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40 Clever Ways to Repurpose Flower Pots

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of flower pots and planters is probably precisely what their name suggests – flowers, plants, and the beauty of nature. You wouldn’t believe how many other things planters and flower pots can be used for besides just growing plants. Indeed, they can be transformed into an abundance of useful household products with just a little creativity.

While you may believe that you lack the necessary skills to work such DIY magic, the majority of the projects we’ve collected below require little more than paint, glue, and a bit of patience. So, get out your glue gun, dust off those paint tins, and get ready to create a variety of useful things with the flower pots and planters you have lying around your house.

Cutlery Holders

Cutlery is used by most people at least a few times per day. So, cutlery storage is one of the most important considerations in any kitchen. Why not make sure your cutlery is always clean and accessible on the countertop with this simple, stylish flower pot project?

Garden pots can be terrific storage containers because they serve as both organizers and decorations. To avoid mixing up your spoons, forks, and knives, separate your silverware so that each piece has a dedicated container.

Yard Decorations

Everybody wants a backyard that seems like an extension of their home, where they can entertain guests and take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air. However, achieving this ideal spot can feel overwhelming, especially once you discover how pricey landscaping and garden supplies can be.

For a cheap yet beautiful garden upgrade, find some small, empty flower pots and let your imagination run free. Take the image above as inspiration – with a splash of paint, these flower pots and saucers have found a whole new life as toadstools.

Accent Tables

Finding furniture for the garden is a top priority for many people. If you love the great outdoors, designing your outdoor space is just as important as decorating the inside of your house. This homemade garden table fits perfectly in with the idea of keeping your garden as organic and welcoming as possible.

Fortunately, you can simply flip a large flower pot upside down to transform it into a table. Use the saucer to create a stable side table, and then add a pitcher full of flowers if that suits your style. Otherwise, leave it empty so it’s ready to hold your guests’ drinks and snacks. 

Create a Mini Lighthouse

There are numerous inventive and playful ways to adorn your yard. Little sculptures provide character and make your outside area more dynamic, so they should not be undervalued. If you need proof, just look at how cute this garden lighthouse is.

Simply flip your pots over and stack them on top of one another with the largest one at the bottom. After that, all that’s left to do is add a solar-powered yard light on the top. The true skill lies in making your small creation look exactly like a lighthouse by painting it!

Tiny Candleholders

Candles are a great addition to any home’s décor since they quickly give any space a romantic, dreamy feel. A lovely candle holder that greatly enhances your interior design can help those candles stand out even more. In this case, small flower pots perfectly accommodate tea lights.

If you’re out there stargazing, you won’t need a lot of light, so these cute little candles are the ideal way to create some gentle, glowing ambiance. Candles are a wonderful way to bring warmth to an outdoor setting, and this is especially true when they are in a lovely holder like this.

Bathroom Organizers

Ever notice how the items in your bathroom wind up being cluttered and poorly organized? This can be incredibly annoying, especially if it delays your ability to get ready in time for work or school. You can save yourself from the frustration of clutter by creating a place for everything in your bathroom. Strange though this may sound, flower pots can help!

Flower pots and saucers can hold everything from cotton balls and Q-tips to soap and makeup brushes. They can easily be made more attractive by painting them.

Storage Bins

As people accumulate random things, every area in the house tends to become disorganized over time. This stuff typically takes up much of the available space on tables and worktops, and the mess is not very visitor-friendly.

Thankfully, you can avoid creating clutter if you invest in some storage bins. Just grab a few flower pots from the backyard and give them a little TLC to match your décor. After that, affix them somewhere that trash frequently gathers and begin using them for storage purposes.

House Markers

Not every house has the ideal location where a house number can be clearly seen. Even if you do have a clear house marker, this inventive DIY project will make you question your conventional display.

Here’s a trick for ensuring your house number stands out among the rest. Why not combine it with plants instead of mounting it on a post or door front? Find a beautiful big flower pot, print your house number in large digits on the side, and fill it with beautiful plants. You could even create a stacked display like the one pictured above.

Bird Feeders

Convert an old flower pot into a feeding station for birds. This is the ideal substitute for building a clay feeder from scratch. Simply put food inside, and over time, birds will begin to recognize your backyard as a location where they may enjoy a tasty feast.

You don’t even have to make the effort to purchase a feeder. Making one is simple enough if you have a flower pot and some saucers. To allow the food to drop out, simply drill a hole in the side of the flower pot.

Beautiful Birdbath

To make your garden more attractive, you can use a variety of décor ideas. In this regard, it is a good idea to think about the little animals that frequent your garden. For instance, you may make tiny clay pot bird baths for the birds who visit your gardens.

