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40 Wedding Guests Who Stole The Show From The Bride And Groom

Over the years, the wedding has evolved away from the property exchange between clans and into a beautiful declaration of love between two consenting adults. (Mostly) gone are the days when grooms were pushed down the aisle by the business end of a shotgun. In such modern weddings, newlyweds will want to capture their special time together, which is why they hire photographers and videographers to capture those special moments.

However, just like everything else in life, these events don’t always go off without a hitch. Besides the occurrence of a natural disaster, what’s the worst thing that could happen on your blessed day? That’s right—one of your guests steals the show. Here are 40 times when the wedding guests took the spotlight from the brides and grooms. Take notes! You’ll want to avoid inviting these guests to your special day.

Swiftly Upstaged In Your Own Love Story

It’s easy to forget, but celebrities were just normal people before they ascended to celebrity stardom. Most of them attended schools, worked regular jobs, and had non-celebrity friends. Some of them still keep in touch with their besties, and occasionally, they will become a maid of honor at your wedding.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/TaylorSwift

Brittany Maack, one of Taylor Swift’s non-showbiz best friends, asked the pop star singer to be the maid of honor at her wedding. Imagine Taylor Swift going to your wedding and lighting up the event with a special song. Isn’t that super amazing?

Runaway Flower Girl

Runaway brides are pretty common in the wedding world. It’s not something we hope you have to see for yourself. However, at this wedding, the bride wasn’t the one who ran away—it was this adorable little girl.

Image Courtesy of kreaturesleeper

Sean Penn Is Currently Working on a Documentary in UkraineKeep WatchingIn the middle of the aisle, this little girl decided that she just wanted to walk out, and so she took her hand away from the adult man she was holding onto and just walked back to where she started. You can also see on her face, for whatever reason, that she was not happy at the proceedings of the day.

Auntie in Pink

Everything is perfect in this picture. The location, the synchronicity of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the perfect kiss of the newlywed—perfect—that is, until you see that one Aunt taking a picture beside the new husband and wife.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/theefiveoh

When the photographer caught this act, he must have facepalmed for sure. Hopefully, they took another shot of this scene and kept the auntie out. One thing that you just shouldn’t do at a wedding is photobomb the star couple during their big moment. We hope that the auntie learned her lesson.

Are You Okay Down There?

Happy wedding photos include a group picture with all smiles. However, what would you do if some kid threw a tantrum right in front of everyone? This looks to be the case here, and surprisingly, it was captured.

Image Courtesy of Craig Paulson

Toddler tantrums are a lot of work to deal with. Just look at this almost perfect group photo—the bride and groom are smiling happily, of course. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are doing the same. However, one little tyke threw himself down on the floor and gave in to the tantrum temptation. It looks like the other kids just laughed him off, though!

Passed Out From Too Much Partying!

We’re just kidding. For sure, the kid in this photo didn’t pass out. Maybe she’s just exploring the slippery nature of the floor, or perhaps she’s taking a power nap. But one thing’s for sure: she definitely stole the spotlight from the newlyweds.

Image Courtesy of Craig Paulson

She’s probably also tired from walking down the aisle with her little basket of flowers. We wish adults could do the same when they get tired at parties, more so at weddings. We feel you, kid. We really do.

Say NO to Public Displays of Affection!

We are not sure if this adorable baby is their daughter, but she pulls off a kind of cuteness even if she looks grumpy about the outrageous PDA taking place behind her. Just imagine it—kissing—at a wedding. How disturbing!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alexander_raetzer_photography

We should give her the benefit of the doubt, though. Maybe she’s just looking carefully at the photographer’s camera, being curious about what that is. When she gets older, she’ll probably perform her own public displays of affection as well—maybe even at a wedding. 

Bored Or Sleepy?

The ceremony is the most important part of a wedding, yet it is somehow boring. Depending on your religion, the ceremony can last up to an hour or more! It’s not always everyone’s cup of tea, and it can be boring. Just look at this kid’s reaction, for example.

Image Courtesy of Ken Pak Photography

They say yawning is contagious. So it’s good that the bridesmaids didn’t look down at the yawning child beside them with her mouth agape at the proceedings. Did you feel like yawning when you saw her? 

