40 People Who Revealed Their Darkest Secrets on Social Media

Truth be told, we’ve all indulged in them – behaviors we know are bad but that, all in all, don’t seem important enough to worry about. The thing is, what may seem small to you might be a big deal to someone else. Maybe you lied on an application or took some items you liked from your hotel room. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t done at least something a little unethical. These deeds are often done in our younger years, leaving us to lament them down the road. However, as long as we don’t hurt anyone, we ought to get another opportunity for a clear conscience, correct? We are humans, after all, which means mistakes are inevitable.

Taking it too far

Some people, however, take this concept a step too far, sharing their despicable deeds on social media where they hope to be supported and vindicated.

From the hilariously entertaining to the truly problematic, join us now on a tour through the many ways people try to alleviate their guilt via social media.

When Nobody’s Watching

This individual chose to snag themselves a bag of golf clubs. They were dropping off garments at Goodwill when they noticed an unattended set of clubs. Not one to miss an opportunity, they swooped in. The original owner was done with them, so it doesn’t seem that bad, right?

In reality, it is that bad. This person burglarized a charity store in order to score themselves free golf gear. In the end, this action probably hurt them the most as it clearly sent their moral compass spinning.

Page by Page

All things considered, this is a serious crime. The person confessed to taking a book from the library page by page. When they had every one of the pages, they stuck the book back together with glue. They clearly are not aware that desecrating a book like this is synonymous with dishonoring a religious altar. 


Nonetheless, we do need to tip our caps to the resourcefulness behind this plan. Who would notice somebody slipping one page from a book into their pack? It’s a long con and a fascinating example of bad behavior.

Steal and Sell

After taking a young lady’s iPod Touch, this person did the last thing you would expect him to do – he sold it back to the same woman a month later. It’s not clear whether she knew that the device she purchased had originally been hers. The motive of the person who stole her iPod Touch was clearly to earn some illegitimate cash, but their choice of buyer was bold!

The iPod Touch is a relic of the past these days. However, stealing is still a bad move. Indeed, ancient Apple devices are often worth far more than you imagine thanks to the collector market. So, if you have one, keep it safe!

Fake Parking Tickets

Do you know anyone you’d consider the Batman of parking offenses? As indicated by the assertion beneath, this individual used to leave fake parking tickets on cars that merited genuine ones. The beneficiaries would’ve been horrified and then confused when they figured out the tickets were false.


At least this person wasn’t out to swindle cash from unsuspecting victims. This was more of a low-key vigilante move aimed at keeping the streets free from parking violations. Not quite as lofty a goal as Batman’s but you do what you can!

Plagiarism for the Win

Con artists usually lose in the end. However, this individual won, which is not an excellent life lesson. When this person was a youngster, they replicated a sonnet from a book and ranked first in a poetry competition. The plagiarist took advantage of the hard work of a talented writer and only owned up to it under a shroud of anonymity on the internet.  


How is this individual happy to carry on with this wrongdoing on their conscience? Winning is wonderful, especially when you’re a kid. However, it’s hardly fun to win when you know you don’t deserve it. Fortunately, this individual was a youngster at that point. We hope they learned from their mistake.

The Fanta Cravings are Real

To satisfy their soft drink craving, this individual utilized another person’s credit card to purchase a Fanta at a vending machine. It’s unclear whether the individual effectively stole the card or just discovered it on the ground and used it. 


In any case, the cost of a Fanta is close to nothing. However, the credit card owner will definitely see on their statement that an unauthorized transaction was made. Unless they’re Fanta-obsessed themselves, they’ll quickly notice the unusual charge.

Lying Your Way to the Top

We’ve seen this many times on television. However, we had no clue individuals would really do this in real life! This person concedes that they lied about having a college degree and that their act of deception landed them an incredible job.


Wrongdoings like this create a dangerous precedent, teaching social media users that they can lie about anything and even score a job for faking a university degree. We’re assuming their employer took their claim at face value and didn’t double-check their educational background.

The Boxing Guru

This person confessed to coaching rich, elderly folks individuals how to box. However, he isn’t a professional boxer. How could they score a job like that without any capabilities at all? Can somebody explain to us how this one works?


Maybe they have a family member who works at the gym or they know another person who landed them that position. We wonder if they taught themselves at least a little something from YouTube videos. 

An Unreal Restaurant

We don’t understand how this person manages a fake restaurant on a delivery app. What we are sure of is that the mechanics behind this scheme are unquestionably insane. That would mean this individual enrolled a bogus establishment on a food delivery app and recruited drivers to get the food from their home? 


Surely it would take colossal expertise and collusion with the drivers to pull this off. In any case, this would take a great deal of work and finesse. It seems they aren’t ripping customers off, but you have to wonder about their food safety standards. 

