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Funny Memes About Being a Woman that are Just So Relatable

Being a woman is a wonderful experience. We have the best friendships, the best style, a ton of creativity, and emotional maturity, and let’s face it, we get things a little faster than the men around us.

But being a woman is also challenging, as we well know – and society has never made it any easier for us. From monthly physical discomfort to manspreading, we have to deal with a heck of a lot, and sometimes the easiest way to cope is just to laugh. All over the internet, women are sharing amusing memes and tweets that wonderfully portray the daily struggles of being a woman.

Same rights as a … rattlesnake?

The majority of city dwellers are unaware of how to cope with wildlife. Sometimes we forget that, just like introverts, all creatures require some distance and respect from time to time.

Just as rattlesnakes want a bit of peace, so do we women, and that’s not asking much. We may want to chat and hang out with you at times, but it’s not unreasonable to want to be left alone sometimes as well. And that’s perfectly fine. We all want a bit of respect in our lives – just ask Aretha Franklin.

What Women REALLY Want

What qualities do women look for in a man? It’s an age-old question with a million different answers. Of course, every woman has her own preferences, from a sense of humour to ‘bad boy’ good looks to the sweet, charming husband material guy… and then, like this meme suggests, some people just want…a dog.

Who can’t relate to this meme? All the best qualities in a man can be found in a golden retriever. And hey, wanting a cute dog is perfectly natural. Golden retrievers make wonderful companions, and unlike those exes who broke your heart, they’ll always be there for you. Who needs dating when you can have a furry friend instead?

Have confidence…like an owl boss

Many women struggle with their self-esteem. Who can blame them after a lifetime of being instructed what to do, what to dress, how to look, and who to be? Sometimes you need to see other confident people to give you a boost. Once their confidence rubs off on you, you’ll feel like a boss.

Granted, this little girl holding an owl isn’t exactly the kind of self-assurance that most people expect to see (the stereotypical image of that of a female CEO or superwoman). But who says we have to limit ourselves?We can do anything, and we’ll accept this girl and her owl’s word for it.

Combating unrealistic body images

Have you ever seen a lifelike mannequin? They’re often grossly unrealistic; no one’s body is shaped like that. And to add insult to the injury of Photoshop and unrealistic model diets,, there’s nothing like seeing something that looks amazing on the mannequin and then wondering what happened when you step into the changing room.

This hilarious mannequin gone wrong highlights just how far from actual bodily norms society’s expectations are. Mannequins may make us feel horrible about ourselves when we look in the mirror, but this grotesque hanging arm can give us a good laugh.

Be polite…without wanting something in return

What do we all want? Someone who respects your space, and what you do and don’t want. Even if you’re not into a guy, if he pays you some respect, your respect for him increases in return.

But let’s face it, this isn’t the case for a lot of guys. We’ve all had encounters where harmless praise quickly turns sinister. Those kinds of encounters make you appreciate ones like the above, where a guy simply respects your refusal and decides to be polite anyway.

Art imitates life

Whoever created classical art memes deserves a medal! Classical artwork sometimes hits the nail on the head, perfectly depicting our experiences with the help of some humorous meme language. The man and woman’s facial expressions in this one perfectly complement the wording.

This fantastic meme hits pretty close to home.Men have been whining about how difficult it is to read women since the dawn of time, but they never listen! Sometimes, things are a lot simpler than men think. Women would be a lot easier to understand if you simply had an honest talk with them and listened to them! 

Sit Like a Lady

This is a problem that affects all of us. From ‘manspreading’ to ‘unladylike’ positions, people are quick to judge the way we sit, regardless of gender. And most of the time, we’re just trying to be comfortable! Perfect posture is anything but comfortable, so why do we need to be pushed to sit up straight and cross our legs more than men? Perhaps we, like men, prefer to lean over, spread, and sit in strange positions.

This kitty is so relatable. We’ve all had that posture, grumpy look, and general “nope” attitude at one point or another, especially when we’re told to sit properly when all we want to do is relax. The cat has it right; this is the best way to go.

Not every trend has to come back

Trends in fashion change all the time. Every day, it seems like a new style is “in,” and we have to start again with a new wardrobe. To complicate things further, fashion trends are constantly rehashed. As the saying goes, everything old is new again. However, there are some fashion fads that should go away and never return.