Sweet Protector

While it’s fair to say that some wedding ceremonies can be boring, it’s rare to encounter a dull reception party. With games, food, laughter, and the inclusion of quirky traditions, this is undoubtedly the best part of the wedding.

Image Courtesy of The Chive

One bizarre but traditional game involves the groom trying to get the bride’s garter off her leg using the teeth, which he then throws to another man to try on a single lady. However, this little boy seems to be trying to protect the bride’s “honor” here. Maybe he just doesn’t understand weddings. All the same, he’s a sweet protector!

The Runaway Kid

Never expect children to behave appropriately, especially not on important occasions such as weddings. As events solely for adults, children see them as a time to go wild whenever possible. It’s easy for kids to make their own fun, especially at the expense of important proceedings.

Image Courtesy of Annette Burgess

This is a perfect example of a naughty child gone wild. While the all-important vows are being exchanged, a little girl charges around in the background to her mother’s chagrin. What makes this even funnier is that the priest was interrupted! 

It’s Not A Baseball Game, Champ!

Baseball is one of the many things that guys can be passionate about—you can see their passion for the game, even as little kids. That being said, there’s a time and a place to practice swinging—but a wedding is not one of those times or places.

Image Courtesy of Kyoot Kids

Yep, a wedding ceremony just isn’t the right place to practice for try-outs. This little ring bearer just threw the pillow with rings with full force, as if he were on the field. We can imagine his mom bursting with anger after he pulled this little stunt.

Oh, Na Na, What’s My Name?

If you happen to have a celebrity friend and are planning to get them as part of your entourage—beware—they take the spotlight for sure, as everybody will want to take pictures with them. Why wouldn’t they?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/badgirlriri

Rihanna decided to say yes to her friend’s wedding by being one of her bridesmaids, and you can see how she rocked her lilac gown. Other people present at the wedding got the chance to have a picture with her while the couple was presumably busy taking their pictures at the back. 

The Number You Have Dialed is Not Yet in Service

Kids are the purest creatures on the planet! They do whatever they feel doing at the time. Here’s one getting something from her nose. We don’t know if this was a funny accident for the bride, but it’s still adorable.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/DrunkCinderella

This kid tried being a playful photobomber during a wedding preparation photoshoot. We don’t know if she planned this digging gesture or if she was just feeling it at the moment of the snap. But whatever the case, she was clearly the cutest photo bomber at that event.

This Is Your Future

Society dictates that after getting married, children are the next step. Not everybody wants to have children, though. Just in case you’re on the fence about the issue of having kids after marriage, this is what it looks like, in a nutshell.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/biggamebader

This little one was given a toy truck to keep himself entertained while the ceremony was going on. They thought that he would quietly play nicely, but nope—he used the aisle as a “road” for his toy truck. It’s good to know that he didn’t bother the couple or the people around them too much from the looks on their faces. 

Show stealer

Mothers-in-law have a scary reputation. There are many horror stories out there about mothers who are not ready to let their sons go off and get married, resulting in conflict with their daughter-in-law. This can manifest itself as minor spats to major conflicts.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/That?s It, I?m Wedding Shaming

Unfortunately, this mother-in-law decided to be such a show-stealer at her son’s wedding that she showed up in full bridal attire in an attempt to steal the limelight from her daughter-in-law—on her own wedding day. You might be confused as to which is the bride in this photo. Hopefully, this is the last time she steals the spotlight and just accepts reality.

Bambi Stole It!

A wedding picture with a grassy backdrop is a marital dream come true! However, if you dream of meadows and countryside on your wedding day, be mindful of the uninvited guests lurking in the background. Don’t be surprised if someone tries to steal your flower bouquet!

Image Courtesy of Facebook/Laurenda Marie Photography

This photo was captured at exactly the right moment. You can see how the couple was surprised yet delighted with the deer stealing their moment. The guests might be curious where the bride’s flower bouquet got to. Well, Bambi stole it!

A Mickey Mouse Production

This charming little girl must have been proud that she was wearing Mickey Mouse underpants for the first time and wanted to share them with a big crowd. It’s certainly one way of seizing the moment, proving that you’re a big girl now.

