas, and guess what he did? He put a Santa hat to its head and VIOLA—a Christmas skeleton.

The Face Says it All

The photo seems perfectly normal at first glance, but what’s happening there? It seems that they are posing with their gifts in the picture. The father obviously received a plunger, but it looks like he isn’t amused by it.

BeardedWonder82 / Imgur

But we love how the kids haven’t seemed to have noticed. At least they are pretty pleased with their gifts, which look like ring pops. Who doesn’t love ring pop? But we still think the plunger isn’t the best thing to give someone for Christmas

It’s Not What you Think!

It is not what you think it is. This couple isn’t quarreling in front of their daughter. We’ll give you the context of this photo—just briefly. We bet you’ll change your mind after knowing the whole story. Maybe you’ll laugh at how unfortunate it is.

Kaydi Lazz / Huffington Post

As you can see, this family celebrated Christmas with just the three of them and their dog. It meant they had to use a timer to take a decent photo of them under their Christmas tree. The husband accidentally sat on the timer and captured this not-so-lovely photo that looks like they were fighting, and their daughter was just full of it.

Creepy Face-Swap

We love face swap, and it’s fun. But this one is a bit too crazy for us. And the baby with their father’s face is something I don’t want to see. It’s traumatizing. It’s hard to put a finger on what bothers us, but it’s just something we don’t want to see. What do you think?

touba4 / reddit

Honestly, we’re scared of what technology and innovation will look like in the future. The face swap technology is already disturbing enough, considering how far it can already go. What next? Face swapping with dead people? That’s so creepy and wrong. It’s a possibility that makes our hair stand on end.

The Last Man Standing

Playing nerf guns with your brothers? Sounds like fun to us. This young boy probably got a nerf gun as a present and had to check if it was working. And what better way to do that? By shooting your brothers, of course.

munchkinman / Imgur

It is entertaining to see how his older brothers went along with his little game and let him win. They’re making a grand gesture to let him be the star, which is just adorable. We’re sure they were planning this one since they all have they’re nerfs ready.

She’s Just Resting, Don’t Worry

Shoutout to all the grandmothers and grandfathers who spoiled us since we were young! We love you! Grandmothers are really cool, and they have their own ways of entertaining themselves, such as in this case, where this grandma is sleeping under the Christmas tree.

Photo via Imgur

Naturally, when we see someone with excessive merriment, we instantly take a photo of them. The individual who uploaded this gem of a snapshot said, “My grandma got so smashed at Christmas dinner that she fell into the tree.” And to top it off, they applied this stylish filter.

Now Playing: Tearin’ Up My Heart

Celebrities aren’t safe from having a bad fashion sense. Look at Justin Timberlake in this photo. Don’t take it the wrong way; he’s cool and hot now. But, there are just days when your fashion sense is so far off the mark. It’s more drizzle than a drip, to be honest. 

IChangedMyUsernameSoMyEmployerCantFindMe / Imgur

With popcorn-style hair, a silver jacket, and an awkward smile, we can assume that Justin is questioning his get-up too. And what’s with the Christmas tree? It looks like he’s holding onto it just to stand up straight. Are you okay, Justin? 

You Can’t See Me

We bet you didn’t see the cat the first time you saw this photo. Honestly, it took us a while to even find it. But once we had it in our sights, we were unable to look in any other direction. You can’t blame us. The cat is a cutie.

Zergcollective / Imgur

Do you see the cat’s face? He looks like he wants to say something to the girl holding him. Maybe he wanted to play with the Christmas tree, but he wasn’t allowed. Or perhaps he was asking why there are wearing matchy sweaters. Either way, he doesn’t look happy. 

When you Realize you‘re an Adult

Obviously, we can tell who’s the eldest one here. The older brother is the one on the left. His parents gave him a glassware set since they thought he was more responsible and settled, even though nobody really knows what’s going on at any age—or maybe that’s just us.

UnrealRico / Imgur

You can tell he is not happy with the present and is just trying to hold it in. His expression is hilarious. While his younger brother got Xbox, he got a glass. Well, then, he might as well use that to drink something and make use of it. After all, he’s now an adult.

Be Careful Santa

It looks like someone is mad with Santa. Maybe she didn’t receive the gift she wished for and decided to write a letter of complaint to him. However, something tells us that there may be more inside than just a letter. Santa needs to be more careful when opening this piece of mail.