Low-rise jeans, I think we can all agree, are one of those fashions that doesn’t need to come back. They’re designed to display the idealized celebrity and model body types that few women actually possess. They can also make you feel self-conscious and cause a lot of unnecessary discomfort for a lot of ladies. Let’s leave them where they belong – in the early 2000s.

HOW many beauty products do we need?

Just go into a beauty store and you’ll soon see there’s a product for literally everything. You think you’ve bought every beauty product there is, and then you discover some skincare product or cosmetic you didn’t even know you needed. Let’s just say, things are a lot easier for men.

When you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. Yes, men and women have different routines, but we’re not different species. Someone’s hygiene and beauty marketing are certainly awry in this situation. Maybe we need to balance it out – give males a few more things and women fewer.

Mixed messages

If you read women’s magazines, you know how mentally and emotionally draining they can be. You’re reading about how to cultivate independence and self-love one minute, then the next you’re reading about the latest weight reduction program and how to ensure you get a boyfriend.

After the weight loss article, what are we supposed to think of the dessert recipe? It simply makes you feel horrible on two levels, and then you have to feel guilty for not loving yourself enough on top of that. 

It’s a Real Battle

It’s not easy to take care of your skin. There are so many different goods, ideas, and approaches out there that it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you know what to use, when to use it, and how often to use it? It can be confusing sometimes.

Every problem you fix produces a new problem since your skin can’t figure out what it wants. Then there’s the conundrum of putting nothing on your skin vs. putting too much on your skin! Is it ever going to end?

The singles issue

Being the only single friend in a group of couples, especially married friends, can be extremely frustrating. There’s a lot of pressure to be where they are in life, even if you haven’t found the right person, aren’t ready, or simply don’t want to get married.

Nobody wants to be paired up with all of their single friends. Being set up on dates is almost always uncomfortable, plus it gives the impression that you’re the single friend that everyone tries to push into a relationship.

Unrealistic Representations

In the media and popular culture, there are so many unrealistic depictions of women. Most ladies may relate to rolling their eyes at all the movies in which the women go to bed in heavy makeup and wake up with it on. The way they are portrayed wiping their faces is just ridiculous – how is that even possible?

Splashing your face for a camera photo does look a lot more elegant and graceful than the complete face-washing routine. But that isn’t how it works in the real world. Nobody can wash their face like that, and it’s a complete disaster! Oh well, perhaps we just need to remember that life isn’t always like the movies.

It’s not all about the look

Some days, you feel like you could be on the cover of a fashion magazine because your wardrobe is flawless. On other days, it simply does not happen. But, guess what? That’s OK. You don’t have to make a fashion statement every day. Sometimes you just need to get things done.

It has to be said, this meme is a fairly good retort to this common attack. This little kid isn’t defensive; she’s simply truthful. At school, who needs to make a fashion statement anyway? Not everyone has to look like a model all the time. We’re rooting for this girl because she has her priorities straight. Goodbye, young man!

The Art of Reading Between the Lines

There are some jokes that make everyone in the room snicker like a bunch of middle school students, no matter how old they are. Let’s be honest, popsicles shouldn’t be one of them. Not everything is an innuendo – especially this basic piece of food.

So, we understand that some grownups can simply enjoy a Popsicle for what it is. However, this is not the case for everyone. Let’s just leave it at that and let your imagination go wild. There is nothing further to say. If you know, you know, as the saying goes.

Don’t forget the makeup!

Makeup is fun, and makes you feel like a magazine model – but it sure is inconvenient. You have to remember not to touch your face at all, even if you have an itch, on top of having to buy all those cosmetic supplies and actually putting them on every day.

This is the most aggravating sensation. Especially if you’re out in public and realize what you’ve just done, you’re worried about if you look like a raccoon, whether you have additional eyeliner, and how quickly you can get to the restroom to repair it. It’s a constant battle.

Athletics at Home

Athletes are a different breed altogether. Some people can achieve incredible feats with their bodies (if they train hard enough), and it’s incredible to witness. Domestic chores are tough and taxing too – shouldn’t they be considered for the next Olympics? 

Changing the sheets, for example, is extremely difficult. To get the bottom sheet on, you must elevate your mattress and wrestle with it, and then neaten it all up. Household chores are a great way to get some exercise. So perhaps we can take a breather and appreciate our small victories, even if we’re not all Olympic athletes.