Image Courtesy of Abby Photography

It’s just that she did it right at the moment the couple was exchanging vows! The couple didn’t seem interested in sharing the moment, as they were busy saying something to each other. Just wait and see for the official photos—surely they’ll laugh at this one. 

Got Things On His Mind

Children are not known for their patience. This little boy was probably just tired of his responsibilities as a ring bearer. Look how he sits on the side street with his stroller as if waiting for his parents to pick him up from some kind of disaster.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/sruvolo

Somebody get this little boy a chocolate milkshake! After all, he deserves all the sweet stuff he can eat after he diligently did his part at the big wedding. Maybe in the morning, though. There’s only one thing on his mind now: his bed.

Get A Room!

PDA: Public Displays of Affection. It seems like kids just can’t get away from them. They hate seeing them, especially when it’s done in the service of a wedding photo. This kid just couldn’t help but cringe when asked to sit next to his kissing parents.

Image Courtesy of Kelly Hornberger

Luckily, the two girls sat happily, smiling for the camera. It seems that both of them are used to their parents being smoochy, lovey-dovey saps. If this is not an adorable reaction, we don’t know what is.

I’ve Had It!

Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted to throw your burdens away and straight-up quit? We’ve all been there, but it’s not the easiest thing to do. If you need some inspiration, check out this little show-stealer.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Kyoot Kids

Giving kids something to do at a wedding is nice, but it’s risky. This exact thing could happen to you if you get a kid with attitude. Tired of bearing his responsibilities as a ring bearer, he chose to throw away the pillow and walk out. Don’t quit so easily, little guy!

Is there a warranty for this child?

Little girls get the flower girl role at a wedding. That should be a no-brainer for a bride, especially if she knows a lot of little children will be in attendance—she can just pick the one closest to her heart. However, it seems that the younger ones don’t always appreciate this role.

Image Courtesy of Studio Cabrelli

The older one—we assume she’s the big sister—walks on confidently as her younger sister cries all the way down the aisle. Even though the older girl seems embarrassed, she strides on with the task, eager to complete her role as a flower girl.

Don’t Call Her Name…

Taylor Swift and Rihanna as bridesmaids—that’s mind blowing already—but imagine Lady Gaga present at your wedding, minus her signature makeup and glam. Well, you don’t have to imagine it. Here she is stealing the show at one of her friend’s weddings!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/fameflynet

We are used to seeing Lady Gaga in full makeup, eccentric costumes, and high-heeled shoes. But here, she’s just Stefani Joanne—being a good friend attending a wedding. Look how gorgeous she is with lilac themed dress and flowers. However, when she’s focused on the ceremony, please don’t call her name.

You’re Not The One

Most people get nervous when faced with a crowd made up of hundreds of people. We tend to overthink things up to a point where we imagine that something wrong is going to happen. It even happens to cute show-stealers, like this kid!

Image Courtesy of Kate McElwee Photography

This little guy, complete with a tux and the ring, seems to be looking at his mom as if waiting for her signal. His mom might be saying, “Don’t worry, child, you’re not the one who’s going to have to say ‘I do!’ ” We’re just guessing!

I Wish It Was A Pool Instead

Having a beach wedding is a fairy tale dream that many girls imagine for their wedding day. This is what exactly happened to this couple, who decided that their location was to be one on a white sand beach. However, their kid wished it was just a swimming pool so that he could splash around right after.

Image Courtesy of Del Sol Photography

This boy chose to make some drama while his parents were exchanging vows and professing their love to each other. It seems that he wanted to go back to the resort so he could feel the warm water of the pool. But hey! You can get right in after the ceremony.

The Ghost of Weddings Past

“I see dead people”—what if a child said that to you with a deadpan expression in an old church? We would be terrified for sure! But this girl chose to be the ghost herself using the dress she wore at a wedding.

Image Courtesy of Arcography

While everybody was having a great time, this girl lifted her dress and imagined herself a specter. “Awoo!” You can also see in the background that the little boy was not having fun either with his messy untucked shirt and arms of the waist. This wedding was not child-friendly.


