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The New Generation Of Royals: All There Is To Know About Meghan And Harry’s Baby, Archie

The crown would be a heavy burden on anyone’s head, especially since no one is ever asked to be born into royalty. Archie, the royal baby of Meghan and Harry, is no exemption. Since birth, the little prince’s life has been riddled with intrigue and unwanted conjecture.

Prince Harry and Meghan have long since stood by their convictions, preferring a private life over a public one, but that does not completely protect them from hearsay emerging about them now and then. This babe was in for a whirlwind ride from the day he was born. This article might help shed little light on the controversy surrounding the little tyke. 

Harry and Meghan, The Celebrity Couple

We all love Harry for his antics—between him and William, Harry is the more adventurous one. This might be because he will likely not bear the weight of the crown on his head. But his happy-go-lucky demeanor has attracted negative publicity in the past. 

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The couple was destined to meet, but rumors that the royal family did not approve of Meghan sent the media into a frenzy. This did not deter Harry’s feelings for Meghan, nor the prince’s feelings for her. The two were not afraid to take things further by tying the knot and having a baby. 

The Couple Was Blessed With A Baby

The two did not waste any time establishing their own little dynasty as they announced Meghan’s pregnancy in October of 2018, just months after the royal wedding. They surprised the media with the announcement in their first royal tour to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji.

Before he was even born, Baby Archie stole the show from his parents as the announcement made the rounds in mainstream media. From then on, the whole tour revolved around congratulating the expectant couple. A few rumors spread that Harry and Meghan did this on purpose because they wanted to be the center of attention. 

The Royal Family In The News

The public was informed on October 15, 2018, but the royals were on it several days earlier— and rightfully so—it should always be the nearest and dearest people to the couple who should first learn the good news.

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This would have been all well and good, but there was a bit of a problem—the timing of the announcement. Apparently, they dropped the news on Princess Eugenie’s wedding, which supposedly stole the thunder from the bride and the newlyweds, which did not grant Meghan’s standing with the family any favors.

Creating The Nursery For Archie

The couple was understandably excited about their firstborn’s arrival. According to Vanity Fair in January, Meghan and Harry intended to build an “eco-friendly, gender-neutral nursery” in their new home, Frogmore Cottage, at Windsor Castle. This vague clue kept the press on their feet.

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Meanwhile, Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was also planning to help with the baby so the royal couple wouldn’t have to employ a nanny right after their son’s birth. It is common sense to entrust your own child with family, and the couple felt confident with their decision. 

Meghan On The Hotseat

No sooner than the pregnancy was revealed, Meghan’s name became the talk of the town. Her life was put under intense scrutiny. It must have been like living under a microscope. Everyone wanted to know what she was doing all day, every day. People even began questioning the veracity of her pregnancy.

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Silly rumors began sprouting like wild mushrooms on dung. Some were so ridiculous that you would laugh if you heard them. Some suggested that she was wearing a fake bump to hide the surrogate who was actually carrying her baby. This rumor attracted a lot of traffic online, even though it’s still just too absurd to be real. 

Mum’s The Word

The couple thought the rumor of a fake baby bump was too ridiculous to address, but their silence on the topic somewhat backfired. It gave the media more room to speculate. The couple was not quick to reveal the expected delivery date, adding more fuel to the fire.

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The couple was generous enough, though, to provide the season in when baby Archie was expected to arrive. They hinted that the baby was expected in spring. This gave the soon-to-be prince a three-month wiggle room to make an appearance. People at the time still put all their attention on Meghan’s baby bump as it appeared to grow. 

Meghan Handling Rumors

People were fixated on Meghan’s pregnancy, and the rumors continued to intensify. She was even criticized for her demeanor in public, with some saying that she was holding her belly too much—which is not a big deal at all. The rumors of fake baby bumps were still at large during those months and weeks.

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The soon-to-be mother was getting flack from the public for something as innocent as putting her hand over her belly. Some believed that she was trying to draw attention to it, while a few level-headed commenters pointed out that doing so was actually good for the baby. Fame and royalty have their drawbacks, as Meghan likely learned. 

A Bun In The Oven

Apparently, royals have a tradition of not revealing the gender of a baby until it is born. The royal family is keen on keeping tradition. Sticking to their ways has a lot of value to them. In fact, many royals prefer to keep things a surprise right until the end.

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Following this tradition, the two preferred to keep the baby’s sex a secret until birth. Although the duo did know it was going to be a boy, they kept the secret from everyone else. The two even kept the sex of the baby a secret way after he was born. 

Meghan’s First Baby Shower

Meghan certainly introduced a new tradition to the royal family with a baby shower for little Archie. The Royal Family was less than interested in the baby shower as they had never had one before. Unlike the United States, where Meghan was from, it is not as common to have baby showers in the United Kingdom.

