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25 Hilarious Times Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Trolled Each Other

Hollywood super-couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s marriage seems to be one of the healthiest in the celebrity world. They always seem to be having fun together, and with relationship counselors agreeing that a shared sense of humor is one of the best ways to keep the spark alive in a marriage, the future looks bright for these goofy A-listers. They frequently indulge in trolling each other via social media, and we’re absolutely here for it! 

We would be lying if we said we weren’t slightly envious of their relationship. As they say, couples who troll together, grow old together. In celebration of this cute couple and the art of good-natured trolling, we’ve gathered together their best efforts at savaging each other on social media. Enjoy! 

Infamous Family Saying

Following a press tour for his 2019 film, Detective Pikachu, Ryan made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan. When asked about what happens when he argues with his wife, Ryan answered with a family saying he claimed was passed down through the generations: “If you can’t say anything nice, say something embarrassing.” 

It seems that Ryan has very few nice things to say about Blake, but plenty of embarrassing things. At least, her (and his) shame is our source of entertainment!

Pick a Good One

For this couple selfie of Ryan and Blake, the solitary word we can think of is “ew.” Blake posted this cute picture of her sticking a finger up Ryan’s nose on her Instagram page as a method of wishing him a cheerful birthday. As one would expect, the image was met with boisterous chuckling from fans all over the planet. 

Is it even love if you’re not willing to pick your partner’s boogers? Indeed, Blake’s love for Ryan is unconditional.

Be Very Concerned 

It’s normal for Blake and Ryan to grace red carpet events with individuals who aren’t their life partners. They often appear with co-stars and friends, which is what happened when Ryan strolled arm-in-arm with his Woman in Gold co-star Helen Mirren. From the images taken, you can see that the two had chemistry.

There certainly was great chemistry between Ryan and Helen. Blake posted an image of the two gazing affectionately into one another’s eyes, puzzling over whether she ought to be stressed. Indeed, Blake. Indeed, you ought to be. 

On Supporting Blake’s Film

When All I See Is You debuted, Ryan promptly hopped onto social media to show his beautiful spouse his ceaseless support. He posted his feelings about having the chance to watch the film at an early screening. He also made mention of the fact that he’s hitched to one of the film’s stars.

In his post, he made a point to praise and offer his thanks to the director, Marc Foster. He additionally offered a concise comment about how he met Blake on the internet and insisted that their first meeting was at the premiere. 

The Other Ryan

Hold up, we weren’t anticipating this. Is that Ryan Gosling, the all-out hunk from The Notebook? The actor who was likewise in Remember the Titans and in 2018’s First Man? Why, indeed, it is! We can’t imagine what he’s doing on Blake’s Instagram page! Is that a fraction of her significant other’s face we see to the left?

Blake sent her birthday wishes to her partner, but it seems like she got the two Ryans mixed up. It’s an easy mistake to make, right? They do actually look quite similar, and since they share the same name, who could blame her?  

His Turn

Obviously, Ryan wasn’t going to allow Blake to get away with that birthday stunt. So, when it was Blake’s turn to blow the candles out, Ryan showed her how he truly felt about her. Believe it or not, Ryan is more into himself than Blake!

Obviously, this was all in the name of fun, and every individual who saw this post enjoyed a hearty chuckle. As should be obvious, Blake is barely in the frame, despite the post apparently being about her. 

Not a Mistake

In May 2018, Ryan delivered a mock meeting that he had with his imaginary identical twin sibling, Gordon Reynolds. The video was already designed to make people laugh, but Blake couldn’t resist the opportunity to make more fun of her significant other. 

She revealed to him how the fictional Gordon was more gorgeous than he was and that she committed a horrible error in marrying Ryan. Thankfully, Reynolds cleared it up by letting her know that she’d been living with the brother all along. 

The Super Trolls

While advertising Detective Pikachu, the superstar couple pulled out all the stops. They made a short video where Ryan discussed his technique for acting and how he gets totally submerged in his job. He claimed the film was so intense that it started taking over his real life too. 

In the video, he’s confused about picking up his girls from school since his character doesn’t have kids. It proceeds with Blake attempting to persuade Ryan that the young ladies truly are his. All things considered, it was a comical video that no one anticipated from the two superstars. 

Most Likely You

If you take a gander at this Instagram post, you’ll see that things aren’t as sweet and innocent as they appear. Though her Father’s Day message started out sweet, she added a surprise twist at the end. 

What better day than Father’s Day to ingrain some uncertainty in Ryan concerning whether the youngsters he raises are really his? Of course, she wouldn’t feel comfortable making such a joke if there was any real doubt. 


