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40+ Sunburn Pictures That Makes Us Happy Winter Is Coming

Summer is just around the corner. So before it heats up again, it’s important to have your sunscreen on hand. You might think this isn’t a must-have, but wait until you experience an all-day sun exposure at the beach. You’ll notice a tan around your sunglasses’ shape when you get home. Aside from protecting your skin from the prickly heat of the sun, sunscreen also prevents skin cancer and early skin aging. 

Unless your goal is to get an ugly sunburn, apply enough sunscreen to get an even nice tan. You’ll be surprised to know that experts even recommended applying sunscreen indoors. Yes, you read it right. Just imagine how much of it is needed when you’re out under the sun. So we put together different encounters of people who skipped sunscreen, and here are their stories of sunburns.‘GOT’ Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ Drops First TrailerKeep Watching

Sunburn Chooses No Spot

Given the long hours of sunny days (except in Florida), summer seems to be the best time to do outdoor tasks like painting the roof deck. You can barely expect a chance of raining and having the paint washed out. The outside temperature is high enough for the paint to dry a lot faster. Indeed, this activity is a good decision.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/jayeatsnachos

Due to an unplanned choice of clothing, this guy didn’t know he was already getting sunburn on his lower back. But then, even if he put on sunscreen earlier, he probably missed this area too. Fair enough!

Applying Sunscreen by Myself

Wearing sunblock calls for extra hands. Some body parts are reachable by your own hands. But some parts, like your back, aren’t. Don’t leave it as it is, or you’ll get burned.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/LilJrChicken

This guy did not make use of his friend’s help to apply sunscreen to protect his back. Notice the areas where his hands could only reach. The sun burned pattern may be a bit clever, but the next few days are going to be unpleasant for him.

Tan Line like a Popsicle stick

If you’ve heard of a farmer’s tan, you can simply describe what it would look like. Just imagine the noticeable tan lines that divides your skin from the area where you are wearing clothes for protection. Sometimes, we compare it to a popsicle stick.

Photo courtesy of reddit/genuinlyinterested

It happens for most of us when standing or exposing ourselves in the sun for too long. There is no absolute guarantee that this could have been avoided with sunscreen. But at least, the burned skin would be a lot less painful!

Patrick on your Skin

Bathing suits have a lot of unique designs. Some are plain, while some are very daring. There are even chunkier types with crossed backs and ties in the front. The more sophisticated the design is, the crazier the tan lines created by a bathing suit.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/burner70

This girl was having fun in the sun wearing her bathing suit. It took several hours to turn the fun and games into a painful sunburn as they got home. Looking at it, her mother realized that the mark resembles Patrick, a star-shaped cartoon character. She drew the eyes, and the art just became more accurate!

Tan from yoga pants

Other than bathing suits, yoga pants also come in various styles. They have different features that make them either high-waisted, reversible, ankle-length, and sometimes they have mesh patterns printed. This lady was left with no choice but to learn that yoga pants with mesh are not the type you would wear under the sun for too long.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/martlet1

For usual activities like going for groceries and doing some errands, yoga leggings are a good choice of clothes. But if you’re staying in an open area under the scorching heat of the sun to watch a baseball game, putting some extra clothes on or applying sunscreen is a must.

Skin like Lobster

Some skins remind you of Hellboy, or a lobster shell freshly-boiled due to their bright and reddish color. Imagine the prickly, painful feeling at his ear-level and below.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/AuX2

To be fair, at least he wore a hat to protect his scalp! This teaches us that our necks need sunscreen if we are expecting a long exposure to sunlight. For what it’s worth, the neck area is an essential part since it’s mostly exposed to the sun if our clothes don’t cover it.


Have you ever seen a person with profound sunburn areas that glows? This person lights up like fluorescence! @totallykeen from Twitter experienced this himself. It was about a time when he fell asleep under the scorching heat of the sun. He might not do it again.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@totallykeen

As a rule of thumb, if you’re walking out the door, skincare experts say you should always wear SPF no matter how gloomy it is. Otherwise, you might end up, in Chris’s vernacular, looking like a tomato. And nobody wants that.

Twinning with your dog

When you stay outdoors for too long on a sunny day and wear shoes with socks, it might seem to have no problem at all. You would not know until you come home, take your shoes off, and see this result.

