Wild Photos That Seemed Normal Before A Closer Look

A British inventor produced the world’s first photographic image way back in 1834. Since then, there has been a revolution in the art, to say the least. With digital cameras on every smartphone these days, even a regular joe has a world-class device right in his pocket. And the internet is right there, to catalog it all!

With zillions of pixels out there, the internet can be a real rabbit hole. It’s a digital treasure trove of surprises, and some can be hard to believe at first sight. It’s time to test perceptions, and see the best of the best — no photoshop involved!

Total Hair Scare

There are hundreds of Tarantulas species out there in the jungle. Most people hope to never encounter one, against their will. Why are they so big? Are they poisonous? The mystery around these spiders is significant. Looking closely at this photo, it seems one traveler is about to find out more! Will she survive?

Imgur / middylin

Yes, according to National Geographic: ”Insects are their main prey, but they also target bigger game, including frogs, toads, and mice. The South American bird-eating spider, as its name suggests, is even able to prey upon small birds.” Still, yuck!

Pretty Handsy

Actors have quite a job to do here: A family photo fit for an ad is hard to achieve. But here, these strangers have created a pretty convincing scene. Mom, dad, son, and daughter alike are cozy in loungewear. Who wouldn’t want to buy a set of their very own?

Imgur / alymac

The price is affordable, too! On one hand, this could be a real money saver for the cold months. On the other hand, there are way too many hands in this photo! Dear old dad has at least three of them pictured here, and that’s one too many for most. Who is shopping for a sweatshirt with three sleeves, seriously?

It’s Kittyflage

Cats have many natural abilities that astonish humans in their homes. With lightning-quick feet and a highly attuned sense of smell, it seems like they were built for secret missions. Their whiskers even seem psychic, sometimes. Who knew they also had natural camouflage?

Reddit / ankiakhil

Even the biggest feline fans will be surprised by this perfect match. Here, kitty lies peacefully waiting to pounce. It seems like this might be a cat nap. But a closer look reveals a patterned blend with that blanket. The mouse — or man — will never see the sneak attack coming!

Green Dream

Everyone has their color, when it comes to fashion. Professional stylists do have recommendations on how to find the perfect tone. But at the end of the day, style is highly personal. This guy seems to be a very big fan of green, no matter where he is. Even against advice, on this couch!

Reddit / natural_hue

It would be easy to miss that he is even here, in real life, or in a photo. He runs the risk of being sat on in the short term. In the long term, he might be missed in an album. But judging by his smile, he doesn’t mind at all. It’s funny, and he’s going with it!

Living on the Edge

Carrie Bradshaw made running through the city in stilettos an art on television. But in real life, it always seemed a lot harder. How can an adult woman really get around on tiny little sticks, like that? The laws of physics are hard to deny forever. Today, one fashionista is trying her luck. How is it going so far?

Imgur / CasualJ355

It seems she has been pretty lucky as she tries to walk across a drain. But even the most experienced daredevils know that eventually, their luck runs out. One inch off, that step will be a twisted ankle — and a broken shoe!

Hostage Husband

“I take thee to be my wedded wife, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part,” he said. An endearing sentiment! But what did his shoes say, behind her back?

Imgur / badfishnow

Guests at this woeful wedding probably noticed the code on his soles. H-E-L-P is carefully painted on, for everyone to see. Did he go through the act, or did someone save him at the alter? The internet has no idea. But the photo will be there, to have and to hold, evermore!

A Secret Admirer

Some accuse bodybuilders of vanity. Maybe it’s not true, all the time. Motivations can be hard to pin down, without mindreading powers. But posing in the mirror all day does seem a bit vain! Here, a secret figure is lurking in the background. Is he hoping to join the lifestyle?

Imgur / MeatheadMilitia

One user posted the photo with a caption to explain: ”My friend went to the Rhode Island Comic Con and was photobombed by Batman.” As everyone knows, this superhero has no need for brawn. Billionaire Bruce Wayne has every gadget at his disposal, making up for biceps. But he does seem a little jealous. Doesn’t he?

