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41 Teens Looking Gorgeous in Their Mother’s Prom Gowns

Prom dresses can cost an arm and a leg, and it’s such a shame they’re only used for one night. But what if they could be used for twice as long? Let’s take a trip down memory lane for those moms whose daughters choose to wear vintage prom dresses rather than buy them online or support fast fashion. Some of the outcomes are just stunning, and we couldn’t be more excited for a fashion flashback.

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We think it’s wonderful that these teenagers chose to don classics. By donning the prom dresses their mothers wore back in the day, a beautiful thread is woven, crafting a story and sense of continuity between generations—plus, think of all that college money that would have otherwise been lost! We think these girls are stunning. So have a look at their dresses and catch yourselves in awe. 

Like Mother Like Daughter

These two are the spitting images of one another—almost like a mirror image! Despite its age, the dress seems like a modern piece. It just goes to show that some works of art are ageless. This is a fine example of a vintage classic radiating with richness and refinement.

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The high neckline and the silver design on the black background create a lasting appeal. The matching shoes, haircut, and dangling earrings are a little different but complement the look perfectly in each era. They’re like twins! Of course, the fact that the teen on the right is the daughter of the teen on the left helps.

Velvet and Lace!

Mixing and matching different fabrics and textures is fun! This lady replicates her mother’s style perfectly—down to the pearls—but with her own twist. The deep burgundy velvet is a favorite of ours. The white lace stands out in such a lovely way—it’s stunning!

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However, fashion has changed since then, and we think going without white gloves was smart. Based on the pictures taken at the time, the glove look seems to have been particularly popular for prom frocks in the 1980s and 1990s.

Heading to Prom in Style

This young lady decided to channel her inner “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when it came to her outfit, dressing in a black A-line dress with strapless sleeves. The exposed neckline and more conservative length provide a striking visual contrast to many dresses stitched today.

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When this teenager decided to remove the trim, stockings, corsage, and gloves from her mother’s old dress, she upcycled it into something completely fresh and new. This looks like it belongs on the Met Gala red carpet, don’t you think? Our hearts swell with adoration! 

Four Ladies and One Dress

This great-grandmother with the perfect taste was the original owner of this vintage dress, and she wore it for the first time in 1962. The three generations of women who followed in her footsteps were able to appreciate the beauty of this dazzling piece.

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The light pink satin and the bow on the back are things that princesses are made of, and the fact that the great-granddaughter paired it with a bejeweled updo is just the icing on the cake. What an absolute fairytale. 

Posing With Dad

The photograph on the left was taken at a military ball in 2003. In comparison, the picture on the right was taken in 2016, only a few hours before the senior prom. This dashing gentleman must feel an overwhelming sense of pride in posing with both his wife and his daughter.

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Despite the fact that these photos were taken over a decade apart, the garment still has the look of a classic. We love the dark blue texture, practically dripping with luxury. Those strappy tops and the bright blue are a fantastic match.

Sparkles in a Cherry Red

Take a look at this recently formed family tradition. Here, a daughter chose not to don the wired pearls in her hair, but she looks absolutely stunning in her mother’s vintage prom dress! A sense of continuity is sometimes all that is needed to provide stability and comfort in an otherwise mad world.

Twitter/ @megan vo_

The dress hasn’t lost any of its vibrancy, and the new glittery buttons are the perfect little finishing touch. Also deserving of praise is her date, who sported a bowtie that matched her color code. It’s so cute!

With Sequins, It’s a Flashback

Wow, take a look at those dazzling turquoise sequins! We’re getting mermaid vibes from this one. Her clothing is a stunning shade of bluey-green, and this teen found matching eyeshadow to fit. Now not only does her dress sparkle, but her eyes, too!

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The dress definitely caught everyone’s attention, especially with the pretty matching eyeshadow. When daughters of the original wearers don their vintage dresses, it’s incredible to see how the garments take on a new life and personality! It’s just fantastic!