If you make the flower pot feeder described earlier, this bird bath is a great accompaniment. All you need is some hot glue, clay pots, and if desired, some paint. You can then arrange the clay flower pots in the format shown above. 

S’mores Grill

Everyone enjoys s’mores, but it takes a lot of effort to stoke a campfire or fire up the grill only to roast some marshmallows. Additionally, microwave cooking just doesn’t compare, especially for people who enjoy the caramelized char on their gooey marshmallows.

Fortunately, cooking your marshmallows in a tiny terracotta flower pot will allow you to prepare s’mores without all the bother. Once the garden pot has been lined with foil and the charcoal has been added, the little barbeque is ready to use. It’s really simple to put together these tiny fire pits.

Stationery Holder

When it comes to their stationery, artists everywhere are aware that organization is key. The instruments of their craft must constantly be maintained in good shape, whether the user is a painter or a drawer.

Objects like paintbrushes and pencils can easily roll away and vanish beneath your furniture. Because of this, having repurposed flower pots around the house can be very practical. If everything has a place to call home in one of these containers, nothing can go missing.

Gift Pot

Need inspiration for unique gift ideas for loved ones? These flower pot goody bags are going to be a huge hit! The base of a present can be a spare flower pot that is sitting outside. Just clean it up, give it a nice coat of paint, stuff it with treats, then wrap it in a ribbon.

Naturally, the amount you can fit within the container depends on its size. You can fill it with a lot of little delights for your loved one, provided it’s on the larger side. The best part is that they can put the pot to use in their garden.

Jewelry Fountain

Anyone who enjoys wearing jewelry will be familiar with how simple it is to misplace items or mix them up. The majority of accessories used by people are modest and understated, which makes them simple to lose. However, you can save yourself from the tragedy of lost earrings with this DIY jewelry organizer made from recycled flower pots.

Having an organizer will be quite helpful if you want to keep your treasures safe. You can organize your jewelry so that everything has a home, eliminating the possibility of missing items. What you can create with a few flower pots is amazing.

Tool Holder

If you have a green thumb, you would likely love to spend most of your time in the backyard. Whether it’s weeding, planting flowers, or nurturing a vegetable patch, there’s always something to do outside. Finding the ideal location to store your equipment is a wise idea if this is the lifestyle you lead.

One of your old flower pots will be useful in this situation. Even if it has some bumps and chips, it doesn’t matter. It’s the ideal location to store your equipment when not in use, regardless of condition. Add some sand, and your tools will stay in good condition as they’ll be protected from rust.

Food Cover

It can be challenging to keep wasps, flies, and other bothersome insects away from your kitchen and dining table. Fortunately, a small thing from the garden can be of great assistance in keeping food safe at the dinner table.

If the plate you’re covering fits the rim of the flower pot, it works surprisingly well for this purpose. Grab a pot, ensure it’s clean, flip it over, and place it over your food. Those flying insects won’t be able to get anywhere near your food in the future.

Yard Lights

You probably can’t wait to use your outdoor space when the warmer months are on their way. You’ll want to make sure that your garden area is well-lit once you start spending more time outside after sunset. Once again, flower pots can help.

It’s a good idea to install yard lighting like string lights and colored globes. Simply gather some flower pots for the lights to stand on. After that, a stunning backyard light show will be ready and waiting for you and your guests.

Candy Holders

The offer of candy can be a lifesaver in getting youngsters to behave well, as any parent knows well. A child throwing tantrums can be easily soothed. In a pinch, kids’ apparent willingness to do anything for a special treat can be a great blessing.

Of course, eating too much of it is bad for them, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re only getting treats occasionally. This tiny container is ideal in that regard. It limits how much candy they eat. Additionally, all you need to make it is a flower pot and a glass bowl.

Household Decorations

There are countless uses for recycled flower pots. While they were made to hold plantlife, they can also act as vessels for all sorts of decorative displays. Just take a look at the picture below if you’re in need of inspiration.

To keep them in use all the time, you can alter what you put within them according to the occasion or time of year. In winter, you could create a Christmas-themed display, while in the summer, you could transform it into something a little more tropical. Springtime could be all about fresh blooms, while fall would give you a chance to explore Halloween or autumnal themes.

Tiki Torch Holder

Tiki torches are an entertaining and reasonably priced way to light up the night and turn your outside area into a tropical haven. They can be used to light up shadowy garden walks or for outdoor gatherings, and they also deter biting insects so you can have a swat-free evening.

