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Fascinating Differences and Similarities Between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Being a parent is a difficult undertaking, and it is even more difficult when you have to adhere to royal protocol while the entire world is watching! The Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are making their way through it all, each with their own distinct style and approach.

Their every move is scrutinized to the extreme. As members of the British royal family, their actions are frequently dictated by protocol, and it is essential that they portray the monarchy in a positive light. From baby strollers to nannies, here’s how Kate Middleton’s and Meghan Markle’s parenting styles are different from one another.

Official Appearances of Kate’s Three Kids

There are three new members of the royal family, all born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte. As a member of the British royal family, Kate was well aware that she would be assuming enormous responsibilities, including being the Queen consort should William take the throne.

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The members of the royal family participate in an enormous number of formal engagements around the world – over 2,000 per year, including royal tours – and have a busy schedule. The kids are expected to make some appearances too.

Meghan Protects Archie From The Public Eye

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex walked away from the spotlight when they declared that they would step down from their royal duties to protect their children from public scrutiny. Meghan claims she wants to protect Archie from the negative attention she has consistently received after becoming a member of the British royal family.

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They also decided to introduce their son as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor after he was born, leaving out his title. In February 2021, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child.

Next In Line For The Throne

The line of succession determines who will be the next King or Queen of England, and it is rigid and steeped in royal tradition. Because Prince William is second in line for the monarchy, Prince George, his eldest son, is expected to succeed to the throne in the future.

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Kate Middleton and her children will become members of the governing family when Queen Elizabeth dies. Naturally, all eyes are on the Cambridges to nurture their children according to royal tradition, particularly Prince George, as he will likely be the king one day.

Seventh In The Line Of Succession

The Sussex family, on the other hand, is under no such pressure as their son Archie is the seventh in the line of succession. Archie does not have a royal title and is referred to as Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. It would take a string of tragedies in the royal family for Archie to take the throne.


By surrendering their duties, Harry and Meghan also relinquished their titles. Their choice of the name ‘Archie’ also reflects their willingness to break with royal tradition. It’s clear that these two do not have the throne in mind for the future of their children. 

Citizenship Of The Cambridge Children

All three of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children were born in London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. The siblings are all British citizens because they were born in the United Kingdom. With their parents, they live in Kensington Palace.


British culture has a stronghold on the kids. The older two are students at Thomas’s Battersea Day School and the Hurlingham Club, where they take tennis instruction. Princess Charlotte attends ballet classes at a south London dance school and has been to the Royal Opera House.

The Sussex Children Are British-American

Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and Prince Harry was born and grew up in London. Archie holds dual citizenship because his parents are of different nationalities: his father is British, and his mother is American.


Archie’s life has been split between the United States and the United Kingdom up until now, much like his nationality and heritage. He was born in London and spent his first few months of life in Windsor, England, before moving to Vancouver Island, Canada, with his family.

The Cambridge Children Will Experience “Normal Life”

Kate has spoken fondly of her upbringing in interviews and expressed a desire for her children to have some of the “typical” experiences that other youngsters have. She doesn’t want them to be left out due to their royal rank or her hectic schedule.

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However, Prince William has attempted to keep his son’s public exposure to a minimum, saying, “I don’t want him to grow up within the confines of the castle; he needs to be outside. It’s made more difficult by the media, but I’ll fight for them to live a regular life.

The Sussex Children Are Private Citizens

Meghan and Harry will be able to be “regular parents” and live a more private life outside of England now that they have stepped down as senior royals. Meghan Markle is notorious for keeping her parenting style and her children out of the reach of the media.

This is most likely due to her and Prince Harry’s intention to raise their children as private citizens, with the media and press receiving very little information about their personal lives. They are, nevertheless, still extremely well-known and will confront hurdles in the absence of royal protection.

The Cambridge Children’s Christenings

It is a tradition for all royal offspring to be christened. This practice was upheld by Prince William and Princess Kate. All three princes were baptized in a duplicate of Queen Victoria’s baptism gown.

The Archbishop of Canterbury christened all of the Cambridge children. The details of the christenings of the three children were revealed, including the godparents chosen for the newborns. The couple even followed custom by serving some of the top-tier of their wedding cake, which had been carefully preserved.

A Private Christening For Archie

The royal practice of christening children was not broken by Meghan and Harry. The Archbishop of Canterbury baptized their son Archie, who also got to wear a duplicate of the Royal Christening Robe. Archie’s christening, however, was a little different from his cousins’ christenings.

The child’s godparents were not announced to the public. The couple chose an intimate ceremony and invited around 25 guests to keep the circle small. The Duke and Duchess did, however, post images from the event to Instagram.

The Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

Kate Middleton has been spotted pushing Princess Charlotte in the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram, which is worth around $3,999. Since 1926, royal babies have been transported in this famous pram. Due to its high-end design, it is also commonly referred to as the Rolls-Royce of perambulators.


The historical carriage prioritizes style and elegance over functionality and utility, but what else would you expect from a Princess pram? The royal children have lounged in Silver Cross comfort for the longest time. As a child, the Queen herself was wheeled around in the same pram.

Archie’s Bugaboo Fox Carriage

Markle has chosen the Bugaboo Fox over the royal pram tradition, so her kids have never seen the inside of the Silver Cross. Markle’s stroller, which retails at around $1,500, was a present from a close friend who enjoyed taking Archie on walks around the Windsor estate.


Even before Archie, Harry, and Meghan received the Bugaboo as a gift, the family’s lifestyle necessitated something like the Bugaboo Fox. This pram allows them to enjoy long walks with Archie and their dogs, safe in the knowledge that the all-terrain stroller is capable of handling the task.

The Cambridge Kids And Their Fashion Statements

Kate Middleton and her kids are frequently spotted wearing the creations of British fashion designers. Rachel Riley, Papouelli, Pepa & Co, and Amaia Kids are among the brands she chooses for her children. The outfits they wear are often sell out after becoming popular among British royal family followers.

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Before the birth of Prince Louis in 2016, Brand Finance, a London-based consulting firm, calculated that the two eldest royal children would contribute a total of $7.7 billion to the UK economy over their lifetimes.

Archie Wears Modest Outfits

On the other hand, The Sussexes have chosen to forego the glitzy designs of major fashion houses. Instead, they dress their kids in more modest clothing. Archie was said to have worn a pair of striped overalls from the clothing brand H&M during their journey to Africa.

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Archie was also spotted wearing a knit cap from a charitable organization in New Zealand, indicating that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex outfit their kid in affordable clothing on a regular basis. The same can’t be said of Meghan, who loves wearing designer outfits and expensive jewelry. 

The Royal Nanny

The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken openly about the challenges of parenthood, yet she never fails to acknowledge the support she has received. Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, a graduate of a prestigious childcare school, has been looking after Kate Middleton’s children since 2014.

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When it comes to caring for the children, the nanny has helped the royal family of Cambridge with a number of tasks. She has been taught not only how to make the family’s meals but also how to safeguard the little princes and princess from the paparazzi.

The Nanny Of Meghan’s Children

While Maria Borrallo has been Prince William and Princess Kate’s babysitter for over seven years, Meghan’s children have had more than one nanny. The couple has had three nannies since Archie’s birth, but they have never revealed their identities.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan thought it would be best for Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, to relocate and assist with Archie’s care. Ragland, who is a certified yoga instructor, also assisted her daughter in physically recovering from her pregnancy.

Kate Teaches Her Kids Arts And Gardening

Kate Middleton is an avid gardener and enjoys spending time in nature with her children. “I’ve got such great experiences of being outside and in the garden from my own upbringing,” she said during a school visit.

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The family’s love of gardening has been carried over to their holiday home, where they have created a vegetable patch. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared photos of their beautiful garden at Kensington Palace on their official Instagram page.

Meghan Loves Preparing Healthy Meals For Her Family

Meghan planned to be a “hands-on, engaged mother” leading up to the birth of her first child, according to an ET source. Meghan enjoys spending time in the kitchen, which is likely why the pair chose to stay at a friend’s Vancouver Island home after Archie’s birth – it features a stunning gourmet kitchen.


“I’m sure the baby will be raised clean and green,” Meghan’s close pal Daniel Martin told Gayle King. She enjoys cooking and eats organic whenever possible. Meghan also takes Archie for a daily walk of about an hour.

The Cambridge Children’s Grandparents

George, Charlotte, and Louis’ grandparents have enthusiastically accepted their duties as members of the royal family. Michael and Carole Middleton have been seen with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, playing with their grandkids at royal engagements.

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Carole Middleton expressed her concern that she would lose her daughter after she became the Duchess of Cambridge. In an interview with The Telegraph, she said, “Years after Kate married Prince William, the family is still close.” Kate Middleton’s parents have since risen to prominence among the royal family’s extended kin.

Archie And His Grandma

Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, was in London for her first grandchild’s birth. She remained at Frogmore Cottage with Meghan and Harry for a few weeks to assist with Archie.