Emma McNaul / Huffington post

She looks more than a little aggravated in the photo like she’s about to rip Santa’s face off. Or maybe she knows something Santa doesn’t. Santa, what have you done? We’re just kidding. Kids can be funny sometimes, and they can be grumpy for reasons adults just can’t understand.

Here’s… Jolly!

If you’re bored of the same old theme every year, you can always mix it up with a gimmick. For example, rather than a snow-and-candy-themed Christmas, you can opt for a BBQ theme. This couple demonstrates a great way of having a non-traditional Christmas. It’s wacky.


It seems they were inspired by Stephen King’s horror masterpiece and recreated a scene from the movie to use as their Christmas card. Christmas plus horror? Why not? Why settle to be like everyone else when you can be unique?

Batman’s Secret Agenda

Bruce Wayne A.K.A Batman’s famous line, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me,” really hits differently now. It just goes to show that you can’t judge a person by what you see. And what we see is Batman sitting on Santa’s knee.

We are so used to seeing Batman in the dark chasing and punishing villains with his famous sidekick Robin. But we didn’t expect him to be sitting on Santa’s lap while babysitting a baby. Maybe Batman has a secret mission—Babysitting.

Time for Some Weird Sweaters

We’ve never seen a Christmas photo as disoriented as this one. The white Christmas tree looks really great, even if the design is a little off. A piece of advice—use blue colored lights and some bright baubles when you use a white tree.

easymacfailedme / Imgur

But that isn’t the major issue at hand. You can see their sweaters. Despite having a rather ugly sweater herself, the girl on the right is keenly aware of how much the girl on the left has outplayed her. Is that a 3D sweater depicting a dolly baby Jesus? Wild.

Is The Turkey Ready?

We are not sure what happened here, but by the looks of it, someone is celebrating Christmas without a turkey. The turkey looked like it imploded, causing her to collapse—or maybe she was too tired after dealing with it all and decided to sleep on the floor.

Photo via Imgur

Nevertheless, this girl needs to watch more cooking shows or read cookbooks to improve her cooking and baking skills. After all, practice makes perfect. Just charge this one to your experience. No harm done, just no turkey for Christmas.

Ninja Turtle Cosplaying as Santa

That’s right—you’re looking at an old photo of the Kardashians. We all know they don’t stick with the norms. They even have a ninja turtle dressed up as Santa for their Christmas party. Who does that? We have to admit, Rafael looks cute in his red Santa hat.

Kim Kardashian’s Official Website

We should always keep up with the Kardashians, or we will be lost. We shouldn’t judge them for doing whatever they do because that’s their style. If you don’t like them, then it’s fine. One thing is for sure; the Kardashians are different.

A Man With a Holiday Plan

Yes, the holidays are fast approaching. How does that old song go? He doesn’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing that he needs. Make his wish come true, people: All he wants for Christmas is a Latina girlfriend! Helpfully, an email is provided for any local mamacitas!

Reddit / Mexicanmilkyway

Sure, it seems like a lot. In the age of swipe apps and online dating, a formal ad placement over traffic doesn’t strike most as a necessary step. But judging by his vintage AOL email, he may not have gotten the tech memo. Marc, it’s 2020!

Reindeer Replacement

With millions around the world anxiously awaiting their holiday deliveries, Dasher, Dancer, Cupid, Donner, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, and Blitzen are not available this year. That’s right, none of them! As a last-minute fill-in, these two kitties are trying to deliver the goods. But are they even paying attention?

Reddit / Cattails_concubines

Seems not, to no one’s surprise. Most cats don’t like leashes, let alone reigns with work expectations. But the twins above hope that their felines are willing to comply for the sake of Christmas. They’re temperamental pets, sure. But they’re not grinches!

Homeless for the Holidays

Gingerbread house building is a delicious, crunchy tradition for kids and moms everywhere. Typically, a good structure requires a combo of cookies, frosting, and gumdrops for decoration. Then, it’s all about assembling a good base and a striking design. What happened to this crumbling model, though?

Reddit / SeanIsDanke

It’s in disrepair, but there’s a reason for the neglect: Looks like financial problems, after black Friday! Mr. gingerbread man is probably running fast as he can, right to the bank. Even for a cookie, foreclosed is no way to spend the holidays! 

Jingling with Dwayne Johnson

America’s favorite former WWE wrestler is definitely The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson. The big man has had a long enough career that many might forget how things really started. This Christmas, it’s time for a festive flashback. Take a look at vintage Dwyane!