Model Material

Fashion is a funny business. Even though the general public buys the clothes, not every figure is selected to display the creations of designers. These days, a typical store mannequin is around six feet tall, with a 24-inch waist, 34-inch bust, and 34-inch hips. Artists make all the limbs pretty narrow. How does that compare to a real-life runway model?

Reddit / kraven420

Almost identical, actually! And for most, that’s bad news. Understandably hard to attain, one woman has decided to beat the slim system. Posing over a detached display torso, she’s long, leggy, and viral online!

It’s All in the Gaps

Some paintings just seem to have eyes that follow the viewer. It’s a neat trick, and it’s been used for centuries! An optical illusion is a visual puzzle, and it’s not easy to create a good one. Bending reality with angles and shapes is a feat that only a master artist can achieve. What’s this, right here?

Reddit / Several-Series

Looking at the columns on this ledge won’t give away the secret. Focusing on the spaces in between? Now that’s where the magic really lies. Cleverly here, naked ladies are in plain view!

This is a Cake, For Real

Sure, it seems like a man. But look closer, and see the gruesome truth: This body is not human in the least. It’s cake — vanilla cake, with flesh-colored frosting. Right now, his legs and arms are being served to a hungry crowd. It’s a little perverse how he’s smiling about it all!

Twitter / @horror4kids

Eccentric culinary creations are becoming a huge hit online. There’s a lot that can be done with sugar, as a medium for art. Expertly sculpted into a human face and body, every viewer did a double-take. And then, a few more!

Breaking With Tradition

It’s a beautiful day, out in paradise. But wait, what this? This strange stop sign is no camera glitch. It’s one of many in the great state of Hawaii, and it turns out there is a real history behind them. Why has the classic octagon gone blue?

Reddit/ classieders

Just a loophole, it turns out. According to Hawaii state law, it’s a total no-no to copy an official traffic sign on private property. To get around this, residents put up similar versions, leaving behind the red. Even if they aren’t official, they do warn well!

Spot the iPad

Searching for lost object is no fun, and when it’s expensive device, it’s gut wrenching. One Reddit user posted this picture online to explain his frustrations. For 13 days, he scoured the earth for his beloved iPad. Where did it turn out to be?

Reddit / LeafOfTheWorldTree

Well, it appears he wasted nearly two weeks. The answer was a good one in the end, because he found it. But it’s a little embarrassing: Look closely to see it was by his side the entire time. Just waiting for him, right on his car seat!

That Christmas Charm

Ho, ho, ho. It’s that time of year again. And one warm city is full of decorations, even if it doesn’t really snow. Fro Christmas, local lamposts and houses get their fair share of twinkling cheer. Only a scrooge would ignore the palm trees!

Twitter / @jkline86

There have been some complaints, about this one. Looking closer at this picture, nothing seems off. Red and green are definitely classic colors. And the lights nicely outline every inch of the trunk and leaves. It seems well-executed, really. Why the city officials are complaining, is anyone’s guess!

The Truth is Out There

Many claim that humans are alone in the universe. But as The X-Files taught, “The truth is out there.” Today, it looks like it has been found! One Reddit user posted their view out in rural country. Could this skyline be the sign that everyone has been waiting for?

Reddit / YoyoColo

Many speculated about the shapes of the clouds. Caught on film, something out of this world is happening: Flying saucer number one is right out front. Four more fluffy ships are close behind. At least from this angle, the atmosphere is pretty freaky!

Garlic Power

It’s universally beloved but rarely treated right. The late Anthony Bourdain once exclaimed: ”Garlic is divine. Few food items can taste so many distinct ways, handled correctly. Misuse of garlic is a crime…Please, treat your garlic with respect…Avoid at all costs that vile spew you see rotting in oil in screwtop jars. Too lazy to peel fresh? You don’t deserve to eat garlic.”