Photo courtesy of Pikabu/Vituka

Matching with his dog’s skin, this guy reached a different level of tan indeed. It is as if he had gotten out of a bath made of mud where he dipped his legs, but not his feet. His dog seemed to like the idea of matching with its fur parent.

Degree of Unevenness

Sometimes, we can get uneven tans. This is usually fixed by doing one more round of sunbathing activity. But looking at this person’s tan, one might doubt that it can be compensated, since the hand and feet look like they do not belong to one person.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/MadoneXI

A takeaway for this occurrence is that one should not tan while wearing shoes. If this resulted from prolonged standing with shoes on, wearing sandals would have been a smarter choice instead. With that, you can expect some random tanned lines on your feet and not a skin tone of a completely different level.

Guys that skip help

A pattern could be drawn from this. Most people who skip the help to put on sunscreen on hard to reach areas like the back are men in general, because they don’t want to bother others. As a result, they suffer from the consequences of a full-day exposure in the sun.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/SugarHighBakedGoods

Masculinity might have gotten in the way of sucking it up and asking for help from a friend to apply sunscreen on their backs. Now they have to walk, sleep around, and do activities in pain for several days.

When you get burns instead of fish

When you’re out there going fishing, you get to enjoy the calmness of open waters and bring home some fresh fish for dinner. But since sunburn doesn’t choose outdoor activities, fishing is no exemption. Fun and exciting as it could be, fishing also ends up with painful sunburns from staying too long under the sun.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chipptooth

Smart fishermen can ride a boat built with a canopy. However, the sun is still up there beating down on you, just indirectly. For this guy, at least he never took off his sunglasses the whole time.

When cosplay took longer

Even though cosplay events can last for a couple of days, cosplayers generally enjoy dressing as one character for the whole day only. These creative people carry their costumes very well, maximizing their resources to keep their elements at low costs. As part of their artistic works, these cosplay enthusiasts do some face painting.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@zankantou00

At first, face painting seems so fun until you experience cosplaying outdoors. The result is observable and can be painful like this guy who was dressed as one pirate clown. He didn’t anticipate that the costume would still be used for another day. Now, he had to go to work with some outlines of bones on his forehead.

A proof of Visor

Anyone with no hair needs to keep an eye on their heads as soon as they step outside an open area. Their scalp is exposed under the heat of the sun directly and so they are more at risk of getting sunburn. It would be clever to apply sunblock directly on the scalp. So if that seems uncomfortable with them, maybe at least wear a cap next time.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/rayfin

When we talk about hats, visor does not count. It has to be on full-coverage to protect the most exposed part of the head when exposed to sunlight. This guy experienced the consequences. But to be fair, it is his first time being shaved. It’s just that maybe he wasn’t able to have some real thought about this.

Protecting Adam’s apple

Would you ever think that UV rays cannot penetrate a part of the body? Well, this guy just found out that his Adam’s apple is sunburn protected even without applying SPF around his neck.

Photo courtesy of reddit/dmoney51

It’s kind of a clever shape of burn. It’s as if the rash spread everywhere except Adam’s apple. Maybe it’s science that it protruded a bit to provide some shade around the area.

Sunscreen in a mist

Nowadays, there are lots of options for sunscreen depending on your preference. Some are available as lotion, but can give a sticky feeling on one’s skin. While some are manufactured in spray bottles, just like traditional body sprays and deodorants. Well, you would really feel safe about this easy preparation. But that is not the truth.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@proflj

This man learned his lesson that one must apply sunscreen evenly with the help of your hands. In other words, no one is entirely safe by simply spraying it. And now he has to face the fact that his back looks like some piece of art.

How Band-Aids Leave a Mark

Once a wound is all settled, no one would still check on their Band-Aids every now and then. For simple cuts, you just cover it and start to heal eventually. Since you’re pretty much done, you don’t normally think of Band-Aids on your body everytime you go outside. Even if you’re under long hours of sun exposure, you will not think of taking Band-aids off.

Photo courtesy of reddit/_Lily_Bear_23

We can’t decide which is more amusing: the marks of Band-Aid on his arms or the manner they’re photographing themselves. How did they manage to click the shutter option at all? Well, they can just take a different photo of each arm, right?

