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Tech Support Workers Share Bizarre Things They’ve Seen on the Job

Some careers feel like an incessant cycle, with a dozen new issues emerging in the wake of settling one issue. Technical support is one of those positions. These tireless workers often find themselves managing individuals who don’t understand even the most basic things. 

We rounded up fascinating finds discovered by tech support workers who were already reaching the end of their patience for the day.Thankfully, they also shared their bizarre finds online so we can marvel at them and feel a little better about our own tech fails.

Printer Problems

We’re aware that printers aren’t the easiest gadgets in the world. Indeed, the moment you need something printed urgently often seems to be the moment they decide to present you with an error. Before you get mad at the device, though, it’s important to determine if you are in fact the source of said error. 

That is by all accounts the case in this image. Individuals attempting to utilize this printer were presumably asking why it wouldn’t take the paper from the paper tray. Somehow, they failed to comprehend that the packaging would be in the way.

A Room Full of Spaghetti

You don’t need to be a professional to realize that the image on the left is all kinds of messed up. You can tell whoever arranged these wires didn’t consider whether any issues would happen later on. Fortunately, an understanding tech expert came around and fixed this mess in just four hours! 

That level of tidy precision is what technical support agents live for. If they stroll into a server room like the one shown on the left, however, they’re liable to be hit with an instant migraine. 

Candle Holder

We don’t need to disclose to you that PCs can get pretty hot. Not Flaming Hot Cheetos hot, but hot enough to dissolve a candle. The image below shows how bad things can get when people fail to bear this in mind. 

We can only guess the top of the PC’s heat vent looked like a perfect spot to display the new pink candle. Of course, this oversight turned into a costly experiment. Surely, there’s no rescuing this. We wonder whether the tech support worker had to melt the wax out or whether the PC was simply declared a write-off. 

Tech-Savvy Snake

Technical support workers don’t usually have the aptitude to deal with wildlife. So who do you bring in when a dangerous creature decides to make its home within your PC? A wildlife expert would be our first thought, but this person called technical support. 

What’s odd is that this specific expert has apparently managed snakes previously. How often do snakes make homes within gadgets? We thought they just crawled onto planes to bother Samuel L Jackson. Whatever the case, the owner ought to feel extremely grateful that this snake was keen on the gadgets and not them.

A Leading Brand?

Spectrum is one of the main telecom and internet providers. However, being such a big player in the industry doesn’t always mean your tech support workers will be good at creating customer satisfaction. 

Take a gander at how the Spectrum tech ‘helped’ this person’s grandma. We’re sure his heart was in the right place, but that’s a confusing mess of cords for poor grandma to figure out.

Straight out of Chernobyl

“My PC will not turn on.” The first piece of advice we’re usually given by tech support is to try unplugging it at the wall and then replugging it before trying again. This is only an idea: before calling tech support, try giving the CPU a brief glance over to see whether anything appears to be amiss. 

One look in the back should’ve told the user all they needed to know about their PC and its boot-up issues. Above all else, the PC’s energy supply should not resemble a melted mess. It would seem that this unit came straight out of Chernobyl.

Water-cooled PC, Anyone?

Water-cooling a computer isn’t just about running water through your PC and praying for divine intervention. Despite the fact that it includes utilizing distilled water, the smallest blunder can destroy the motherboard. In this individual’s case, they don’t have anything to stress over. 

It doesn’t have a siphon! Without a siphon, water can’t course through the tube, which itself appears to be pointless in this apparatus. Technical support presumably chuckled for days in the wake of seeing this person’s odd endeavor at making a cooling framework. 

PC Tea

A PC fan serves to cool the motherboard and other hardware to keep the PC running as productively as possible. The filter serves to prevent dirt from obstructing the fan’s blades to enhance airflow. 

Be that as it may, if you carefully remove the filter, you can utilize it as a strainer. We just hope whoever did this cleaned the filter first because they can get pretty dusty! 

Greasy Mouse

Consoles and mice can gather a huge load of residue over the years. However, this is over the top. How on Earth did this mouse get covered in such a thick layer of hand grease? 

We can only hope the mouse was connected to a computer in a car parts shop. Perhaps then this level of grease would be understandable. Of course, it is normal for a computer mouse to be affected by hand grease, this is why many tech-lovers give theirs a quick daily clean.