Instagram / @therock

The ’90s have been making a comeback in fashion, but that always means the best of an era. Here, the worst of the decade is all over his greeting card, posted on Instagram. From the fanny pack to the dad jeans, this is a real ghost from Xmas past!

Bad Tidings to You

Sitting on Santa’s lap is not only a time to whisper ideas to the big man. It’s also a chance to take timeless family photography, and it’s double trouble today! Here, two identical tots pose for the camera. How do their Xmas attitudes differ?

Twitter / @relaxitsonlyart / MWD Photography

The girl on the right seems amused by her sis on the left, who has a decidedly negative opinion. Maybe she never agreed to this stunt and wants mom to know it. Twins this cute are probably forced into way too many pics, as it ’tis!

Reindeer Crossing

The midwest is a special place, far away from the North Pole. It’s pretty snowy, though it’s not officially arctic. Investigators have discovered that there’s even a local Santa, doing his thing! An impostor, to be sure. But he’s easy to mix up, at first glance!

Reddit /

Lately, he has been delivering gifts from a lawnmower, wearing shades to disguise his true identity. The decapitated animals on the front of his fake sleigh are not Donner, Prancer, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Cupid, Comet, or Blitzen. Luckily, they are just leftover hunting trophies from deer season!

Tricky Tablet

Modern life has arrived, friends. The smartphone is a necessity, and laptops are not up for negation. These days, people have a lot of electronics. But for extra luxury no one actually needs, a tablet is the next buy! Who doesn’t prefer an iPad, despite the price?

Twitter / @myunidays

Despite all the holiday hopes and dreams of this gift recipient, it’s just not happening. But the prank here is a little over the top! Getting their hopes up with an authentic Apple box, but presenting them with eye-pads? At least they will be able to refresh after sobbing all eve!

Secure Surprise

Wrapping gifts for Xmas is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Creative kids can choose between matte, sparkly, shiny, or bright paper in that old knick-knack closet. No one ever opens the door, but it’s full of wrap for just such an occasion!

Instagram / @redbankplaza

Still, brother didn’t want to make things too easy for his sis. Using a combination of paper and zip tie, he decided to forgo scotch tape. Now it’s so safe that it requires a security expert to open it in time for Christmas! 

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Justin

Well, well, well. If it isn’t a familiar face, just in time for Xmas. Even when he was dancing around in NSYNC, people could see the truth. Justin Timberlake thinks his girl needs somethin’ real. Something from the heart, something special girl. And it’s going to be presented in a box!

Twitter / @kelseymcquade

Fans of his recent work remember the method well: One, cut a hole in a box. Two, put that junk in a box. Three, she opens the box on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, every single holiday. Just how is Jessica Biel holding up, though? That’s a lot of boxes, JT!

Winter Wipeout

Sure, Santa’s activities are well known in December. And people know he resides in the North Pole making toys for tots all year round. But has anyone checked in to see what the man does on vacation? The paparazzi tracked him down, and it will be surprising to many! 

Surfing Santas of Cocoa Beach / Facebook

All along, Santa has been a surfer at heart. Riding those waves is too chilly where he comes from, of course. It totally makes sense to migrate south for his secret passion, like so many in the offseason. Kowabunga, Kringle!

James and Seth Celebrate

According to actor Seth Rogan: “It’s always funny to find what people’s button is.” While he and friend James Franco are actually Hannukah celebrators, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a passion for Christmas cards! Here, both join Santa for a special moment to send to mom, dad, and colleagues — whether they like it, or not!

Instagram / @nbcsnl

Looking closely, it appears that both gentlemen have forgotten all of their clothes. Looking way too closely, it is clear that includes their briefs! Thankfully, two giant Christmas socks are available for maximum coverage. Santa often has occupational hazards many may not expect!

Just Spelling it Out

Sometimes, truth in labeling really doesn’t live up to its promise. Today is a lucky day: That letdown is not about to happen. For the holidays, why not try some bell-shaped bells? Whatever the case may be, they are not going to be shaped like anything else. Exactly as they should be!

Imgur / NeeFoo

From ringing to clinging, these are sure to perform quite nicely around the house. Gold bows really enhance the bell experience, too. With 21 of these babies, any clear-eyed, conscious buyers can expect to have a real jingle, all the way!