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Meghan, coming from a slightly different culture than the royals, felt it was only appropriate to celebrate her baby’s arrival with family and friends. The shower was organized by her close friend Serena Williams, and the event was star-studded. However, allegedly, some of the royals weren’t thrilled by the event. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. 

Taking The Press For A Spin

The spotlight was focused on the young prince from the moment he was born. Archie finally arrived in style, as royals should, on May 6, 2019. The press had a field day. The couple tried their best to keep to their privacy, much to the dismay of the paparazzi.

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Archie reportedly arrived in the early hours of the morning and did not give Meghan too much of a tough time. The delivery went as smoothly as can be. The media, however, did not get the news until that afternoon, as his parents were playing coy in order to misdirect the press.

Announcing Archie’s Arrival

The sneaky duo seemed to have succeeded with their plan of keeping details of the delivery within the family. This did not sit well with the media. They felt misled and somewhat left in the dark. By the time news broke about Meghan being in labor and then giving birth, the mother and son were already back at Frogmore Cottage.

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Who can blame the couple for trying to keep some of the details to themselves when most of their lives were already on public display? In their desire for privacy, they waited until they were back home before sharing to the mainstream media that Archie had been born. 

Harry’s Turn On The Hot Seat

The press was tired of all the secrecy and misinformation, but the couple felt it was their right, and understandably so, to keep small details of the delivery for themselves. Some tried to catch them off guard during Harry’s first post-delivery interview. Others read too much into rumors and speculation, believing that his giddiness was a sign of lying.

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Harry could not catch a break with the press. He was urged to act “more like a man” to seem more genuine. Some members of the press came to his defense and claimed that his behavior was tied to PTSD from military service. Overall, people seemed reluctant to accept anything presented to them because of all the secrecy.

The Demand For Archie’s Photos

The press was excited to get the first glimpse of the young royal. Much to their dismay, the couple declared that they would not follow in Kate and Diana’s footsteps by posing outside of the hospital on that special day, fueling the fire on the already outraged press who was eager to get a picture of Archie.

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Some people understood and respected the decision of the couple, but others were still clamoring for photos. They argued that it was their right to get pictures of the new addition to the royal family for the public. They viewed their decision to keep him out of the limelight as nothing less than scandalous. 

The Couple Kept Their Cool

Despite the press hounding them to show off little Archie, the couple kept their cool. According to Meghan, there were never any demands from the monarchy to stand outside the hospital and have their photo taken. This helped their case a lot as the couple stood their ground on the matter.

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The public was just excited to welcome the new addition to the royal family but could not see the issue from the couple’s point of view. This period is a stressful enough time for anyone, but as the press are always hungry for a good story, the couple continued to suffer.

Keeping It Subtle

One might wonder if other members of the royal family were allowed to take maternity leave—the answer is yes. Meghan went on maternity leave towards the end of her pregnancy. As a working royal, this meant that she would no longer attend public events, her last appearance being in mid-March 2019.

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This did not sit well with the public, who wanted to keep an eye on Meghan and her pregnancy. They had no way of knowing how much time was left until the birth. People got suspicious when Archie was born almost two months after Meghan’s final public appearance. 

The Mystery Of Archie’s Birth

Meghan sure knew how to keep the press on their feet by keeping the date of birth a mystery. There are even several pieces of evidence that people now use to support the idea that Archie was born even earlier than announced. Some would point to the fact that an ambulance went to Frogmore Cottage a few weeks before the birth supposedly took place.

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The ambulance argument was a decent argument, coupled with the fact that the Queen also visited the couple’s home not long after. Tradition states that the monarch is supposed to be the first member of the family to meet a new great-grandchild. This, for some people, was enough evidence to seal the deal.

A Planned Home Birth

Meghan tried to keep her and her husband’s mouths sealed, but a rumor spread that she was planning to give birth at home. This is nothing new to the royal family. After all, Queen Elizabeth II had her kids at home too.

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This decision to have Archie delivered at home wouldn’t have helped the conspiracy theory that they were using a surrogate. If they did have the birth at home, it would also be easier to conceal the real date of Archie’s birth. People can come up with a lot of weird stories when they have such little information to go on.

This Was The Plan All Along

After all that was said and done, Meghan Markle’s rumored home birth never came to fruition. She ended up having Archie delivered at Portland Hospital, just like Sarah Ferguson did with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. It also seemed like it was the plan all along.

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While it may have looked like the journey to the hospital was made on the spur of a moment basis, this was not the case. She was allegedly more concerned with delivering Archie in the “safest method possible” than with having a home birth.