Meet the Madman

A big part of an IT specialist’s responsibility is to run cables. Thus, it’s disappointing to see some specialists genuinely don’t have a clue how to keep their workspace liberated from cable mess.

With such countless links and wires hanging freely around the workspace, we’re astounded that the employee responsible hasn’t injured himself. Whether you work in tech or not, you should at least know that cables shouldn’t be obstructing your workspace. 

Blast from the Past

The Meme Reaper comes around every few months or so to drag old meme layouts, positive or negative, back up from the meme cemetery. When this technician investigated this PC’s problematic CD drive, they came face-to-face with one of these images of the past. 

Whoever left this savage face in the drive must’ve done so many years prior when it first emerged on the meme scene. The bigger question is, why would anyone need to use the CD drive? We can’t remember the last time we even saw a CD!

Creativity 101

This isn’t an image of the most recent Apple accessory. Nope, this is somebody’s inventive attempt to get his soundboard to play sound. There are all sorts of adaptors available to help with connection issues. However, these musicians took matters into their own hands.  

Apparently, there’s no need to go to the expense of fixing the other audio outputs. With enough adaptors, anything can be done! 

Burn the whole Thing Down

Hold up… We’ve seen pretty horrendously cable execution, but this one takes the cake. In what world did the techs believe that this was okay? Not only are the electrical wires reachable from the ground, but a ton of them also seem massively overworked.

That would be one mammoth mess to straighten out. Not to mention the fact that a whole city block would probably be without power while the work was being done. Is there any genius who could fix this?

A Quick Fix

You can’t simply call an electrical technician to fix a fiber optic issue since they don’t necessarily have the ability to deal with it. However, the one thing you can rely on is that if they make a mistake, they will do what it takes to rectify it. 

This was a neat approach to fixing the snipped fiber optic cable. However, the electrician should’ve done the right thing and let the homeowner know of his mistake. Ah well, at least the fix works, right? 

Insertion Issues

Some people truly are astounding. It doesn’t make any difference how long they’ve lived on this planet. If it doesn’t fit, they’ll track down an incorrect route around it. Here, you can see that somebody has no clue why their laptop will not accept this USB drive. 

Whatever you do, don’t open up your telephone to drop grains of rice inside. First of all, that takes a whole lot of extra effort. Second, it wastes valuable time. Third, you’re at risk of breaking your smartphone beyond repair. 

Broken Beyond Repair 

A smidgen of water can unleash destruction on the fragile interior components of a smartphone. So, if your cell phone or tablet at any point lands in a puddle of water, drop it in a bowl of dry rice and let it sit for a little while. 

Whatever you do, don’t open up your telephone to drop grains of rice inside. First of all, that takes a whole lot of extra effort. Second, it wastes valuable time. Third, you’re at risk of breaking your smartphone beyond repair. 

Another Cable Debacle

You’d think that tech support from a massive company would have legitimate training on the best way to oversee cables, yet the picture below suggests otherwise. This is AT&T we’re discussing. Ask any individual who’s had to contend with AT&T in the past, and they’ll likely tell you it’s an absolute nightmare.

When this person’s DSL was having issues, a customer service rep basically suggested to him that perhaps something wasn’t right with the cables in his home. Upon additional examination, the indoor cables were perfectly fine. What wasn’t totally fine was the manner in which the technicians had set up the outdoor wires. This is truly atrocious. It almost looks like a wild animal has gotten in and torn everything up.

Good Fit!

Oddly enough, the owner of this laptop felt their USB drive had to be as close to perfectly flat with the laptop’s body as possible. For reasons beyond comprehension, they utilized a hammer to slam it into place. It was, to some extent, a job well done, but at what cost? 

In this case, the cost was the motherboard. The funny thing about computers is, everything is designed to fit snuggly, with each component having just enough space to do its job. Ah well, at least they know for next time.

Easy Diagnosis

Printers seem to be designed to work irregularly, and when they are in operation, they seem to toss out a constant stream of warnings like “low on ink” or “no paper.” This is a marvelous example of a printer with an ink complaint. However, the seriousness of this issue is simply astounding. 