Blaming the Innocent

This is an exemplary illustration of neglecting to take ownership of your errors. Sadly, this individual put the blame on an innocent student who was almost discharged for a wrecked school door. If only this person had been straightforward and confessed his misstep, maybe the repercussions would have been less harsh. 


Perhaps this individual intentionally broke the door as a demonstration of teen angst. Provided that this is true, they shouldn’t have accused an innocent student. They should have taken responsibility, owned their act of rebellion, and learned from it.

Overcharging Customers

This person cheated more than 5,000 individuals back when they worked at a cinema. That is not something to boast about, all things considered. What we’re wondering is this – did the cinema employee overcharge people deliberately to pocket the cash? Or was it an error they just never owned up to? 


Either scenario is certainly conceivable. We keep thinking about whether they cheated clients by a couple of pennies or a couple of dollars. Sadly, the strategy and thinking behind this misdeed remains a secret.

Save the Tablets

This Target employee used to keep the company’s display tablets as opposed to following orders and destroying them. We’re shocked that more people don’t confess to doing this. It’s an extraordinary method to score another tablet without paying.


They’re likely told to get rid of those tablets for security reasons. With this in mind, we’re in awe that the person was brazen enough to walk past security with them.  This person is indeed a clever thief as they’ve calculated how to beat the framework.

You’re (Un)Fired

This individual confessed to nosing about in the CEO’s email account and getting himself unterminated. That’s got to be one of the shrewdest moves we’ve seen thus far! They some way or another had the fortitude to get into the CEO’s office after having been fired. On top of that, they had enough time and privacy to carry out their little act of espionage. 


While this act is a profoundly unlawful one, it’s pretty impressive. It takes a lot of courage and a decent understanding of technology to carry out such a deed. Question: Why didn’t the manager who suggested firing him ever follow up with the CEO?

Book Fair Mobsters

We’re a little delicate when it comes to books. These individuals confessed to taking many dollars worth of books from a book fair. While everybody ought to have the chance to read, taking cash from honest book lovers isn’t the way to go about it. 


Hopefully, that was the only time these kids participated in book burglary (or any sort of robbery). Obviously, it’s conceivable that the kids didn’t just take the books for themselves but gave them out to their peers a la Robin Hood. We’ll consider that a possibility.

It takes 5 words

This person apparently took many dollars worth of water by saying five simple words.  These magic words allow them to pick water up at the college canteen, walk right by the servers, and never pay a cent for the countless bottles they take. What on Earth are these five words? 


As it turns out, the words are: “I brought the water in.” The thief claimed that they didn’t pick the water up in the canteen but actually had it with them before they came in. The cashiers, apparently, didn’t care enough to check. The justification? “I pay enough in tuition fees.” 

What a System!

Here’s a youthful virtuoso really taking shape. During secondary school, this individual used to connect clear tape to a dollar bill then they’d put it in the candy machine and pull out the dollar just after it activated the release of a soda but before it got sucked into the workings of the machine. This would give them a soft drink and 50 cents change. 


What a creative method of working a candy machine. Not only do you get a free soda, but you get paid for your efforts! Of course, this fits the definition of stealing, so we shouldn’t get too excited about it.

Is This Your Idea of a Holiday?

We can’t believe that this injured individual would rather be in a car accident than go to the office. Unlike the other people on this list, this person isn’t really demonstrating bad behavior. It’s more an expression of their deep discontent with working life. We are guilty of having similar thoughts sometimes.


In a way, you have to commend the person for looking on the bright side after going through such a terrible idea. However, given the circumstances, it may also be advisable for them to seek out a new job (once they’re out of hospital, that is). 

Do Cheaters Prosper?

There are a ton of con artists on this list, so we’d like to take a moment to remind you that this kind of behavior is deplorable. Stop cheating, people! This individual confesses to cheating her way through her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Failing to put real work into your education does not merit gloating. Cheating is never the solution.


You’ll be a far better person if you rise above the desire to cheat. Try not to take the path of least resistance. If you keep your focus and study hard, you’ll feel more confident and be more proficient. You’ll also get to enjoy a genuine sense of accomplishment. The bits of paper aren’t worth much if you didn’t put the work in to get them.


Sad but true: there are people who enjoy watching the world burn. Take this individual who worked at a drive-through joint that included candy in kid’s meals. For every two meals ordered, they’d place two lollipops in a single pack and one in the other. Their purpose? To ignite a fight between two kids wrestling over who will have the additional lollipop.


This individual clearly wants trouble. Obviously, raising a ruckus of this magnitude is completely pointless. However, this is the kind of thing that happens when you have a creative mind but you’re stuck working at a fast-food restaurant.