(Leave Me) Alone and Lonely

We’ve all had those days when we’re just not feeling it. Other people don’t always understand you, and you just want. We all have people we don’t want to talk to from time to time. Everything can be irritating at times. We can identify with this mood far more often than we’d care to admit.

When art is combined with a fantastic Snapchat story, it can really express the hardships of everyday life. This Greek statue appears to be done with everything and everyone. Who knows, maybe it was the artist’s original aim.

Things only a best friend would do

The importance of best friends cannot be overstated. They are there for us in the most trying times, and whenever we need emotional support. They’re even there when we don’t actually want to say anything, but just need someone’s presence.

We’ve all had that awkward situation where you just need to act busy to avoid an unpleasant chat. Or it may simply feel as if everyone else in the room is doing something while you aren’t. That is what friends are for in times of need.

Work for that perfect look

Looking fashionable isn’t always easy. To get that perfect look, you may have to suffer. And, let’s face it, while cosmetics can be a great way to transform yourself and increase your confidence, they can also be a struggle at times. Particularly when you poke yourself in the eye with your mascara.

Can’t you just feel your face cringing? It’s one of those everyday occurrences that hurts too much to articulate. But, hey, that means you can call every woman who wears mascara an artist, right?

Too many packages

When it comes to internet shopping, it’s easy to go mad. You place an order for one item, and then the algorithms generate a million suggestions tailored to your tastes, and you order one more thing…then one more…then one more. But then, when all those things arrive, you’re left wondering what’s inside.

We’ve all had to smuggle our many online purchases past our significant other. He wouldn’t understand, and might judge our strange Amazon purchases. But there are moments when you really need that extra skincare product or that TV accessory, right?

Best actress award

Sometimes we’re all brats. Perhaps you’ve had a rough day, aren’t feeling well, or you’re simply unhappy. Once you’ve started behaving that way, it may feel too late to quit—especially if you’ve gotten into a fight. In situations like these, you may feel tempted to simply follow it through.

It can be tough to recognize that you’re acting like a brat until you’ve dug yourself a hole too deep to get out of. Sometimes, you just have to ride it out for appearances’ sake, and pretend it never happened the next day.

Don’t bother lying to me

Sometimes, we don’t ask questions to learn what someone else has been up to—we ask because we already know. We’re just trying to get you to admit something you don’t want to tell us. You can typically tell if someone’s lying just by looking at them.

We’ve all been in this woman’s situation: she’s clearly putting her man to the test.She already knows what he’s done; all she has to do now is wait for him to say it. He’ll be in serious trouble if he doesn’t give her the correct answer. Beware, men. Don’t think you can get away with lying to your woman!

Messy Hair, Don’t care

Shout out to all our curly-haired sisters! Managing that head of hair can be a lot of work; sometimes it’s hard to get those luscious curls looking as lovely as the pictures. This is especially true when the warm weather has completely destroyed your hairstyle. Heat and humidity are the enemies of perfect curls. 

This is one of the most famous hair blunders in TV history. We all want to look like Monica from Friends… just not when she looks like this! In the summer, dealing with curly hair and avoiding those bad hair days can be a major challenge. We suppose winter has some redeeming qualities after all! 

(Don’t You Tell Me to) Calm Down

Oh, that annoying phrase. It’s something no one wants to hear. Anyone who thinks it’ll actually make you feel better if you’re upset or emotional is insane. If anything, it’s more likely to aggravate you! So, no matter how well-intentioned you are, think twice before letting those ill-fated words out of your mouth.

It’s difficult to know what to say to someone who’s upset, especially if you don’t understand why. But, no matter how bizarre the scenario, try to comprehend the other person’s point of view. And whatever you do, don’t tell them to relax.

Clothes: the ultimate investment

Some people keep their funds in their bank accounts. Others have cash stashed away in their closets, in the shape of this season’s must-have clothing. You can try to excuse your online purchases by claiming that they are an investment for the future, or you can be honest and admit that you enjoy seeing how much money you have.

We’ve all made rash online purchases, and sometimes all you need is an excuse to justify it. Even if others don’t get it, you’ll feel better about your most recent buy. After all, it shows you what your income is really worth!

Moving on from the one who got away

Not every crush or flirtation ends in a relationship — but the loss of someone you liked can be just as heartbreaking as an actual breakup. What’s worse? When you try to complain, you sound ridiculous. We know the truth, though — you don’t have to date someone to have your heart shattered.