Though it looks complex, this DIY tiki torch is actually easy to create. Put a tiki canister in the center of a planter pot that has been filled with gravel and stones to illuminate the area at night.

DIY Smoker

People are constantly looking for novel and convenient ways to prepare their food and enhance its flavor. A flower pot grill and smoker can upgrade your barbecue experience! This is a great way to try smoked meat if you’ve never done so before.

A flower pot smoker is a great intro to the art of smoking food as it requires very little investment but delivers fantastic results. All you need to get started are a couple of large terracotta flower pots, a grill inside to place the food on, and coals to provide the heat and smoke. 

Food Pots

Whether you’re having mac & cheese with the kids or sharing a special meal with close friends, the dinner table is a special place. It provides the excuse you need to take a break from the fast-paced world and savor the easy joy of being with others. Impress your guests with a distinctive food server to elevate your family feasts.

Why not serve shareable food in miniature flower pots to encourage conversation? Because they’re so simple to scoop up, side dishes like guacamole, coleslaw, and others are perfect for these containers.

Flower Pot Wreath

A wreath made of flowerpots offers a lovely, cozy decoration for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The pots can be used to hold real or fake plants. You can choose from a selection of plants and paint the pots. For a hardy, long-lasting wreath, try planting succulents or air plants in cactus mix or lightweight perlite.

You can create the design using planters from your backyard rather than purchasing them from a store. This gives off a beautiful, rustic vibe, especially if the tiny containers are filled with a variety of adorable plants.

Aquarium Decorations

It’s a lot of fun filling your aquarium with various aquatic-themed decorations, but this endeavor doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep an eye out for fun items lying around your home or patio, such as an old flower pot.

Do you own a timid fish that enjoys hiding from prying eyes? A strategically placed clay container can give your fish the feeling of being hidden while still giving you a fantastic view. Your little fish will love the narrow cave, and from the outside, the flower pot looks like an artifact from a long-lost civilization.

Flower Pot Chandelier

This homemade terracotta chandelier looks beautiful when it is packed with herbs and flowers, and it is a novel way to display plants from a height. This creative sculpture breathes new life into an outdated chandelier by switching out the lights for flower pots. Isn’t it gorgeous?

This piece can be made to stand out even more if you repaint the chandelier a vibrant and eye-catching color. To give the chandelier additional flavor, add some flowering plants, and place it on a balcony where guests can see it easily.

String and Wool Holders

Do you occasionally struggle with knotted string or wool? These holders are quite efficient, making them a great idea for you or the knitter in your family. After all, nobody wants to lose time over knotted yarn!

A terracotta pot should have a hole in the bottom, ready for feeding out a ball of wool or yarn. The loose end should be threaded through the drainage hole. To cut the twine to the correct length, simply tug on the end when you need it. You won’t have to rewind the ball since the terracotta pot’s weight will keep the ball in place and prevent it from rolling away.

Flower Pot Wind Chimes

Days with a lot of wind are rarely enjoyable if you’re out running errands, but if you’re at home enjoying a quiet day, they can be beautiful. If you have wind chimes hanging in your garden, windy days can be even more delightful. The sound of them jangling in the wind can be quite soothing, especially if you use a material like terracotta that makes a gentle, unintrusive sound.

Make music for your garden out of little terracotta pots. Choose a series of small pots and nest them together by creating knots in a strong length of twine. You can add some old cutlery in the center to create the right sound. 

Plunger Holders

To make your bathroom feel cozier, it’s a good idea to bring in houseplants that thrive in a warm, humid environment. Just be sure to select a variety that doesn’t need too much sunlight. Of course, there are other ways to use flower pots in the bathroom.

Make a colorful organizer for your plunger in the bathroom out of a medium clay pot and saucer. To prevent toilet water from spilling onto the floor, be sure to line the bottom of the saucer. Additionally, remember to occasionally clean the plunger holder (or delegate the task).

Dessert Cups

Although flower pots were intended to be used in the yard, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere in the house. With this hack, you can transform plain flower pots and saucers into lovely dessert stands.

Your party attendees can enjoy their cake and Instagram it too with these custom-made flower pot cupcakes! Simply place a liner at the bottom of the container, fill it with your favorite dessert, and then decorate it with frosting, crushed Oreos, or icing. Use green biodegradable straws for the flower stems, and stick real flowers in the top. 

Cupcake Stand

Why not take it a step further and place your flower pot cupcakes on a pedestal constructed of larger flower pots? You only need a few pots and saucers. To make them stand out, generously paint them in a variety of vibrant colors before gluing them together.

