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40 Overly Confident People Who Got a Tough Dose of Reality

We’ve been there before – our expectations do not meet up with reality, and we get the shock of our lives. It may surprise the dreamers out there, but many people try to keep grounded by lowering their expectations. The article you’re about to explore offers the perfect opportunity to tell these realists from the dreamers who have their lofty expectations dashed.

People should always strive to improve their level of self-assurance since it is a valuable asset. Just keep in mind that it is never a good idea to have an excessive amount of anything, confidence included. Few people enjoy spending time with arrogant individuals who think they are better than everyone else. However, it is entertaining to watch arrogant people being brought down a peg or two. That is exactly what you’ll get to see in the pages beyond. Enjoy!

100 Percent Accurate

It’s true that some professors can take a joke, but many just cannot. A student’s jokes will most likely draw no attention from the instructor, especially if the teacher is known for being dull in the classroom. That’s what occurred when this student attempted to be clever with their math exam.

Connect-the-dots games are fun for two people to play together. However, in this case, the student received a score of 8 out of a possible 22. If you’re as woeful at math as this student, that’s around 36 percent. 

Serving the Burns

If a family is always engaging in vicious banter, they tend to divide their followers, with some loving it and others quickly hunting down the “unfriend” button. After she posted a selfie, this young lady’s brother said that she looks like a 27-year-old substitute teacher who couldn’t keep her students quiet.

Despite the fact that it’s an unusually specific burn, it still counts. Come to think of it, she does have the appearance of a newbie substitute teacher. In just a few short years, she’ll be a fully-fledged instructor who happily gives terrible pupils 8/22 grades.

Flip That Phone

There’s a new trend on social media where individuals publish warning signs about their spouses. When this poor guy leaves his phone face-down, his girl wants the public to know he’s concealing something. Is it truly a red flag, though? Some individuals constantly assume the worst in others.

After further investigation, it was discovered that the guy turned over his phone because he was fully focused on his partner. Phone calls and alerts are on the back burner when his phone is flipped. He probably shouldn’t have bothered since she was so intent on finding little flaws that he didn’t see.

Digital Diss

Fans of the Apple Watch will vouch for its quality. Aside from taking phone calls and keeping track of your walking distance, this unassuming device can perform a slew of other things. Though many people would have liked it, there’s an intriguing function that was left out.

Intimate facts about us may be discovered and revealed by our Apple Watches. It’s not just about taking our pulse. The 312 by 390-pixel display of this gadget seems to be able to read our darkest fears and anxieties. This Apple Watch user is apparently unhealthy and a bit too sensitive. 

When Celebrities Are “Brave”

Whenever there is a celebrity scandal, the tabloids love to make a big deal out of the smallest details. For example, Kendall Jenner showed incredible “bravery” by chowing down on grilled cheese and fries before going to the Met Gala. Where is her bravery medal? We hope it’s in the mail.

An anonymous young Syrian lady retweeted the post and said how Kendall’s pre-Met feast helped her see things in a new light. Apparently, in the celebrity world, a courageous lady is one who consumes fast food before going to a public event, not one who is protecting her family and resisting a dictatorial regime.

Don’t Waste My Time

Have you ever been so enraged with someone’s behavior that you altered their name in your list of contacts? For whatever reason, this guy changed one of his contacts (probably an ex) to “Waste of Time.” The best part is that the person didn’t even try to argue – it seems they know it’s true!

We love this burn because it’s so casual and kind of anonymous. The person dealing out the diss doesn’t even know who they’re talking to, so it’s up to the receiver of the burn to decide whether they’ll reveal their identity or not. We have a feeling the conversation didn’t go much further than this! 

No Werewolves Here

In today’s episode of “Talk Before You Think,” a confused competitor opted to target the handicapped for using parking places outside of work hours. According to this person, there’s no good reason for a handicapped person to be out and about after dark. Just the thought of a person in a wheelchair going out after hours seems bizarre to this outspoken person!

That Futurama one-liner, “The less fortunate get all the breaks!” comes to mind after reading this. If this person is genuinely upset about the lack of accessible parking, he may be suffering from a case of boredom complicated by entitlement. 

No One Said That

Another trend on social media is individuals manufacturing stories about their background in order to get attention. In the example below, a lady warns that people should be cautious of labeling others as “ugly” since they may one day grow up to be incredibly beautiful.

This woman had the misfortune of running across an old classmate who was quick to correct the record. Because she was never tormented in high school, posting a self-righteous selfie now is a waste of everyone’s time. If you want to post a selfie, just do it and move on – there’s no need to construct a story to justify yourself.  