Home remedy for sunburn

A severe sunburn can be treated with several well-known home treatments. Aloe vera gel is the most popular. Many sunscreen manufacturers now provide aloe vera gel, so you can skip buying an aloe vera plant already. But when this sunburn gets more severe, you’ll definitely want more.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Splizzy29

Green tea is also known to relieve sunburn, so this man drank a lot of it. In Australia, he was severely sunburned, and to make it worse, he had to fly for 19 long hours with this! We can’t fathom how much agony and exhaustion he was in.

Is it better to have a natural tan or an artificial tan?

We’re staring at this photo and thinking to ourselves, “There is just no way this man got his tan from the sun.” This appears to be a spray tan or a do-it-yourself home-tanning job. To become this black, you’d have to spend a long time under the sun.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/airboy1999

There’s no chance this was a natural tan, based on his original skin tone as visible on his foot. Why wouldn’t he tan his feet as well if he tanned his body? Some things just don’t make sense, but since it’s the Internet, we’ll overlook it.

Lesson on how to apply sunscreen

Have you noticed what we’ve told you? Spray sunscreen packaging and delivery are deceptive. You might believe that simply spraying it on will keep you safe, but that is only the first step. If you only spray it, you’ll end up looking like Colby jack cheese, according to Twitter user @traseydb.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@traseydb

I’m not going to lie. We can perceive a striking resemblance here. While it is awful that those legs will have to stay that way for a while, it is also quite hilarious. Colby Jack cheese would never have occurred to us. Kids, remember to slather on the sunscreen next time!

Hindsight is 20/20

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I should not have done that thing,” after doing something regretful in the past? When this person returned home from a day in the sun and noticed these tan lines, she thought the same thing.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@girlongreyyy

She probably could have covered herself a little more. Definitely not a shirt with square cut-out details in the back. Probably, she didn’t think that it would be of big concern. Until she saw how bad her sunburn was. 

Finger tan with a twist 

In case you’re wondering what could happen if you wear fingerless gloves in the sun, here is a photo of a real-life tan disaster. Maybe he had to wear them because of his profession. If that’s the case, it’s a pity. That tan is sticking with you for a long time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@igwvideo

Even in the dead of winter, as long as the sun shines, you can obtain a tan outside. Perhaps this guy should use appropriate, full-coverage gloves next time. Oh, and long-sleeves to protect his wrist from the sharp line.

No, She’s not happy now

We all make decisions that we later come to regret. The more major ones have a long-term impact on us. Then there are the minor details that are nevertheless embarrassing, such as this person’s decision to run with a happy sticker on her face.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/mitchp88

The sticker is quite appropriate for the occasion. Color runs are meant to be a joyous occasion. But, with the term literally emblazoned on her forehead for the future, we’re quite sure she’s not so happy today.

Introducing the Last Lightbender

Look at this. Another mishap with cosplay face paint! We’re sure he looked fantastic as Aang, the final Airbender. He looks a little weird without the rest of the clothing and the arrow, which is instead of blue, now skin-colored.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/kidkapelski

On this list, there have been enough sunburn mishaps caused by face paint and stickers to give us all a lesson. Nobody is going to stop you from putting these on your face. However, it is your job to keep track of the time you spent under the sun!

The arrogant demise

Yes, sunscreen should be applied to skin parts that will be exposed to the heat of the sun. However, just because you wore a long-sleeved shirt doesn’t mean your application of sunscreen should be disregarded. Isn’t it true that your hands are still unprotected from the sun?

Photo courtesy of Reddit/randompopcorn

Applying sunscreen regularly, especially in the summer, is the safest option. You don’t want to acquire a horrible burn on your body, no matter where it is. Long-sleeved shirts do not protect you from the sun’s rays. Even if the clothing is thin, it will still catch you.

Tan of a Hiker

Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that necessitate an abundance of sunscreen. They may not think much of it because they’re largely hidden, but you’d be shocked where the most severe burns can be found.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@joannasmall_doesitall

We’re guessing that the red band around this person’s leg isn’t a tan. It appears to be the outcome of wearing a leg brace for an extended period of time. Unless, this person wore calf-length pants with two windows. That’s also a possibility, given the current state of fashion.

Rest in Peace legs

This is a lesson that everyone should learn. When sitting in the sun, avoid wearing tattered jeans. It’s never a smart idea to do so. It’s a good thing the rip was barely above the knees for this female. Imagine if the jeans’ legs had been ripped many times!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@jesskhan8

Her only crime wasn’t wearing ripped jeans in the sun. She rolled up the cuffs of her jeans as well. As a result… Well, you can see what happened. Good luck with leveling out your tan, gal. It’ll take some time.

