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34 Times People Were In The Right Place At The Right Time

Have you ever been at the right place at the right time? If so, how did you know it was where you were meant to be? Sometimes there are clues that let us know just how well we blend into our surroundings – a voice in the head, a feeling in the gut, or the fact that everything worked out so well. Some people think these are just coincidences, others that they’re signs of something deeper.

Although some of these clues can be subtle, others are right out there for everyone to see. This post is about signs that come in the form of t-shirts that fit perfectly into their surroundings. The color or design of the shirt matches the buildings or people around. Or multiple people show up at the same spot wearing the same shirt. If you’re interested in more examples, read on below to see people who were at the right place at the right time. 

A Cosmic Coincidence

Do you enjoy outer space? If so, you might have a t-shirt or two showing the cosmos in all its glory. If you’re like the guy below, you might have thought it was a unique idea. That is until you decided to stand in line one day. 

Image Courtesy of CXV / Reddit

A cosmic coincidence! What are the odds of the guy standing directly in front of you having the same cosmic design? We wonder if he simply snapped a sneak photo or tapped him on the shoulder to introduce himself to his long-lost t-shirt friend! The cosmos (t-shirt) works in mysterious ways. 

T-Shirt Warnings

People wear all different kinds of t-shirts. Some are meant to be decorative, others are prized for their material, and still others are meant to be … excuses for your behavior? Seems like the boy below picked number three when he got dressed for the doctors.

Image Courtesy of Denver Patton / Instagram

“So… how’d you hurt your wrist?” the doctor might have said. Then, before the boy could open his mouth, he just pointed his mangled hand to the t-shirt. “Well, that explains that” the doctor might have thought. Wrap it up and hope for the best!

The Cookie Monsters

Do you know the Cookie Monster? Normally you might have thought that the big blue monster with the insatiable demand for cookies lived on Sesame Street. That’s only half-right. It turns out there’s another Cookie Monster out there. 

Image Courtesy of norcal 530 / Imgur

Turns out this cookie monster is a combination of two people and instead of cookies, they enjoy beer and energy drinks. Maybe don’t teach the kids that now. If they met up with the other Cookie Monster, we wonder what they would talk about. Energy drinks, cookies, or ABCs? 

Safety In Numbers

After dinner and banter with friends, you head down the street to the bus stop. During your wait, you lift your head up from the phone and notice something odd: why are there four people wearing the exact same shirt as me?

Image Courtesy of superfab 96 / Reddit

Either you picked the perfect t-shirt or you need to change where you’re shopping. It depends on whether you want to stand out or blend in. Either way, the bus driver probably took a double-take (or quad-take) to make sure he was seeing things correctly. 

Things Change

These two guys had a great day out with a new boat and figured they might as well see what it can do. Sure it’s a bit small, the water is a bit shallow, and there are large patches of tall grass everywhere, but never mind that – full speed ahead!

Image Courtesy of Billy 7788 / REddit

Well, that didn’t work out too well. Maybe test the boat out on regular water before making a mad dash through swampland. At least one of the guys had the foresight to wear a t-shirt that perfectly explained why they did what they did. 

Gene Simmons Loves Ice Cream

Are you familiar with Kiss? Not the physical act, but the highly influential rock band. If so, you probably know their famous lyrics, “I wanna rock and roll all night and” … eat ice cream all day? That’s not how it ends, but it might as well be considering the picture below.

Image Courtesy of Robertino Loreti / Reddit

If you’re not familiar with Kiss, that’s a picture of Gene Simmons, the bassist. Here it seems like Simmons is trying to get some of that delicious ice cream. Even a hardened rocker can enjoy some soft treats!

Benefits of Custom Shirts

Nowadays you can print pretty much anything on a t-shirt. Alongside being a fun hobby or small business, it can also be a great way to get some attention from those you admire. Especially, if you wear the custom t-shirt to ComicCon. 

Image Courtesy of Carlos ? 7 / Reddit

If you could print a t-shirt like this and meet anyone you want, who would it be? Also, what would you write on the t-shirt? Maybe next time you hit the city streets, wear a custom t-shirt and see what happens!