Method Acting Is Real

Quentin Tarantino is a highly regarded filmmaker and screenwriter. On his résumé, you may also insert the term “complete barbarian.” Quentin isn’t a fan of being bullied by the media, so he has a hard time keeping his mouth shut.

“Just be yourself,” the director unironically said when Brad inquired how Leonardo DiCaprio and himself should portray two aged people in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt aren’t the spry Hollywood hunks we remember from our youth.

Fact-Checking Is Good

Those who vent their frustrations on social media understand our point of view. The odds of bumping into a politician on the street are one in a million, and they typically don’t have time for our rants. It’s important that you get the facts correct before unleashing your fury on someone, however.

The way this individual arrived at this conclusion is a mystery to us. What if Amazon took over our libraries? We can’t imagine it would save us money. It’s a wonder that the internet has any truth left in it at all. While information abounds, falsehoods are far easier to spread.

Keep an Eye on the BBQ

It’s possible that food that’s been charred to a dark brown color could be surprisingly tasty. However, if you can’t cook properly, don’t show it off on social media. Instead, take someone else’s food and claim it as your own.

This is not what we want when we ask for grilled hot dogs. Regardless of whether or not this guy thinks he did a good job, he should educate himself on how to flip when grilling. He won’t be able to taste a thing if the meat is so blackened inside and out!

Games People Play

We are at a loss to understand why this woman believed that posting this on Twitter was a smart idea. If a person has blocked someone, it is supposed to mean that they want to go 100% no-contact with them. Not respecting that is stalker behavior, not marriage material!

The person who responded provided all of us with sound advice. Find someone who does not participate in ridiculous relationship games that are difficult to understand. Even the expression on his face in his profile photo demonstrates how ridiculously wrong her tweet is.

You Only Live Once

Lots of individuals on social media will go to any measure to get attention for themselves. This includes making up stories like skiing in Colorado, claiming they cooked fancy dishes, and telling lies about their background. Some lies are even more obvious.

This man says that he went to Colorado and absolutely smashed the mountains every day during his time there, and he can’t wait to go again. The only catch is that it’s very unlikely that he was ever there in the first place.

Mothers Know Best

Seeing mothers lay savage burns on their bratty kids is one of the most satisfying things in the world. We have also been on the wrong end of a mom-burn, but this just makes us appreciate it more when it is directed at someone else.

When the mother urged her son to stop texting her, she was being really specific. She was determined to put all of her efforts into jogging on a treadmill and would not accept any distractions, including messages of any kind. It didn’t matter that the youngster didn’t intend to text his mother – she had the final word.

Turning the Tables

When this guy’s fiancée told him he had too many video games, he was shocked. We don’t know him, but we’re siding with him in this matter. In the end, is it even possible to have too many video games in your collection?

He wasn’t going to take her remark lying down. To prove her hypocrisy, he decided to document her shower necessities. The clever lad went to the bathroom and snapped the photo you see above, featuring a range of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes, scrubs, treatments, and other bathroom clutter. 

Reversing the Burns

What made Gordon Ramsay famous? Was it his cuisine, restaurant management, or ruthless honesty and filthy mouth? We think it’s mostly the latter. Gordon’s daughter inherited his fast intellect and tongue. It seems like he taught her how to be a smart mouth too.

Gordon questioned her in a fake interview, asking how she felt being the top chef’s daughter. Gordy, do you really think you’re that great? When she said Jamie Oliver isn’t her dad, he undoubtedly went on a rant and yelled at the crew. We still adore Gordon Ramsay.

Thank You, next

We love memes of exes being rejected. People who have been in this scenario know how much guts it takes to contact an ex and how heartbreaking it is to be rejected. This makes us laugh, though. Honestly, who would not laugh about this?

This individual attempted to persuade their former partner by playing the “I miss you” card; however, this simply made us laugh even more. And what about the meme based on Simon Cowell’s response towards the end? Priceless.

Timing Is Everything

This one is savage. This professor seems to think that his time is gold and should be valued by his students. He expects his students to hand their assignments in on time. Nothing less than perfect punctuality will do, and to emphasize the point, this is what he did.

Tired of receiving late submissions, the professor of this class took a stand. If a student misses the due date for their assignment, the professor’s instructions are clear. Don’t bother submitting the work if you can’t accomplish it on time.

What About Those Bridges?

Reaching out to celebrities through social media is one of the finest parts of the medium, as we’ve already noted. People may ask a celebrity how their day is going, or if they’re more politically minded, they may hit a local politician with questions. The freedom to do this is one of the greatest benefits of being an American.

