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40 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Send Anyone Into Labor

There has never really been any natural way to know what to expect when you’re expecting. This is true regardless of how many maternity books you read or how many of your friends share their experiences. Every pregnancy is unique, and the only thing you can genuinely anticipate is a slew of unexpected occurrences. There will be some beautiful ones, some terrible ones, and some truly shocking ones.

Every pregnant woman possesses a certain pregnancy glow. During a woman’s pregnancy, everything revolves around her. As a partner or loved one, you may not get used to it, but you’ll have to put up with it. Do they want their feet rubbed? Put your hands to good use. Do they want a sweet treat? Go to the kitchen and get cooking. The following memes can serve as a preview of what’s to come if you or someone you love falls pregnant.

Expectation Vs. Reality

Pregnant women are said to exude a radiant glow. It’s not uncommon for women to imagine themselves as angels gliding in the sunlight, surrounded by a gentle breeze. However, most pregnant women will advise you that your experience will be more like the photo on the right.

The “glow” that everyone has been raving about is your large tummy reflecting the television screen. What a lovely sight! You may not feel your best attractive while you’re fat, in your pj’s, and munching on Cheetos. It’s essential to remember what your body is doing and how much of a boss you are!

When Will It Be Over?

Some believe a year can pass by in the blink of an eye. However, nine months of the year can seem like an eternity when you’re expecting a child. At times, you may think that your pregnancy will never end. However, it’s absurd that women have to do this for nine months.

Some days, don’t you just wish you were a seahorse? The male seahorse carries the babies. So yeah, let the males handle it! Those 5 a.m. feedings and endless cries may be unpleasant, but once you reach the third trimester, you’ll just want your baby to be born.

Don’t Ask!

This meme explains that it’s never appropriate to ask a woman if she’s pregnant, even if she’s practically due. It’s safe to say that most ladies would agree with this sentiment. Consider how insensitive it would be to ask a lady carrying additional weight how far along she is.

In addition, it takes some time for the pregnant tummy to disappear. Asking someone how far along they are is a risky move unless the person has been upfront about the fact that they’re expecting a kid. Asking a lady who has recently given birth and may be suffering from postpartum depression is not a good idea.

A Magical Kick

The first moment you feel your baby kick inside you is one of the most thrilling moments of your pregnancy, especially for first-time parents. For those who have never had a baby before, it’s impossible to comprehend the joy of being pregnant. It’s an exhilarating sensation that every woman longs to have.

Once that first-time glow wears off, however, you may feel like an alien has been beating up your tummy for the last few months of kicking and growing. The kid in your womb sees your pregnant belly as a big soccer ball. On the other hand, some believe that kicking is a sign of affection. So keep on kicking, little one!

Don’t You Dare

Pregnancy is far more difficult for the pregnant lady than it is for everyone else, no matter how many individuals are involved – a lover, other children, a doctor. Her reign will last for nine months. Keep that in mind!

When a woman is pregnant, her body is entirely dominated by the baby. So, you’ve had enough of dealing with a pregnant woman and want to hold your baby now? Do not bother her with your complaints. There’s nothing she can do; if you say otherwise, she might rip your head off.

Fresh Skills

The nine months of pregnancy can be stressful for many women because of the new abilities they have to acquire as mothers. However, during the difficult months of morning sickness and exhaustion, pregnant women learn that their growing bellies help them develop new skills.

You may recall some of Phoebe’s and Rachel’s antics from their pregnancies if you watched the sitcom Friends. For example, you may remember Phoebe balancing a bowl of cereal on her stomach in one episode. Rachel discovered a similar trick with an opened can of soda.

Weird Cravings

Having a baby in your womb makes you feel like a child again. As a result, every pregnant woman has strange cravings that no one else does. Husbands, be aware that your pregnant wife’s request for a snack may send you on many a strange shopping trip. Don’t be surprised if you receive some outlandish demands.

