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40 Photos Of Little Things That Will Test Your Patience To The Limit

We’re faced with so many problems in the modern world that desperately deserve our attention. How could we possibly let minor inconveniences bother us? As it turns out, they can. Even in the face of catastrophe, we find inconveniences more bothersome than anything the world could throw at us.

Call them nuisances or pet peeves; everyone has that one thing that drives them crazy. Somehow these minor inconveniences manage to slip past our emotional defenses and send us around the bend. We’ve collected 40 of the most relatable, so get ready to have your patience tested and enjoy.

Sticker Scrapes

It’s one of the most irritating things in the world to deal with. You’ve just bought something. You hastily go to remove the sticker, but only part of it comes off. You try to remove the sticker with a knife, fire, fire extinguisher, water, and finally lightning. Even as you’re on your way to the ER, that obnoxious half of the sticker is still there, laughing at you.

Cliffs and mountains eroded away faster than these unsightly blemishes. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but only a little. The truth is that these stickers are stuck on considerably more than they should be. 

Can I Borrow Your Eraser?

The primary purpose of placing erasers on top of pencils is to make correcting an error effortless. It’s also there to reduce the number of items you need to carry around or keep on your desk. It’s annoying to lose a little eraser, that’s for sure.

The Tony Awards Are Returning to Radio City Music Hall in 2022Keep WatchingWhat’s worse than losing your eraser? Having an eraser that makes more mess than there was before. Then when you’re looking at a dark cloud instead of a sentence, you have to search around for a rubber. It’s enough to make you snap your pencil. 

Which Way Is Off?

Hiring an electrician nowadays is a gamble. You never know what you’ll get. Electricians seem to be worse today than 15 – 20 years ago. Usually, you’ll need to employ another professional to fix the job the first one did.

So what’s wrong with this picture? When all the lights are off or on, one light switch is always out of line. To turn on or off a switch, you must actually pay attention to the button you are pushing and in which direction. You can’t just slap the switch. 

A Sticky Subject

Stickers are, we can all agree, a pain—not just because they’re everywhere but also because they tend to be stuck on with exceptionally powerful glue. As a result, eliminating these stains might be challenging and, if you’re not careful, can damage the product it’s attached to.

If you buy someone a gift, you don’t want to give it to them smudged. How many times have you been able to remove a sticker without tearing or damaging the item? Probably close to zero, right? They typically leave a residue that you have to scrape off with a knife. 

No Mistakes Allowed

We want to meet the guy responsible for this keyboard’s design. Evidently, he never made a typo that he had to amend. There is no good reason for placing the power button directly next to the backspace button.

Rather than erasing one typo, you run the risk of losing all of your unsaved work if your fingers slip an inch above the place they were meant to go. Everyone who uses this keyboard should use extreme exercise caution. It’s one way to become a typing pro, we guess.

Empty bottles in the refrigerator

Most of the items on our list result from careless behavior on the part of the less thoughtful among us. Unfortunately, this one is no exception. Empty bottles were returned to the refrigerator. Probably because they thought they’d use it without asking and that no one would notice.

Unfortunately, they didn’t deem it necessary to replace them. As long as there are still some dribbles of liquid, they probably imagined that they should be saved. Whatever the case, it’s irresponsible, inconsiderate, and lazy.

Unappealing Eggshells

Why is it so tough to get a boiled egg right? Picture this: you’re hungry—you throw an egg into hot water to boil. Once you take it out, you spend more time peeling it than eating it. Then you end up throwing more than half of it away since it’s so difficult to peel, especially if the egg is slightly runny.

Yes, it’s frustrating when you have runny bits of eggshell in your hands. But instead of getting fired up, just remember that peeling these things is difficult for everyone. If you manage to do it even half well, give yourself a pat on the back—after you wash your hands, of course.

The Last Straw

Despite their lasting utility, straws aren’t a high-tech item. They help us carry liquids out of containers and into our mouths. They’ve been around for a while, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to put together. Unfortunately, cheaply made straws like this one still exist.

They frequently break in the middle, resulting in a puddle of beverage all around your glass. As straws are designed to be thrown away after one usage, which is bad enough, but if they’re thrown away after half a use, that’s just a crying shame.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s has been around for about a century now, and their appeal hasn’t diminished. That’s because they’re great. However, their packaging has a major flaw. It’s as if the cup is designed to sabotage the experience.

Half of the peanut butter filling is removed along with the wrapping. You can, of course, lick it off, but that will almost always result in a sloppy mess, plus it’s demeaning and can leave crumbs and slobber all over your desk. Not a great look if you’re at work or school.