When Daniel questioned Naheed Nenshi about a newly constructed bridge, Naheed Nenshi avoided the young man’s attempts at being clever. Why spend money on a fancy bridge? So people can cross the river, of course!

Did She Think She Had a Chance?

We’ve all done embarrassing things to have a chance to talk to our high school love outside of class. For the sake of our own amusement, we won’t delve into intimate facts about our own lives. Instead, we’ll shift the focus to this individual and their mortifying conversation with their crush.

Flirting is a hard game since you never know for sure how the other person feels. They may send you on an emotional rollercoaster before bringing you crashing back down to Earth. We’ll let you decide whether this girl will ever be the same again after this encounter.

What Did He Say?

Tom Anderson hasn’t been relevant for more than a decade now. He’s mostly disappeared from view since selling MySpace to News Corp. (which, oddly, is still operational). After selling the business for half a billion dollars and not doing much of anything since then, it’s safe to say he’s content with the outcome.

His behavior against others has been more brutal since he became our default buddy on MySpace. After reading this conversation on Twitter, we made a mental note to avoid offending Tom. He is savage when he wants to be!

A Sister’s Rant

A word to the wise about sending text messages from your partner’s phone – don’t do it! In fact, what are you doing snooping around in the first place? Playing with fire can be a dangerous thing because it may burn and cause relationship problems that could easily have been avoided.

Though the message was harsh, the “girlfriend” was asking for it. In the end, it was revealed that the unknown texter was a protective sister wanting to know her brother arrived safely. This should be a lesson to all the jealous partners out there that it never pays to snoop around on your partner’s phone. 

Poor Ellie

Ellie is in such a bad situation. Let go of him, Ellie. Go to the closest burn unit in your area and walk it off. It takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable with a person you admire, so the rejection must have felt all the more crushing. No, this isn’t a joke.

While Chris seems harsh, we don’t know how to politely decline someone either. It’s uncomfortable to express your sentiments, and saying no to someone is tough. We were with Chris until we realized he was the one who posted it online so everyone could see how severely he burnt Ellie. Not cool. 

A Legendary Burn

In this photograph, the late scientist Sir Stephen Hawking and comedian John Oliver talk about science and comedy. Some may find his comedy unpleasant, but most people find Oliver to be a funny comic. Nevertheless, it turns out that Mr. Hawking was hiding a few jokes of his own.

John Oliver thought he was being quite clever when he suggested that Stephen Hawking’s theory of an endless number of realities implied that the comedian was the smarter man in at least one universe. Hawking was lightning fast with an epic clapback. 

Public Transport Etiquette

People who have never used public transportation before may not be aware of the many rules and guidelines that apply. Standing up for the elderly and pregnant, particularly in priority seats, is one of the regulations of the road. Fail to do this, and some people will snap a picture in an effort to shame you publicly.

In this case, the attempted shaming backfired. The older women slammed the younger people in the priority seats for their “inconsiderate” behavior. There was, however, an empty seat next to the “inconsiderate kids,” as shown by her own photograph. 

Girl Power

Captain Phoebus battles for justice and love against instructions from above in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a Disney animated picture. While it may seem corny on paper, the movie is a million times worse. Still, despite his flaws, he’s a strangely likable figure.

He compliments Esmerelda’s fighting prowess, claiming that she’s “nearly as good as a man.” He later regrets it. She says, “Funny, I was about to say the same thing about you!” We wonder how many other weird interchanges like this we would find if we rewatched those old Disney classics. 

Who Paid for This?

In order to make a point about how poor her date was, this woman took a picture of her tall glass of water and posted it online with the caption you see below. We can’t believe how rude this is. Perhaps he got you water because he wanted you both to have something healthy to drink.

Even if he doesn’t have enough cash to buy another drink, this does not indicate that he is unworthy of love. If you ever go on a date with a guy who is not that well off, maybe consider his other traits rather than focusing on how deep his pockets are. 

Starting Fresh

We have a problem with one aspect of social media in particular. Everyone tries to come out as philosophical and knowledgeable for some reason or another. In any event, this man chose to open up about his deepest feelings to the world, but his mum utterly destroyed the vibe in the funniest way conceivable.

We don’t know for sure whether the mother and son have a close connection where they can make fun of one other. We hope that’s the case because mom has a simmering temperature of about 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

Preferred Pronouns

The chosen pronouns of certain persons represent their gender identification in a specific manner. One individual has a strong view regarding preferred pronouns: they believe it is for “those who lack confidence in themselves.” What they do not know is that “me” is a pronoun too.