This confession isn’t quite as devious as all the others. This individual concedes they used to take steaks from their work on the grounds that their manager didn’t pay them a living wage. In reprisal, they used to take food after a long day of work. We don’t condone stealing, but this situation is difficult because the manager was stealing from the workers by underpaying them.


Everybody ought to be paid a reasonable wage for the work they do. Sadly, not all businesses feel that way. Everybody ought to be treated with respect. No employee should be overworked, underpaid, and hungry.

Faint and Skip

This individual went to great lengths to avoid taking their final exam in college. Acting isn’t the easiest profession, so this individual could end up being the next big thing in Hollywood. Perhaps their failure to study could lead to an amazing career in the spotlight. 


Studying is vital to the accomplishment of your degree and to securing your financial future. You should study hard to earn your dream career. This blackout/seizure trick may work once or twice, but that’s it. 

No Staring, Please

Hello, didn’t your folks tell you it’s rude to stare? No one likes being gazed at incessantly, and this individual chose to take their dissatisfaction out on a kid, despite the fact that his mom was present. Though we can understand the frustration, it’s not really cool to holler at kids for just doing what kids do!


He didn’t have the faintest idea that his gaze might be disturbing. No matter how annoying a kid might be, it’s never acceptable to yell at them or discipline them. Leave the nurturing to the genuine parents. 

Two Times the Crime

This individual confessed to forcefully taking out their illegally parked bicycle after it was bolted by police. They even evaded getting a ticket. You’d think the campus police would have the ability to keep tabs on the bike and track it back to the offender. 


Of course, we must remember that it’s a college campus, not the FBI. The fact remains that a violation was made – the bicycle was wrongly parked. What’s worse, the offender was happy to create a second violation by breaking the bicycle free. In this case, two wrongs apparently made a right for this sneaky wrongdoer.  

Childhood Crime

At 11 years of age, this kid put a tack pointy side up on her friend’s bathroom mat. That’s one violent joke. We hope this childhood crime didn’t bring about any genuine wounds. 


Everything began with a tack pin and we hope that was a one-time joke. Maybe they went on to star in Impractical Jokers. We like to think this individual kept sharpening their skill for tricks that aren’t quite so dangerous. Guys, be careful when stepping on your rugs and mats.

Mistaken Belief

This person confessed to taking gift vouchers from stores in the belief that they had cash already loaded on them. Since these cards were empty, did he truly hurt anybody? We can only imagine the frustration when he realized he couldn’t exchange the gift cards for any items of value.


Oh to be young, wild, and dumb? If gift vouchers came preloaded with cash, more individuals would be attempting to take them. Lesson learned: do your research before taking a bold step. Better yet, how about not stealing things in the first place?

Another Cheating Episode

This person earned his bachelor’s degree by cheating at (almost) everything! Congratulations are not in order, but you have to admire the tenacity. It must’ve taken a lot of planning and research to pull that off for four years. Not to mention all the close calls they probably had. Why not simply study? 


Obviously, there’s the likelihood that this individual scored a full ride to school. A grant that paid for everything. Regardless of whether they were on a full-ride, why not study hard and better yourself? Studying is less stressful than cheating, right?

Height Oversight

This person tries to clear his conscience by confessing to lying about his stature for the majority of secondary school. Why it was just “most” and not “all” is a secret. Possibly he had to be dishonest to amaze his crushes. Maybe it was so he could get on the basketball team. Either way, it’s one of the more harmless entries on this list. 


Lying about one’s height isn’t a good thing to do. If it was for basketball, we’re sure the coach wasn’t really fooled. If the kid was allowed on the team, our guess is that the coach didn’t have the heart to tell him he knew about the height deception.

Wrong Price

Let’s get it straight – cans of Pringles don’t have a price tag of $40. This individual revealed that they took $40 from their mother to buy a single can of Pringles. Did they at least give their mom her change back? Did they purchase so many Pringles jars that it cost them $40? 


Maybe there’s a costly container of Pringles that we never knew existed. The Pringles taste like heavenly messengers and fix illnesses. Maybe the can itself is built of gold. If that were the case, perhaps we’d pay $40 for it. 

Grass Scammer 

This child was scamming cash out of adults from a young age. At 16, they would cut the grass for their dad for additional money. They discovered that if they lifted the cutter to the highest level it would cut less grass. And so, they began trimming the grass three times each week, making significantly more cash. 


Can you imagine your kid milking cash out of you like this? With such a drive to bring in money, they should be the boss of some big company at this point. We keep thinking about whether the father ever found out about their little plan.

The Customer is (not) Always Right

This person conceded that, when working as a server, they once tossed a client’s telephone into a waste disposal unit. Possibly this client was being a fool, and they merited it. Those of us who’ve worked in the food industry know that the client isn’t always right, despite the famous axiom. 


