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Hilarious Tweets: A Sneak Peek into the Lives of Millennial Parents

Millennials were born just as the digital era was taking off. Now that they have kids, it’s time for a whole new level of parenting. Some millennials swear by apps to check on their little ones, while others prefer to make sure their kids are in bed with one scroll through their Snapchat stories.

There’s something out there for every parent, no matter how mom and dad-fashioned you are! So, in this article, you’ll get to see what happens when Millennials become parents. Here’s a hint: They’re rather hilarious! How do they do it? Here’s a sneak peek into their lives.

Two Different Dads

You may need to get yourself a tissue while looking at this picture. It’s so sweet seeing a father taking care of his daughter while her husband is taking care of her baby. Being a parent is truly magical, though it certainly isn’t for everyone.

We feel so happy knowing that the baby will grow up with not just loving parents but also caring grandparents. This is a true testament to the fact that there’s no turning back when you become a parent.

She Has a Point

Let’s start by saying that we respect all you parents out there! Being a parent is not easy, especially for those who handle the birthing side of things. After giving birth, before their body has fully healed, many have to take care of their newborn as if they didn’t spend nine months carrying them and a couple of hours of labor.

This post speaks so much truth. If you think maternity leave is time off, think again! Because from what we see, parents have to tend to their kids 24/7 during infancy. If you wouldn’t be keen on working nonstop in the office for months on end with little sleep, then don’t make the mistake of calling maternity leave “time off.” 

Getting Hit By a Truck Full of Karma

Imagine getting dumped just because of your hair. That’s insane! It’s 2022, yet there are still people who judge you based on your physical attributes. When will humans learn to value personality over appearance? C’mon! No offense to the mother of this woman’s ex, but we don’t see anything wrong with this woman.

Indeed, when karma hits you, it’ll hit hard. Hopefully, grandma will learn from this experience. We just hope this woman lives a happy life with her beautiful kids, a mature man, and a loving and caring mother-in-law because she deserves that.

Blessed Children

Have you ever noticed that you’ve reached a new level of pettiness in your life? We think we might have! Surely, whoever posted this tweet can relate to us. Telling the world that flawless skin is wasted on kids is definitely petty. However, we have to say, we totally agree! Kids haven’t yet developed the self-consciousness to care about their skin.

Maybe it’s the food they eat that gives them glass-like skin. We won’t deny that we are jealous. As adults, we are expected to always look our best (as if we don’t have enough worries), but this is also the time of life when we get to experience the joys of pimples and wrinkles.

Top-Selling Album

Mothers know best! Yep, they do. They know when and what to say every single time. We’ve all experienced this – having to listen to your mom’s script whenever you refuse to follow orders. How many moms bust out the famous “I am not asking you, I am telling you” anthem?

The best hits from our mother eventually come in handy, despite the fact that we all promise as adults that we won’t turn out like our parents and that we’ll raise our kids differently. Well, jokes on you!

Simple Parenting Hack

Kids really do believe everything adults say. It’s scary but at the same time beneficial to the parents. We are not advocating lying to them. However, there are specific situations where doing so might be pretty advantageous. Right?

This isn’t exactly lying. All she did was evade the witch question, and now, she can convince her son to do things like pick up his toys or clean his room on command. Perhaps now is the moment for millennial parents to apply the knowledge they gained from watching Harry Potter as kids.

The Unknown Enemy

One of the many things that parents have to face is quarreling siblings. Although they’re normal, sibling fights still give parents headaches they don’t deserve. Imagine sitting peacefully in your living room, and then you hear screams upstairs – that would be a total mood killer.

Before you know it, you’re already in their room, trying to make sense of what’s happening. Poor Sassparilla got a glimpse into her upcoming ten to fifteen years. Well, what can we say but welcome to parenthood!

A Valuable Lesson

Yes, women want equality. However, that doesn’t mean we forget about being human. As a human, we are taught to give priority to elders, people with disabilities, and pregnant humans because they need it.

This man, over here, believed that the moment was right to discuss equality. Take note! He was talking to a pregnant woman, and he got the best karma of his life for being rude and sassy. Next time, learn to know when the time is right to say something you think is “witty.”

The Sweetest Boy

We love to see grandparents and grandchildren having the sweetest relationship ever. It speaks so much about how well their parents raised them. We love it when grandparents show their grandchildren that being different is actually fine.

Sadly, not many grandparents can do that, but luckily, this tyke has one who does just that for him. The sweetest thing is that this kid values that so much. It’s amazing that he understands how important his relationship with his grandma is and that he goes out of his way to show her how much he values her.

Commercial Gone Wrong

Kids do believe everything! Just take a look at this tweet, and you’ll see how one commercial influenced this kid. Bless his little heart for being so pure, and bless his parents for not bursting his proverbial bubble.