Doesn’t Quite Measure Up

In museums, paintings are often installed with the help of a spirit level, a handy tool that allows a user to determine the straightness of a surface. Another frequently used tool is the measuring tape. That being said, we’re stumped as to what happened here.

Is it possible they were measuring in inches but later shifted to centimeters? Was it intended to be installed this way? It’s entirely possible that it’s part of an abstract art show. But, unfortunately, it isn’t, at least not based on the style of this work.

This Takes The Cake

Take a look at this. Some knife-wielding maniac has utterly wrecked this amazing pattern which both looks good and works as a slicing guide. Their butchery instantly ruined a work of art or at least something the baker put a lot of thought into creating. What a tragedy!

Okay, it’s not the most pressing issue in the world, but it’s aggravating enough to make us shudder. All cakes should issue a restraining order against this individual. In addition, he should have his knife license revoked—if there were such a thing.

(Not) Getting The Window Seat

Unless you’re frightened of heights, getting a window seat on a plane is the best. It’s like winning the lottery—you get a great view of the clouds while you sit pretty. If you land one of these seats, however, your euphoria might be short-lived.

Either a giraffe was meant to sit there, or the design plan was slightly flawed. If it’s a long-haul flight, having a windowless space might be nice to rest your head on. There’s always a silver lining, although this passenger wouldn’t know it.

Putting The Packet Behind The Packet Opener

It isn’t easy to open clamshell packaging. You have to use all of your will, strength, wits, and tools, and sometimes even seek the help of your neighbors and cousin. The transparent acrylic allows you to see inside. But access is both close and so very far away.

This tool effortlessly opens clamshell packaging. That’s good. The world is full of the stuff. It’s a shame that some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to package it in a clamshell, meaning that you’ll have to already own one of these tools to avoid frustration.

Name insufficient

We can’t choose our parents, just like you can’t choose your own name. Apparently, only people fathered by men whose names contain at least five letters are allowed to join this website. That’s awkward considering a name like Paul isn’t short for anything.

If you don’t want your child to face these kinds of problems in the future, we strongly advise all women to make an informed decision when picking their child’s name. Also, your prospective partner should have a lengthy name. This isn’t going to sit well with Tim, John, or Burt.

The faucet and the sink

How awkward. The sink and the faucet were probably purchased separately, and as such, they do not appear to fit together. The basin looks to have been designed to accommodate considerably larger, longer faucets.

An inexperienced do-it-yourself homeowner might be responsible for this gaffe. The situation could have been avoided if a professional plumber had been there when he purchased the material. As a result, only people with incredibly small hands will be able to use the sink. 

Someone Didn’t Get The Memo

Taking care of the environment is vital. Small actions like conserving paper and water or doing the recycling might not stop oil titans from pumping industrial levels of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, but it can still make a difference. For example, you can send an email with the following eco-friendly disclaimer:

But it looks like someone didn’t get the message. Disclaimers after an email aren’t always the best approach to proceed. If this office worker really did need to print out their email, then the little message created the need for the piece of paper to be used up anyway. 

Just Can’t Handle It

We are all irritated by insignificant things far more frequently than we should be. We should learn how to distinguish between what is a significant problem and what isn’t. But how can you maintain your composure when, during your meal, this happens?

A fork or spoon accidentally falls into your plate, into the sauce. To remove it, you’ll have to get your hands sticky or slimy. And if you’ve got a greasy sauce, you’ll have to chase the handle all around the dish. 

Lightweight Bowls

Cereal is something we all enjoy, but you have to use the right kind of bowl; otherwise, you’ll have to look at this when you’ve finished draining the chocolate milk. Cleaning up the spill left behind afterward just isn’t worth the low price tag of the bowl.

The spoon alone can topple it over. Useless! Now you’ll have to clean up any cereal bits or blobs of milk. That’s not how you pictured your morning routine, right? All bowls should be manufactured from heavier materials!

An Unappealing Situation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when one needed to unseal a package, it simply unsealed without resistance? So much time could be saved if we didn’t have to waste time trying to open it. We could remove the outer layer and be done.

Instead, we have to strip away all the excess paper around the rim. And it’s always stuck like a bug. As a last resort, you can use a knife to puncture the seal and remove it, but why? How come they can’t be made to come off more easily?

Heartache By The Number

Having to wait for food can be inconvenient, especially when it’s supposed to be “fast.” Those few minutes waiting for our number to appear on screen can seem endless. What better way to add fuel to the fire than skipping a customer’s number?

