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40 Funny Thanksgiving Memes That Demonstrate The True Meaning Of The Holiday

Although Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in the United States of America, this doesn’t mean other nations will not be able to understand these entertaining memes that poke fun at the holiday. We bet most cultures also practice the tradition of stuffing food in their faces during special holidays—even if they don’t all land on the last Thursday of November.

But if you want to know how Americans perceive Thanksgiving, this collection of Thanksgiving memes will give you a clearer picture of why people have a love-hate relationship with this special day.

Sit back, relax and have fun as you feast your eyes on these crazy memes designed to honor this national holiday—and those who celebrate it.

The Essence Of Thanksgiving

Some people decide to make a big show out of Thanksgiving. They may go to great lengths to prepare for the week ahead. They can even restructure their time to make special treats for every family member who will attend the joyous occasion. However, there are those who like to do things differently.

These people completely understand the real meaning of Thanksgiving. It is not a fancy day to get dressed up or to force a smile on everyone. It is simply about eating a humongous meal, watching a movie in the comfort of your pajamas, eating leftovers, watching another movie, and passing out in a turkey-induced coma. What more could you ask for?

Cooking For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a joy for those who cherish eating home-cooked meals with family, friends, and relatives. However, it may be a nightmare for the one responsible for preparing, planning, and coordinating the most anticipated meal of the year.

Making a Thanksgiving meal is a breeze if you like to cook. You may have been waiting all year to make your grandma’s recipe or to prepare the stuffing your family has been consuming since the 18th century. But if you belong to the can’t-be-bothered club, you might prefer to ask for a little help from your friendly neighborhood restaurants than spend your energy cooking. 

Enjoy Black Friday

Thanksgiving is not the only uniquely cultural tradition Americans celebrate. Black Friday is quickly becoming one of the most sensational holidays. In the same way that all worries about weight should be put to rest come Thanksgiving dinner, financial issues must also be ignored come Black Friday.

In the age of online shopping, Black Friday has taken on a different form. Still, it carries the same weight as a good old holiday tradition. We only wish to remind everyone to be civilized while celebrating it. No elbows or weapons, for all that is good and holy.

Food Is Life

Thanksgiving is the time of year when people are legally allowed to overeat. No one has the right to judge those who chose this day to let themselves loose at the dinner table. The cold season is coming, after all—better to add a little winter fat to keep warm.

Sometimes, overindulging in the things we enjoy gets to the core of the American spirit and makes us proud to be Americans. There are even occasions where we believe Thanksgiving is actually a day to celebrate overeating—but that’s just us.

All In The Family

All families are odd in their own unique way. They have eccentricities and quirks that make them special. Thanksgiving is usually the best time to unearth these quirks. Fortunately, this Twitter user generously shared a weird Thanksgiving experience that we can genuinely appreciate. We are happy that somewhere out there, someone has stranger character traits than us.

For this dad, knowing that his daughter is dating a man older than them took a bit of time to process. Knowing that his other daughter was dating that man’s son blew his brain’s wiring right out. We can understand how mowing the lawn can help one deal with complex and mind-boggling circumstances.

Open-Minded Uncle

The usual topic families discuss during Thanksgiving is politics—even when it is expressly forbidden. All too often, there is at least a non-open-minded family member who has no qualms about voicing his opinion, even if it would be offensive to others. If you have no idea who the non-open family member is in your household, there is a high probability it could be you.

This Twitter user perfectly captured the fear everyone feels every time Thanksgiving arrives. The dread of dealing with opinionated relatives who usually have no idea what they’re talking about is one of the stress-inducing factors associated with the holidays.

Families That Dislike Each Other, Only See Each Other Once A Year

You cannot choose the family you’re born in, but you can choose the friends you want to spend time with. However, if you are unable to choose your biological family and you find them annoying or difficult to deal with, there are some things you can do to maintain your distance while trying to spend a bit of time with them.

In the United States, it is common for family members only to see each other once a year. Whenever they do get to spend time with each other, they often realize why. Thanksgiving might be the only time they ever encounter an opposing opinion in person (instead of through social media flame wars). 

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for everyone. Whether you are cooking a large meal, hosting, or waiting to be asked about your personal life, it is indeed a time everyone dreads like no other. Some people have to prepare before they get there.

So when family members ask about your holiday plans, just be honest and tell them how you’re trying to take the edge off by getting into the holiday spirits—literally. We understand the motives—but maybe try not to overdo it. 

There Is No Such Thing As A Stress-Free Holiday

It is a stone-cold fact that preparing a large meal is challenging for anyone of any ability. Cooking a turkey takes work. The time it takes to cook must be coordinated with cleaning the entire house—as well as setting the table and greeting early guests.