Reddit / vseznayka

Fair enough, chef. And point taken! But what would he think about this specimen? Clearly, someone took the time to peel a fresh one. Bizarrely, it’s all fused together, as one big ball!

Knuckling Through Life

This bizarre photo was posted on a forum online, and readers went wild. Looking closely at the hand, it seems like something major is missing. Is the nail? No, it’s not. It’s the knuckle! The owner of these thumbs offered a theory to the bewildered public.

Reddit / solve_PvsNP

According to that Reddit user: ”I used to suck that thumb till I was 13 or 14…for some weird reason it helped me calm down a bit. It seems horribly silly now. I guess the thumb-sucking might be the reason”. Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for certain: It’s one of a kind, so far!

The Disappearing Dog

It’s the age-old question: Stand out, or blend in? Mother nature has all sorts of tricks to escape capture. National Geographic explains the phenomenon as follows: ”Camouflage, also called cryptic coloration, is a defense mechanism or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance, usually to blend in with their surroundings. Organisms use camouflage to mask their location, identity, and movement.’

Reddit / mildlyinteresting

But here, it’s just a little doggo, hanging around the house. Why all the hiding? With a perfect rug like that, maybe it’s just hard to resist the game!

Grilled Cheese Hoax

Grilled cheese sandwiches have been paired with tomato soup for generations now in the USA. They were popularized around the last turn of the century. And they’ve stuck around for good reason: Everyone loves a good ooze and crunch! It’s American as apple pie. Except in this scenario, it’s grilled cheese. Or is it?

Reddit / SadlySaca

Actually, it isn’t. A talented baker made a cake look an awful lot like one. Shockingly so! Sometimes, food tricks are mean. But in this case, it wouldn’t be so bad. Come for cheese, stay for the hidden chocolate!

Way Too Many Legs

Behold, yet another excess of limbs. This optical illusion is hard to sort out, without guidance. Pictured is a girl, bent on one knee. Then, her other two knees. Who has three knees? It’s disturbing and disorienting. Everyone agrees: It’s important to figure out what’s going here!

Imgur / ELHafidELMehdi

Never fear, internet. There is more to this photo than meets the eye: What appears to be an extra leg is actually a vase. See the top, and the open hole? Now that everything is in focus, it’s a lot less freaky. But wearing identically colored tights didn’t help the matter!

Double Trouble Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is more than an afternoon, in many cases. Breaking up a picture of nature or a complicated urban scene into a thousand pieces is no easy fix. That’s part of the challenge! Humans have been enjoying this parlor game for at least three hundred years now. Thank the Brits for this one!


As fun as one hobbyist hoped it would be, a snag quickly came up. Here, two pieces in the box are pretty much the same. Although the picture is not yet complete, it is double trouble. One for the puzzle here, and two for the puzzle missing its piece out in the world. Sad times!

That Wrinkle Though

Dumbo was not only adorable, he was designed with care by mother nature. Why do elephants have such giant ears? Scientists say they provide protection from the heat, flapping around to cool down. And since they can grow to be up to six feet long, that’s a serious fan!

Twitter / @ilustreverton

Even though elephant ears are always amazing, this one is extra special. Something is hidden in the natural wrinkles, and it’s hard to ignore. Is this a human face, or just a coincidence? The debate is hot, and the internet can’t decide!

All Just Bricks in the Wall

Bricklaying is a gritty, hard-working life. The profession is key to making cities what they are, and homes as cozy as they need to be. But here, it looks like some shoddy work was done. Look closely at this pattern. Anything odd that stands out?

Reddit / earthquade

Yes, it seems so. Brick, brick, wooden block, brick. There’s a first time for everything! The oddity is totally cemented in the wall, and it’s not coming out. The wood looks pretty similar. But it’s unlikely not to rot over time. Quick fixes are not always the best, are they?

Hello, Hippo

Love is in the air, and sometimes it needs to be official. When it’s time to propose, many people want a quiet, intimate setting. Others go big on the baseball stadium camera. Here, one couple is enjoying a proposal about halfway between. But look closely: Someone is photobombing this magic memory!