The man in this photo has order number 139, but they appear to have skipped him. Did they forget him? We wonder what was going through his mind at the time. Was he planning to rob 140 of their food?

Virtual Word VS Real World

Unfortunately, this is a shot that precisely portrays the behavior of a lot of kids these days. This young man is playing a video game on his iPad while sitting idle in a bowling alley. He favors the virtual world over the real world. It’s easier to progress in a video game than in the real world.

Games are also faster, flashier, and require much less effort. Children are eager for instant gratification, but why? One explanation might be because they’re molded by a consumer culture swarming with advertising, built with constant distraction and promises of instant gratification in mind. 

Bus Etiquette For Absolute Beginners

People like this are extremely obnoxious. Unfortunately, we can’t just point the finger. Maybe she learned about sharing from her parents, or maybe it’s just what’s cool these days. She shifted her weight and occupied two seats.

And she didn’t even take off her trainers. Who knows where she went walking that day! Probably through mud and rain. If that wasn’t enough, she also slid her backpack into a third seat. We hope it’s comfortable enough!

Follow The Instructions

Even the most straightforward instructions aren’t enough for some people. For example, this customer left not one but two directions stating that they didn’t want any inscriptions on the plate. How could the manufacturer have possibly messed up?.

Most likely, the person who placed this order did not speak English. They simply engraved what was stated on the message. It’s funny, but we doubt the consumer was amused, especially if they were charged by the letter.

Unbox the box

Come on, now. It’s . We should be beyond this problem by now. Why is it still so difficult to open cardboard boxes of any kind? Why is it that “easy open” labeled boxes are always the hardest to open?

There’s an easy explanation: layers of cardboard were stuck together to create the packaging because it was cheaper that way. In the end, we wind up removing the outer cardboard layer while the box stays unopened or partially opened at best.

Unboxing struggle

You’d be better off remembering whatever it was you needed to write down rather than trying to open this pack of pens. It seems that this product skipped the quality control test when it was being developed. Stripping the packaging halfway doesn’t make it easier to open!

When you do eventually manage to pierce the back, you have to clean up the mess of paper shreds that were left behind. Of course, if you don’t like the box, you can always simply quit school or your job so you won’t have to struggle with this problem ever again.

Easy Access Pills

Unwrapping a present is something everyone can appreciate. Who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery gift? However, having to take the time to unwrap medications when we’re in a pinch isn’t exactly what we’d call a fun time. Not with a blistering headache!

Who thought it would be a good idea to wrap medications in so many layers? What would happen if they were required immediately? Understandably, they’re concerned about keeping the pills fresh and out of a child’s hands, but this is a step too far. 

Just A Tip

Calculating a tip is an annoyance on its own, even before considering that it’s a practice that allows restaurant owners to sidestep having to pay their own employees fairly. But it is what it is. Having restaurants compute and print out suggested tip percentages and amounts is a time saver for customers, or at least it should be.

But it would be useful if those percentages were calculated accurately. 20% of $19.97 is not $10.25. That’s more than half of the total! Is this a business that relies on inebriated consumers who don’t pay attention to what they’re spending, or maybe those who can’t add and subtract?

A Puzzling Mix-Up

Solving puzzles allows us to disconnect from the outer world, filled as it is with unanswerable questions and seemingly-unsolvable problems. So picture this: Your zillion-piece puzzle is nearing completion. A fantastic sense of accomplishment is just waiting for you as you reach for the final two pieces.

But it turns out the wrong pieces— or, more accurately, duplicate pieces—were included in the shipment, so you’re unable to complete it. That’s what happened to the person in this picture, leaving a jigsaw-sized hole forever in their heart. What a hassle!

Sudafed medication

Opening something new is a satisfying feeling, as is finishing one thing before going on to another. However, insensitive people run rampant these days. As a result, some people will mindlessly commit gaffes like this one, with infuriating consequences.

When this person’s coworker had a headache, they kindly offered a pill. The co-worker returned the kindness by popping out the wrong pill. There was one reserved for you, buddy. The lack of consideration on display here is enough to enrage us.

Bus Etiquette For Dummies

Taking up two seats on a bus is considered a public transportation faux pa. However, it seems these folks have made it impossible for anyone to take the window seats. Is it because they’re unsociable, indifferent, or just plain rude?