Stunningly Beautiful!

Sequin tops and black satin skirts are a match made in fashion heaven! This girl gave her mother’s outfit a modern twist by removing her mother’s gloves and opting for a simple manicure. Going gloveless makes arms look longer and more slender, but gloves were popular accessories in the 1980s and 1990s.

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As far as we’re concerned, recycling, upcycling and repurposing apparel aren’t just good for your bank account—it also helps save the environment. You can only imagine how much less waste we would produce if dresses were treated more like precious family heirlooms.

High Class

Is there a piece better than a strapless dress that falls just above the knees? Despite its age, this dress, reminiscent of a 1950s Dior, appears stylish in whichever year in which it was first seen on the catwalk.

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This girl, dressed in the turquoise classic, decided to forego the long white gloves that would have made her look more formal and mature. Instead, she chose some adorable gold strappy heels! She had a fashion sense that was ahead of its time.

Upcycling for Prom

In case you’re out of the loop, “upcycling” is when you take something old and rework it into something shiny and new. It isn’t just returning something—it’s sending it “upwards.” This young lady brought her mother’s gown into the 21st century by chopping off the sleeves and decreasing the length of the long, pale pink dress.


We can all agree that the dress turned out beautiful after this radiant daughter put her own stamp on it. Her mother must be beaming with delight and satisfaction over the beauty and talent of her daughter.

Wedding in White?

This isn’t a wedding shot—it’s a prom photo—but she looks like she’s just ready to go down the aisle, doesn’t she? We know it’s not a wedding photo, but it sure looks like it. The high neck, low back, and floor-length hemline undoubtedly give it sophistication and grace.

Facebook/ @lynne.e.lopez

And the updo also has a bridal vibe about it! We’re big fans of reusing and going retro or vintage, so it doesn’t matter if it appears a little too bridal! If this guy was the right stuff and played his cards right, maybe it was a sign of things to come?

This Dress Channels Chanel!

We’re not kidding when we say that this dress is reminiscent of a Chanel dress from the 1990s that was all over the web recently! Fashionistas will adore the sleek black dress with gold chain straps. With a simple LBD, it’s the ideal finishing touch.

Twitter/ @jdilla333

This dress is unforgettable, and the simple hairstyle and a charming corsage from her boyfriend just make it perfect! The cheeky leg slit also adds a dash of sexiness. This vintage prom dress moment has us completely smitten!

Perfectly Made for Them

In striking contrast to the straightforward sheath design, the delicate lace and beading on the neckline provide an irresistibly enticing way to direct the viewer’s attention upwards towards the wearer’s face. The slit has been done tastefully and adds a lot of vivacity to the dress.


These two really do have an appearance that is so similar to one another that it is hard for us to tell them apart! It may be the outfit tricking our eyes, or it may just be that they are mother and daughter. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Prom Dress with a Twist!

This photo appears to have been taken in the same room as the previous one, with the same grandfather clock, blue carpet, and outfit. However, with the help of her mother’s vintage prom dress, this teenager opted to don her mother’s purple gown with a sheer black overlay that had been slightly altered and upscaled.


However, the teen felt that removing the shimmering black mesh at the top while keeping the appliqué on the neckline and hips gave the outfit a more contemporary look—and we couldn’t agree more. What a way to carry the look down the line!

Like Brand New

This dress misled us the first time we saw it—it looks as though it could have easily been produced in the present day. The high neckline, cut-out arms, and flowing, drapey skirt work beautifully together to create a lovely look. This teen is just as gorgeous as her mother was 30 years ago!


It’s hard to say who looks better, but it’s safe to say that this is one of our favorite outfits on the list. Also, kudos for opting for a vintage style that also pays homage to your mother and her unquestionably chic sense of style! 

Animal Print

Is this one really making a comeback, or did someone figure out how to travel through time? It seems brand new. With the straps over the midriff, this style of dress can be found in a surprising number of tailor shop windows and online stores—right this minute.