We completely understand how mothers can be stressed out with the occasion. Mothers don’t have a day off; thus, feeding a house full of hungry mouths on the day it’s supposed to be a holiday is more than enough basis to complain. 

Thanksgiving With Grandparents

If you have kids, you are probably aware that taking them on fun outings is similar to having a box of chocolates—you’ll never know what you’re going to get. You might be having some fun one moment and then trying to quell chaos the next.

The same can be said about bringing children to their grandparents. Though many grandparents feel happy spending time with their grandkids, some parents worry their kids are not on their best behavior with their grandma and grandpa. Still, grandparents are forgiving and wouldn’t mind such chaotic company.

Pass The Potatoes, Leave The Politics

Talking politics during Thanksgiving is a no-no. The topic alone can elicit divisiveness among families. The holidays are supposed to be a time to spend with loved ones. It is also the perfect time to be grateful for the year’s blessings.

However, some people get a rise out of getting other family members mad—red in the face mad. They may have been saving up all their worst political musings to share with everyone come Thanksgiving. Humoring such a person is a surefire way to start an explosive display. 

Parental Password Consent

Seeing your family during Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated moments in the year. Waiting to receive the Wi-Fi password from your technologically-challenged folks comes a close second. It’s almost always a longer wait.

It can be frustrating while trying to settle in your family home, having to wait for your dad to find the password so you can log into their Wi-Fi. Having your parents looking over every piece of paper that resembles the Wi-Fi password paper can be doubly frustrating. Maybe just use your phone’s data next time?

Jesus Cares

There is nothing wrong with being grateful. It’s Thanksgiving, after all. Fortunately, not many people are named “Jesus” in America. Therefore, no confusion can occur while the family says grace before meals. However, there is a country in which the name “Jesus” is quite popular.

While many families say grace, they may unwittingly be thanking “Jesus”—as in someone who lives in Latin America—for the food on the table. Jesus may have harvested and picked the vegetable himself and delivered them, too, for all we know. For that, he should be thanked.

Goops Of Gravy

This woman is more than excited for Thanksgiving to arrive. It’s not because family, friends, and relatives are finally getting together—it’s because of one food item that probably unites most people on this side of the world—gravy.

Though mashed potatoes are also on top of everyone’s food list, along with green bean casserole, this secret sauce is what keeps Thanksgiving magical. Anyone who has tasted gravy knows it can be poured over more than nine different types of food. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Mind Your Own Plate

The spirit of Thanksgiving requires that we all stuff ourselves with mashed potatoes until we no longer can’t. It is unbelievable that some people cannot wrap their heads around this tradition and even judge those who choose to eat their way through the holiday.

This classic response comes highly recommended if you find yourself being judged for your gastronomic choices. It’s a free country, and as long as the food is also free, no one has the right to stop you from doing what you want.

Who Wants To Be Healthy On Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving food was not created to keep people healthy—it is a special meal designed to overindulge guests and family members during the cold season. It is not a sin to slather butter, salt, or cream on any Thanksgiving meal.

However, it is a sin to make mashed potatoes out of cauliflower. Such travesties do not belong on the Thanksgiving table. Feel free to eat your cauliflower mash after Thanksgiving. But keep your healthy-only foods off the table during this time of year.

Hire A Boyfriend

One of the best and worst things about Thanksgiving is the time you get to spend with loved ones and family. However, during dinner, single people are usually bombarded with questions about their personal lives—specifically about their relationship status.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, have no fear. There is a service specially made to resolve this exact situation—for a reasonable price. This fake boyfriend is someone your parents will love but probably never see again after Thanksgiving. Perfect.

The Children’s Table

Large families love to gather together during the holidays. However, there may be so many family members under one roof that tables will need to be set up just for the kids. Usually, this is done to contain children who have the tendency to spill their food or destroy fine China.

Unfortunately, single and unmarried adults are similarly placed with kids on this table. While adults are probably talking about their blood pressure and sciatica, single people are highly likely talking about Star Wars with their nieces and nephews. Who’s having more fun, we wonder?

Jeopardy Questions Are Easier

Though family members have good intentions, they do tend to grill unmarried adult family members with invasive questions about their careers, dating life, and non-existent mortgage. It can be irritating to hear these questions from various people—more so when you have to answer each of them repeatedly.

Jeopardy questions are easier to respond to in comparison. Hearing the same questions over and over each Thanksgiving can be emotionally exhausting. For times like these, maybe it’s time to use the Fake Boyfriend service. 