Even if the breakup isn’t “genuine”, your suffering is no less real. Perhaps you need a nice vacation or full meditation journey to get over the guy. Whatever happens, the most essential thing is to acknowledge what you need and to allow yourself to heal.

No kids? No problem

Some people find it difficult to accept that you aren’t going to have kids. Of course, most parents adore their children and cannot picture their lives without them. And, yes, children are wonderful. They can be a lot of fun to be around, and they can dramatically transform your life and priorities. However, some people do not want children, and guess what? That’s OK.

It’s amazing how many use comments like this as an opportunity to provide unwelcome advice. If someone says they don’t want children, don’t expect them to change their minds. Perhaps they will reconsider, but it’s not likely. Allow everyone to live their lives and make their own choices.

Livin’ the College Life

College is a peculiar stage in one’s life. People change so much from freshman to senior year, and soon enough you stop making the effort you used to. College parties grow less interesting after a few years, to the point where you just want to show up in your pajamas.

This Snapchat post wonderfully portrays the college transition. You start out bright-eyed and well-dressed for every social occasion you attend, and then it all starts to crumble as the years pass. You own the place by the time you’re a senior, and you can do whatever you want.

The ponytail dilemma

The world of hairstyling is varied and creative, and a great way to express yourself— but hair can be a tremendous pain. Every woman, whether she has straight or wavy, thick or fine hair, comes up against problems. And sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in life.

How did we manage to survive before memes? A statement on the internet and a hilarious picture can sometimes be so accurate in capturing those little truths of life that it aches. It’s a minor issue, but it’s quite unpleasant when your ponytail holder is the wrong length for either of them.

Real Pockets, Anyone?

I mean, do we really need to say anything else at this point? Any woman understands the frustration of having pockets that aren’t big enough to store anything, and the overwhelming satisfaction of finding an item of clothing with real pockets. Why do guys get pockets while we don’t, fashion designers? It’s simply not equitable. We need them just as much! 

My life has been saved because of this woman. Consider this: what if you knew you’d always be able to find pants with functional pockets? They look amazing on her as well, so the next time we go shopping for pants, we’ll be sure to look in the men’s section.

Coffee or women?

The most valuable possessions in life deserve to be treated with care and respect. Women, after all, are human beings who deserve attention and respect. Sadly, our basic needs are frequently ignored, we are frequently shadowed by objectifying sentiments that compare women to inanimate objects. That’s why we adore this cartoon mocking those assertions.

This cartoon not only makes an essential message about women, but it also makes an excellent point about coffee. Coffee is one of those essentials that can’t be rushed, devalued, or overlooked. Each cup of coffee is distinct, and it’s vital to recognize this and appreciate the finer things in life. Just like us, right?

When someone says “Food is Life”

It is critical to keep a positive attitude and to look on the bright side of things. People who can see the bright side of any situation are frequently happy. However, as this poster illustrates, finding the good in life isn’t necessarily the most important thing. Sometimes, we just need some good food.

Who doesn’t enjoy eating? It’s essential for human survival, important in every culture, delicious, and has the potential to make any experience a positive one. It has always struck me as amusing that the words ‘excellent’ and ‘food’ are frequently interchanged in autocorrect. Makes sense, though, doesn’t it?

Best of Friends

Everyone has their own idea of what a best friend is. For some, it’s someone they’ve known their entire lives and talk to on a daily basis. Others consider their partner their best friend. And some individuals appear to be best buddies with everyone. But there’s nothing worse than having second thoughts about whether or not you’re someone’s best friend.

It’s not that your best friend can’t have other friends. It’s just that, when you’ve spent late nights consoling them over boy drama or assisting them with every email they’ve sent out, it might be a touch offensive when someone else refers to them as ‘their’ best friend. You want to know where you stand. 

Stalk like a pro

Even when you don’t realize it, your best friends are always looking out for you. And sometimes keeping an eye on your buddies entails internet stalking their crushes to make sure they’re the kind of person your pals deserve. Nobody wants their friends to date somebody who isn’t respectful to them.

Women can be champion internet stalkers. It’s incredible how quickly we can find someone’s social media page, stalk them, and form complicated opinions about them.It’s all for the best, though. Sometimes, knowing terrible things ahead of time is preferable, especially if it saves you a lot of sorrow and heartbreak down the line.

Food: the best surprise

It’s true, as we all know. Bringing a girl’s favorite dinner is sometimes the greatest thing a guy can do. Eating can be a precursor to an even better surprise…but sometimes, all we wanted was the food.