Souvenir of a ski vacation

The closer you are exposed to the sun, the more likely you are to get sunburned. Even if you’re on a snowy Alps summit in the midst of the winter, you’re still on one of the world’s highest peaks. Even though it’s freezing outdoors, never underestimate the sun.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tdobsonnet

This guy got a little more than he bargained for as a keepsake from his ski trip. He wore his sunglasses on his face and spare sunglasses on his forehead despite using sunscreen. You may see the outcome for yourself.

A neon sign

When you’re playing soccer, what’s more necessary than knee-high socks to protect your shins? Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. You can call it cheesy, but we’re sure this person can vouch to its truth.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Winner_92

While this gentleman escaped damage, he did so with a rather bad upper leg sunburn. You can see exactly where his socks ended and his skin was exposed. After this, folding his legs will be unpleasant for at least a week.

Wrong move

Everyone makes errors; what matters is that we deal with it and learn from them. Because of a bad sunburn he had one time, this Twitter user rapidly learnt not to stay in the sun wearing shorts. Now he’s preaching to the rest of the world.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@lewpreme

We can tell by the sunburn that this person was wearing shorts and sat in a chair for far too long. Because they weren’t exposed to the light, the back part of his legs are perfectly good! And it was a bright day on that specific day.

Hat on hot day

Wear sunscreen even if someone assures you that you won’t need it on a hot day. There’s no such thing as sunscreen that doesn’t require it, okay? Never believe anyone who tells you otherwise. If you don’t want to wind up looking like this guy, don’t do it.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@MarkdFL

Worse yet, he wore his cap sideways! He now has a strange pattern on his forehead, which he will have to live with for the next few weeks. Parades are fine for children to attend. But make sure you wear enough sunscreen or you’ll be wailing to your mothers!

Regrets in Bathing suit

It’s summertime. You want to flaunt your attractive swimsuits on the beach and brag about how hard you’ve been working out. The question is, how much will it cost? The answer, according to Twitter user @clairee elysee, is to start wearing low-cut tops from that day forward.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@clairee_elysee

By the appearance of these burn lines, we’re sure that the bathing suit she was wearing was adorable. A one piece with criss crossed details is undeniably elegant. The elaborate burn and tan lines on her chest, on the other hand, couldn’t have been a lot of joy to wear.

Running in the sun

Running is an excellent approach to relieve stress and relax the mind. You can run for a number of hours on end if you have the endurance, as demonstrated by this Instagram user who ran for nearly 4 hours. The sun is shining. I’m dressed in a sleeveless top. There was no sunscreen on. Obviously.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@runwiththeflow

It would have been prudent to apply some sunscreen, but it is now too late. Look at how badly he was burned. The sunburn and his natural skin tone are drastically different in tones. Maybe don’t run in the sun for four hours next time. Alternatively, protect yourself for two minutes.

Does not look good

Crocs are considered a stylish no-no in general. They’re hefty, and the all-rubber material will make your feet stink after a few hours of wearing them under the heat. They also cause unattractive tan patterns.

Photo courtesy of dailystar.co.uk

We’d rather have that girl’s crisscrossed bathing suit tan line on our feet than tan Crocs dots! For someone with trypanophobia, this pattern is mildly upsetting. Let’s get through this tragedy as quickly as possible before something terrible happens.

Natural add-on

People frequently tan before attending a wedding. People normally want a good tan before a major event, whether it’s self-tanning, tanning bed, spray tanning, or simply basking in the sun. Perhaps he was attempting the same thing.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@COverholster

However, he must have neglected to remove his headgear throughout his attempts. What’s the end result? Instead of a tan, a natural wedding accessory. If only he could put on the same hat at the wedding to hide his horrible sunburn!

Perfect looking sunburn

On this leg, the distinction between the natural skin tone and sunburn is flawless. We’re awestruck, but also a little alarmed. While we’re sure this was a horrible burn, the clarity of that line still impresses us.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/nelskickass

This person appears to have spent far too much time outside, judging by the tan. We’ve heard that the shorts and long socks trend is making a comeback. But if you’re going to dress like that in the summer, you already know the consequences.

How long do you think it’ll take to remedy that?

