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Baby Oil Hacks: 30 Ways Baby Oil Can Make Life Smoother

Despite the name, baby oil is not just for infants. If this statement is hard to believe, it won’t be by the time you finish this article! There are many ways baby oil can make your life smoother – both literally and figuratively. In fact, it can probably even save the world.

Okay, we may be exaggerating slightly with the whole “save the world” thing. But when you discover the skin softening, leather shining, and bug repelling properties of baby oil, you’ll understand why we’re such fans. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the many uses for baby oil. 

Wax remover

If you regularly wax your body, you know the feeling of having to contend with the icky wax residue left on the skin. It can be difficult to remove, especially if the wax dries up and clings to your hair. You might even feel you have to live with the waxy residue for the rest of your life.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this sticky problem. All you really need to do is pour a bit of baby oil on a small swab of cotton and wipe the waxy area with it. The purpose of the baby oil is to make the waxy residue soft enough to loosen up. Eventually, it can easily be wiped away. Amazingly, this works as well with ear wax as it does with body wax!

Makeup remover

There are dozens of ways to remove makeup. You can use makeup remover wipes or place a few drops of micellar water on a cotton swab. But you can also use a cheaper alternative – baby oil! There’s no need to fork out tons of money on fancy products. A simple and affordable bottle of baby oil will do the trick.

Make sure to keep a bottle handy in your bathroom cabinet. The best thing about baby oil? It’s gentle on the skin but powerful enough to remove thick makeup layers. It can even take away waterproof makeup. Plus, it causes no skin irritation. What’s not to love?

Shower gel extender

Regular users of shower gel know how much they get through in a month. They also know how many bottles they have to buy because the product runs out fast. Who knew shower gels could drain such a large portion of your finances? Fortunately, you need not succumb to the financial burden brought on by having to buy tons of shower gel.

Instead, simply top up your shower gel with baby oil. This will make it more moisturizing and luxurious, and the product’s quality or effectiveness will not be compromised. Adding baby oil makes your skin feel softer and more refreshed due to the oil’s natural moisturizing quality.

Smooth shredding operator

Believe it or not, baby oil can assist companies to shred unwanted documents. Who knew baby oil can actually be a key ingredient in keeping top-secret files away from prying eyes? Since shredders require regular maintenance, they need to be oiled consistently to make them function well.

All one has to do is take a cotton swab, pour some baby oil on it, and use the oil-swabbed cotton to wipe the blades. Immediately, you will notice an improvement in the machine’s paper shredding power. It’s a hack every office worker needs to know. 

Chewing gum remover

You may or may not be a regular gum chewer, but it is inevitable that you will encounter some form of it at least once in your life, whether you like it or not. Merely standing, sitting, or walking can make you fall victim to the dreaded sticky gum left by a notorious gum chewer. You may end up having to remove gum from your shoes, shirt, jeans, or hair. If you fail to remove it immediately, expect to be haunted by the sticky residue forever.

Removing gum is a nightmare unless you know the following baby oil hack. All you need to do is soak the gum-covered area in baby oil. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then you should be able to simply roll it off.

Necklace detangler

The process of detangling necklaces is frustrating, especially if you’ve been at it for hours, but no detangling is actually happening. Sliding the necklace’s various components from each other can be tricky because everything is so dainty and intricate.

Thanks to baby oil, the task is not an impossibility. It also takes away any of the frustrations involved in necklace detangling. There’s no need to throw your tangled necklace in the bin. Simply dab a few drops of baby oil on the chain, and you’ll be able to slick the tangled links apart.

Temporary tattoo remover

If you’ve ever had a temporary tattoo but then realized it wouldn’t really be appropriate for work or school, you probably know the difficulty of having it removed despite the claim that it is temporary.

You could even end up wounding your skin or irritating the area from scratching it too much. Avoid this predicament by simply applying a tiny amount of baby oil to a swab of cotton. Apply it to the temporary tattoo until you see it slowly transfer from your skin onto the swab.