The black and brown contrast in the animal-print pattern looks nearly tailor-made for this teen’s skin tone! She also decided to modify the outfit by omitting the gloves, which we approve of wholeheartedly. This design has a lot of retro Raquel Welch in it. This lady slays!

Going Green

This vintage number appears a great deal more vintage than any of the other dresses that we have seen on this list, but the truth is that we are head over heels in love with the green taffeta skirt that is spilling out from the bottom of the black corset.


The secret to looking good is often simply confidence. Rather than updating the look, this young lady honored her mother by wearing gloves with her outfit to the prom, and we dig her doubling-down on the vintage spur. A pair of basic black shoes and the choker take it to a whole new level. This young lady has undeniably made the dress her own by wearing it with pizzazz.

Forever a Classic

We are always on the hunt for the perfect little black dress, and this one definitely fits the bill. This young lady made the creative decision to wear the old prom dress that belonged to her mother, with a few subtle modifications!


The keyhole neckline gives off an air of sexiness, while the beaded collar eliminates the need for any other jewelry. This is how you dress effectively. This chic little black dress with a close fit is definitely one of our favorites.

Skirts and Corsets

The corseted dress with the exploding skirt was high fashion in the 1980s and 1990s! This young lady decided to wear her mother’s prom dress because she desired a more princess-like look. In addition, the corset accentuates her curves by cinching her waist, giving her a more defined figure.


We think this is a lovely tribute to her mother, and the dress compliments her very well. Her mother must have shed a few tears when she saw her daughter in the same dress she wore to her own prom as a teenager!

A Modest Return

This teen uploaded the following snaps on her Instagram account with the following captions: “So my mom found her prom dress from 1994 today, and of course, I had to put it on because it was so awful, and then I wanted to recreate her senior photographs, so here they are, haha.”


We think that rather than looking awful, they actually look rather classy—even if the first is obviously and selfie and in the second she’s clearly sitting on a laundry basket. Still, we think that if she decided to take this one to prom, she’d look stunning.

Make a statement with your LBD!

Every girl should have one! If you don’t, you need to stop what you’re doing and grab one immediately! What’s an LBD, you ask? Of course, we’re talking about a “little black dress.” There’s no way this timelessly elegant look will ever go out of vogue!


This 1980s mom was looking extra chic for her prom, and the gloves genuinely look nice here, and her teenage daughter has a similar style! This halter-neck black mini is one of our favorites, and years later, it looks better than ever!

Identical Flow

Woah, the outfit is to die for! This outfit is not only romantic and flowy but also modern in a boho-chic way! We actually kind of dig it! Dresses with an off-the-shoulder neckline look much more modern, and this is a great way to update a classic look.


It’s a beautiful color, too—it nearly seems like a plum burgundy, and it really brings out the best in this girl’s features! What a great choice to wear her mother’s gown—especially with these fantastic results!

You Can Never Go Wrong with Black

For the most part, we don’t really need Anna Wintour to remind us that black is the most classic color to wear with your clothes. It’s intuitive—and it’s something that this teen and her mother are well-versed in!

Twitter/ @caroline c99

She made a few minor changes to her mother’s outfit, including removing the cape-style shoulder covers. Nevertheless, the mermaid-style bottom is one of our favorites. With the black choker, this girl is sporting an extremely fashionable appearance!

Prom in Red

It’s safe to say that red is one of the most eye-catching colors, and it looks great on everyone! This young lady is killing it with her mother’s old prom dress that she wore to her own prom night. It’s a brilliant recreation plus it looks like a totally modern design!

Facebook/ @brad.groves.7921

Clearly, she grasped the challenge—her grin and coral-rimmed glasses accentuated the impersonation perfectly! The sweetheart neckline and side slit are nice touches. We’re major fans of this dress, and we’re sure the mother and daughter duo had a lot of fun with this one.

It’s Time to Party Like It’s the 80s!