We have to admit, this one was quite creative. You get her thrilled with Cinnabon first, and then you up the ante with something much better! But not for this Twitter user. She wanted the tasty treat she was promised. Note to her future partner: sometimes the finest gift you can offer someone is a Cinnabon.

Always tag Mom

Even as adults, nothing is scarier than your mother finding out about anything. Moms are strong ladies, and even the kindest of them can be frightening at times! So why stop at blocking creepy guys when we can enlist the help of one of the world’s most powerful forces?

With everything the internet seems to know about us these days (we’ve all gotten those adverts for something we just talked about), it wouldn’t be hard to build this feature. Consider how useful it would be on disaster Tinder chats? When you can just press a button to alert his mother, who needs blocking?

Finding the Perfect Jeans

Finding the ideal pair of slim jeans seems totally unattainable at times. Something is always not quite right. If the height is perfect, the waist is too small, the ankles are difficult to get around, or the legs are too tight. Perhaps we’re all looking for the ideal pair of jeans.

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a Herculean task. You’ll probably have to go to a few different places, select the right style, remember your height and waist measurements, and try on a million different items before you discover a pair that fits in all the right places. Or perhaps you simply give up and settle for something that works in general. ‘Close enough’ can be convenient sometimes. 

Watching boy movies is boring

What the hell is going on here? Women have always made up half of the population, so having movies without any women just doesn’t make sense. It’s also tedious. Who wants to spend hours watching something you can’t relate to? Filmmakers need to think about who they’re leaving out a little more carefully.

This Tumblr user has our full support. Women have long had a significant role in society. It’s absurd to make a film without any female characters. Plus, we all know that most films aren’t historically accurate in the first place, so at the very least, women should appear in them. It would undoubtedly spice up life.

Syncing Periods

One of the strangest aspects of being a woman is the syncing of our cycles. Why does your period coincide with everyone else’s? Is it a type of female magic? Do hormones talk to one another? One thing is certain: the period sync is a sign of a specific kind of friendship.

It happens all the time, whether it’s with the women you see on a daily basis, your school friends, or your housemates. And hey, if you have to be miserable, furious, and depressed all of the time, at least you’re not alone. It’s said that misery likes company, and the period sync appears to be the perfect example of that.

Feminism just means equality

There is a great deal of ambiguity surrounding the concept of feminism. Some people believe feminists are advocating for a matriarchal society or think women are superior to men. Feminism, in reality, is simply the belief that women should have the same rights as men in all aspects of life and society.

Feminists have said it before, and they’ll say it again: believing in gender equality does not mean we hate men. People of all genders would benefit from living in a more egalitarian society. Giving someone else more rights does not imply that you are robbing someone else of theirs. This isn’t a slice of cake.

The Language of Friendship

When you and your friend start speaking your own language, you realize you’ve become incredibly close. That language can be subtle at times, and it can be as simple as a cheeky touch. Or, at the very least, it implies that you’re jotting down notes in order to discuss something later.

Classical art memes are the best, since they demonstrate that our generation’s peculiarities have existed for ages. And sometimes, they pull back the layers of history to remind us that we’re all just people, and we’ve always been that way. People in the 1800s must have had their own dialects with their closest friends.

The Process of Getting Ready

Some ladies can pull off a no-makeup appearance and basic clothing, while getting ready can be a lengthy effort for others. Creating a flawless appearance can be a true work of art, and no artist can work without all of her tools. You’ll need five different costumes to try on, as well as all the cosmetics and beauty products.

There’s nothing worse than being asked this by your friends. You go along with it, because you don’t want to appear antisocial, but it’s just so much better to be in your own place — with all your stuff. Plus, it’s difficult to get the “effortlessly stylish” look when your guests have to witness all of your efforts.

Doggie Dates

When someone posts a picture of their dog on their dating site profile, it’s usually a winner if you’re a dog lover. In fact, the dog’s cuteness may be more appealing than the person themselves. When the dog doesn’t show up for the date and you’re forced to deal with the human on their own, it’s a real bummer.

Perhaps there should be a dating app dedicated to dates with dog owners. You’d never have to risk a dull date without a dog again! Plus, even if the date was going nowhere, you’d get to spend time with a particularly adorable dog. Seriously, this may be a very beneficial technology for a lot of people.

I’m HOW old?