Taking up two seats creates passenger congestion, ensuring that new passengers are forced to stand. The best way to deal with folks like this is to say “excuse me” and hope that they move over so you can take the empty seat. It doesn’t always work, though. How aggravating! 

Little Rips in the Sheets

There are few unexplained mysteries in life as enigmatic as the appearance of tiny holes in bed covers or sheets. These little holes don’t exactly deny the sleeper comfort or warmth. They’re just inexplicably unsightly.

These little tears are hardly unsanitary, but it’s hard not to imagine them being the result of some kind of animal or insect gnawing away at the cover, insects or mice, for example. In reality, the tumble dryer was probably to blame—an alignment issue probably just snagged in the drum. 

Frosted Lid

Once you have selected a cake from the bakery, all you have to do is sit back and wait for them to box it up for you. You can’t wait to surprise your wife, husband, or children when you go back home. Perhaps it’s for a special occasion.

It’s something to celebrate, and you’re giddy with excitement. You open the box, and what do you see? A blank cake and a frosting-covered box lid. Your magnificent dessert has been reduced to something… well, it’s still delicious. But it doesn’t look enchanting, right?.

Tongue Tied

Everyone knows that the tongue of a shoe has one job: it’s meant to stay in the center of the shoe, between the laces. So what causes this to happen? What possible reason do they have to veer off to one side? Who knows, but it’s enough for us to stamp our feet.

It doesn’t just look bad, though. Anyone who has experienced this footwear faux pa firsthand will tell you that it just feels weird on your feet. And after you go to the trouble of undoing your laces, making the adjustment, and lacing up, guess what? The tongue’s on the other side. 

A Disorganized Deck

The person responsible for assembling this deck deserves a commendation—from the council of chaos. This level of misalignment can’t be a mistake—a lot of time and effort must have gone into it. There’s no other explanation.

Okay, maybe (somehow) it wasn’t deliberate—but if that’s the case, we’re looking at the work of one lousy carpenter. On the other hand, this could be the handiwork of a homeowner looking to improve their DIY skills. If so, the adage that “if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself” wouldn’t apply here.

A Step In The Wrong Direction

You may not even see this one right away, but once you do, it will quickly become a source of frustration. Once you’ve seen it, you can never un-see it—you’ll want to grab a hammer and get to work fixing it.

In their caption, the home’s owner said that they hadn’t noticed anything amiss with the stairwell for five years. Five years! Look at the middle bar if you’re having problems locating an odd part about this image. It’s upside down.

Hyper-Specific Opening Hours

These working hours are so absurd that it’s difficult to imagine that they were being serious. What could have prompted this business owner to advertise such strange opening times? It’s hard enough to keep track of when certain institutions open and close, but this just sets our hair on fire.

The unevenness of these times is enough to give us seasickness. The only way to keep track of all these arbitrary times is to take a picture then set it as your phone’s background wallpaper.

Toilet Tears

Getting annoyed by imperfection is just human nature. When something complex goes bad or needs extra attention to work, it’s no big deal. However, when something as simple as tearing a piece of toilet paper goes awry, we become enraged.

As a result of the poor perforation (or the distribution of holes to you or me), the second sheet is snagged when the first is ripped. When you see torn toilet paper hanging around, it looks untidy. This shouldn’t be a major deal, but of course, in reality, it bothers us to no end.

Ask And You Shall Receipt

In the age of climate change, water scarcity, and forest fires, who still believes that receipts are an effective means of advertising or an efficient way to relay information? There’s never any useful information to be found there—just commercials that no one bothers to read.

How many trees are cut down each month to cover this retailer’s paper needs? Somebody needs to inform them that’s a bad idea. It isn’t a viable solution. Receipts take up more space in our bags nowadays than purchased goods.

A Mosaic Blunder

Mosaics aren’t easy to make. As with any other type of art, mosaics demand a certain level of ability and patience to lay. It’s a lot of work getting the pattern right, especially for complex jobs. Unfortunately, this mosaic appears to have been created by a novice.

When you see it, you’ll see it. On the bottom, there is an obvious misalignment. The symmetrical pattern only serves to exacerbate our irritation. Only time will tell if their abilities improve. We just hope that no one paid for this.

Not-So-Smart Apps

Technology can be a great help, especially smartphones. There are applications for everything these days—it’s hard to keep track of them all. While so many aspects of our lives have improved as a result of smart tech, some would say they made things more complex.

For example, we’d never see this message appear on a Nokia 3310. Not even a drop from a 20-floor building could stop that baby from running! Rather than focusing on newer, more complex software, app developers should first get the basic apps up and running.