The decade of the 1980s is famous for its wild and out-there sense of fashion. There were several classic clothing standards that ruled the streets throughout this era. Some examples were big hairdos, balloon skirts, and padded shoulders.

Instagram/ @sewmuchazucar

This stunning young woman could get away with just about anything because of her good looks, even this extra-large papillon knot that was popular in the 1980s and the layers of tulle that were used to puff up the skirt section. Our diagnosis? Fabulous. 

With Vintage Lace and a Splash of Blue

In this case, we can certainly tell the difference between the years – it’s the brilliant blue hair—clearly not from the 1990s— that gives away. The hairdo on the left is certainly out there—the 1990s were all about individual expression, after all, just like today.

Twitter/ @MelanieFlo78

Nevertheless, the black dress perfectly complements her hairstyle and makeup because of her fair skin. We actually really like this style – the dress looks fitting without being too tight, and the lace design adds a touch of elegance to the whole outfit. Gorgeous!

A Striking Resemblance

Doesn’t this just get to the heart of this whole article? Moms who have handed down their own vintage prom dresses to their daughters so that they can wear them! This time, we see that the top of the dress has been given a minor adjustment.

Twitter/ @EnglishStaci

The daughter made the decision to cut the puffy sleeves off of the dress and replace them with a halter neckline that was completed with some white satin straps. They look very similar, but the effect of both is just effortlessly stylish!

Bright Blue

Look how this bright electric blue peplum dress hasn’t aged in 30 years—what a cool throwback to the 1980s! The ruching and the peplum, when combined with this fabric, have a somewhat retro feel to them in particular, but we love the look!


Taking off the gloves and stockings and pairing this dress with a pair of plain black heels pulls it into the 21st century. And this young lady seemed to be really pleased with her decision to dress in a vintage style. Very chic!

Purple is the New Way to Go!

This dress, eggplant in color, has a cross-back design and is really quite stunning. The sophisticated cross-back element draws attention to its figure-hugging form, which features a long skirt and body-fitting top. Both the mom and the daughter look fabulous in this.


If we were being really honest, this dress appears to be of a modern enough design that might have been taken off the rack or purchased online in the present day—an excellent style of dress, to be sure. If you’ve been thinking about this yourself, take the plunge—and just remember to accessorize! 

A Lovely Mother

There is no gift more fantastic and nurturing than a mother’s love, and what a beauty she is. “Hands down, my baby wore it better than me,” a mother wrote on her Twitter timeline. This type of design is likely to be popular for a long time, as evidenced here.


Incredible: a gown in a royal blue color, with lace-up shoulder straps to give it a more modernized look. That girl must have been overjoyed, knowing that she was the only one in the room wearing that particular gown. A true original, and the dress, too.

Is the Dress or Is It Her?

Some looks never wear out! We particularly like the evergreen dress with a subtle slit on the thigh. This dress is a winner in our book because of its flattering cut, which looks well on both the mother and the daughter.

Facebook/Donna Fox Saaty

We’re so happy this girl opted to go down memory lane with her mom by wearing the same outfit! We think that upcycling is the future. People are getting smarter about what they consume these days and aren’t so easily fooled by fast fashion. What’s good for the planet is good for us!

Cherry Red Like Christmas

Okay, we can’t help but compare this to an iced cake with a cherry on top—the sheer overlay does, in fact, look like icing sugar. Don’t you think it’s even a little bit Christmassy? It’s certainly fine formal wear if you ask us, in both eras.

Facebook/ @Bekkah14

Whatever the case, this garment is still giving us heart eyes, thirty years later! This vintage cherry-red dress is really adorable. And the fact that she chose to take the same pose with her date is one of our favorite aspects of this photo comparison.

A Little Black Dress Is Always a Good Way To Go

Look no further if you’re looking for a way to liven up a little black dress. Make it smaller and add sequins! Maybe it’s just the way that the young lady on the left has short hair currently in chic today, or perhaps it’s because the dress is a timeless piece, but we were hard-pressed to figure out which one was newer—at least until we saw the background!