These office workers called technical support to ask what was up with their printer. By opening up the top board, the specialist discovered the reason behind the printer’s flashing message about not having enough ink. Evidently, the blue ink cartridge detonated, leaving a festive mess all over the machine.

New Battery Please 

As a rule, PC batteries last somewhere in the range of two to four years. Still, it’s not altogether unheard of for a battery to run the course of its life before the two-year point. Others manage to last more than five years, contingent upon how frequently your PC. This lady clearly gave her laptop a lot of work to do.

If your battery ever bulges like this, you should get it seen to immediately. If the battery pushes your PC’s case open, get the thing in the hands of a professional and then run for the hills.

Another Bulging Laptop

Laptops truly are amazing creations. They’re versatile machines you can use to earn money while traveling the world or simply kick back and look at cat pics on the internet. As extraordinary as they may be, they’re not the most resilient devices out there.

Still, it’s usually pretty simple to spot if your machine needs fixing. For example, if you’re utilizing plastic clasps to keep the laptop case shut, this should probably be a sign that something isn’t right. This person, in any case, just brought it up as an idea in retrospect while getting his PC checked. 

Thermal Paste vs Thermal Pads

There are a few things you can use to keep your PC cool and running productively. For the processor, you can utilize thermal paste to help with heat conduction. Thermal pads go on the underside of heatsinks to likewise upgrade conduction. 

Here’s the most important thing: these are two different, non-tradable things. Shockingly for this person, he didn’t get the memo. If all else fails, contact technical support. Of course, it would be better to do this prior to applying thermal pads or paste.

Dedication to Cleanliness

After buying another electronic device, the vast majority of people can hardly wait to detach the plastic. Some people, however, are more inclined to leave them on until they strip off by themselves. Even more extreme yet is this person who utilizes his Apple PC while it’s still in its original packaging. Well, that is devotion to tidiness. 

We have no clue about how this person isn’t troubled by the screen’s distortion. We get that the plastic will keep the screen liberated from fingerprints and residue, but at what cost? 

Computer Secrets Unraveled

It’s normal for dust to collect on the outside of your PC. Indeed, it will likewise make its way within your PC, yet a speedy blow with compressed air will usually eliminate a large portion of it without causing any harm to the fan. 

Then there’s this person who hasn’t cleaned his PC since the day he got it. Not being especially well informed, he asked if his sibling would take on the task of fixing his sluggish PC. No big surprises were found. This PC was running at such a slow pace due to carelessness and bad habits.

Smells like Battery Acid

Batteries shouldn’t leak. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s being used. It ought to be dry and comfortably contained within its casing. If not, take the battery to the nearest phone repair professional. 

When this poor person was entrusted with fixing his sister’s phone, the first thing he noticed was the telltale smell of battery acid. Any normal individual would have replaced the battery or discarded the gadget long ago.

FBI Agent Wannabe

No one can really tell who’s watching on the opposite end. Many people fear that the FBI and CIA and all sorts of other clandestine agencies are observing them through their computer’s built-in webcam. 

To alleviate their fears, paranoid individuals will cover over their camera. Though this certainly does offer peace of mind, it’s important to pick the covering wisely. Otherwise, the laptop will end up looking like this.

Unpleasant but Functional

Did you know you can mount most routers to a waller? There are edges or openings that let you balance it on a nail. Those who prefer not to harm the drywall or can’t be bothered with the extra work can always try what these people did. 

This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing router holder we’ve seen, but you can’t argue with the fact that it does the job. The only problem is, when they close the entryway, those cables are on a collision course.

FYI: Laptops are Delicate

Those who ship PCs across the nation generally understand that a generous amount of packaging is needed to keep them safe. Even with a fragile sticker on the box, you never can tell how the couriers will deal with the fragile package.

This person sent thousands of dollars worth of computers and felt that they’d hold up just fine during transport with no padding. They must be living in fantasy land since consistent tension on the PC can make its screen snap. Good thing these laptops arrived at their destination securely.

The Infamous Enter Key

Most modern people would never keep the same PC for over a decade. Each year, there are new hardware components that are quicker, better, and kinder in the ecosystem.