Particularly if you work in a metropolitan zone like Los Angeles, you’ll run into some fussy, high-maintenance individuals who put down and belittle servers. That is the reason every individual who enters the labor force ought to invest some time and effort in customer service.

The Cost of a New iPad

Sometimes, telling lies can earn someone his dream gadget. Take this person, for example. They divulged that they convinced the administrators of their school that it was the school’s fault that the iPad was broken. At that point, said school bought a brand-new iPad for the kid. While we don’t have the foggiest idea about the entire story, maybe the student found a fault with their desk that could’ve caused the iPad to slip and break.


Not having to pay for stuff is always a good feeling, and this individual pulled off a con that was executed flawlessly. That takes expertise, smarts, and confidence Obviously, kids do learn something at school. Of course, we’re not sure that this is the kind of thing they should be learning!

The Pizza Addict

We don’t know anyone who hates pizza. Even better – a free pizza? This individual confessed to bringing in fake orders to pizza spots to catch those free cuts. In the event that this person is asserting they put in a request that wasn’t conveyed, wouldn’t the café have the option to find them in their system?


Thanks to the advancement of technology, it would be simple to do a speedy check in the company’s database to see whether this individual made a past request. Of course, they may have an extra-devious strategy to continue getting free pizza.

Enjoying Mom’s Journal

Reading is a great activity, but not when you’re reading someone else’s personal journal. This person confessed that when they used to be a babysitter, they would read the diary of the mom. I guess it would be tempting if the children were snoozing, you were exhausted, and you had nothing better to do. 


Maybe this nanny found the mom’s musings thrilling. Or perhaps she could relate to the woman’s complaints that her partner never heard her out? Reading that diary was most likely like reading celebrity gossip magazines – shocking, engaging, and a complete invasion of privacy.

Switching the Tea

For three long years, this individual has been changing out her partner’s tea since she couldn’t manage his snobbery. It seems this person’s lover was continually going on about this particular tea, refusing to drink anything except that particular brand. 


And so, she switched out her better half’s tea for three continuous years. Interestingly, he didn’t seem to have a clue about the distinction. The tea likely tasted very similar to his usual snobby brew. So, in the end, no real harm was done!

Fake Fast Food

This parent has figured out how to trick the system that lures kids in and makes them scream for fast food. Give kids healthy food in what fast-food packages and everyone goes home happy. Is that actually bad? 


We’re just worried about what will happen when this kid finally figures out the scam. Their parents have been misleading them this entire time? Though it’s a clever food hack for now, we don’t envy those parents on the day the kid finds out! 

Damaged Dignity 

When this person confessed to smudging the back of their teacher’s pants to demonstrate they wore the same pair each day, we assumed that perhaps they hated their educator. Possibly they did this on a challenge with their friends. While this is not a significant offense, it was probably humiliating for the instructor. 


Kids will be kids, and harmless pranks are part of their craziness sometimes. We wonder whether the instructor at any point learned about this embarrassing moment and whether the students were punished for their wrongdoing.

Just Pretending 

The Bachelor obviously crosses a line for certain individuals. This guy confessed to hanging up on his girlfriend and faking the death of his phone’s battery to escape discussing the reality TV show. While she’s a big fan of The Bachelor, her boyfriend clearly isn’t.


He did reference that he’d already let her know he’d talk until his phone went dead. It’s a conceivable excuse that could basically get you out of anything. Simply tell somebody the battery on your telephone is low, and then you’re free to end the discussion whenever you want, without even having to say goodbye. 


This person confessed to having their auntie give them $329 to get their iPhone XS Max screen fixed, despite the fact that they have Apple care (which just would’ve cost $29). Evidently, their cousin broke the screen, but how’s your moral compass?


The auntie perhaps should’ve been a bit more careful in supervising her kid. However, it’s really not cool to have her pay that amount of money just so you can pocket the change; and $300 is a lot of change to pocket! 

A Very Late Confession

Why now? This person admits to taking cash from their now dead grandmother as a kid. While this is unquestionably something to feel contrite about, they were just a kid at that point. 


Since the grandmother is now dead, this must be burdening the person’s conscience. Though what they did was clearly wrong, we hope they realize that they were just a kid, so it’s okay to cut their past self a little slack.

Avoiding Jail Time

How do you avoid jail time? This person admitted that they were pulled over by a cop, and to evade arrest, they called 911 and faked an injury so they could be taken to the hospital. We’re thinking that this person must be on their last good behavior bond to have to fall back on such a tactic.


Maybe they pretended to have a heart attack or a broken leg. The former is simple to counterfeit – just grasp your chest and groan like you’re in torment. Really, what this individual did is cryptic.