Sticker remover

Stickers are harmless fun until you can’t get them off. What looks like a fun and benign animated sticker character on the wall can easily turn into a nightmare when it stays there long after you forget that animated character’s name and your kid goes off to college. Even if you manage to remove it, there may be some residue left.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. All you need to do is wipe baby oil on the sticky residue and then watch it come off with ease. If the sticker is a bit difficult to remove, rub the baby oil vigorously on the surface you want to clean. Any sticker residue will easily go away. 

Massage improver

Massage is one of the best acts of self-care you can give yourself. It is a relaxing way to rid your body of stress. Having an oil massage makes the process a lot more relaxing as the barrier between the hands of the masseuse and your skin is removed. Consequently, the nerves feel more at ease, and the skin becomes more pliable.

Though some are more than ready to fork out tons of cash on the best aromatherapy massage oils, doing so is unnecessary as all you essentially need is baby oil. There’s no need to seek out an exotic oil when this simple product will do.

Squeak remover

It is common for a lot of houses to have a squeaky door, padlock, or floorboard. The common solution for such issues is the ever-reliable WD-40, as it lubricates all things squeaky. But if you don’t have this in your house, you can use another product that is just as effective.

Baby oil functions in the same manner as a WD-40, and it’s a lot cheaper. Simply pour a drop or two on the squeaky hinges or between the cracks of the floorboards, and listen as the squeaks go silent.

Paint remover

If you are into DIY and prefer to paint your own house instead of paying professionals, you definitely know that the process can be very messy. It is inevitable that you will get paint on yourself and on different areas of the house.

Though you could try to scrape the paint off, cleaning it up is not always that easy. Fortunately, you can use baby oil to make the crusty paint stuck on your clothes, skin walls, or floor soften until you can easily take it off without any hassle.

Skin moisturizer

Though baby oil gets its name from the fact that it’s mainly meant for babies, this does not mean you can’t use it yourself. The gentleness of baby oil makes it ideal for all skin types. It is one of the best natural moisturizers because of its ability to lock in the skin’s existing moisture.

As a result, skin becomes soft to the touch and remains naturally hydrated. It is impossible to have dry skin when baby oil is regularly applied. A lot of people prefer to spend cash on costly moisturizers when a basic baby oil will more than suffice.

Cuticle softener

A lot of people take care of their nails and cuticles. Some feel the need to spend a lot on nail care. Though taking care of your cuticles is a must, it need not be expensive. It is easy for cuticles to harden and become rough. But you don’t need to go to the nail salon to have it fixed – all you need is baby oil.

Nail salons place oil on cuticles to make them soft. You can easily do that yourself at home. Simply drop some baby oil on your cuticles and massage it gently. Regularly doing this can soften your cuticles immensely. The best part? It’s super cheap!

Leather shiner

Whether you have a leather shoe collection or a leather couch, you probably know how sensitive leather is to scuffs and scratches. Worry not! You can easily clean any scratches from leather, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Simply whip out the baby oil you probably already have in your bathroom cabinet, and buff it into your leather items to keep them bright and shiny. Baby oil also helps keep dirt away from its surface as it functions as an invisible barrier against dust, scratches, and grime.

Wooden furniture shiner

Wooden furniture is an elegant item to have in the home. Unfortunately, keeping it scratch-free is difficult. Some people shell out a lot of money for its maintenance yet find it still prone to scratches after a few weeks.

The best you can do in such a situation is to not look at the scratched wooden furniture in order to keep your anxiety at bay. Thankfully, there’s a better solution. Wiping baby oil on wooden furniture can easily cover any scuffs and make it look as good as new.

Ring remover

Everyone has experienced trying on an old ring but suddenly finding it stuck on the finger and difficult to remove. It seems like the ring will never come off.

Some mistakenly believe they need to cut the ring off just to free their finger, especially when they’ve lost circulation in the area. Thankfully, the solution need not be so dramatic. All you have to do is lubricate the affected finger with baby oil and slowly pull the ring off.

Shower curtain cleaner

Bathroom shower curtains usually collect mildew and moisture, causing them to look worn. The edges are where dirt gets trapped making a once-white bathroom shower curtain dark and dirty.