It’s impossible not to feel old when you really think about the ages of your favorite childhood movie characters. Especially when you realize that the characters you admired as a kid are still…well, children. That’s when you know you’ve matured into a responsible adult.

It’s amusing to reflect on how young Ariel appeared in The Little Mermaid when we all first saw it (a childhood favorite). When you look back at movies, music, or books you enjoyed as a child and see how different everything is now, it’s easy to feel old. But it’s okay to grow older; you can still enjoy things, just in a different way.

Girl Power

When someone tells you that you act like a girl, it’s usually meant as a slam. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are some fairly outstanding female heroines that can easily beat all the males around them, especially now that we’ve started to see more female representation in film and television.

We’re feeling motivated just by looking at this collage of outstanding female characters. Fighting like a girl should be a compliment, especially when you consider all the incredible things women are capable of, regardless of how undervalued they are. So let’s use this as motivation to get out there and kick some balls.

Open it quietly

It’s never easy to go through your period. You have to think about how all your clothes will look with pads in them, on top of feeling bad and dealing with cramps and mood swings. So it’s no surprise that adverts for period products emphasize how unobtrusive they are, and how you can do everything you normally do while wearing them.

However, this post does bring out the one flaw in the entire concept. It’s always stressful when you’re in a public restroom, trying to rip the plastic box without anyone else hearing. Perhaps pad and tampon designers should consider this problem in future.

I can see it in your eyes

Everyone desires a companion that looks at them the way they gaze at their favorite meal. That look is pure adoration and longing. Just look at the way this dog is staring at his pizza, with such strong need and affection. Who can blame him, after all? Pizza is delicious.

We have to admit we have a strong emotional connection to the dog in this image. Pizza is one of the most wonderful things on the planet, and it deserves to be recognized. So having someone look at you as this dog looks at pizza (really, those puppy dog eyes!) is the ultimate compliment.

Boys Against Catcalling

Everyone despises being catcalled. Nothing is more annoying than strolling down the street, minding your own business, and having a guy—or, worse, a bunch of guys—honk and whistle at you. It’s quite unsettling and not at all flattering. So having a man around to diffuse the situation can be beneficial at times.

This brother is certainly on to something. He managed to make the situation amusing while also chastising those people for being nasty to his sister. Furthermore, the entire thing appears to be funny for all involved. The ideal method to deal with a difficult issue — with the added bonus of coming out with a funny anecdote for later. We need more men like these in the world. 

We Got This, Ladies

A woman can accomplish anything a guy can. Well…most of the time, anyway. And who says we have to do everything a man does? If your pure willpower won’t help you use the grill, that’s fine. We don’t have to be man-clones to still be powerful. We need to embrace our unique femininity. 

We’ve all been told we can’t do something, which makes us even more driven to prove ourselves. We’ve all heard about a group of feminist girls rushing to pick up that heavy object the strong lads were heaving about. We don’t need to prove ourselves. It’s perfectly acceptable to refrain from doing difficult things once in a while.

Caught Red-Handed

This is one the worst social media era problems. Sometimes all you want to do is take a picture so your friend can see the hot guy you’re seeing, but you don’t want them to know you’re photographing them. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to hide the flash when it accidentally goes off.

Snapchat occasionally catches the most genuine moments of life. We particularly love a story like this, and who can’t relate to this cringe-worthy moment? By the end, we can practically feel the camera moving and picture ourselves hiding the phone as well.

Shoes are for everyone

We’ve all heard the stereotype that women are obsessed with clothes and shoes. A large wardrobe full of well-kept shoes is a staple for female characters in films and TV shows. And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a shoe obsession. That doesn’t mean that women are the only ones who are obsessed with shoes, though.

As this article demonstrates, loving shoes is not a gender-specific trait. Guys can be just as, if not more, obsessed with their shoes than women, and some take their styles very seriously. Who can blame them if they’re wearing $200 Adidas trainers?

Winning the Friends’ Approval

It’s fairly typical to update your pals on who you’re flirting with on a frequent basis, and to get some really candid feedback, even if it’s negative. It may feel strange at first, but knowing that your every text is being scrutinized is always reassuring. It helps you make the right choices.

This friend is simply keeping an eye out for her pal. But it’s also a good reminder that nothing you post online is guaranteed to be private, even if it’s private messaging to someone you’re flirting with. Your dream girl’s inner circle will shut you down if you slip up, so watch out!