Peanut butter, Nutella, or fluff can be used to spread on a sandwich. But we bet you didn’t think to add a huge M&M cookie the last time you prepared a sandwich with these spreads. Isn’t it exciting to think about having a baby? What a brilliant concept for a snack this is!

Pregnancy Glow

We’ve talked about the “pregnant glow,” but what exactly does it mean? Is “the glow” a product of nausea, boating, and other body-changing surprises? You might be shocked to learn that “the glow” refers to pregnant women’s rosy cheeks and flushed complexion.

You’ll have a healthy glow with this complexion. On the other hand, some people believe that the glow is more of an emotional thing – as if you were a goddess carrying life within you. Even if your body is accomplishing a great feat, pregnancy isn’t going to feel grand all the time. On some days, you’ll feel more like a hippopotamus than a goddess.

Getting Through It

Everything new comes with its own set of challenges. When something new happens in your life, you feel exhilarating joy and ecstasy. As time passes and you become more comfortable in your surroundings, these aspects of life begin to lose their charm. They’ve become a normal part of your life.

You are filled with joy and anticipation whenever you think about having a baby. However, during the third trimester, you’ve had enough of being pregnant and want to give birth. Your baby shower is over, there are no more public announcements, and now it’s just a physically exhausting wait.

You’ll Be Proud of Yourself

For some women, the nine months of pregnancy and childbirth are an event that makes them feel like they’ve accomplished something great. New mothers are notoriously proud of their children, as everyone who knows them will attest. As a result, baby photos tend to dominate our social media feeds.

Mothers, you should be proud of yourselves. Your body underwent a slew of changes during the nine-month process of carrying a child inside of you. It’s time to show off your accomplishments! When introducing your infant, you may want to say, “I made this,” rather than bothering with details like the child’s name.

Pregnancy Brain

“Pregnancy brain” is said to be a side effect of being pregnant. Your memory may begin to fail at this stage in the pregnancy, and you may find it difficult to remember some facts or finish specific chores. Also, when you’re stressed, it’s difficult to concentrate on just one item at a time. The constant fatigue may be to blame.

In the picture above, it seems that the woman’s partner is experiencing “pregnancy brain by proxy.” Here’s a hint for you: if your belly has grown to enormous proportions, that’s a pretty decent indicator that you might be pregnant. 

Meals Take on a Whole New Purpose

In addition to getting all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need when pregnant, it’s good to give your legs a break and enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. When it comes to craving pregnancy sweets, one woman’s favorite breakfast option is this Kit Kat lasagna.

If you aren’t expecting a baby any time soon, we recommend starting your pregnancy as soon as possible so you can create this candy-filled lasagna. Make the custard, chocolate frosting, and candy-hunting plans now so you don’t run out.

Watch Me!

Even when pregnant, most women still want to maintain their independence and enjoy their favorite pastimes, regardless of the circumstances. Don’t ever tell a pregnant lady she can’t do anything because she’s blazing with hormones.

No one knows a woman’s body like she does. This lady knows her limits and what she can and cannot accomplish. Her pregnancy is beyond your knowledge. She can cook, exercise, work, and more. If you tell a pregnant woman she can’t do something, you might expect an angry expression and a “watch me!” response.

A Few Things Have Changed

Many females are self-confessed shoe fiends. However, while shoe buying may be necessary, it can become your least favorite pastime during pregnancy. During your pregnancy, you can expect to resemble a whoopie cushion. As your tummy expands, so will your hands and feet. You may even outgrow a shoe size.

Those feet in the photo above don’t appear to be normal or healthy in any way. These are the swollen feet of a pregnant woman who needs new shoes. We hope she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy since those feet couldn’t get more swollen!

Well-Deserved Pampering

As a pregnant woman, you may expect to be pampered to the fullest extent possible. Indeed, because you’re carrying their child, your partner should feel compelled to do so. There will be chocolates and foot rubs when you want them, but don’t expect to be pampered the entire time.