The Traffic Cone Man

Drivers learn to distinguish a variety of colors on the road. Red for stop, green for go, yellow for “you better go pretty fast to make it through.” Oh yeah, and orange-and-white for traffic cones and construction. But wait, is that traffic cone walking? 

Image courtesy of smooth hookah / Reddit

Nope. Turns out it’s a guy wearing the exact same patterns as a traffic cone. Did he plan it that way before going out to walk because he wanted to blend in with traffic cones? Who knows, maybe it adds some safety while walking along. 

When T-Shirts Talk

As we saw from some of the posts above, t-shirts can take on a life of their own. Sometimes they even seem to chat with each other, having their own conversations that we are blissfully unaware of. 

Image Courtesy of hardonchairs / Reddit

Do these two students know each other or did the t-shirts conspire to get them to sit next to each other? It’s uncanny how the T-shirt on the right seems to be a direct (and even snarky) response to the one on the left. We still have a lot to learn! 

Can I Get a Refill of Droppings?

It looks like we have a red cardinal on a leafless tree. The bird is taking a rest in between flights, perhaps to look around the area and find some food. But before finding new food, he had to make some room by dropping off the old stuff!

Image Courtesy of Journey Ranger

At least that’s how it looks, but looks can be deceiving! If you’re like us, it took a while to understand what was going on. Turns out it’s not bird droppings, but a coffee stain! How did it manage to land so perfectly on the t-shirt? 

The Real-Life Ken Doll

Barbie dolls have been a hit for decades and have spawned real-life barbie dolls who seek to look just like the toy. Ken, Barbie’s counterpart, has also been growing in popularity over the years. It also seems to have spawned a few real-life Kens. 

Image Courtesy of Bright Side Me

How did these two manage to meet? Did the real-life Ken look at the doll for inspiration before leaving the house? Either way, they both look stylish. But, one question lingers in our minds: is the real-life man made of plastic too?

The Same Shirt

Many people like to stand out when they go on a date. They want to show how unique they are and one way of doing that is by choosing the clothes you’re going to wear. First impressions are important on a first date.  

Image Courtesy of Twenty Two Words

We wonder what their date’s first impressions were. Although looks aren’t everything, what are the odds that three strangers wear the same striped shirt to the same restaurant – all while on a date! We are almost scared to ask what their names are. 


Traveling can be a great learning experience. You can learn about local places, local food, and, apparently, what annoys local people. Although tourism brings in lots of money, not every local is on board with all the other stuff. Especially not this local guy. 

Image courtesy of Elite Readers

Although the guy with the New York t-shirt loves his selfies, it’s fair to say that the guy with the colorful t-shirt behind him isn’t a fan. The disgusted look on that guy’s face is priceless… maybe he’d rather take the picture than be in it? 

A New Coat Of Paint

This hotel had to close for a while as it underwent some reconstruction. During the process, the rooms were rearranged, the fixtures replaced, and the hallway painted a new mix of green, back, and yellow. This color combo surprised some – especially this customer!

Image Courtesy of Twenty Two Words

Clearly, this woman was a bit surprised when she strolled down the hallway a bit. Is the hallway mocking her? How did they both end up with the same pattern of colors? We can only hope that she got a discount on the room!

Superman’s Second Weakness

Who is the most powerful man in the world? Superman, of course. The legendary superhero had lightning speed, extraordinary strength, and a world-famous costume. Although he seemed untouchable, he had two weaknesses. One was Kryptonite. What was the other?

Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/ifhNFgQ

Superman fans. Especially fans who wear the Superman costume! Although it’s one heck of a chance meeting, it looks like actor Christopher Reeves is less than happy about it. Perhaps Reeves was trying to go undercover, or perhaps he’s not too keen on having more than one Superman around! 

Coloring Outside The Lines

Raising kids is a tough job. They rarely look after themselves and it requires you to keep a steady eye on nearly everything they do. Or else something might get broken, or colored on, or eaten, or a thousand other things. 

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

Or misapplied to your face! Looks like this little guy thought his face was a coloring book and tried his best to color within the lines. Clearly, he hasn’t mastered it yet, but keep on progressing! And cheers for the t-shirt reminder! 

Fight For Your Right To … Nap?