Post-Thanksgiving Judgments

While there are disadvantages to seeing the entire family during Thanksgiving, there are times when advantages emerge once Thanksgiving is over. The best thing about post-Thanksgiving hangovers is that one gets to gossip and judge everyone after they have left.

Apparently, the holiday is not only about polite conversations—but it is also about the outfit Aunt Kay wore or Becky’s breakup with her ‘nth ex. For some, gossiping and judging are their perfect kinds of holiday activities.

Pizza For Thanksgiving

Picky eaters have no place on the Thanksgiving table. If they are to attend the occasion, they have to enjoy the food available to them. Unfortunately or fortunately, pizza is not part of the Thanksgiving menu. When you think about it, there’s a good reason for this.

Why would someone want to eat something that can be eaten and is available every day of the year? Though we respect everyone’s choices, especially when it comes to food, we suggest that pizza-loving kids try a different menu. We’re sure they will love the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Fear Factor, Thanksgiving Version

Most food items available during Thanksgiving are delicious meals cooked by the family. However, some relatives insist their recipe rocks—when in reality, it just reeks. At times, no one has it in their heart to tell that family member the truth.

But don’t let you get that down—you can choose other items on the table. There’s no reason to tolerate the odd Jello salad your Aunt Velma made when other picks are handy. We’re sure someone in the family will have a liking for it. 

Cooking Leftovers

Thanksgiving would not be possible without two kinds of people—one that properly identifies the number of guests who will arrive and the corresponding food quantities they require, and the other who cooks tons of food… hoping that the leftovers will tide them over until the next Thanksgiving.

Those who prefer to have tons of leftovers believe that having more is better than not having enough. The next question now is, which team are you on? Team Leftover or Team Just Right? This is a rhetorical question, of course.

Kids Learn From Their Parents

There are times kids do not appreciate the good things they have. While this isn’t limited to Thanksgiving, it sure makes for a good example. The best meal is laid out in front of them during Thanksgiving, but they still prefer to eat a microwaved hotdog.

Where did the kid get his microwaved hotdog idea from? We can only hope it was not from their parents. Otherwise, the child may be missing a good opportunity to savor a delicious Thanksgiving meal as well as a slew of nutrients that a microwaved hotdog would never be able to give.

Magical Mashed Potatoes

If you’re trying to lose weight and you promised yourself that you’d skip the mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, we believe you are making a terrible mistake. The best food is made of butter and milk. Just give yourself a cheat day and relax.

We believe it’s probably bad to eat butter and milk every day. But if you rarely consume them and you only do so on Thanksgiving, nothing bad will happen to your health. A day of indulgence will not wreck your diet—giving yourself space for luxury may even be motivating.

Post-Thanksgiving Bod

Thanksgiving is all about eating your heart out. However, we don’t condone anyone turning it into an extreme sport—for example, how many spoons of mashed potato they can fit in their bellies—especially if it makes it difficult to stand up from your chair.

However, many can relate to this cat, especially on the day after Thanksgiving. Some admit they transform into small whales, unable to pick themselves up from the couch. Still, some manage to stand and walk, but only to go to the kitchen to get some leftovers.

Decency Is Key

Many people consider Thanksgiving to be a day to stay home with family. However, some believe it is the day to go all out spending for once-a-year Black Friday deals. If shopping is how you spend the holidays, we recommend a tip to help others similarly enjoy the festivities.

If you’re out looking for rare mall deals and sales and happen to find a bunch of people fighting over 50% off flat television screens and kitchen equipment, hear us. Please do the decent thing and record the incident while your phone’s camera is set to record in the horizontal position. Doing so helps us appreciate all the events and any Thanksgiving-related fights the holiday has to offer.

Mariah Carey Will Have Her Time

Thanksgiving is not Christmas. If you hear yourself singing Mariah Carey’s famous Christmas ditty, holding back the music until the festive season actually arrives is best. Yes, we all see the same stores stocking Christmas goods—just try to keep your powder dry.

And yes, Christmas songs are earworms that are so prevalent it’s impossible to get through Thanksgiving without hearing them. Could everyone at least wait for Thanksgiving to pass before singing them, please?

Women Need To Be Applauded Too

While women are busy preparing the ingredients, cooking the turkey, setting the table, and cleaning the entire house come Thanksgiving, men seem to have it easy. Not only that, but they seem to receive all the accolades from the family.

All men need to do is carve the turkey, and everyone breaks into applause. Then, once everyone has left, the women have to clear the table and do the dishes. We are not asking for too much, just some credit where credit is due.