Don’t let being pregnant serve as an excuse for not doing anything. Pregnant women must report to work each day while carrying a child. You can wash your hair by yourself in the bathroom. However, you can still expect some pampering from your loved ones during this time.

A New Kind of Strut

Do you remember how wonderful you felt strutting down the street in normal clothes, without a tiny human in your tummy? Those become “the good old days” when you’re waddlin’ with a baby in your womb. As a result of being pregnant, you’ll have a new body image, a whole new brain, and even a new way of walking.

During your third trimester, you may begin to walk like a penguin, and if people notice, they will tell you that you are waddling. Pregnancy comes with a slew of new, unpleasant, and downright disgusting experiences, but this is one of the most adorable.

Everything Changes

While pregnant women can still perform most of the activities they’ve always done, the process of carrying a child alters the way they go about their daily lives. For example, how you sit up and down will soon need a lot more attention, and you may even need a helping hand.

It can be challenging when you’re carrying a little chonker in your tummy. You’ll soon outgrow your desk at work and perhaps even the steering wheel in your car. Bending down to put anything in the oven will be a real pain. 

The Life of a Mother

The conclusion of the workweek is always a welcome sight on Friday afternoons. If you’re not pregnant, you can go dancing and drinking with your colleagues this weekend. Pregnancy weekends will be spent reading baby books, putting together a nursery, watching TV, and snacking.

It doesn’t sound too horrible, although you may miss your old life at times. However, it is unlikely that you will have the energy for any of these activities. Try to do as much shopping, dining with friends, and other activities as possible while pregnant. You’ll have less time after the birth.

Getting Ready for the Worst

Having a baby comes with no guarantees. Will you have an angelic baby or a curious wild animal who will try to escape the crib and investigate its new environment? If you or your partner (or both of you) were wild and difficult to discipline, you might have to create a crib like this one.

Dad can only imagine how chaotic his parents’ lives must have been now that he’s gotten older. He built a crib like a prison cell to ensure that his infant would not escape from the bassinet. Although it looks like a death trap, this bassinet is actually rather cozy on the inside.

Are My Hormones to Blame?

You’re pregnant, so you may cry all you want. Mood swings and sobbing bouts are a common aspect of pregnancy, so you’ll be doing a lot of it anyhow. During the first trimester, as hormones begin to rise, you and your partner will notice this difference.

Another aspect of pregnancy is adjusting to life with a growing baby inside. While it may be tempting to believe that your partner is being a jerk, it’s vital to remember that your emotions may be playing tricks on you. Meditation can ease emotional turmoil.

Keep Quiet If You’re Not Expecting!

If you’re going to be around a pregnant lady, you should follow a few essential guidelines. In particular, if you are not pregnant, do not tell them what they feel. When men announce their partner is pregnant, they often say “we.”

Mila Kunis will come for you if you try to say “we’re pregnant” when you’re not the one carrying a watermelon-sized person in your tummy. These nine pregnant women agree with her sentiments. Your partner is pregnant, not you.

You Can Never Be Sure

Your doctor will tell you a due date if you are confirmed as pregnant, so you’ll know when to expect your little one. A baby can be born two months early or weeks behind schedule, but this is extremely rare. It’s impossible to tell exactly when you’re due. So, how do you respond to an intrusive question from someone?

Some women don’t mind answering such questions, while those with complicated pregnancies may not be so forthcoming. Though a pregnant woman’s belly may draw your attention away from her face, you must focus on her expression when you speak to her. You’ll be able to tell by the look on her face if you’re crossing the line.

Pregnant Exhaustion

When you’re pregnant, you’ll want to live each day as Bruno Mars sings about in “The Lazy Song.” You’ll want nothing more than to curl up on the couch in your swaddle blanket while you’re pregnant. Unfortunately, being pregnant is a full-time job for the entire nine months.