Now, this has to be one of the easiest (and most comfortable) parties to crash – considering that all you have to do is, well, crash! Dress down in comfy pajamas, find the nearest chair with plenty of cushions, and close your eyes. Time for a nap party! 

Image Courtesy of Buzz Fuse

This man has got his priorities down. At a certain age in life, a party consists of doing what you want to do when you want to do it. So, sleeping after a long day of work is a perfect way to reward yourself. Party on! 

Meeting The Dude, Dude

If you’ve ever seen The Big Lebowski, you’re no doubt familiar with the unique look and sayings of the central character Lebowski, aka The Dude. His persona has birthed a cottage industry of t-shirts that fans across the country sport on a daily basis. 

Image Courtesy of Live About

This lucky fan, wearing The Dude t-shirt, ended up meeting The Dude himself – namely, actor Jeff Bridges. Although it wasn’t at a bowling alley (where The Dude likes to spend most of his time), it was a great find nonetheless. 

Think Safety

Have you ever been pulled over by the police? If so, were you confused as to why you were pulled over? Many of us know we ran a stoplight, had a tail light out, or were speeding, but these two seemed oblivious – despite what they were wearing! 

Image Courtesy of Drive Safe Online Org

The driver asked what was wrong. The cop looked to the back of the truck – riding in the back is illegal in this state. Without a seatbelt, it can get pretty dangerous. They were given a ticket. Maybe next time they will heed their own advice: think safety. 

A Mooo-ving Encounter

Have you ever held your pet in front of a mirror and tried to get it to realize its own reflection? Often, they get confused or think their mirror image is another animal out to get them. But sometimes, just sometimes, other animals realize their own reflection.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/a/AmFXA

It isn’t always in a mirror either! Sometimes, it’s on a t-shirt. We wonder how this cow feels about his reflection – does it approve of the t-shirt or wish that a different angle could be taken? Either way, it’s a mooo-ving encounter!

Running The Numbers

The problem with beer is that it packs on the pounds all too quickly. Luckily all those carbs can be burned off through a marathon. Since there are so many runners, each one gets a number. Usually, they mean nothing, but not this time! 

Image Courtesy of The Wonder List

Why did runner #33607 wear that t-shirt? We don’t know, but this coincidence is too big to go uncelebrated! After the race, he should run down to the brewery for a nice cold one. 

Bill Murray Admiration Society

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? Bill Murray plays a weatherman who covers Groundhog Day but ends up stuck in a time loop that has him repeating that day over and over again. We wonder how long it took for these fans to meet up at the same place!

Image Courtesy of Creative So Many

It’s hard to tell how long it took, but eventually, it worked! When the man with the Murray tattoo on the right saw the man with the Murray shirt on the left, they knew they were both members of the Bill Murray Admiration Society! 

Say Cheese

Now when most people think of “world-famous smiles”, they think of A-list celebrities or models who have flawless white teeth that are perfectly symmetrical. However, this little girl begs to differ. She prefers a fierce smile and is certain it will make her famous.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/snarffelupogus

She seems to pride herself on a mix of fully-grown, half-grown, and slightly chipped teeth. We find it endearing and much more realistic than perfect pearly whites! We also wonder how she got the chipped tooth and if she’ll keep it as she grows. 

Chance Encounters

Have you ever met a childhood hero? If not, here is a suggestion for making it happen. Wear a t-shirt with your hero on it and then walk around for a while. If you’re lucky, like the guy below, you’ll end up meeting your hero. 

Image Courtesy of far side dude / Reddit

For him, that was Ryan Drummond – the voice behind Sonic the Hedgehog. Lots of kids who grew up in the 1990s have fond memories of that video game. Unlike Superman (see above), this actor seems to have enjoyed meeting a fan. Hopefully, the fan asked for a recording!

Walking To The Store

On a recent walk with a friend, this Redditor found something odd. His real-life friend and the giant man on the store window shared something in common. They both had the exact same clothes! Quick, strike a pose. 

Image courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

True, the mix of a plaid shirt, jeans, and glasses is a common outfit. That’s why it’s used for advertisements. However, what’s less common is when your plaid shirt, jeans, glasses, and even belt are the same color as the ad! 