How long do you think it’ll take? The most common way to even out a tan is to sit in the sun and expose the untanned body part to the sunshine. But if he does it, we’re very sure he’ll have heatstroke.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/pics

The only solution appears to be continuing to wear a hat until he recovers from his sunburn. However, no one knows how long it will take for his skin to even out. He might have to wait for months, if not a year!

Shedding like a snake

When your skin begins to dry out and crack as a result of a terrible sunburn, it’s the worst part. It hurts, and it makes you look like you’re a snake shedding, which isn’t attractive. Take a look at this guy if ever a reminder is needed on why sunscreen is so vital.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@beadaddybear

He had a pained and regretful expression on his face. This is what your skin will look like after three days in the sun without appropriate sun protection. Are you still debating whether or not to go out sans sunscreen? Reconsider your position. Alternatively, keep this person in mind.

Tans with more criss-cross patterns

This type of bathing suit had to be popular at one point. Our woman isn’t the only one who wore her bikini outside and ended up with unsightly tan lines. We’re telling you, the current beauty ideal is to look pretty or die trying.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Otis-B-Driftwood

It’ll take some time to balance out those lines as well. She’ll have to stay out in the sun for an extended period of time, and there’s no assurance it will work. The design is far too complex. She’ll just have to live in a turtleneck.

So, what went wrong here?

We have no idea what type of headwear generated this tan line. It’s possible that it wasn’t even a hat. In any case, it’s perplexing, and this man’s suffering must be excruciating. Consider not using shampoo because it is too harsh on your scalp.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com

Although applying sunscreen to the scalp isn’t particularly common, persons with shaved hair should consider it. It is in their best interests to shield their body parts that are exposed to the sun the most at any particular time of day.

An excruciating burn

If you’ve ever gotten a sunburn, you’ll know that this hue of purple is the last thing you want. Even a burst of wind will feel terrible at this point since your skin is so uncomfortable to the touch.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/raph3345

This image should serve as a reminder to all of us to use sunscreen on all exposed skin surfaces. The back of the neck is one of the topmost exposed body parts that we don’t think to protect with sunscreen.

Mark made by a gladiator sandals

Sandal marks, like the tan lines we’ve seen on swimming suits, can seem rather weird depending on the type of the footwear. Crocs, as we’ve seen before, leave dots on your feet. This detailed design is left by gladiator sandals.

Photo courtesy of reddit/lambini-houdini

Even if he had used sunscreen gel on his feet, if he had spent enough time in the sun, he would have developed these tan lines. Even if the lines hadn’t been as awful as they were, he would have still been punished.

This attempt is nearly impossible

During his lunch break, this guy was attempting to smooth out his tan. However, something tells us that his attempt won’t be successful. Take a look at the color difference between his top and lower body. He’ll never be able to get that tan back.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/philfromchico

Wearing closed shoes and long trousers at all times till his body has lightened up on its own would be the best answer. If he continues to sit in the sun like this, he will just make his skin darker, exacerbating the condition.

Twinning with tomato

Do you have a sunburn that makes you look like a tomato? Join the group. There’s no better way to deal with a sunburn than to laugh at it. It’s unsightly and excruciatingly unpleasant. But, if you can laugh about it, you might consider finding some humor in it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kelkaybpoetry

This girl’s face will take some time to come back to a healthy shade of pink. However, based on the appearance of the burn, one lifesaver is aloe vera. While it won’t help you change the color of your skin, it might help you get rid of the sting.

Ice cream

Have you ever seen an ice cream tub from Naples? It’s a trinity of ice cream flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, all stacked on top of one another. That’s how this guy’s legs look after a failed attempt to blend them into a single shade.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/pooter7

He appears to have attempted to smooth out his first tan by lounging in the sun. Of course, he acquired a tan on the exposed skin, but the leg is still covered by the shorts! I’m having a big facepalm moment right now.

Joke from Dad

This Reddit member posted a picture that their father had sent them. “Getting your tan was quite a ‘feet,’” the father allegedly texted them. While we’re concerned by the stark color difference between his legs and feet, we enjoy the dad joke.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/sloanesteel

As a number of these posts have demonstrated, being able to laugh at oneself can help you feel better. Even if it doesn’t fix anything, you’ll be less bothered about it. The most important lesson, though, is to remember to use sunscreen.