The crisis begins when you consider how to explain to him what the advertisement really meant. We hope his parents keep doing this until one day, a look of understanding washes over his face, and they all laugh together about his adorable misunderstanding. Until then, they can enjoy their companionship each time they clean their teeth.

Someone’s Going to be Grounded

Respect the elderly, kids! That’s it. It’s more important than you know. What? Do you want more? Ok, first of all, they might know your darkest secrets. And second, you’re eventually going to age, just like they did!

This person encountered a bratty teenager, and we love how she taught her a lesson. Whatever you choose to call it—Karma, for example—she deserved it. Attention everyone: Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable is more important than wearing clothes that are trendy to teenagers. Remember that!

Pampering Oneself

Self-care is something we should never forget, even after having a family. We need to do it to become the best version of ourselves. That way, you can give your best to your family and the world. If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s going to be really hard for you to take care of anyone else.

We appear to have completely lost sight of the idea that living life to the fullest involves embracing the peaceful quiet time we need to refuel. If you have kids, it’s a lot harder to find time to take care of yourself. That is why we salute all the parents around the world. Iris, we salute you too!

The Inner Old Lady

We have heard people talking about their inner child, but nobody talks about the inner old lady inside them, ready to judge anyone who walks by. Our inner old ladies are always popping up to have their say when we least expect it.

Millennials are channeling their inner old ladies, using social media to blast people with their opinions, saying inappropriate things in public, and snuggling up in bed before the sun has even had time to set. We are here for those early nights, and who doesn’t love it when someone says something thoroughly inappropriate? 

We All Need a Wise Wife

Let’s start by saying that Adam is lucky to have such a genius wife. We’ve seen the movie, and while we never would have thought to word it this way, it is the most accurate thing we’ve ever seen written about a movie. We give her Alien review five stars!

This is certainly one of those times when wifey knows best. Ripley was serious about everyone’s survival and knowledgeable in her field. We can only hope that everyone will learn from this film review and remember who to listen to when things get out of hand!

Mom’s Love

You know what? Whatever happens to you, you will always find someone that will look at you and say, “I got you!” For us, it’s our moms. Just like this tweet, our moms are always there to support us. They have a knack for letting you know that you’re never alone, which we’re so thankful for.

If we ever saw a mom do this for her daughter, we would extend our help in a snap. Teamwork always makes the dream work, as they say. It’s always cool to see people taking care of their families, even if it involves a bit of light vandalism. Take note! Millennial parents have their own ways of dealing with things. 

Not Much of a Difference

There’s always a debate about what is best for young tots. Honestly, we think you’ll just know the answer when you become a parent. And no matter what you do, your kids will probably end up eating stale fries you forgot were in the back seat—which is hilarious because most millennials also did this as kids!

When we were kids, no one ever batted an eye if we found an old, forgotten French fry and enjoyed a little surprise snack in the back of the car. We knew they were stale, but we never once thought our sneaky fry-eating would be immortalized in a meme. 

The Struggle of Being a Millennial Parent

You’re at fault, Kristen. Going to the bathroom when your child has a zoom class is prohibited, according to the teenager’s rule book. Seeing you with them is also prohibited, and don’t you ever forget that.

Honestly, we don’t really get what teenagers nowadays are thinking. You do something perfectly normal, and they get upset because it’s not “cool.” Do you know what’s not cool? Being so dramatic over everything. Just be thankful for what you have, kids.


Disclaimer: Not every boomer is like this. So, yeah! Some boomers have selective memory loss when it comes to parenting. In contrast to the generations before us, we understand that parents are responsible for raising their children and are not babysitters.

We’re not sure why this is a newsflash, but the father is also responsible for taking care of the kids. They are also parents, which some boomers seem to forget. It’s a fact that we shouldn’t neglect. Taking care of the kids is their responsibility, okay?

Mean Girls

This is a classic movie for millennials. And if we have daughters, we’ll probably let them watch this one again and again. Why not? They will learn valuable lessons, including how we should not judge people by what they wear or what they have. Everyone has feelings that matter just as much as your own.

People might wonder why it became a hit in the first place. Was it because of the storyline? If you ask us, the wardrobe and soundtrack made this movie memorable. It has become a cultural reference for millennials. The outfits may be outdated now, but the message is still something we can all relate to. It’s not just a movie about clothes but a life lesson to carry into adulthood.

How to Channel Dolly Parton

Millennials have access to a wealth of resources that previous generations never could have imagined. Teaching children about work ethic has been challenging for many parents, but there are some ways you can help them be better workers and learn important skills on their own.

How we wish we could be like Dolly Parton, who can work 9-5 and be good at everything she does. People know her as an actress, businesswoman, singer, songwriter, author, and entertainer. We all want to be like her in our lives. However, we don’t have her knowledge or talent. Any tips?