Claus Vs. Colonel

Colonel Sanders is the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, beloved by one and all. Anyone who has ever tried his finger lickin’ good drumsticks has real gratitude for his recipes. That makes it all the more odd to see Santa Claus himself attacking the man in public, and so viciously!

YouTube / TheRoyalStampede

The truth is, most have experienced less than stellar service at a fast food joint before. But getting an order wrong is no excuse for violence. Santa may have high expectations coming from the world of magic, but this is NYC!

Delta Kappa Kringle

Santa Claus is rarely accused of being a social butterfly. He is probably more of a workaholic and a recluse, if anything. But this year, two fraternity boys have decided to initiate the bearded man into a new social clique. Behold, the newest pledge!


To his credit, there aren’t a lot of parties going on where he comes from. It’s just Santa and the missus, most of the time. Today is a new chapter, and as a member of a chapter: He’s happy, he’s jolly, he’s messed up by golly!

Ho, Ho, Typo

Everyone knows that when Santa comes down the chimney, he likes to stop and snack. That’s why people leave a plate of cookies and milk for the red guy every year. Today, though, it seems that something else is for sale: Cookies for Satan, his arch-nemesis! 

Twitter / @MichaelAodhan

Some may ask: What is the favorite flavor of the dark prince, these days? Logically, it would probably be devil’s food. But this is a sale, and beggars can’t be choosers. Clearance rarely involves the most popular items, at rock bottom prices. Leftovers, it is!

A Very Arson Xmas

In the spirit of cheer, it’s time to twinkle. Most of the time, Christmas lights rely on three power sources: batteries, solar, or the ole’ plug-a-roo. But now, it seems there is another choice: For only $13.44, why not try hot, flammable lighter fluid? 

Imgur / MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

Well, many people would say there are great reasons to stick with tradition. But for the pyromaniacs out there, this sale might just be the sign they were waiting for. Literally, and figuratively: It’s a sign from Walmart, and a signal from satan — an impressive 2 for 1!

Joy to the Toilet

It’s been a blast opening gifts, year after year. But what about opening the toilet? Maybe it’s time to make taking a Christmas break on the john just as festive as everything else during the season. Obviously, that requires expertise. But it’s not impossible!


With a careful snip and tuck, that old bowl can be easily transformed into something cheerful and inviting. In this attempt posted online, a helpful elf was added to guard the toilet paper. All that’s needed to complete the mood is a toasty cinnamon candle! In summary: 9/10.

Silly Santa Puss

Santa Claus has had many names and depictions over the centuries around the world. From Father Christmas to Saint Nicholas, to Kris Kringle, the man is legendary. In every case, he has a kind spirit and seems to love bringing presents to children. Until today, that is!

Imgur / bluthfamily

Santa looks downright grumpy, and he isn’t trying to hide that from the camera. Whether it was too many sleigh rides, dirty chimneys, or aggressive house dogs along the way, the man looks downright done with his duties this year. And for whatever reason, he’s now communicating by meow!

All Wrapped Up

Practical jokes are usually the purview of April first, but Christmas is not immune from hijinks. For anyone with a trickster in the family, Santa sneaking down the chimney may be the least of the surprises after bedtime. Imagine waking up in the morning to find the fridge like this! 

Instagram / @sharperimage21

A quick glance reveals skilled work: The milk, the eggs, the bread, the yogurt are just gone. It’s all concealed, so perfectly. The question remains: Which household resident pranked the kitchen? Blaming this on elves is not going to work, realistically!

Away in a Manger

The story of Christmas would not be complete without a visit to the manger and that famous, simple inn. As the tale went, Mary and Joe slept there for just a night and got a visit from three wise men. But didn’t they have a baby, originally?

Brooke Goldman

Indeed, they did have a human baby. But when have cats ever cared about following the rules when a basket or box is involved? Their instinct is to sit inside! Silent night, holy night. All is meow, all is meow. Sleep in heavenly peace, kitty.

Some Poo for You

December 24 really has it all. Gifts, songs, lights, and now — elves on shelves. What is this, some may ask. Popular in recent years, the elf on a shelf gimmick scares children into thinking a figurine reports naughty or nice behavior back to Santa directly. ‘Tis perfect!


The little guy sneaks around every day leading up to the holiday. Today, he’s guarding the morning cocoa puffs. But he claims they are turds from Santa’s pets! Maybe they are, really. Maybe magical reindeer really do rain down chocolate as they fly?