Meghan and Harry stated that they would share their time between North America and the United Kingdom after stepping down as senior royals. The couple started looking for a home in Los Angeles, where Archie’s grandmother lives, in 2020. They temporarily stayed at Tyler Perry’s house before relocating to Montecito, California.

The Engagement Rings

Prince William presented Kate Middleton with an engagement ring that belonged to Princess Diana, William’s late mother. The 12-carat ring has an oval blue sapphire with cut facets and is now valued at $400,000. It’s surrounded by brilliant solitaire diamonds.

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Princess Diana’s collection is also featured in Meghan’s engagement ring, with two of her diamonds enclosing a center stone that Prince Harry bought from Botswana, where the couple first met each other. Meghan’s engagement ring is believed to be worth about $350,000.

Being Engaged To A Prince

Meghan struggled to enjoy her engagement to Prince Harry after being labeled as an American actress not suitable to be part of the British royal family. Weeks before the wedding, British tabloids painted Meghan Markle in a negative light.


Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave their roles as senior royals just two years after their wedding. Some royal watchers see the differences in Kate’s and Meghan’s weddings as an early indication that Meghan wouldn’t fully commit to her new role.

First Wave As Duchesses

Duchesses Meghan and Kate were expected to be able to give the perfect regal wave when they officially joined the British royal family. During the carriage ride right after the wedding, royal brides are required to wave to the public as a symbol of appreciation for the people who have assembled to celebrate.


For her wave, Kate kept her fingers tight together, whilst Meghan’s were spaced out and more relaxed. While waving to the crowds, both females kept their movements to a minimum.

Prince Charles Attending The Royal Wedding

Camilla Parker Bowles, the second wife of Prince Charles, wore almost the same dress design to both royal weddings. However, Charles wore markedly different outfits to his sons’ most important days. It seems like he was sending a subtle signal with his choices.

Prince Charles dressed up in his royal attire for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, he donned a basic gray suit to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, which blended well with Camilla’s light pink outfit and hat.

Walking Down The Aisle

It’s difficult to imagine how much pressure Kate and Meghan were under as they walked down the aisle in front of the entire world on their wedding days. Michael Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s father, was present for his daughter’s wedding.

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Unfortunately, the Duchess of Sussex’s father was ill during the month leading up to her wedding, preventing him from attending the major event in London. Meghan walked down the aisle alone until Prince Charles met her halfway. This has led to endless media speculation and an ongoing feud in the Markle family.

Reception Dresses

Following their royal marriages, the Duchesses changed into their new gowns and traveled to the wedding receptions that Prince Charles had arranged for his sons and their new wives. Kate looked stunning at her reception in a white Alexander McQueen gown.


Meghan’s reception dress, which cost $157,000, was made by Stella McCartney and was reportedly designed just for her. She was seen holding hands with Prince Harry as he helped her and her gorgeous outfit into a blue vintage Jaguar.

The First Official Royal Kiss

Millions of people tuned in to see each royal couple’s first kiss. After the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge exchanged their first kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony, as many royals do.


Meghan and Harry shared a beautiful moment outside St. George’s Chapel, embracing not once but twice. A magnificent white flower archway on the stairwell outside the church provided the perfect background for the royal kiss. As the crowd applauded them, both couples were brimming with joy (although Will and Kate were upstaged by that adorably cranky flower girl in the bottom left corner).

The Middletons’ Attire For The Royal Weddings

Kate Middleton’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, are members of the British upper crust. The family is well-educated and comes from a long line of prominent lawyers. They’re no strangers to the Royal Family, having shared ties for many years.


Michael wore a suit and top hat to his daughter’s royal wedding, while the Mother of the Bride was dressed in a light blue gown. When they went to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018, they wore outfits that were very similar.

Royal Wedding Guest Lists

The nighttime reception follows each royal wedding. However, the evening parties are not open to everyone who attends the lavish weddings. After the wedding, most attendees change into new attire for the magnificent night, which is not shared with the public.


The evening reception for Prince William and Kate Middleton was hosted at Buckingham Palace, while the reception for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held at St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle. Speeches, toasts, and best wishes to the newlywed spouses were given on both occasions, as is customary.

The Price Tag Of Each Royal Wedding

It goes without saying that both royal weddings cost significantly more than the usual wedding for a commoner. As the marriages of the British royal family have become a part of history, every detail of the occasion must be meticulously designed. The excellent guest list alone will cause costs to soar.


In total, 2,500 people attended Prince William and Kate’s $34 million wedding in 2011. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018 had fewer guests (600), but it cost $55 million, according to reports.