This girl looks stunning in a pair of black platform pumps and beautiful flowing hair! There is nothing better than seeing an old piece of clothing brought back to life in a new way!

Blue Sequins

This dress is really something! Even after a few years have passed, this vintage number from the 1980s featuring blue sequins is still a hard-hitter. The style is sophisticated yet uncomplicated, and the eye-catching blue sequins serve as the dress’s primary center of attention.


We’re head over heels with the spaghetti straps and side slit that this dress features. If this woman were our mother, there is no question that we would want to wear this outfit to our prom. Some things only seem to improve with age.

Back to the Future

This scene could have come straight out of the Back to the Future movie. This mother and her daughter have an uncanny resemblance to one another. They could easily be mistaken for twins. The mother donned her neon green dress in 1995 for prom. It looks like she had a good time, too.


Twenty years later and the young woman has just come face-to-face with a younger version of herself. It turns out that this younger version is actually her own daughter. This particular shade of green was popular in the 1990s, but as you can see, with the right accessories, it still looks great.

It’s Never a Bad Idea to Wear Black!

The little black dress—it was a winner then, and it’s a winner now. You can’t really go wrong with this choice. It’s effortless, elegant, and refined simplicity. This dress is a great example of its power; it has a cross-over neckline and beaded details all over it. Both the mother and the girl look absolutely stunning, and the dresses appear like they were made for them!


Correction—the dress looks look it was made for them! We think it’s great that these teenagers have taken to wearing their mothers’ prom dresses because it’s a lot more environmentally friendly than buying a new one. And why let good style go to waste?

Gorgeous Red Dress

It’s only fitting that we give credit where credit is due, and that’s certainly the case here. This dress’s fit has been impeccable for both of its wearers over its 25-year history (1990-2015). Luckily, its original owner was able to maintain its pristine condition over the years.


In addition, the attention to detail seen in the pendant and earrings is something that really impresses us. The mother selected a pendant and matching earrings made of pearls, while the daughter went with an intricate pattern made of geometric shapes.


This rosy peach pastel is such a pretty tone, don’t you think? It’s suggestive of springtime blooming, and it’s pristinely clean and bright. This girl chose to replicate her mother’s prom appearance, which we think she did quite successfully.

Twitter/ @TQT1990

She omitted some of the frillier ruffles and wore a red belt around her waist to give a dash of color to her outfit. It appears that this young woman took her mother’s pearls to wear for her prom night as well. And don’t their dates, in an odd way, share something of a resemblance?

Floral Dress At The Prom

We don’t doubt that this dress, with its floral design, was an enormous success back in the 1970s. In addition, this woman’s (on the left) choice of hairdo really works for the time period. That being said, the dress the daughter is wearing looks lovely as well.

facebook.com/ mindy.miner.3

And the high neckline looks great on her, and the fabric drapes gracefully over the rest of her body. On the other hand, the fact that it looks a little bit like a tablecloth is something we can’t overlook. This one is definitely in the “retro” category over the “timeless classic” category.

Should Have Brought It To The Dry Cleaners

Here’s an example of a dress that didn’t even need upcycling to work—although the skirt section of the dress could do with a bit of de-wrinkle. Otherwise, the off-the-shoulder, grayish-purple silk gown is just the right length. If only she had taken it to a dry cleaner to get it straightened out.


To be fair, the dress had been stored away for something like 20 years, so creases are bound to come up. We realize the picture on the left appears like a marriage proposal, but believe us—it’s prom night.

Take a look at that pose! The props are present, and the shawl and dress are essentially the same. This young woman made the bold decision to go back in time by twenty or thirty years and wear her mother’s prom dress to her own prom!


This teen looks really stunning with her daring red lip and her hair styled in delicate waves. We are confident that she will consider modernizing her style further by removing the shawl on the night of the prom.