When you’re pregnant, you get a taste of what parenthood will be like, but you don’t get any time off. It’s a given that you’ll be exhausted while pregnant, especially as the baby grows. However, you can’t let the exhaustion of raising a child keep you from doing the things you enjoy, like going to work. You enjoy that, right? 

About to Pop

We’re terrified for her. Her swollen belly appears like it would burst if it gained just one more millimeter in diameter! That’s obviously impossible, but look at that belly! It’s impossible that she’s carrying just one tiny child. Surely, quintuplets will soon be arriving.

Such an enormous pregnancy must have been excruciatingly painful over the last few weeks. At least the soon-to-be mother seems like she’s about to give birth, so she won’t have to deal with this enormous attachment any longer (just a bunch of crying babies).

Sometimes The Baby Comes First

When you were a kid, you were probably familiar with the tune: “K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in a baby carriage!” As we become older, we find ourselves in situations where “first comes baby.”

Sometimes, a baby is a catalyst for a relationship between two people. Though they hardly know one another, some people decide to get married when a child is on the way. If you have a child with someone, you are forever bound to them, regardless of how the relationship turns out.

The Baby Just Kicked!

Your baby’s first kick is one of the most exhilarating moments of your pregnancy. You won’t be able to stop yourself from telling everyone, and they’ll stop what they’re doing to participate in the excitement and rush over to feel your tummy.

And instantly, the infant will stop kicking. Likewise, the baby’s kick stops whenever someone goes up to touch your belly. It’s as though your child is already pulling pranks on your loved ones. At the very least, you’ll be able to savor every nudge.

What It’s Really Like

If you’ve never had a baby before, you can’t expect to know exactly how it will feel. Besides the fact that you’ll feel like you’re being held hostage, you’ll also have to house your captor after you give birth.

It’s quite the paradox, and this meme serves as a timely reminder that everything revolves around your child once you become a parent. Indeed, that focus begins long before you give birth. Everything you do and consume must be tailored to suit your growing child. 

The Nesting Instinct

While pregnant, you’ll notice a great desire to clean and arrange your home in preparation for the arrival of your new baby. Unfortunately, having a baby will leave you little spare time, so you’ll also want to conduct a major spring clean.

If you’re expecting a child, it’s time to get your house in order. In the weeks coming up to your due date, this instinct will be an all-encompassing mission. Nothing is more enjoyable than browsing around a baby store and picking out all of your little one’s necessities.

I Have Nothing To Wear

You may not feel your best when you’re pregnant. You’ll have a ton of maternity clothes, but you’ll miss the days when you could wear your LBD or those tight jeans without a second thought. Picking out a great outfit can quickly become a chore.

You’ll have to give up some of your favorite outfits for a while since a large belly won’t fit in them. Your emotions may play tricks on you during this time, especially if you’re someone who has a special affinity with their favorite clothing.

Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again

Have you ever tried to open your front door with your car keys? This may seem like a ridiculous situation, but anyone who’s ever been pregnant before will tell you otherwise. Such behavior is perfectly normal when you’re pregnant.

“Pregnancy brain” is a real phenomenon that has been studied by scientists. So, if you find yourself doing silly things during your pregnancy, take heart – it’s a natural part of the process. If you can, snap a picture and make a meme out of it!

What Is Sleep?

We’ve mentioned it multiple times, but it’s worth saying again: You’ll be exhausted while pregnant, so good luck sleeping! Heartburn, discomfort, and a growing tummy will keep you awake for many nights to come. You don’t fully grasp what your body is preparing you for until you’re up all night with a screaming baby.

Pregnant women may also get exhausted because of this. Though there are joys to be found in starting a family, a good night’s sleep is a thing of the past for most people. As long as you tell yourself that the bags under your eyes are prettier than the latest Chanel bags, there is nothing to stress about.

Thanks for Pointing Out the Obvious

At the seven-month mark, you’re just a few weeks out from entering your third trimester, meaning you’re probably ready to meet your little bundle of joy! As we previously stated, never ask a woman how far along she is.