What’s In A Name?

Given all of the uncertainty and fake news surrounding Archie’s birth, many people were curious to learn what was written on his birth certificate. Rather than Archie’s date of birth, Archie’s parents’ names got people talking.

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Meghan’s first and middle names were apparently deleted off the certificate a month after it was issued, and “Prince” was added to Harry’s name. This decision sparked debate and appeared to go against the couple’s intention to distance themselves from the royals.

Christening Archie

People hoped that after the secrecy surrounding Archie’s birth, his christening would be a different story. But the couple still wanted to keep things private; they stood their ground when it came to the safety of their newborn baby.

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Two images shared on the couple’s social media page after the occasion was over were the only pieces of evidence that a christening had taken place. It was also a firm but indirect way to say that Archie’s youth would be forever hidden behind closed doors. This is just what his parents wanted for him. 

Top Secret Godparents

Everyone would like to know the identity of the lucky couple who got to be young Archie’s godparents. Some media rumors favor George Clooney and Serena Williams, among other A-listers’ names. This was not surprising as Meghan does mingle with A-listers back in America.

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The couple had no intention of disclosing this information, and the fact that the baptism was a private event reduced the chances of the truth being revealed to nearly zero. However, the godparents’ names were subsequently revealed, although it was months after the service when the names were leaked.

Where Is Archie?

Meghan, like any other mother on maternity leave, was in no hurry to return to work. She didn’t have to attend any of the important family occasions in the months after Archie’s birth if she didn’t want to, understandably so. 

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People were eager to get a glimpse of the new mother, but they were disappointed when she did not bring Archie along. The child’s absence defied the concept that mother and son could barely be separated, which created fervor with the press.

Archie Spotted By The Press

There have been a number of occasions when mother and child were spotted in public together, most memorably at a polo match in which both Harry and William were participants. But even after they got what they wanted, the press still had something to say about the matter.

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They pointed out that Meghan was, among other things, holding her infant incorrectly and that she didn’t know what she was doing. Given the level of scrutiny surrounding the event, it’s understandable that Meghan was eager to appear in public without her baby. 

No Title For Young Archie

One of the perks of being a member of the Royal Family is that you get to have your own title. You’re more likely to obtain one if you’re close to the throne. As a result, many hoped that Archie would receive one after he was born.

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People speculated on whether he’d be given the title of prince, earl, or anything. Upon arrival, though, he was just known as Archie. Some speculated that this was a Royal Family snub, while others speculated that Meghan and Harry didn’t want their son to have a title.

Denial Of Birthright

Meghan seemed to be under the impression that Archie receiving a title was just standard fare. Supposedly, the couple did want one for their kid. There were allegedly expectations that he would get one. This, however, did not come to fruition, as the youngster is now definitively just known as Archie.

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Meghan believes the Royal Family had altered a rule that ensured the boy a title in the future. Archie does have the right to be addressed to as His Royal Highness and become a prince once Charles is king. Regrettably, the monarchy is rumored to have blocked this procedure.

A Tell-All Interview

Archie’s titles, according to Meghan Markle, are a birthright, which the Royal Family allegedly contemplated scrubbing when she was pregnant. In order to strengthen the family’s reputation, the family felt it was better to keep power and its rewards to a small number.

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During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the pair revealed the alleged behind-the-scenes maneuvering. It was only one of the topics that came up during their talk that caused so much controversy. The press had a field day after this interview. 

The Vulnerable Little Tyke

You can’t blame the young couple for being upset. The fact that Harry and Meghan were keen for their son to have a title wasn’t the main issue. The fact is that he was denied all the advantages that such a title would offer, such as improved security.

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They seemed to expect that Archie would be protected in the same way that his cousins were, but it quickly became evident that this was not the case. This discrepancy is said to have produced a rift between the two parties, especially because Archie was more than just the couple’s first child.

Archie’s Skin Color

When people first started criticizing Harry for marrying Meghan Markle, they said it was because she was an actress from the United States. People didn’t mention her skin color, but it’s obvious that it’s been a source of contention for some.

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They didn’t name names in their interview, and the couple told Oprah that neither the Queen nor her late husband mentioned it. However, it appears that at least one individual was concerned about the boy’s skin color, which caused the couple to distance themselves from the family.

Privacy Concerns For The Young One

Long before Archie was born, there were rumors that he was darker-skinned than the rest of the family. Meghan was presumably aware that her child would not be given the same treatment as his relatives after hearing about these alleged anxieties.

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The couple was well aware that even though many people supported Archie, there would always be a minority who saw him in a negative light because of his skin color. That might be why he was kept out of the spotlight as much as possible by his parents.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Archie’s parents are no strangers to controversy. Meghan is no stranger to racial challenges as a woman of color. Being a woman of color, she knew exactly how this might also affect her children and their futures, but she remained optimistic nonetheless.