Hollywood superstars are often nothing like the characters they portray on the big screen. They’re everyday people who drool in their sleep and get crust in their eyes in the morning. Here’s an image of what Blake Lively resembles without cosmetics or a filter. 

That’s what Ryan wants us to believe, in any case. It turns out that this was an image of Blake while she was shooting a scene for a film. Ryan, being the clown that he is, couldn’t stop himself from posting this image for the lulz.

Meant for John

2017 was a big year for Ryan. He starred in three films, was enlisted into the Hollywood Hall of Fame, was Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year, and was nominated as best actor for Deadpool. He was additionally recognized at the Time 100 gala. 

Being the supportive wife, Blake shared a snapshot of the event with her millions of followers on Instagram. In the post, she talked about how the individual the occasion was honoring completely deserved it. She then revealed that she was alluding to John Legend, not her husband.

Not a Scientist

Ryan has all the earmarks of being a man of various gifts. He’s an incredible actor, a talented entrepreneur, and clearly, he’s competent around the kitchen. Well, that’s how it seems on the surface. 

He prepared this delightful cake for Blake and made a point to use a lot of paste to keep his strawberry creation together. Try not to censure the man for his sketchy cooking abilities. All things considered, he’s an actor and not a scientist. 

The Extra Distance

Ryan was lucky to get a chance to snap a selfie with Wolverine himself. We imagine it must’ve been hard to get a picture with Hugh Jackman, even though they were starring in a film together. While the two look friendly in this image, as revealed by Blake, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. 

There is an awkward amount of distance between the pair. Definitely, they added that deliberately to trick Blake into accepting that the two aren’t sweethearts. Anybody would go completely gaga over Wolverine!

Everything Turned out Fine

For all their trolling, Ryan has admitted that the moment he met Blake, he knew she could be his better half. Of course, we have a feeling many people think the same thing when they first encounter the beautiful Blake face-to-face. 

On Blake’s side, the moment she realized she was infatuated with Ryan occurred long after their first meeting. As per this post, she began feeling fireworks quite a while after their first date. Fortunately for him, everything fell into place.

Feeling Lonely and Unloved

On Valentine’s Day, Blake and Ryan couldn’t resist taking their trolling to greater heights. After Ryan posted a selfie on Instagram, Blake was quick to have a jab at him. 

She left a remark asking why she was unable to swipe right and get a date with the fellow on her screen. After Ashley Madison shut down, she’s been feeling sort of desolate and in critical need of love that her significant other couldn’t offer. 

Hoping for Me Time

IBTimes India posted a tweet, asserting that Ryan and Blake were struggling to spend time together. From their steady stream of trolling on social media, one would be distrustful of this assertion, but it did come from a genuine news source, correct? Be that as it may, Ryan rushed to share the truth of the matter. 

Everybody needs a touch of personal time, but Ryan says he never gets it. We’re sure he’s perfectly happy spending all his free time with beautiful Blake. We wonder if all the joking around is only for the internet or if they do it in person too? 

Mission Accomplished

Since Ryan invests a ton of his energy into ladies aside from Blake (he has three little girls), it makes sense that he is deeply in touch with his feminine side. That involves putting his hair up and styling it in manners that we’ve never seen in his blockbuster films.

For most folks, they’d prefer to stay quiet about it, yet Blake wasn’t having it. She snapped a photo of Ryan from behind, uncovering the cute little ponytail that he was attempting to make into a fashion statement. We just hope he keeps growing it out as the ultimate reverse troll. 

Never Splitting

Like any other Hollywood couple, Ryan and Blake are constantly besieged by tabloid claims that their relationship is on the rocks. Unlike other Hollywood couples, their fans never believe the reports. Their cheerful pictures together, their shared sense of humor, and their love for each other’s families all prove the tabloids wrong. 

We’re not interested in following all the atrocious celeb tattle. Most of it ends up being false rumors anyway, so what’s the point? Yahoo Entertainment tweeted that the VIP couple and his mom snapped a photo together, dispersing rumors that they were on the verge of a split. Ryan’s response was perfectly savage.

Second Priority 

One summer, Blake gave Ryan the most wonderful present that he’d ever gotten: an artwork of his childhood home with a subtle picture of John Candy on the newspaper. It doesn’t sound all that great to us, but it meant a great deal to Ryan.

Indeed, it meant so much to him that he wrote a rather long post explaining all the intricate details. He finished it by saying that if there was ever a fire, he’d save the artwork first and then return for Blake. That’s real love, guys!