We believe that having a favorite pronoun is a sign of self-confidence. It indicates that an individual has a strong sense of self-awareness and isn’t afraid to let people know what they want and need. It also takes a lot of courage to insist on being referred to in a certain way. This shows that you are confident in your identity and don’t feel the need to hide it.

Does He Think Girls Don’t Have Ankles?

It’s not uncommon for those who lack basic knowledge to have the strongest views on subjects about which they have no expertise. When it comes to menstrual discomfort, for example, this individual has a strong viewpoint. Can you imagine being this ignorant about basic human anatomy?

Fortunately, women have ankles. Indeed, it’s highly likely that many women have dealt with the pain of rolling their ankle while experiencing period pain. So, what’s your point, OP? If anything, you’ve just proven that women have more painful things to worry about than you do.  

That Is a Good One!

Not wearing a face mask while going out in public, or even worse, within closed public spaces, is plain irresponsible. It is with regret that we must say this, but there is nothing more we can do. Your friends and loved ones will also benefit from your decision to wear a mask.

Contrary to popular belief, not wearing a facemask in a confined public space is not cool. Despite the fact that we don’t understand why they felt the need to boast about it on social media, we’re delighted that one individual chose to put them in their place with this brilliant retort.

Chill, Mom!

For the most trivial causes, mothers often go berserk in an effort to protect their children from harm. After finding a tin container filled with what seemed to be narcotics, mother dearest erupted into a rage.

As an alternative to politely asking their kid what they were doing, she opted to bombard their phone with calls and texts. Instead of asking mom to swallow a strange pill, we believe that a phone call could have been more effective. However, we do concede that this approach was funnier. Of course, everything turned out fine since the “pills” were nothing more than mints.

Don’t Take Things Literally

Social media may be annoying, but it’s also entertaining. Even corporations are dishing-and-receiving burns. Old Spice’s feud with Taco Bell lasted two tweets. Old Spice: You shouldn’t criticize corporations for employing buzzwords in product descriptions as they’re not necessarily literal.

Using the same reasoning as Old Spice, Taco Bell deduced that the deodorant brand must utilize dusty old spices in their products. Burning people is something that Taco Bell does really well. Simply ask anyone coming out of a Taco Bell bathroom.

Don’t Diss Aldi

First, we need to verify that @AldiCustCare represents Aldi. If that’s the case, the person who sent this tweet should feel bad about themselves since it’s totally unprofessional. However, don’t get rid of them just yet, since they’ll be able to safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Despite their reputation for low recruiting standards, Aldi’s staff are paid just over the federal minimum wage. That being said, a poor transcript will not get you a job at the company. Aldi’s janitors need at least a bachelor’s degree, apparently, but don’t worry – McDonald’s may be looking to hire.

No, Just No

People will often say the most ridiculous things, such as the fact that NEWS is an abbreviation for novel events, weather, and sports. Despite the fact that this would be an accurate summary of what the news is all about, it is completely incorrect.

Who better than the Merriam-Webster Twitter account to put this individual in their place? The authors of one of the most well-known English dictionaries are the ideal people to turn to when you have a question about the English language. The straightforward reaction of “No” completely silenced that individual, and we’re here for it. 

Wrong Guy

People should also exercise caution with regard to the information that is being distributed by certain media channels. They will resort to anything, even saying or doing things that are patently false, in an effort to win over their audience. Take, for instance, the manner in which they describe the individual shown in this picture.

Is it possible that they are attempting to imply that the individual who was shot and murdered by the police had some kind of criminal intent in the near future? It seems they couldn’t just say “innocent” since it would make the police look bad. How absolutely silly, and the respondent couldn’t have said it any better. Like everyone else, the police need to be held accountable for their mistakes. 

Not a Taxi?

So the exact definition of a taxi is being paid to drive people around. And this girl just does not get it. The good thing is that she was promptly corrected. This guy gets it, but it is unfortunate that he had to correct her via her social media.

Uber and other ride-sharing applications have successfully lobbied for the demise of taxis, which are now bordering on being a thing of the past. Until today, it seems that this woman didn’t know people had to pay for a cab. Did she think the drivers were simply having fun picking up and dropping off their passengers? It turns out that they expect to be compensated for their work – how strange!

This Post Has Been Approved

This message is absolutely incorrect in several ways. First, everyone knows Comic Sans is a terrible typeface. Why did they choose this font? To make a point clearer, choose Times New Roman, which is the industry standard typeface.

Now, before posting anything on the manager posts board, run it through a spellchecker. In general, we don’t mind people’s typos and grammatical errors, but when it comes to a manager-only board, it’s best to seem more polished. The Manger has spoken, and it seems it gives its stamp of approval to this post. Well, that’s a relief!