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Some speculated that Meghan’s attraction to Harry stemmed from his royal background. Regardless of her intentions, it’s unlikely she expected to be confronted with so much vitriol, especially from inside the monarchy. We still hope for reconciliation down the road for them.

The Truth About The Matter

The interview with Oprah caused quite a stir, to say the least. It is understandable that many people are skeptical of its authenticity. Piers Morgan, who was quick to criticize Meghan’s behavior, expressed reservations about the news. Everyone has the right to come to their own conclusion on the matter.

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Given the Royal Family’s aversion to discussing such sensitive topics, it’s unlikely that anybody will ever speak out about what happened during Meghan’s pregnancy. However, regardless of the couple’s claims, due to their track record of secrecy, there will always be those who doubt their version of events.

All For The Greater Good

Like all good parents, all of their decisions are based on the well-being of their children. Harry and Meghan are only concerned with his safety. This goes a long way to explain their silence during the pregnancy and their postponing of the post-birth photo.

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Given what Diana went through during and after her marriage to Prince Charles, it seems reasonable that their son would take all the necessary precautions to protect his son and wife. Harry has spent his entire life trying to come to terms with balancing a public and private life, and he wouldn’t want his child to go through the same ordeal.

A Bit Of Contrast

Because they aren’t that close to the throne, several of Harry’s relatives have also avoided attracting media attention with their pregnancies and births. Harry, on the other hand, hasn’t been so fortunate in this regard, despite the chances of his ascendence being so low.

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Everything Harry and Meghan have done for Archie might be compared to his cousins, who are higher up in line to the throne. The fact that George, Charlotte, and Louis were brought up in accordance with tradition stands in stark contrast to Harry and Meghan’s much more liberal approach.

Second Baby On The Way

When Meghan appeared for an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed when she was expecting a girl. During the controversial chat, Meghan and Harry both made the news public. People were glued to their television when this bombshell was dropped in the interview.

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Meghan made only a few appearances throughout her second pregnancy. People were still on the lookout for anything suspicious about the second pregnancy, but Meghan handled it with grace and showed up to the nines in every event. 

Significant Time Of The Announcement

It seems that the time the announcements were made about their second child was significant. The date of the reveal was meaningful to Harry, especially because it came on Valentine’s Day 1984, the same day Princess Diana announced she was expecting Harry.

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Since Harry and Meghan’s announcement on February 14, the world has been wondering when we might expect to meet their new addition. It was with Oprah’s interview that Meghan Markle disclosed her due date: summer 2021.

The Rumor That Will Not Go Away

People moved from one scandal to the next. Although things in the past have a way of sorting themselves out, this particular rumor just kept coming back to bite them. When the couple announced their second pregnancy in February 2021, many immediately accused them of faking the baby bump again.

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People were skeptical about the pregnancy once again. This time they were prepared for the couple’s misdirections. But for Harry and Meghan, it was no game they were playing. They were simply trying to live out their lives. Who could blame them for trying to do things on their own terms for the sake of a little privacy?

The Family Is Getting Bigger

Because this was their first pregnancy outside of the Royal Family, things were certain to be a little different. In actuality, things played out with remarkable familiarity. The couple remained as silent on the topic as they had been previously, if not more so.

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In fact, because they didn’t have to make the public appearances that were required of them last time, they communicated even less about their new baby. The only surprise was that they announced the gender of their child—a precious baby girl. 

Big Brother Archie

On June 4, the couple welcomed Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world. The name is a homage to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, and grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Archie is now a big brother.

Source: The Independent

The family was getting bigger. On a summer Sunday, Harry and Meghan announced the happy news to the world, and members of the Royal family congratulated them on social media. For a moment, everything was well and good. 

Little Lilibet

Little Lilibet is the eighth in line to the throne and the Queen’s 11th great-grandchild. “On June 4, we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Lili,” the pair said on their Archewell website in a thank-you statement to the public.

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“Congratulations to Harry, Meghan, and Archie on the arrival of baby Lilibet Diana. Wishing them all well at this great moment,” the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall tweeted. The Royal Family was undeniably ecstatic about having a new member of the family. 

People Need Convincing

Now that Harry and Meghan have left an environment of strict rules and traditions, they are free to speak openly about such matters. However, given their secrecy and history of deception, controversy, and scandal, not everyone will believe them.

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Some people will never be able to forget what happened, feeling that the couple squandered every opportunity to lay out the truth. But it’s easier said than done, and it’s something that everyone in the public spotlight goes through one time or another. We wish them the best.