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40 Pets Who Surprised Their Humans with Adorable Presents

Pets love a home with a big lawn where they can romp around in the sun, lay on their backs, or roll around and expend their energy. Any day outside is a great day for them to hunt too, and humans are occasionally surprised when they show up with a dead rat, someone else’s leftovers, a dollar bill, fabric scraps, and other strange odds and ends.

Keep WatchingNot unlike humans, this is their way of expressing their affection for those they love – the alphas in their pack. It is their way of telling their family that they crave attention or desire a cuddle, which means the world to them. Read more about these adorable pets and the gifts they thought would impress their families.

Gift from a Stray

Instead of visiting a neighborhood pet shop to find a pet of her own, this woman decided to feed a stray cat that she often saw roaming around her place. The cat was suspicious of the attention at first, but each encounter led to another meal, and eventually, they started to develop a bond. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Ihaveastupidcat

One day, the cat presented her with a deflated balloon, apparently from a birthday party nearby. This was the start of many more gifts brought to her doorsteps as a sign of the cat’s gratitude. 

Birth Control

Perhaps the only human that can match the playfulness of a dog is a tiny one. That said, the bond between a child and a dog can be instantaneous. It’s as if each one is able to naturally identify the impishness of the other at first sight.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/I_CAN_MAKE_BAGELS

One day this dog brought home a birth control offering to surprise its owners. The dog looks so pleased with itself, but we’re sure the owners were a bit embarrassed. Of course, the gift was an expression of love. 

Jessy and His Cucumber

This dog’s name is Jessy, and he looks like a cartoon character who’s about to club someone with his cucumber. From a human’s perspective, how sneaky his facial expression appears to be, eyeing what must be the neighbor’s cat. It’s almost like a scene from Tom and Jerry.  

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/jp5384

Jessy isn’t a bad dog at all, nor does he want to harm the feline neighbor. He just plucked this cucumber from the garden so he could play fetch with his human on this beautiful day. 

Welcome Home

Imagine coming home from work and getting an assortment of “gifts” from the dog that clearly belong to someone else. What trouble the pup will be in when someone realizes they’re missing a leather boot. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/miss_brianna

This dog is not trying to annoy its owners. He is trying to be an anti-stress pet, hoping his parents will be happy to see him with a gift when they arrive home. However, we imagine they must be exhausted and in need of some rest. 

Tough Kitty

This cat had a unique idea for a gift to give its owners. Instead of arriving home with outstretched arms, impressed by their dear cat’s efforts, the parent shrieks in shock. Of course, the kitty’s find is impressive, but it’s a little alarming at the same time! 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/grapeseedoll

Confused by the humans’ reaction, the cat’s eyes widened. It just trapped a mortal enemy with its ultra-quick reflexes and fast paws. This cute furball just wants to be rewarded for being a good hunter. 

Dog Brings Home a Friend

This dog came home with a friend, almost like a child would invite a buddy home from school to play. On this occasion, the pup had found the tiniest of playmates, and he was so happy about it. That’s the face of a dog who is hoping his human will reward him by letting him adopt his newfound friend.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/AndrewDEast

What would you do if your dog brought this home to you? We couldn’t just leave this rabbit outside since it’s been separated from its parents. Indeed, for many softhearted pet owners, this would mean welcoming a new pet bunny into the home!  

Festive Season

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and this cat decided to do something about it. Perhaps this is just the start of the kitty’s festive gifts. By the time Christmas day arrives, its family may be overwhelmed by presents.  

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/carlyylalaa

How adorable would it be if your pet brought a new Christmas decoration home every day? Perhaps we could all learn from this cat – the true meaning of Christmas can be celebrated any day of the year. 

Another Companion Animal

Cats are stealthy hunters, and unlike dogs, they do not bungle their way around. So, expect a dead rodent in your bedroom from time to time, or a small bird snatched from the branches of a nearby tree. This is what cats do for their family. It’s their way of trying to teach the humans they love how to hunt. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/adstop

Thankfully, the owners of this cat were able to rescue one of its victims before it was too late. The baby rabbit (which, by the way, is also called a kitten) was completely unharmed, and it’s clearly too cute to not be adopted. 

