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Struggling to get to sleep at night? Try out these bedroom plants

When you want to get a good nights sleep, sometimes it can be too hard. The weather might keep waking you up, or your room might not be great for getting a distraction-free sleep. Whatever the problem, you can find that using some of the following bedroom plants can make it easier to snooze off at night.

They are great for relaxing you, changing your mood, and also helping to add more oxygen into the hair. They can even help to balance-out the humidity and filter-out air pollution.

Lavender plants

The first place to begin with is the lavender plant. Not only does it smell tremendous, but it can be great for adding a relaxing theme to the property. They are tremendous for adding an extra fragrant oil into the air that is known to help relax you and to calm your mood, thus making it easier to sleep.

Snake plants

The snake plant is a common choice for anyone who wants a plant that can get rid of dangerous substances in the air such as benzene. They require precious little work, and are great for purifying the air and thus allowing you to get a proper sleep at night thanks to the improved quality of the air.


The heartleaf philodendron is a common choice for those who want a rich, green plant in the room that can really boost air quality and improve living conditions drastically. They are tremendous for purifying the air and increasing humidity thanks to water vapour which can reduce things like coughs, sore throats, and breakouts on your skin, boosting sleeping quality.


The fern plant is a very popular choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact they look utterly gorgeous. They make a good choice as they can thrive in humidity and are tremendous for removing indoor pollution like xylene and toluene. This means you can sleep in a more comfortable environment, free from these irritating problems and respiratory challenges.

Spider plants

Lastly, the spider plant is a great sleeping aide as it helps to purify the air and thus make your sleeping conditions even better. They are tremendous for anyone who wants a fast-growing plant, too, as they can envelope the room and add some much-needed freshness into the air. Definitely a plant to try out for a cleaner, more comfortable sleep.