Notice My Hairstyle

Ten points for guessing which one of them posted this image on Instagram. Most people immediately suspect Ryan, but they’re absolutely off-base. It looks like an absolutely Ryan thing to do: post an image of himself looking great while showing off the back of Blake’s head.

As it turns out, it was Blake who posted this picture on Instagram. In the caption, she wasn’t discussing how Ryan was a mind-blowing man. The picture wasn’t about him at all. Blake wanted to guide everybody’s attention toward her hair, which she styled with her own two hands. 

The Next Martha Stewart?

While Ryan is a man of various abilities, cooking doesn’t seem to be one of them. Even when things do go well for Ryan in the kitchen, his creations look abysmal. You can see from this image that Ryan won’t win Masterchef at any point in the near future, and Blake needed to help him to remember that reality. 

In the post, she revealed to her Instagram followers that no one in the course of their life had ever said Ryan would be the new Martha Stewart, and, guess what? She’s correct.

A Very Blake Thing to Do

Being a Hollywood hunk, Ryan has been presented with some pretty risque pictures and out-there requests via social media. Just because you like the fellow and fantasize about him doesn’t mean you ought to send him salacious pictures. He’s married, so such behavior is simply wrong! 

When asked about the intriguing messages, he commented that Blake may be behind every last one of them. If Blake truly is behind it, the separation gossip may have had a trace of validity in it. 

Not Camera-ready

Can you imagine how hard it is on VIPs having to consistently seem camera-ready? They need to put on huge loads of cosmetics, fix their hair and nails, and some helpless souls even need to alter the picture pixel by pixel to take care of business. That is not the situation in this image. 

Ryan wanted to celebrate Blake’s birthday with the world in the funniest way possible. He posted pictures of them both, with him looking spectacular and his better half looking rather awkward.

Happy Birthday, Billy (And Blake)!

Another crucial step to being a superstar is remembering all the birthdates of your VIP amigos. It may be seen as rude if you send cheerful wishes to one individual and not another, even if your friendships are solid. Fortunately for Ryan, he’ll always remember Billy Ray Cyrus’ birthday. 

Coincidentally Billy and Blake share the same birthday. Ryan made a point to send a unique tweet to Billy, telling him that he’s always in his thoughts. Ryan tacked on a brief mention of his wife as an afterthought. Classy!

Please Dress Appropriately

When Blake and Ryan were going to the premiere of All I See Is You, you can tell that Blake dressed to the nines. With respect to Ryan, we figure he doesn’t look half bad, yet Blake reacted to his outfit in an unexpected way. 

In her post, she referenced how Ryan didn’t have the conventionality to dress properly for her premiere. To be reasonable, that coat looks somewhat unusual. Sorry, Ryan. We hope your stylist will take Blake’s comment in a positive light.

Don’t Try This

Here’s something you ought to never try at home: riding a motorcycle without holding the handles. Ryan wanted to flaunt his hands-free riding abilities via social media. He added that individuals shouldn’t attempt this at home, particularly in their living rooms. 

After reading the caption, Blake rushed to add her own take on things, pointing out that he advised everyone not to attempt it in our living rooms because he previously did, and it was a disaster.

Ryan as Deadpool

Just as Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine and RDJ will always be Ironman, there’s no viable replacement for Ryan as Deadpool. The two are inseparable. To support Deadpool, Blake concocted an innovative picture that she posted to social media. Her nails have Deadpool’s face and the X-Force logo on them. 

She even referenced how much she loved Deadpool, which she later corrected to her significant other. The two are very much alike, so she struggles to tell one from the other. 

And Then There’s Blake

If we played Deadpool and made a large number of dollars from acting, we’d be pretty pleased with ourselves too. It’s also lovely that Ryan keeps it classy while focusing some light on his delightful little girls. 

In his post, he referenced how the image contained three of the most lovely individuals on the planet. Oh, and Blake is there too, but that is not the point. The three individuals he was alluding to were his two girls and – you got it – himself.

Meet the Couple’s Trainer

Ryan took a couple of seconds to advertise the fitness coach he and Blake use to remain fit as a fiddle. You don’t keep up the ideal body without paying somebody to holler in your ear the entire day, isn’t that so? At any rate, it was this mentor who helped Ryan transform his uncooked body into a hero’s physique. 

When Blake saw the remark, she decided to punch Ryan in the ribs. She altered the post, asserting that she’s trying to swipe right and arrange a date with Ryan’s trainer. Ouch.  

Ryan Can Read, Okay?