Bowwow Care

We treat our pets as family, even like kids, which is natural considering the amount of time we spend with them each day and how much space in our hearts they occupy. However, this dog seems to have it the other way around, acting like it’s the parent taking care of its helpless litter. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Edibletapes

He emerged from the pantry with a bag of buns in his mouth to offer to his family. With caring eyes, he nudged closer, trying to encourage his loved ones to eat. What a sweet pup.  

How Bizarre

Dogs can easily dig under a fence, just as cats can leap over them, and who knows where they go once they’ve made their escape. Occasionally, when they decide it’s time to return, they pick some souvenirs to give to their owners.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/briacoboni

Who knows what those gifts might be or where they may come from. It all depends on where the adventurous animal’s whims lead them. Who’d have thought this doggo would go to the effort of bringing home a deer skeleton? It makes you apprehensive about what it might drag home next. 

Cats Hunt for Fun

Some pet owners might think that feeding their cats more often would stop them from roaming the streets and hunting other animals and bugs. However, even our domesticated cats are thrill-seekers who love chasing critters around, even when they aren’t driven by hunger. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/itsnaomikatt

They don’t just hunt birds or bugs for food but also to appease their competitive nature. This cat presented a pair of beetles to its owner as trophies of her sport. She may even be expecting her owner to eat them!  

Good for the Heart

You’d be surprised by what this dog has in common with an onion. Out of nowhere, he came out running back home to present a ball to his human; a ball that must be extra special because it has a pungent smell and it’s juicy too. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/itsnaomikatt

Dogs, like onions, are good for the human heart. Both are antidepressants that can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s clear that he really means well here. How could you resist throwing the onion for him to fetch? 

Play Catch

Siberian Huskies look tough like wolves, with sharp eyes that seem to penetrate your mind. However, in reality, most of them have such a friendly demeanor that they are a great choice as a family pet. They like to play a lot. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/idavidca

In fact, they must play hard each day or their excess energy can make them destructive. It looks like this husky got carried away playing catch to impress its master. He caught a dove instead of a ball. Luckily, the bird wasn’t harmed.  

Little Bandit

Cats like to take their time and live at their own pace. Unhurried even as the world churns and revolves around its various day-to-day cares, they sleep for up to sixteen hours a day. Nope, they don’t have to be hungover to do that. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ReverseCommute

During their waking hours, cats love to show how creative they can be. Not just a skilled hunter, this cat loots the neighbors’ backyard, hunting for kids’ toys, like this shuttlecock, to catch its human’s attention. 

Cats Care About Their Humans

Cats have been unfairly portrayed for a long time as being indifferent to the feelings of their human companions. Memes to that effect are all over the internet, further fueling that general misconception about our feline friends and their aloof behavior. This adorable facial expression clearly contradicts the idea that cats just don’t care. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Stoned_BaristPhoto courtesy of reddit.com/Stoned_Barist

Studies have shown that cats can be sensitive to how people feel and respond accordingly. She may not be as expressive as a dog, but this cat tried to come up with something unique to cheer up her owner, presenting a dry leaf with honor. 

Born to Hunt

Leaving a front gate slightly open activates the wiener dog’s curiosity and desire to hunt, and out it will go in search of the day’s spoils. They are born to hunt, and in spite of their small size, they are tough and tend to be stubborn. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/shorterthan-ur-avg

With its long body and short legs, this dog is capable of slipping inside small holes, finding its way under low slung beds, scavenging cabinets, and fitting snugly in the heart of his master with this prized marshmallow.

Baby of the House

This dog had been the baby of the house for some time, but then a child came into the picture. The poor pup is struggling with the changes around the place and is jealous of the attention being given to the newest member of the family. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/volcomp

The cute doggo finally caught the attention of its owners by sucking on the infant’s pacifier, behaving just like a baby would when begging for a little time and recognition. He wants life to be like the old times again. Those eyes are saying, “love me like you used to!”

It’s Hot Outside

Most dog lovers enjoy spending time out in nature with their beloved pets. Knowing that this is something her owners love to do, this dog approached her mom with a straw hat. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/iFargle

This might mean the pup wants to protect its owner against the rays of the sun, but being a golden retriever, this gesture might also mean it wants to play fetch with the hat! It looks cute either way, and we’re sure this won the dog some affection. 