What a Naughty Bear

As mother nature intended, polar bears live in the arctic. But like Santa and his reindeer, they love to make an appearance on the mainland for Christmas. Here, a family of six poses to make things seem snowy for shoppers, indoors. Isn’t something is a bit off, though?

Reddit / MyNameGifOreilly

Perhaps from any other angle, things would look perfectly PG-rated. But from the front, there’s a lot going on in the back! Will anyone be brave enough to call the manager? In between the giggles, surely someone will do the right thing!

Jolly Joe Jonas

Truthfully, there may be too many Jonas brothers to count, these days. But the reality is, Joe-the-middle-bro has been creating Christmas cards to one-up the rest of them. Take a look at this mysterious scene, explained by the singer as follows: It’s getting cold. Cuddle up with a kitten.” 

Instagram / @joejonas

Alright, Joe. The caption on social media did not explain his artistic motivation particularly well. But fans loved it anyway, rating it high on the weirdness test. For a fellow known as a cookie-cutter pop singer, odd might be a welcome change!

Stinky Season

Sure, mom always does her best to create an atmosphere around the tree. Novelty ornaments and brightly wrapped gifts are all part of the cheer. The lights twinkle, the snow sprinkles. That’s all well and good. But why not try a little mayhem this year?

zoe_xo / Reddit

Here, someone seized on a real opportunity with movable blocks. Who knew that Merry Christmas had a secret code, just waiting to come out? He wonders how long he will get away with it. But of course, that’s not the goal. These blocks are meant to be noticed!

St. Nick, Coming Quick

Sure, the magic sleigh is a great way to get around the world in a wink. But all vehicles need to be sent to the shop for repairs, at some point. How does the indispensable Santa Claus travel in a hurry, when the reindeer are resting?

Instagram / @surfingsantas

He jumps from the clouds, if all else fails! And he does so safely, with a big, red parachute. It’s not practical, for every trip, but it works in a holly, jolly emergency. Always prepared with plan B, Santa gives his delivery guarantee for Xmas eve!

It’s a Vacuum

Gift wrapping is an important part of the holiday process. It’s not required, but there is something about a layer of paper that heightens the surprise for the receiver. Here, someone wants to give a practical gift to their beloved. It’s a vacuum cleaner! Be honest: How’d they do?

Instagram / @sycomemeplug

It’s well wrapped, to be sure. Maybe cleaning the house will be more exciting, from now on! Or maybe, simply seeing the gift will excite in new, unexpected ways. Or expected, secretly. Someone here is being naughty or nice, but it’s hard to tell!

Tinsel in the Tropics

Christmas is a holiday celebrated all over the world. Despite the snow associated with most imagery, there are plenty of cities in warm climates looking to bring cheer to residents. Here, a local home tried to decorate a palm tree. They achieved color and lights, but it’s been receiving complaints! Why, oh why?

Imgur / Leftytheperpetuallyperplexed

Looking at this far away is no better than looking at it at close range. Putting it plainly: The lighting is downright phallic! There is no traditional symbolism and no hidden meaning. It is what it is. Homeowners association, take note!

Exactly as Described

The online shopping craze has only become a norm in recent years. Amazon is taking over the world, and other shops have tried to compete with their own quick deliveries. Today, it’s time to leave a product review. A nasty one, just in time for the holidays!

Instagram / @erinrdnutritionist

In the picture, a fluffy base of pine went all the way up to the ceiling with green, green, and more green. In real life, the family received a Dr. Suess replica. Close just isn’t going to cut it, for the most magical evening of the year!

Under the Mistletoe

Mrs. Claus certainly doesn’t know this is going on. Some warn that a husband constantly traveling for business can be a risky relationship move. Here, two young Santa fans have crowded the chair. They want to let him know just how much they appreciate his work. According to their tees, he’s not only a stud muffin, but a cutie pie!

Imgur / foureyeflex

Sure, this seems totally inappropriate for a man who has been married for hundreds of years. But what the old lady doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt her: Ho, ho, ho has had another meaning all along!

Yummy in His Tummy

Most families know the drill: Christmas eve, cookies and milk. It’s just a good courtesy to leave Santa a snack on his laborious journey down millions of chimneys. This time though, it looks like someone was a little stingy. Time to learn a lesson!

Imgur / Hauntologist2

Bones picked clean and only a trace of sauce left behind, the scene is gruesome. Is this real? The big red man has left a note, to make sure no there’s no confusion about the matter. Yes, he had the sweets. But look at the main course!