Reddit / Bman4500

Who is stalking them at the zoo? Is it an ex, invading their privacy? No, it’s just a baby hippo! That added cuteness made this photo one of a kind. Maybe they missed it at the moment, lost in their commitment. Maybe they have poor side vision. Never worry: The internet sees all!

A Stunning Selfie

Social media has its addicts. While some may use it to keep in touch with friends and family, others use it for self-love. How much time should people spend time on their own image? Whatever the magic number may be, the trend keeps going, year after year. Real selfie sticks don’t help!

Twitter / @BattlerMegaton

Today, there’s yet another moment of vanity. But maybe if things get gross enough, this gal will reconsider her time. It’s easy to miss, but her followers probably won’t: There’s a dog drinking out of the toilet! Instagram fail, zero stars.

Faces of Fashion

It can be daunting, on changing room duty. But working retail has its perks: Insider discounts, and access to the latest trends before anyone else. But today, things got pretty freaky in the tee aisle. Look closely at the photo. Is that a face?

Reddit / mildlyinteresting

The folds are caught at the perfect moment to see the truth. Could this be a message from the ghosts of fashion past? What are they trying to tell the world in poly-cotton? It’s not clear why this paranormal activity spontaneously erupted. But it’s hard to ignore, lurking in the summer line!

Fiercely Fluffy

Doggy beds are a key home accessory, beyond the leash and bowl. For one, it discourages sleeping on the big bed. For another, it provides so much joy in itself! There’s every reason to buy one. But free advice: Try to get a color different than the pet!

Reddit / hedgybaby

Peaceful as things may look, the bliss could end in a second. Will no one fix this blunder? Hidden in plain view, this cream-colored darling is enjoying a nap. If anyone steps on the bed, there’s going to be a big squeal!

Booze is in the Air

Weddings are best when drama is minimized. But sometimes, that just isn’t possible! Looking at this photo, everyone seems perfectly romantic. That is until the background comes into focus. A Reddit user posted this memory online for laughs. He explained: ”Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fainted.”

Reddit / DanAykroydFanClub

The internet certainly had a laugh, too. Why did it happen? There are two main theories. Maybe she is a sufferer of narcolepsy. Or maybe the likelier explanation is true: Blackout bridesmaid! Weddings have a lot of free alcohol, don’t they?

King of the Cacti

It’s easy to miss this one, but look up! These pedestrians are amazed to see what really grows in their neighborhood. It seemed like a tree, by all accounts. Who could be blamed for think so? But the truth is a bit pricklier: This is one gigantic, monster cactus!

Reddit / pelayomartinez

Most people have a tiny one, in their house for decor. Others have seen some in the wild, on a hike. Here, there’s a bit more bang for the botanical buck. And conveniently, all the spikes are way up high. A win-win, in cactus evolution!

Operation Shut Eye

Cars are just not convenient, past a certain point of urban density. NYC certainly passes that threshold! According to the city, their subway is pretty busy. With 5.5 million riders oper day in 6,684 subway cars, it’s a wild logistics operation. Statistically, at least a few weirdos sneak in without a ticket. What’s going on here? 

Reddit / fourfourjew

It’s a classic metro moment: Above, a man waiting for his daily commute. Below, a sleeping hobo. Veteran city slickers probably missed this one, since it’s so frequent underground. But Reddit sure didn’t!

Waldo Emerges

Posing for family memories on film, this blushing bride and her groom are joined by all the groomsmen. It’s a great shot, to be sure. But is there something a bit out of place? Yes, indeed! This one might need to be cropped before the final cut!

Imgur / willsingforavocados

Right in the back, there is a lurker by the tree. Dressed in stripes and a little hat, he isn’t part of the invited clique. In a way, his presence ruins more than just the planned photography. He’s way too matchy-matchy, which doesn’t mesh at all