It’s difficult to envision that celebrities get paid to pretend to be romantically associated with a total stranger. Well, this is a norm in Hollywood movies. Anyhow, Lionsgate Movies tweeted that Blake and her co-star, Michael Huisman, were the ideal pair and that “true love” never looked so great.

After reading this insensitive tweet, Ryan needed to react, disclosing to Lionsgate that he could hear what they were saying. We can imagine Blake had a field day ridiculing Ryan’s envy when she returned home!

The Real Score

Ryan has been having a great time making fun of Blake and he needs the world to know that while they are absolutely in love, he’s not above posting unflattering pictures of Blake during the most special moments of her life. He’s a goofball, completely, and we love it! 

Blake, then again, needs us to know the reality of their relationship. She posted this picture, showing her followers what it’s really like living with the Deadpool star. Here, he’s wearing a silly chicken cap while she looks less than impressed.

Taking Blake’s Side

Here, Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan’s co-stars from The Hitman’s Bodyguard, couldn’t stop themselves from joining in on trolling Ryan with Blake. Salma posted a picture with Ryan’s half-trimmed-out face, wishing him a joyous birthday. 

She referenced that she adores sharing the screen with him, however, this picture would propose something else. Apologies, Ryan, the camera can only fit so many people in the frame, and as far as Selma is concerned, it focused on the most important pair!

Can’t Get Enough of Deadpool

Deadpool was a gigantic blockbuster success. It was phenomenal that the studio started organizing the sequel before they’d even finished promoting the first film. Adorably, no one was more joyful about the film’s prosperity than Blake. 

She went on social media and showed her support for the sequel. Of course, in true Blake style, she had to throw a little joke in at the end. Unwavering love and support plus a cheeky sense of humor. That’s our idea of a perfect partner. 

The Best of Blake’s Awkward Pics

The most remarkable moments with a loved one often aren’t the ones where we’re looking perfectly poised. When we’re snapped in these candid moments, we may not look our best, but the affection we have for each other is clear.  

Ryan wanted to impart these special moments, so he searched through his phone and posted the best of Blake’s most awkward pictures. You can wager that he’s been covertly taking many unflattering pictures of Blake when she least expects it.

Ryan’s Greatest Fear

Now and then, Blake and Ryan’s savaging of each other on the web can get a little extreme. They sometimes fail to remember that many people reading their remarks don’t understand the full picture or the inside jokes at play. This means people often make hasty judgments, assuming there’s something really wrong with the two. 

In this comment, Ryan joked that they’d better make sure no one accidentally teaches their kids to read. After all, they wouldn’t want the girls seeing their parents’ endless online attacks on each other. It’s most likely going to require some work to disclose to their children that it’s all for fun.

Size Matters

During a special gathering for A Simple Favor, Ryan rushed to see the enormous poster of his wife and her co-stars in silhouette. He went up to the poster and snapped a photo of himself with it. 

On closer examination, he looks small compared to the three megastars in the image. In the description for this post, he asserts that his better half is a giant. He was shocked to discover that he was just four feet tall and that he’d most likely die alone. 

Keeping it Cool

Being the silliest Hollywood couple, they frequently get inquiries concerning how they manage the consistent online “battles.” Obviously, it’s all for fun, so they’re not in any way stressed over how far the other will go to bring them down. 

When asked about Ryan’s comments about her on Twitter, she disregarded it with a giggle. Evidently, she lost her Twitter password a couple of years back and couldn’t be bothered to recuperate it. Nothing can hurt you if you never see, hear, or read it, correct?

A Trustworthy Husband

You’d imagine that superstar couples would get the inside scoop on the plot of their partner’s upcoming films. However, from this Twitter post, it seems that isn’t so in Blake and Ryan’s relationship. Before A Simple Favor was released in theaters, Ryan made a valiant effort to extract the film’s ending from his wife. Sadly, his efforts were all in vain. 

In his post, he referenced that they’re hitched, so he can be trusted. What we want to know is whether there’s any truth to his declaration that she drove him to the hospital when she was giving birth. 

Secrets? What Secrets?

Being regarded as proficient in her field, Blake was reluctant to uncover the ending of A Simple Favor to the guy whom she drove to the hospital while giving birth. If he wanted to know how the film concluded, he’d need to learn with the rest of us. 

All things considered, Ryan can’t be trusted to keep his mouth closed, can he? She remarked that out of the entirety of the mysteries she keeps from him, what happens to Emily (her character in the film) is the least concerning. Now he has something else to stress over – his wife’s long-kept secrets.