Have a Scary, Beary Xmas

The atmosphere at the mall during the holiday season is really like no other time. Some might say, it’s the happiest time of the year! But today, the public display at the local shopping center seems to be bringing more chill than cheer. These bears are downright bone-chilling! 


While they may look plush and cuddly from far away, no one should get up close and personal. It’s just something in their eyes, really. Was this a mixup for December and October? If anything, these figures were designed for Halloween!

Santa’s Little Helper

The factory up at the north pole is well known to be the home of elves, manufacturing toys year-round. Up there, labor laws don’t seem to apply. But outsourcing on the mainland for special missions, Santa often has recruiting problems. Who is this temp, working the holiday hours? 

YouTube / Marnie The Dog

Doggo is in full Xmas uniform, a good sign since he’s trying to be professional. But he may not have manners down yet to the standard Santa would expect from his reps. With that sloppy tongue, no wonder he’s been put in the stock room!

Walking in a Winter Weinerland

Holly is the plant that Europeans decided was on the thorny crown, in the bible. It’s stuck around as a popular decoration, even for secular Christmas. Perhaps people don’t even know its origin anymore. And perhaps they have also forgotten how to illustrate it, as seen here! 

Twitter / @EveryonesMom910

But it’s hard to believe a graphic designer would be this lazy, in the age of the internet. Any idea can be double-checked, cross-referenced, and verified. Truthfully, that may lead many residents to one conclusion: It was planned to be lewd, exactly like this!

She Wanted Loafers

Making a wish list for Christmas is a nice way of letting friends and family know what you actually need. No one wants doubles, do they? This woman certainly didn’t, and she wrote down her dream to wear new shoes this season. Loafers, specifically!

@ajguerra7_ / Instagram

It appears her curse this Xmas is about literal meanings. A Christmas criminal decided that loaf and loafers were related, somehow. They seem to know she was asking for footwear. And yet, they combined the concepts. Someone call the fashion police before the evidence is eaten!

Streaking All the Way

Everyone knows the iconic outfit of the red man, by now. Santa has a signature style, and he’s hard to miss in full uniform. But what does he look like under the robe? Truthfully, few have thought about the matter. Too many people found out in a total TMI, here!

Imgur / Quaterindie

That big belly was always a challenge to hide, and it is on full display here in town. Too many cookies, perhaps? Too much passive sitting in the sleigh? With all that chimney shimmying, one would think Santa could keep his figure!

She Sure Does

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be unironic holiday wear. But ever since people noticed how fun they were to mock, it’s become a very ironic tradition all on its own. Here, someone has finished a DIY knit with a special message. Look closely, it’s delightful!

Reddit / heryesher

To clarify, it’s delightful for the person wearing it. Not the viewer! No one wants to see this message, least of all on a cheery evening. It’s disturbing, inappropriate, and unwelcome! And for that reason, it’s the perfect ugly Xmas sweater. Peace on Earth, and hopefully at this party!

Grumpy Cat Greetings

The puss that broke the internet is certainly the one and only Grumpy Cat. Few have noticed the years fly by, but he has passed on in real life since his online debut. Before his ascent to pet heaven, he celebrated quite a few Christmases! 

Instagram / @realgrumpycat

Like most moments in his life, there’s plenty of photographic evidence. Grouchy and cranky as usual, the best part about him shines through in the pic. Here, he dons a little cap, just like Santa. Does he look happy about it? No, he’s still Grumpy Cat!

Yoo Hoo, Peekaboo

Decorating the Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition for good reason. Sparkling lights have a special magic in the living room during the happiest time of year. Ornaments of all shapes and sizes are a big part of the charm, too. What has this family selected?

Hananz / Reddit

A few gingerbread men, cookie bells, beads, and an elf are a great start to the project. But zoom in, and there’s something else hiding in the tree. It’s going to be a very kitty Christmas this year, whether they know it or not!

Conan Visits the Big Man

Late-night show host Conan O’Brien always makes viewers laugh. Some ask: Isn’t it time that he does Santa the same favor? So far, he’s tried! He posted on social media: “I met Santa at the Macy’s in Seattle. He’s now suing me for breaking his femur.” 

Twitter / @ConanOBrien

Ho, ho, ho Conan. You joker, you! While the comedian is unusually tall at 6’4″, he’s a pretty skinny guy. No one would believe he’s heavy enough for an accident like that. And Santa would never sue a fan on the nice list!