The Duchesses And Their Tiaras

For their big days, the Duchesses picked a variety of tiara styles. The Cartier Halo Scroll tiara, which Kate wore, contained approximately 1,000 diamonds and was given to Queen Elizabeth II as an anniversary present in 1936 by King George VI.


Markle opted for Queen Mary’s Filigree tiara – an antique diamond piece with a matching brooch. The tiara was inherited in 1953 by Queen Elizabeth II after it had belonged to Queen Mary. Despite the fact that the styles of each tiara were different, they were each entirely covered in diamonds.

The Wedding Cakes

Fiona Cairns created an exquisite eight-tier tower cake for Prince William and Kate, complete with all the trappings. The couple chose fruitcake as their flavor and had a chocolate cake produced for those who didn’t like fruitcake. All in all, their cake cost around $160,000.

For their wedding cake, Harry and Meghan chose a lemon sponge cake with Amalfi lemon curd and elderflower syrup, which was coated in buttercream and adorned with beautiful flowers. The cake cost between $60,000 and $75,000.

Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Although the wedding bouquets held by Kate and Meghan at their separate nuptials appear to be very similar, there are significant distinctions between them. Shane Connolly designed Middleton’s beautifully petite bouquet, which comprises all-white flowers, each reflecting something the couple desires for their marriage, like happiness and steady love.


Meghan’s bouquet, designed by Philippa Craddock, includes flowers handpicked by Prince Harry as well as forget-me-nots (his mother, Diana’s favorite flower). Meghan’s flowers were also chosen to represent their hopes for marriage, such as dedication and love.

The Entourage

On Kate Middleton’s wedding day, Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, acted as maid of honor. At Westminster Abbey, Pippa carried her train down the aisle. The two sisters are quite close and used to live together before Kate’s wedding.


Meghan Markle, on the other hand, did not include a maid of honor in her wedding party in order to avoid having to pick between her dearest pals. At St. George’s Chapel, the two little page boys carried Meghan’s train.

The Grooms

The Colonel of the Irish Guards outfit, which included a vivid red coat reported to have been chosen by the Queen, was worn by Prince William in keeping with royal tradition. In addition, William’s Royal Air Force wings were visible in his garter sash.


The Queen allowed Prince Harry to wear the Blues and Royals Frockcoat uniform at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. Prince Harry opted to wear a Major’s Uniform, though he was actually a Captain General in the Royal Marines. 

Duchess Kate on Her Wedding Dress

Walking down the Aisle of Westminster Abbey, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a tight white V-neck gown with a long-sleeved lace overlay on top and a train trailing behind her for nearly nine feet. There were 58 organza-covered buttons on the back of the garment, which was exceedingly intricate.


Sarah Burton designed a gown for Alexander McQueen, which the Duchess of Cambridge wore. The garment, which cost an estimated $450,000, was a hit with spectators, who praised its mix of history and modern elegance.

Meghan And Her Wedding Dress

Meghan chose a gorgeous silk gown with a contoured waist and an open bateau neckline. Outside St. George’s Chapel in Windsor in 2018, royal spectators could see the gown’s train flowing in gentle circular folds, cushioned by a triple silk organza underskirt.


The slim three-quarter sleeves offered a touch of sophistication. The beautiful, cathedral-length veil, composed of silk tulle, was trimmed with hand-embroidered flowers in threads and organza from each of the Commonwealth’s 53 counties.

The Mother Of The Bride

Carole Middleton didn’t want to overdress for the occasion as she wanted the spotlight to remain focused on her daughter. Catherine Walker designed her pastel blue gown, which was the right tone for the spring wedding. On Kate’s big day, the Mother of the Bride appeared ecstatic.


Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, traveled from Los Angeles to attend the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Doria wore a light green Oscar de la Renta gown and looked as beautiful as ever.

Kate Middleton’s Baby Shower

Although expecting mothers in the United States look forward to sharing their joy with their loved ones, the British follow different traditions. According to royal critic Victoria Arbiter, an extravagant baby shower would be considered exceedingly unsuitable for a royal mother-to-be.


The British, on the other hand, “tend to give gifts after the kid is born,” according to Arbiter. Because royal family members are supposed to have enough funds to buy their own, any presents they receive must be “respectfully returned.

Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower

Unlike Kate, Meghan chose to hold a baby shower, following the traditions of the United States. Meghan flew to New York City on a private plane seven months into her pregnancy to visit her family and friends for her baby shower, according to reports.


After spending an extravagant amount of money on the shower and the private jet flight to New York, Meghan was met with significant criticism. Regardless, the Duchess felt it was crucial to commemorate this milestone in her life with her closest friends and family.