A bride’s wedding dress should be the prettiest of them all. With the bride having the last say on the design of her gown, many opt for a mermaid type or A-line. Of course, there’s always the classy fluffy marshmallow dress style—but the only problem with this design is that it makes you vulnerable to trampoline-loving rascals, like this one.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/Brian M

This is a PSA to those with children, especially for special occasions: keep your kids on a short leash!. Luckily, the bride was able to ready herself when the child decided to launch himself onto her delicate dress train. Way to go, girl! Don’t let that little child ruin your beautiful day!

The Odd One Out

If a couple picks you as one of their entourage, you might feel overwhelmed at first. However, you might not be overwhelmed by happiness. Some may ask themselves if they’re actually worthy of the role. That’s exactly how this flower girl is feeling.

Image Courtesy of Orange Girl

Surrounded by the beautiful adult women, this flower girl seems to be looking straight into the camera and questioning her existence at that moment. She’s probably thinking, “Why am I included here?”. Seize the moment, girl!

Nature Calls

At first glance, everything in this photo seems perfect. The bride and groom are smiling at the right moment, the guests are having a great time listening with rapt attention, the beach scenery is lovely, and the sun and the sea are shining. But if you look closer, particularly at the right-hand side, you’ll see something… off.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/Sam Alhadeff

The sanctity of this marriage has been tarnished slightly by a dog peeing on one of the poles of the arch. We understand that dogs just act this way, and it can’t be helped, but it’s just funny that it was taken at the exact moment that nature called. Fortunately, the newlywed didn’t seem to mind and just went with the flow.

Praying Or Sleeping?

Usually, the clergymen that preside over a wedding are older men. This is because it’s believed that they have wisdom with regards to marriage, in all its joy and challenge, that they can give advice to the couple in their time of need. So we totally understand why they occasionally doze off, even while the ceremony is going on. Marriage is hard work.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/RayMalaspina

To defend this accusation, the minister could just say that he was praying for the newlywed couple and asking God to bless them. Whatever the case may be, we hope he enjoyed his conversation with God—whether in prayer or in sleep.

White Suit Batman

Celebrity weddings are the very essence of glamor, especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, which took place in Florence, France. Rest assured that their guest list was composed of A-list celebs with enchanting dresses and charming suits. But wait, why is there a guy in a white Batman suit in this photo booth?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Kournteykardash

It turns out that this caped crusader is none-other than Jaden Smith, a known joker in the Hollywood world. He said in an interview that he wore a white Batman suit to KimYe’s wedding because he wanted to heighten his experience and to protect himself from everyone. Apparently, the best way to do this was to wear his bizarre suit. It certainly raised eyebrows.

Do The Splits!

Picture this: you’re having fun at the wedding reception. It’s time for you to dance, to give it your all for the couple who have been your friends for a long time. You’re having a wild time. You feel almost like a kid again! In that spirit, you take to the air, and….

Image Courtesy of Twitter/JeffGrass

This guy’s moves were unquestionably awesome before he jumped so high that he accidentally split his pants into two. We applaud the photographer for having such good reflexes in capturing this funny moment. It may have stolen the show, but the bride and groom must have laughed all night long after this moment.

Sorry, I’m Hungry!

Wedding food is one of the most important things in the event. While choosing the menu for your wedding might be stressful, the guests would truly appreciate it whatever that is you decide on—here’s an example of a young boy who took the cake—or rather spaghetti—when it comes to enjoying the cuisine.

Image Courtesy of Ken Pak Photography

The kid just went and dived into that red spaghetti using his hands. There’s no wrong with that, though. It’s just that it’s messy, and the red sauce is sticking to his beautiful suit. We can imagine the slurping sound he makes while he splurges at the red pasta. 

Are You My Mom?

This young boy, who we assume is the kid of the bride’s friend, wants to say his best wishes and congratulate her. But things took a turn when he grabbed another part of her body. The silly boy reached on the bride’s bosom, assuming it was her mom’s.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/_madelineelyse_

We just give the benefit of the doubt that this boy is used to touching his mom’s bosom because of breastfeeding, but hey! Isn’t he a little too old to be still doing that? He’s also smirking while doing it. Naughty boy, indeed.