Most people prefer to throw such bathroom curtains away and buy a new one. However, this is totally unnecessary. Spending tons of money buying tons of shower curtains is a no-no when you can simply wipe those curtains with baby oil. In general, baby oil is great for keeping bathroom items shiny and clean.

Earwax loosener

It is common for people to feel grossed out by earwax, but it’s a natural product of the human body that actually protects the eardrum. Unfortunately, some people make more earwax than others, and if it builds up, it can become bothersome.

Fortunately, baby oil can help save these individuals from the discomfort brought on by earwax. Oil aids in loosening up any wax in the ear. A small drop of baby oil in the ear canal can help any earwax melt away freely. 

Bathing oil

A relaxing bath is the ultimate way to care for yourself. There is no better way to bathe luxuriously than to use the perfect bathing oil. Mere water and soap simply will not do.

Fortunately, you need not spend money on costly bath oils. Regular baby oils can give your skin the exact same feeling of softness and silkiness. Plus, baby oil is a natural skin moisturizer, so go ahead and splash a few drops in your bath to create a relaxing experience.

Adhesive bandage remover

A lot of people believe in the tough love philosophy and prefer to drastically remove a band-aid from the skin as quickly as possible. We all know how uncomfortable that process is. Doing so can also make the wound hurt or bleed even more. At times it could even leave you with a painful red mark on the area.

The best and most painless way to remove plasters is by applying baby oil and waiting a few minutes before peeling the dressing off. This ensures that the process of plaster removal will be totally pain-free.

Golf club polisher

Using golf clubs on a regular basis can cause smudging and dirt to accumulate. So, golfers are judged not only by how well they swing but by how shiny their golf clubs are. A clean golf club may not make you a better golfer, but it does compensate for those times when your swing could use some work.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep the sparkle in your clubs. You don’t need to invest in expensive polish. You simply need to whip out the baby oil. Buff your golf clubs and then watch them glean in the sunlight as you stroll the greens.

Cracked heel softener

Dry skin is so common that it affects millions of people all over the world. A good number of the population have cracked heels. Not only is this condition uncomfortable, but it is also a pain to look at. It can cause some women to feel very self-conscious.

One of the most effective ways to keep skin from getting dry is hydration. Baby oil can keep skin hydrated all day. Simply rub baby oil on the feet and the heels regularly. Expect the skin to become soft and retain its moisture eventually.

Steel appliance smudge remover

Steel appliances are common in most kitchens. Though they are very durable, they do smudge easily and need to be regularly maintained to keep them from looking dirty. Fingerprint smudges can ruin an otherwise clean stainless steel surface.

Fortunately, cleaning them is a cinch. One only needs to use a common item found in any home – baby oil. Placing a drop or two of baby oil on the smudge and wiping it away using a dry cloth can do wonders. Expect a bright and shiny stainless steel kitchen. 

Close shave improver

Dry shaving has the tendency to rip the surface of the skin and leave it with uncomfortable red marks. What should you use if your shower gel or shaving foam runs out?

The best way to avoid cutting yourself shaving is by slathering the area you intend to shave with baby oil. Doing so creates a protective layer that allows hair to be removed from the skin without hurting yourself. This trick is so effective that you may end up replacing your old shaving cream!

Colored pencil blender

Those who are serious about arts and crafts appreciate the value of experimenting with colors. Stepping away from the comfortable confines of conventional lines and hues may be a necessity if you want to make something new. Blending colored pencils is one way to practice creativity.

However, watercolors can be expensive. Thankfully you need not be limited by your finances – you can simply use baby oil. Dip your paintbrush in it and start to blend and shade any colors you want. 

Car dashboard cleaner

A car’s dashboard easily gets mucky and full of scratches and smudges. If you have the habit of cleaning your car religiously, you need a way to effortlessly maintain your dashboard’s purity.