Place the largest pot at the bottom with its saucer stacked on top, and continue to create tiers with smaller pots and saucers. This will ensure proper weight distribution. Then, feed your loved ones some delectable sweet delights while putting your new creation to good use.

Flower Pot Person

Nothing checks all the boxes quite like these incredible DIY flowerpot men when it comes to bringing a bit of charm, character, and good humor to your garden! With only a few easy steps and some inexpensive tools, you can transform your outdoor living spaces into the envy of your neighbors.

Your house and yard will gain oodles of unique charm if you add a pot person like the one pictured above. It’s easy to see why people find them so charming. All you need to make this happen are ropes, pots with drainage holes, and glue.

Dog Treat Container

Are you sick of continually having to search the cabinet for that package of delectable treats for your four-legged friends? You try to shift them to a more convenient location, but you still find yourself fumbling around, wondering who moved the treats from where you last left them.

Put an end to disorganization with a DIY flower pot dog treat dispenser. This is the perfect way to show off your pet’s snacks and ensure they’re always where you last left them. No one is likely to move this big, beautiful pot from the place you like to keep it, so your dog can always rely on a treat when it deserves one. 

DIY Zeer Pot

Even in the finest of conditions, the summer heat can be intolerable. The only solace you have is the cold beverages and snacks you store in the refrigerator, but what if you’re outside and don’t feel like making the effort to get up and go into the kitchen every time you want a refreshing treat?

A pot-in-pot refrigerator is the answer! Often referred to as a Zeer pot, this is a straightforward device made of two terracotta garden pots, some sand, and water that can maintain a cold temperature to preserve cold treats. Follow the design pictured above, and you’ll have your own terracotta cooler for the backyard! 

Drink Stand

There is nothing better than a cool drink on a hot summer day. It’s the ideal approach to relieve the oppressive heat while also keeping yourself cool. If you own one of these beverage dispensers, having a stand for it would be a smart idea.

With flower pots and saucers, you’re all set to create a sweet garden party look. Pick a saucer made of terracotta that will fit the drink dispenser’s base. For the clay pot to support the weight of the dispenser, make sure the base is substantial.

Flower Pot Pincushion

This is a great project for someone who enjoys sewing and other forms of handicraft. It may also suit someone who is in charge of fixing everyone’s clothes around the house or is just beginning to learn to sew. All you need to make this pin cushion is a recycled flower pot, some fabric, and a cushion ball.

These are fantastic for collecting little pins in one location. Cover the cushion ball in fabric, glue it inside the flower pot, and then decorate the outside however you see fit. 

Bread Tin

Who needs to purchase a baking pan when they can simply use a flower pot from their garden to prepare cakes and pastries? Naturally, it would need to be thoroughly cleaned before being used in baking. Who would have believed it was feasible to bake in a flower pot?

The container should first be soaked for about 20 minutes. Next, grease it with butter, add the dough, and then pop it in the oven to bake. After around 25 minutes, you should have a lovely little loaf of bread to eat.

DIY Room Heater

Making pot warmers is quite simple. You could already have some of the necessary supplies in your house. A little candle flame’s whole heat is concentrated into a single point by the heater, which subsequently aids in its outward radiation. More heat will emanate if two or three terracotta garden pots are placed on top of one another.

You may really create a small heater out of your old flower pot by placing a candle below an upturned pot that is resting on some bricks. While this hack is effective, it is important to note that only smaller spaces can benefit from its heating abilities.

Rain Chain

Rain chains might be useful, but they can also be rather beautiful, with all that gorgeous water pouring through cups over chain links and landing in a river rock basin.

You only need a few clay pots, a length of chain, and a smaller chain that fits through the pots’ holes for this project. Each pot will fill with water and then overflow into the one beneath it. This process continues until the water reaches the clay saucer at the bottom. Fill it with pebbles to complete the effect.

Wine Holder

Wine bottles can be arranged in flower pots if you’re a novice wine collector. If you only have a few wines from each category, grouping them together is a good idea, and terracotta is an excellent material for keeping them at a consistent temperature.

Clean the flower pots first, then glue them together in the desired pattern and insert wine bottles. To achieve a more rustic appearance, you may also add some plastic grapes. You will then have quick access to wine the next time you need it.

Pendant Lamps

You might believe that the lighting arrangement in your home is largely fixed and that you are only able to add a few lamps to the installations that already exist. The truth is that you have far more freedom than this. A DIY pot pendant light can change the atmosphere of your room while maintaining the rustic feel.

All we need to add a touch of nature to an interior space is some repurposed terracotta garden pots and a ceiling cable set. With these, you can create your own ceiling pendant lamps. Make use of sturdy ceiling hooks to hang the pendants.