One Last Look

Many are doing what this dog is currently doing right now. Before attending the family Thanksgiving dinner, people all over the country take one last look at their weight while also hoping that they will soon return to their ideal weight in the near future.

However, worrying about your weight before Thanksgiving week is ill-advised and pointless. After all, it’s a holiday. Feel free to enjoy now and worry about your weight only after next month—or maybe January, after the festive season comes to an end.

Bring A Roll

This meme offers sound advice and a warning to anyone who thinks they have the best Thanksgiving recipes. If you are being told to bring rolls instead of real food, take it as a hint that the food you cooked last time might not have been palatable.

Still, we believe this is good news considering that you’re still being invited to participate. Maybe there is still hope to spruce up your cooking skills in the future. You have until next year to practice. Maybe surprise them with a salad next year.

Leftovers Galore

It’s not a Thanksgiving dinner if there are no leftovers. However, some moms use leftovers as an excuse to give up cooking for a while—which is quite justified. Still, why would anyone want to cook when tons of fabulous food is still available?

Why not get creative and make your very own cranberry sauce sandwich with a side of cold turkey? You can also pour gravy over anything, and it will taste delicious. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Turkey Punch

A lot of people love the idea of making Thanksgiving dinner. Either they enjoy the art of cooking, or they simply prefer to be in control. Either way, both denote that you are willing to put in the work necessary to make Thanksgiving fun.

If you are neither but find yourself being given the “honor” of serving the turkey this year, we suggest following the advice of the meme above. It’s as good a way as any to free yourself from the work of cooking. Or possibly from your family as a whole.

What Is Thanksgiving?

This meme manages to sum up how most people feel about Thanksgiving—being accosted in a corner by well-meaning or gossip-loving relatives while being bombarded with questions about your dating decisions and career. It might well be likened to a haunted house than a holiday.

Still, we applaud those who choose to carry on and attend Thanksgiving dinner. We also honor the brave few who manage to make it out to the other end emotionally intact after the great Thanksgiving bombardment. 

It’s Just Water Weight

We pray that post-Thanksgiving, you will find joy, good tidings, and just a few pounds of water weight which you can easily lose come January. What’s a few pounds of winter chub, anyway? It’s a good way to get yourself through the winter—at least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

But if you still have those extra pounds by March, we recommend you just eat a salad for next year’s Thanksgiving dinner and jog your way home the next day. Either that or maybe lighten up on the buttery gravy. 

Hero Cat Saves The Turkey

We swear this cat is up to no good. Though we understand why it would want to get its hands on a turkey, it’s a lame excuse that the bird was going to jump only to establish his guilt even more. Come on, cat! We can smell a lie as well as you can smell an easy catch.

After all, turkeys don’t jump—not after they have been gutted and beheaded. We recommend this cat be removed from the kitchen just in case it attacks the gravy next. Everyone knows how much cats like knocking things off shelves!

Nothing Is Impossible

Just because your pie hole looks like it can only fit one more slice doesn’t mean you can only eat one more slice. Everything in life is possible. Thus, this shocked reaction of people is uncalled for. Don’t they know anyone can do anything as long as they put their mind to it?

Anyone who doesn’t finish an entire Thanksgiving meal and subsequently comes back for seconds and thirds probably never had a grandma that cooked such delicious meals for them. We pity them.

What Tummy Ache?

Someone should find a way to eliminate tummy aches, at least for the Thanksgiving period. Since it’s the only time of year overeating is not frowned upon, tummies should have the capacity to take on as much pie as possible.

We completely understand where this cat is coming from. We also actually believe this cat resembles many of us in our previous life—before we exploded from an overdose of pie. No one in the world can resist pie—or at least, we’ve never heard of a saint that could.

Turkey Intuition

We want to warn turkeys that November is the time they should be in hiding. But we love to eat them so much that we’ll let them figure it out for themselves. But if you’re the vegetarian kind and prefer to give these lovely beings a good life, feel free to take them in your abode until Thanksgiving passes.

Here’s a fun fact about turkeys—did you know that, before the bald eagle, Benjamin Franklin once considered adding the turkey as the national animal of the United States? Franklin admired the turkey for their resolve and ferocity out in the wild.

Thank You, Grandma

Grandmas are the best. They always take your side even if she shouldn’t—probably because they can’t stand seeing you being mashed into a corner by the rest of the family. In return, all grandma wants is for you to taste her delicious Thanksgiving meals.

Clearly, that’s not too much to ask. A good excuse to eat a lot during Thanksgiving is to make grandma happy by eating the feast she laid out. Just remember to say thank you before and after you eat. Putting a smile on her face should be your first priority.