If a lady is seven months pregnant and plainly showing, the only thing more aggravating than being asked how far along she is is being asked if she’s pregnant. Pregnant women already have a lot on their plates. No silly questions, please!

Taken Over

When you’re expecting a child, a tiny human being has taken over your body. As a result, you’re no longer the one who sets the rules for your own physical well-being. Instead, the fetus determines whether you are thirsty, hungry, or need to go potty, and it will not wait for you.

When you’re pregnant and need to pee, you need to pee. Pregnancy may force you to go commando if you have a bladder control problem, so be prepared. When this woman peed while puking, she had to go commando. Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

Never Enough

When you’re pregnant, you’ll crave food all day and night. While you might feel like a lioness when eating frantically, you’ll look more like a coyote. Remember Scar’s remark about scavengers in The Lion King? They will never have leftovers because they are never full.

If you want to make it through the pregnancy period unscathed, here’s some advice for the family: never tamper with a pregnant woman’s meals. No nibbling on her favorite munchies or snatching the leftovers from her favorite diner! She’ll have your head in her hands before you realize it!

Hugging the Bump

You’ve seen it time and time again in the photos of pregnant women. They place one hand on the top of the bump and the other on the bottom of the bump. For some reason, expectant mothers always seem to pose in this way on Instagram.

You won’t be able to contain your excitement once you receive the positive pregnancy test result. Because it’ll take some time, make the most of your little black dresses and skinny pants while you can.

Leggings For Life

On the red carpet, you’ve seen Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, and most recently, Jennifer Lawrence look stunning while pregnant. Unfortunately, many pregnant ladies will never get to experience this. During pregnancy, leggings run the show. So, when you finally see a positive pregnancy test, make sure you buy enough pairs for the next nine months.

“What size pants do you wear?” was one of the first questions one pregnant woman received while shopping during her first trimester. This is a blessing for pregnant women who may have felt self-conscious in their pre-pregnancy selves. Leggings are all you have to remember. Sizes are a thing of the past! 

Where Are My Feet?

The only thing you’ll see when you look down during your third trimester is your bloated stomach, and you’ll quickly forget about your legs. Bending is more difficult when you have a large stomach during pregnancy. Expect to be without a razor for a few months. We’re lucky we’re not dating right now, aren’t we?

The truth is that your hair will undergo certain changes during pregnancy. For example, you might lose part of it on your head and sprout in unexpected places. Thus, short hairstyles are the norm among new mothers.

Getting Serious

Your parents probably taught you that if two people fall in love, they marry and have a child. At the very least, that’s the order you’re “supposed” to follow. Of course, this “picture-perfect” setting is not always possible or desirable, as many of us learn as we grow older.

As demonstrated in the film Knocked Up, pregnancies aren’t always planned. Pregnancy can bring people together in unexpected ways. The person who made this meme clearly experienced something like this, but at least she can laugh about it. Things are starting to become serious now that the baby is nearly here.

The Animals Get It

Even though your partner complains about the raging hormones, it’s you who’s suffering from the physical stress of being pregnant. Many pregnant women feel misunderstood by their loved ones, but thankfully, they have the option of turning to animals for comfort. These creatures have got your back!

Orangutans can relate to your bloatedness, while puppies vibe with your desire for constant naps. Have you heard the expression “I have to pee like a pregnant lady”? Dori gets it. And if you see something sweet, it’s for you. You need it more than anyone else, and the otter completely understands.

New Body Clock

During pregnancy, your body clock will shift substantially, and the weariness you feel will put you to bed at the same time as your baby. Consequently, you will go months without seeing midnight. Indeed, you may not even see much of anything past 9 pm.

Since you’re pregnant, this may not be a problem. In the end, you’ll be so worn out that you won’t have the energy for anything else. To get a good night’s sleep, it’s also vital to get to bed early. Get as many hours in as you can before that baby arrives!