Sounds Like a Plan

To the guy who posted this, you’re doing things right! Keep on spreading this ethos so it reaches millions of people around. Debauchery is undoubtedly the key to a woman’s soul – and a clean house too! Seriously, a clean home and a bottle of wine are all you need to be happy.

So, to anyone who’s in search of a way to make their wives happy. Here’s a tip! It’s as simple as 1 2 3. Surprise them, including food and drinks, and don’t forget to clean the house before she wakes up! That’s the most important thing! 

The New Way of Parenting

As millennials, we saw how the world changed from pre-technology to what it is now. That includes how parenting works too. Growing up, we’ve learned that shouting isn’t the best parenting method, and neither is laying the smack down. Now’s a good time to start changing the narrative, parents!

It’s never too late to change how we raise kids and not resort to violence. Have you heard about gentle parenting? Instead of yelling, take them somewhere quiet and talk to them. It is important for them to understand what they did wrong and why that behavior is not acceptable.

A Life-Saving Advice

This piece of advice is really one of the best tips ever. It’s the ultimate life-saver. Just say, “I need attention,” and voila! Magic happens. It’s a simple sentence that expresses everything you need in one neat package. Simple and easy!

If your partner isn’t responding to your cues and giving you what you want, consider being honest about it rather than getting irritated – your entire relationship will shift as a result. We all have our own internal life, and although we wish our partners could read our minds, they cannot.

Kim Has a Point!

Thanks for speaking up for us, Kim. When parents get sick, they often try to focus on their children the best they can instead of getting some rest. It is important that parents focus on getting well and not just on providing care for others. It’s hard enough when parents come down with a cold, let alone if they are caring for the whole family as well.

Kim’s tweet made us realize that, yeah, maybe this might help. Of course, tranquilizing your whole family just for you to rest is an idea that resides far from the realms of the possible. Although it is a really tempting offer, we can’t see it becoming a mainstream solution to parental illnesses anytime soon! 

Parenting Dilemmas

This version of Brad Pitt is one all parents can relate to. What else are we expected to do when life becomes disorganized and chaotic? Put on a smile, take a sip of coffee, pick up a cigarette (not that we condone smoking), and forget about everything for a couple of minutes.

Too much work, too little sleep, and some personal issues can bring you to a very dark place. But you can be okay again if you embrace this chaos-loving Brad Pitt energy. After a quick break and a good laugh with friends, you’ll be able to face your problems head-on and get things done.

Another Realistic Solution

Thank you, Robert! You should work with Boomer Bass and write a book. We would definitely buy it! One of the problems in our society is the creeps. Sometimes, it feels like we can’t do anything without hearing creeps talking about us, which is so annoying!

This is so true, and the pockets thing is no joke. Did you know some women’s clothing is made to look like it has pockets, but those pockets are fake? What kind of cruel game are clothing designers playing? Give us real pockets!

Sounds like a Fair Trade

No offense to the older folks out there, but the first part of this meme is such a boomer thing to say. And we don’t blame them for it. Boomers grew up during a time when men went out to work, and women stayed home to cook and clean. We’re just glad that time is in the past.

People of all genders can cook for themselves, right? The internet is full of cooking instructions and recipes, so there’s no need to place anyone in a stereotypical box. If some random woman does want to cook for your man and he’s up for it, be sure to ask her to take care of the cleaning while she’s at it. 

Gentle Parenting

Gentle parenting is the in thing, remember? We can’t explain how much millennial parents value treating their children with respect, even if they’ve done something wrong. The gentle parenting ideology has been around for decades, but it’s now becoming the dominant parenting strategy in many parts of the world.

The idea of moral superiority may sound like hippie nonsense. However, forceful discipline gives kids aggressive and anxious behaviors in return. By contrast, gentle discipline makes children more cooperative and relaxed. In other words, tough love really makes kids tougher (not just more stubborn), and there are many good reasons to break the harsh old traditions if they were passed down by your parents.

The Emperor Has Spoken

This person has a point. It’s not wrong to want or not want a baby. There are so many factors to consider, and parenting is not for everyone. All this talk about whether or not to have a baby is just silly and doesn’t get us anywhere.

Not everyone in society has to have kids. In fact, if our population keeps growing, we will inevitably get to the point of unsustainability. Our planet may be large, but it is finite in size, and it is already showing signs of being stretched to its capacity resource-wise.

Gentle Parenting Gone Wrong

We’ve been stressing how essential the gentle parenting method is, but sometimes your patience just runs out. It’s funny thinking how much parents try to use that kind of approach, but when a child doesn’t learn what she should and starts breaking things, it’s hard to keep your cool.