If you can’t help but get into the nooks and crannies of your car to keep it neat and orderly, you need an effective cleaning agent to make this possible. All you need is a bottle of baby oil. Just drop a small quantity on the dash and wipe it away using a cloth. For very small spaces, use a q-tip dipped in baby oil to access those hard-to-reach areas.

Lotion reviver

Most everyone is tempted to use newly released lotions and expensive beauty creams for their skin. Some people buy more than they can actually use. This results in a ton of beauty products being left in bathroom cabinets unused.

No worries, though. Never mind that time has wreaked havoc on these beauty products because baby oil can help them return to their former glory. Simply pour a tiny amount inside the bottles and shake. This helps loosen up the hardened creams, making them usable once more.

Nail polish framer

If you don’t regularly have your nails done in a salon, you probably do it yourself. And when you do it yourself, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with some color on your cuticles. It is, after all, quite difficult to maintain perfectly steady hands when doing your own nails.

Though you can simply clean up your mess with a nail polish remover, it is easier to prevent this from happening in the first place. You can do this with the use of baby oil. All you need to do is frame your nails using baby oil. Doing so produces a layer between the skin and the nail polish, preventing it from sticking.

Body heat maintenance

Come winter, you can wear numerous layers of clothing to feel warm. You can also stay home and avoid being exposed to the chilly weather outside. However, not many know that baby oil actually can help the body feel less of the chill.

Baby oil essentially keeps the pores of the skin tightly closed. Therefore, it doesn’t let the cold enter the skin, making you feel a bit warm and fuzzy. Plus, you get a bonus moisturizing effect to keep flaky winter skin at bay. 

Stuck zipper fixer

Most pants have zippers, and it is common for these zippers to get stuck. When this happens, it can be a nuisance, especially when you can’t afford to be late for work or a date just because you can’t make a simple zipper work.

Most hacks recommend using clips and pins to unstick a stuck zipper, but some people would rather throw the clothes away than spend time and energy on such fixes. Thankfully, you can easily fix a stuck zipper using baby oil. Simply place a few drops on the zipper’s teeth and watch it loosen up. Then, easily slide it back to its regular position. 

Hand grease remover

If you usually work with automobiles or any type of machinery that uses grease, it is highly likely your hands get dirty a lot. Unfortunately, regular soap and water won’t work.

It is very difficult to fight off grease. But you need not worry as baby oil serves as a simple but effective solution. You can rub oil on your hands, swish it around, and then wash it off under running water. The grease will automatically attach itself to the oil and easily wash off once rinsed.

Mosquito repellant

If you reside in an area where mosquitoes buzz and circle around people’s heads regularly, you may have used all the bug repellents known to mankind. At times, these repellents are toxic and have a horrible scent.

How would you feel if you discovered that you need not tolerate these pesky repellants and can instead use a natural one that is safe and easy to apply? The baby oil in your bathroom cabinet can be used to drive mosquitoes away and save you money.

Lip softener

Everyone has dealt with chapped lips at one time or another. Sometimes, it can even lead to painful and uncomfortable lips. You need not tolerate this discomfort as there is an easy solution to this problem.

Besides regularly drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated, you can use baby oil to keep your lips moisturized. To soften dry lips, mix baby oil with sugar and lemon juice and apply it to the lips as a scrub. Doing so will slough off any dry skin and keep the lips looking fresh.

Keyhole lubricator

It is common for metal to rust and become stiff and squeaky due to regular use. The same applies to keyholes. This is why it becomes difficult to get keys to work in old keyholes.

When faced with a stuck lock, some prefer to replace the entire unit or purchase a costly lubricant. However, all these steps are unnecessary if you have baby oil. It functions as the perfect lubricant that will make challenging keyholes a breeze to open. For best effect, it is advisable to similarly lubricate the key. 

Dust remover

Dust around the house is annoying. It is difficult to ignore and can be quite frustrating. Even if you have wiped all the dust away, it seems to come back before the day is through.

Removing dust is actually easy as long as you use an effective cleaning agent. By pouring a sufficient amount of baby oil on a dry cloth, dust can actually be picked up effortlessly. This will allow you to keep your house relatively dust-free for a longer period of time.