Welcome To The Clan

If you’re a fan of ‘90s hip-hop, you’re probably familiar with Wu-Tang Clan. This group was an eclectic mix of rappers from New York City who were known for their love of martial arts movies, the game of chess, and the art of wordplay.

Image courtesy of PZLATE / Reddit

Now it looks like they might have to add sports to that list! There’s nothing better than enjoying a sunny day on the grass with some friends. But what’s even better is if you wear complimentary t-shirts and sit next to each other!

Oh Snap!

Riding around in boats on a beautiful day is a great way to spend summer vacation. What’s not to love about the waves crashing, the fish swimming, and everyone enjoying themselves? It’s a perfect feeling, but sometimes the water can take you by surprise. 

Image courtesy of thechive.com/

Luckily this man wore the perfect t-shirt to express that surprise! Oh snap indeed, that was quite the wave crashing on the side of the boat. His expression perfectly matches the scene and t-shirt. Well done whoever took the photo! 

Epic Timing Fail

There’s a lot going on as the end of the school year comes. You’ve got dances to think about, final tests to study for, and summer plans to make. With so much happening at once, you can forget some important days – like picture day! 

Image Courtesy of Wallama

Whoops! To be fair, it was probably an honest mistake. He looks a bit embarrassed that he decided to wear that t-shirt on picture day. What did his parents think when they got the yearbook? Hopefully, it didn’t end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yikes!

Uddering Famous Lines

George Lucas’s Star Wars is one of the most successful films ever made. Even people who haven’t seen it are familiar with the epic line, “Luke, I am your father.” The man below wore a t-shirt with a unique twist on the line. 

Image courtesy of alanaee / Imgur

The cow on this man’s shirt put a twist on Darth Vader’s phrase: “Milk, I am your father.” Funnily enough, a man with some ice cream was walking by at the time. That man was George Lucas, director of Star Wars! Their meeting was an udder delight!

A Free Massage

Kids are known to make messes and sometimes you just don’t have the patience to deal with it – especially after a hard day at work. So instead of separating out a need to relax with a need to pick up their mess, why not mix the two?

Image Courtesy of Thomas and Friends

Here’s all you have to do: draw a little train track on your back. That way your kids can go round-and-round the track without destroying trees or losing train track pieces. Also, you get a free massage at the same time! Now that’s some smart parenting.

Embarrassing Your Brother

Brothers can often have a love-hate relationship because there are two conflicting demands. One is to have your back in case anything happens. Another is to embarrass you while in front of your friends! Looks like this big brother figured it out perfectly.

Image Courtesy of My Food Data

Quickly after the little brother learned that his favorite t-shirt was the same color and design as a plastic cup, he might have needed some water in that plastic cup to stop him from fainting! Then, hopefully, he laughed it off. 

Fitting In

It’s important to scout out a neighborhood before moving in, especially if you have kids. You might want to check out the daycare, meet the neighbors, and make sure you feel comfortable in your new surroundings. 

Image Courtesy of Info Tea 1 / Blogspot

Looks like that won’t be a problem for this kiddo, considering how well he or she fits in with the … local fire hydrants? If a fire ever happens, we know who to follow! Who knows, maybe this kiddo will grow up to be a firefighter. 

Nice Socks!

Walking around airports can be a pain. They’re often so large that it requires you to be on your feet for long stretches at a time. Our tip is to find some comfortable socks. The traveler below knows what we are talking about!

Image Courtesy of Verab Noraertreb / Hatena Blog

Like the little firefighter, this traveler knows how to fit in with their surroundings! The socks are almost a reminder of what the carpet looked like long ago – before thousands of dirty shoes walked all over it! Take care of the socks so they stay fresh and comfy!

The iPhone Case Outfit

While waiting for the bus, this woman might have sent out a message to a friend or family after – “see you soon.” After that, she turned over her phone to lock it before putting it away. She admired the pattern and then looked up. Wait, what?

Image Courtesy of Petit Petit Gamin

“Is that woman … wearing the same pattern as my phone case?” she might have thought. The zebra-like colors mixed with teal make for a unique design. One that, apparently, both iPhone designers and fashion designers like. Who thought of it first?