It can be frustrating to see that your parental methods aren’t working, and this could lead to frustration on both sides. In such situations, it’s best to deal with your feelings before continuing with the conversation. Don’t try to change what is happening right away. Give yourself some time to cool off, and then circle back to the discussion.

Louder for the People in the Back

Reading this is so satisfying; if we could turn this into a billboard, we would. There’s something about having toxic people around you that makes your life feel harder every day. They just do things that make you rethink your life decisions, or worse.

That, I think, is one of the traits of most millennials. They aren’t shy about distancing themselves from people who cause them pain. It doesn’t matter if it is a family member, a close friend, a neighbor, or anyone else who is close to us. Toxic is toxic, and it’s okay to walk away. 

Little Individuals

Your child doesn’t need to be just like you. They are entitled to make their own identity. If you become a parent, learn to give them the freedom to make their own path. Let them make their own mistakes. You’ll probably screw them up in some way, no matter what you do, so just try to make the road a little less hard.

We’ve learned something about being a parent: Do not set out in advance to raise a child as if you are raising a clone of yourself. Parents should try instead to raise healthy, well-adjusted children who are able to fulfill their potential and are prepared for life in the big, wide world.

The Importance of Privacy

Parents should learn to give their children their own privacy. Make a habit of asking them first before entering their personal space. Children frequently feel pressured to perform an action they don’t want to do to appease others. Though we do all occasionally have to do things we don’t enjoy, these moments should not feel like they are happening to us against our will.

By giving children their own breathing room and choices, we help them develop a sense of self-worth and self-confidence, and we also provide them with the opportunity to pursue their own interests. They can spend time doing what they are passionate about without feeling like they are being forced into something they don’t want.

A Wholesome Twist

Being kind to others is a good trait. Sadly, not everyone acts with this virtue in mind. Kindness is something we should practice in our lives, as it is something we can control. We feel very proud of this child because he is already practicing being kind to others at a very young age.

What’s surprising is that he never bragged to his mom about his kind actions. He never told her how generous he was being with his lunch. He just carried out the action in order to help his friend who was in need. We hope they continue to be close and support each other as much as they can. We also hope the little boy’s mom is doing well. 

A Genuine Question

As true as this is, we must never lose sight of the fact that men also have to suffer from “man flu.” We don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s some disease that makes them act like they’re dying for days.

Apart from that, what else does man have to suffer? Women have to face menstrual cramps every month, which is a hell of a ride. Plus, they have to conceive a child. We don’t know, but we feel this is not a fair trade-off. Anyone?

Not Cool, Man

Can you imagine a person getting mad over a sandwich being given to a pregnant woman for free? Well, this really happened! Maybe he was offended because he wasn’t given a free sandwich? If that’s the case, he should try being pregnant first.

Respect is important, regardless of your status. Pregnant women have to experience pain, discomfort, and all sorts of difficulties during those nine months. You never know what a pregnant lady is experiencing when you encounter her, so learn to be respectful, Mr. Sandwich Man.

We’ll Gladly Subscribe

OnlyGrans? Sounds fun! Sign us up right away cause you know they know best. If there are recipes in there, we’ll be purchasing a lifetime membership. Teach us hacks about handling children, and we’ll pay right away.

Grandparents are the best teachers. They teach millennials like us what we need to know to become effective parents. There are so many lessons on how to be a great parent that we need to be taught. Because new parents are so busy trying to understand their children’s strange ways, grandparents can be the perfect teachers.

Thirty Is The New Twenty (or Whatever)

As teens, we couldn’t wait to reach 30 because we thought we would have our lives together. If you’re a teenager thinking that way now, we hate to break it to you, but that’s not exactly what happens. Don’t get us wrong, we wish you the best in life, but most of the time, the only difference you’ll get is the aches you experience over time.

Trust us! We millennials were once in your shoes. There are a lot of things we still need to figure out, and we’re not entirely sure we’ll ever have our lives in order. We’ll just have to thank Google for the help every time. So, don’t grow up fast – enjoy your teens.

The Millennial Way

Do you know how millennials handle people they don’t like? It’s easy. They just carry on not liking them. Okay, it’s not that easy. They have to be clever about how they go about not liking them and make sure it stays covert.

They can keep the mutual friend setting, but Facebook should also implement these “mutual block” lists. This would be an excellent tool for instantly seeing if you’re likely to vibe with someone. Can somebody reach Facebook now? We need this! How about you?

Never Asked Women Why They Don’t Have Kids

Having a baby is a choice, not an essential life step. Never ask a woman why she doesn’t have children, ever! Yes, many of them are simply enjoying their childless lives to the fullest, but many more have tried for years without success.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. They need help to stay strong when they grow tired of trying again and again. You must find ways to help them stay strong by keeping their spirits up high, no matter how many years it takes them to succeed.