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Maternity Shoot Hilariously Taken Over By Photogenic Horse

They say that when you take a photo showing maternity, you should get everyone matters most to you in that photo. However, when Amanda and Phil went to have their maternity shots taken, they had to include their beloved horse. They horse is seen as part of the family, and photographer Kristen Zaffiro was more than happy to oblige. However, when they did start to take the photos, they soon noticed that the horse wanted to be front and centre of the action!

The horse, known as Buckshot, forced his way into more or less every shot – he’s all about the photos, apparently. Even when he was asked to smile, he did so!

It’s a tremendous photo set, with the horse looking to be the protagonist at every given opportunity within the photo. The duo found it hilarious, and the horse could naturally sense how much fun they were having – so he dialled it up to 10 and had even more fun.

As you can see from the photos, the horse was loving being shot by the camera and enjoyed every moment of the experience. A tremendous, comical experience that is sure to make the soon-to-be parents laugh every time they gaze back at the photos.