Tissue For Your Issue?

Kids are mischievous human beings, which is one of the many reasons they shouldn’t have to be invited to a wedding. There are so many instances in normal life which, once you add kids, become funny because of their antics. They sure can make you smile.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/keithtvguy

Their roles were to hold the bride’s long gown as she walked down the aisle. When you first look at it, it seems to be a normal photo. But look at the small child on the left—he thinks that the bride’s gown is tissue, so he decided to blow his nose while the adults were busy. Can you blame him if it looks like tissue paper? At least he’s not using his fingers.

Frowny Face

Do you remember that time when you were still a kid, and your mom asked you to wear that big tux for your aunt’s wedding? Well, you had no choice but to say yes. To compensate for that awful feeling, you let your facial expressions speak for you.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/nombski

This young boy probably wanted to wear his Superman costume for this wedding, but his mom told him no. He looks like a grumpy old man here, despite being under the age of ten. Don’t frown, young man! You look good!

Dad To The Rescue!

Having a child is already a headache, but having two at almost the same age and having to manage them at an event is double the headache. We can feel this dad’s frustration as he rescues his children from in front of the happy couple, who are in the middle of their wedding vows.

Image Courtesy of Del Sol Photography

It seems that he is used to flying in for his children when they wander off to the wrong place. As the little man thought he was stealing the couple’s moment, his dad, little sister in hand, reached out and grabbed him. Thanks, Dad!

Yin And Yang

Yin and Yang —it’s the concept of black and white—opposites. This image perfectly captures a person’s emotions and personalities in a single image: good and bad. This child is the perfect example of the Yin and Yang idea.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/ELBandejo

Can you believe that this is just one person? From being a sweet, good girl to a “don’t you dare touch me!” type. Good thing she saved at least one smile for the photoshoot. But then, the photographer must have had a quick finger when he captured the grumpy girl too. What a cute showstopper!

These Adults Are Such A Pain

Backyard weddings are the best—you can save a pretty penny, and if you’re not a fan of large crowds, this can be the best location for your intimate wedding rites. Best of all, you can implement whatever you design you want. This kid seems to have a headache looking at the party design.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/rabinaspears

Maybe this little one had other ideas on how to make the backyard wedding a more magical affair and felt ignored. Or perhaps she thinks that blue chairs just aren’t right, or maybe they should have hired a planner. Whatever that is, adults are such embarrassing people at times. 

One Wedding And A Funeral

Wedding ceremonies, especially in churches, are considered long affairs. During the priest’s sermon, kids can often feel bored to death. It looks like this little boy was ready for his afternoon nap, but the way he’s lying, it looks as if he really had been bored to death!.

Image Courtesy of David Ferguson Photography

The little boy is not so embarrassed that he won’t lie down to count some sheep. The little girl, on the other hand, seems to be chilling on her mom’s phone while waiting for the ceremony to finish. We feel you, kids. Just hold on a little longer.

Supportive Maid-Of-Honor

The best man and the maid of honor have the greatest responsibility compared to the other guests. They are the ones who are with the couple during their busiest moments—picking a wedding dress and suit, planning the hen night or stag party, and even assisting with the wedding itself. So if you plan to choose a trusted maid-of-honor, remember this picture.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/anlyin

Even though she’s totally stealing the show, this is the kind of friend that we all wish to have at our wedding—the one who gives all of her energy in assisting on the photoshoot, but at the same time one who is quirky enough to let loose and have fun. In other words, your best friend.

Just Having His Usual Tantrum

Tantrums are challenging to handle. As a parent, dealing with your kids’ needs can already feel like a great burden. Sometimes you just need your kids to sit still long enough for the shutter to come down for a photo, like this one. But it looks like this young boy just couldn’t muster a smile.

Image Courtesy of Ken Pak Photography

But even though he isn’t crying, the fact that he had to participate in this photoshoot seems too hard to handle. We just hope that his parents were able to get him back on his knees and put a smile on his face. Come on, kid, don’t hold up the show!