Variety of Presents

In the cat world, money doesn’t hold any value. Toilet paper, important documents, hundred dollar bills – it’s all the same to this feline. This cat is, however, aware that humans seem to have a thing for paper, so she’s done her best to find plenty of gifts they should appreciate.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/FredIsANiceGu

A ball of yarn is a premium object in the eyes of a cat, and this kitty is clearly waiting for approval. Not to worry, the cat seems to say, as the yarn comes with some top-quality toilet paper on the side. 

Death on the Doorstep

The neighbor was terrified one afternoon and was about to call the cops after a pet parent next door screamed at the sight of death on her doorstep. This terrifying skull stank of decay, and for a moment, the poor woman couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/CharIieBronson

As it turns out, this was all Kaya’s fault. The dog came bounding up, all excited for her owner to see the gift she’d brought home. Kaya was completely unaware of the disturbance she had caused, nor did she have a clue that the police were so close to being summoned. 

An Unlikely Pair of Pets

Out of nowhere, a duckling showed up in the backyard, causing the house cat to stiffen. The feline stretched her claws and allowed her hunter’s instincts to take over. She readied herself to grab and kill her unsuspecting prey. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/chickendinosaur

Out of nowhere, a new instinct took over. Instead of piercing the duckling’s neck with her fangs, the cat picked it up gently and presented it as a new pet to its human. This was the start of a peculiar yet beautiful friendship.

Kill to Impress

This little hunter has so much to prove to gain the respect of its master. Alone, especially at night, eyes reflecting the moonlight, it hatches the most extraordinary strategies and plans. The cat’s last hostage – a red slipper – didn’t get the nod of approval. A baby snake did no better. So, the little killer came up with this idea. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/mssugarginger

The cat was sure that snatching a bird from the air would impress its owner and earn it a reward. To the poor kitty’s surprise, its owner was not at all impressed with this “gift.” 

New Toy?

It was a reasonable decision for the homeowner to adopt a dog after the burglaries he had heard reported on the radio. Living alone can be hard, so those news reports were the final push he needed to adopt a puppy. Little did this man know what he would be bringing into his life. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/John_Broad

Truth be told, his dog quickly learned to patrol the property, marking its territory and ensuring its owner remained safe. When it found its first intruder, however, it wasn’t exactly what the homeowner had been expecting!   

Curious Cat

Cats often behave in the most peculiar ways. Indeed, this is perhaps what we find most adorable and relatable about them. We see our own idiosyncrasies in them somehow, and it makes us feel understood. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Anna_Banananana

Felines are very intelligent and curious. It’s really not strange at all that this cat wants to play with his human’s toy soldiers. He’ll make good use of them, just like a child would. 

Thick Lips

This dog showed up in the living room with thick orange lips, making the human members of his family crack up in fits of laughter. He had no idea what was so funny, but he was glad everyone was having a good time. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Steve4444

Clueless as to why his parents couldn’t stop laughing, wagging his tail, eyes seeking an answer, this dog went from person to person, making them laugh even harder. What a cutie!

A Flower for the Master

A new dog’s parents decided to take it out to the countryside for some time in nature. They walked ahead as the pup detoured into the grass, exploring the great outdoors. They all enjoyed the sun, the light breeze, and the scenery.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/foltranm

To their pleasant surprise, this little one came bounding up to them with a flower and an adorable sidelong smile. This was the day the pup forever earned a place in their hearts. 

Gummy Smile

Moving to a new home is quite an adventure. It’s a novel experience that may keep us sleepless with anticipation for nights before “the big day” arrives. As you unpack and arrange everything in your new home, your dog will have a field day exploring its new territory. 

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/9GAG Cute

This is what happened to the owners of this pup who came back from his explorations with dentures firmly planted in his mouth. As you can probably imagine, it took a while for the owners to be able to compose themselves enough to snap these pictures. 

Play Fetch

They hadn’t played fetch for a while and decided this was the day to return to regular physical activity. Both the dog and its owner were full of pent-up energy and in need of some fresh air and sunshine. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Ripsaw99

Their game of fetch came with an unexpected twist when the doggo returned with a potato instead of the ball that had been thrown. Too many days spent indoors must have made it lazy!  

They Get Along

The general understanding among pet owners is that dogs and cats don’t get along, so the person who took this photo thought they had to choose one or the other. He selected a dog that could guard his home when he’s away for work, and that was that (or so he thought).