Of course, this attitude means we never get to see what happens when a PC is in constant use for more than a decade. This person’s grandpa is one of those people who never replaces a part unless she absolutely has to, let alone the whole machine. In her mind, this Enter key has plenty of life left in it yet!

Maple Syrup is a Liquid

It’s bizarre that some people have to learn obvious lessons the tough way. We’ve already met someone who learned that a computer is not a candle holder and others who discovered that a bulging laptop is a cause for concern. This person’s lesson is even weirder. 

The lesson learned here? Don’t pack fluids and hardware in the same moving box. Plug in a maple-syrup-soaked PC, and you may be in for a nasty shock. 

Memory Gap?

Many people lose little things like keys and wallets, but this woman is on a whole other level. She failed to remember where she put her laptop. Truly, how rich do you need to be to misplace your PC? Anyway, what happened was that she left her PC in a checked suitcase for a flight. 

Only after she got back home did she think to check the contents of her bag’s pockets. Obviously, her laptop wound up getting bent out of shape, presumably from being thrown and knocked around during its journey. 

Just Doing Its Job 

Ah, printers, the bane of every office worker’s existence. If you don’t yet think printers are the worst, take a look at the work done by the one in the image below. This isn’t even an unusual day for a printer.

The technician behind the photo was called to the main office to deal with a “printer breakdown.” What no one advised him was that the black ink cartridge had chosen to detonate, leaving this mess all over the floor. They should’ve asked for the janitor.

A Little too Hot

Looking at this image, we’re uncertain whether this was a heating issue or whether some bat-wielding lunatic got down to business on this unit. Whatever the case, the PC has clearly seen better days. 

We’re astounded that the case was able to get this buckled and deformed before its user noticed something was wrong. From the look of things, the person actually put their foot through it before they realized it was melting.

No Way to Salvage this Mess

We referenced before that PCs are sensitive gadgets. Dropping one from two feet high can damage the hard drive, which isn’t good for your PC’s wellbeing. If a laptop flies off a truck bed while its owner is speeding down the highway, the chances of rescue are even slimmer. 

Take a look at this image and advise us whether this merits the difficulty of fixing. If the keyboard is bent through like that, for sure the motherboard isn’t in an ideal situation. Perhaps it’s time to buy a new machine? 

Ratio of 6:70

Plugging one plug extension into another is a catastrophe waiting to happen. So, making six electrical sockets service 70 people must be the most terrible thing you can do. Plug extensions were not intended to be utilized this way, and doing so can bring about an electrical fire, which is hardly acceptable on a school trip. 

Fortunately, the cabin where these students stayed didn’t burn to the ground. Still, the camp guides probably should’ve been more prepared for the circumstance. What did they expect? That the kids would simply let their phones run out of battery?

Just Being Modest

FYI, cell phone screen protectors aren’t a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. A new smartphone usually needs a new screen protector. Of course, most people don’t need to have this pointed out to them. 

Perhaps this tech worker’s customer didn’t have the opportunity to buy another screen protector. Surprisingly, after the technician advised him that it didn’t provide full protection, the customer still didn’t get another one.

Another Case of Cable Mismanagement

Most cases of cable mismanagement are more of an eye-sore than anything. Every now and then, however, we encounter someone who pushes it into hazardous territory. Those hanging cords from behind the work area weren’t put there to act as a footrest.

If anybody scares her from behind, you can be sure the LAN cable will tear the modem out of the PC, and somebody will have to pay a considerable amount to fix whatever breaks.

A Clueless DIY-er

Individuals who know nothing about assembling a PC either must talk with technical support. If not, they risk doing something so idiotic they’ll be the butt of every joke in the IT department for weeks to come.

This is an example of an individual who needed to trade out their motherboard for another one, However, he went about it in the most terrible manner conceivable. Rather than opening the tower’s sideboard and working from that angle, he chose to twist the metal plate at the back. What was he thinking?

That’ll Do It

One technician shared a story during his first month at work. He got a call from a customer who disclosed to him that their keyboard wasn’t working. From the outset, the customer was hesitant to tell the tech what had occurred. When they finally did, the tech was understandably confused.

While trying to eliminate dust and food residue from the keyboard, the customer washed it in a sink. Once it was fresh and clean, without allowing it to dry, they connected it right away. Yep, that’ll do it.