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/NikonNights

At times, the dog would gnaw on its owner’s shoes or drag in toys it had broken. One day, however, it truly shocked its owner by bringing a tiny kitten into the house. Who could say no to adopting this little cutie? Now, this dog owner gets to be a cat owner too. 

Flowers for the Lady

Friday nights are all about being pampered for this dog’s owner. She’s a single lady who is more than happy to swap a night on the town for staying in to watch a film with her adorable pet.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/andeeortz

It looks like this golden retriever has learned a few lessons from nights they spend together watching romantic movies! From now on, it’s going to be hard for any Tinder dates to impress her. 

Romantic Cat

Cats are sensitive to your feelings, although they tend to act aloof. They like to stay away, not just from people but other pets as well, appearing to be sulky or unsociable.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/thoughts-of-an-x-factor

This cat likes to chew on flowers in the garden. Sometimes, it gnaws them off the stem entirely so it can present bouquets of pretty pink flowers to its owners. Strange, but cute!

Pretty Thief

Like a thief in the night, this pretty cat snuck into a gathering in a neighbor’s backyard. It crept stealthily under their noses toward the pool area where the food could be found. Cats don’t have to be desperately hungry to steal from the table. Their sense of entitlement gives them all the confidence they need to take what they want. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/erigunn

Well-fed and pumped full of adrenaline, the feline decided it was time to bring something special to its owner. Imagine discovering that your cat had gone to a party without you!  

Eat This

If left to their own devices, dogs will eat almost anything. The muck they ingest could make them sick, triggering gastrointestinal pain. This explains why they eat plants and chew on leaves – this odd behavior actually settles a dog’s tummy.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/LandPirateSarah

This must be why the dog rooted this plant out of the garden after watching its human struggle with a hangover. It thinks it has the perfect cure!

Please Stay

The time has come for an employee to move on, having shifted to a new career path. It’s hard to let go after years of friendship with co-employees, and even the boss feels a little sad to see the person go. However, such decisions must be made in this dynamic corporate world.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/rdsyes

The one office member who doesn’t understand at all is this poor, sweet pup. It’s brought out all its special toys as an offering to convince the person to renew their contract instead of leaving. 

Here’s a Throw Pillow

Like a child passing through a milestone in their mental development, this dog has developed a strong affection for its throw pillow. It’s something the dog feels it can’t sleep without, night or day, having become familiar with its touch and smell. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ZombieScorpion

The cute pup takes the pillow all around the house, but this time, it’s offering it as a special gesture to its owner. It’s willing to give up a treasure for somebody it truly cares about. That’s love. 

Paying Rent

Having a dog in the house can make anyone feel less lonely. Their wholehearted loyalty and devotion often rub off on their owners, helping them become better people thanks to their faithful furry friends.  

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/dudley_the_dog

This dog seems bent on going above and beyond for its owner. It does all the things expected of it, infusing joy and color into the household, and on top of all that, it pitches in for the bills. What a team player!

Payment for What?

This cat puts a lot of thought into the gifts it brings in for its owner. It avoids the messy, muddy things dogs often go for, and unlike some other felines on this list, it knows not to drag in any freshly killed creatures. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/taddyrxxx

What it likes to do is place a clean, crisp leaf on the floor and then wait for the humans to react. It’s almost as though the cat sees this as payment for services rendered and catnip delivered. Perplexed by its behavior, the owners snapped this picture to share with the internet.

Cute Debris

Dogs love little more than smelling things, which is why it’s important to let them do plenty of sniffing when you take them on walks. In addition to having a calmer, happier pooch, you could end up with an incredible surprise in your hands if you allow your dog to freely sniff around. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/kdottcdott

This person’s dog discovered something it had never encountered before: a moving stone. Being the sweet pup that it is, the dog decided this strange discovery would make an excellent gift for its owner.


Some dogs have real jobs, just like their masters. They may work with the police, offer their services as therapy animals in hospitals, or assist people with mobility problems. They do get paid for their valuable service too. 

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Endur

This dog works as an usher to his owner’s guests. It’s something the pup does for free as it loves meeting new people and getting them anything they need. How sweet!

Rat Executioner

Because they are natural-born predators, cats can’t suppress the need to hunt. They may target birds, insects, and even lizards. When an opportunity arises, cats jump on it, even if it makes them sick to the stomach afterward.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/r0w4n1

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all good at hunting. This cat is pretending to have caught a real mouse. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness. It’s all just for show.