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40 Hilarious Pictures of Babies Who Look Like Tiny Old People

There are no words that can perfectly describe the amount of love, affection, and protectiveness parents feel for their children. After all, that’s what parenthood is all about. However, that immense amount of emotion can lead people to take some hilariously embarrassing photos because, in their eyes, the child is the cutest baby on the whole planet.

Babies tend to be cute in most cases, but when they aren’t, they’re usually so funny that we can’t ignore them. These babies all have a particular look on their faces that suggests they’ve seen it all. Here are some pictures of grumpy-looking babies who may be many years younger than you, but they’re already far more world-weary. Read on to enjoy this compilation of ridiculous baby pictures.

Little Miss Grouch

This is probably one of the best things about being a photographer. You get to see and be around kids all the time. Babies are such a joy to be around, and it must be such an adorable challenge trying to capture pictures that bring out their cuteness and reveal their growing personalities.

Image courtesy of justinetuhyphoto/Instagram

Can you feel the tension in the air? This little cutie doesn’t look too pleased to be having her picture taken. In fact, she looks like she could play a grumpy old lady in a movie. She sure does have an amusing look on her face.

Not Ready to Meet the World

It is good to know that due dates are only an estimate. Some babies arrive earlier and some babies arrive later than their predicted due date. Many factors may contribute to this, but one of the biggest factors is genetic predisposition.

Image courtesy of JasonM1/Imgur

What a cutie pie. This little fella is the most precious baby ever. He was enjoying his time in his mother’s belly, but unfortunately, he couldn’t stay in there any longer. This is the moment they pulled him out of mommy’s tummy, which is not what he planned to be doing that day.

Jealous Baby

This little fellow just wants his mother’s attention, and he is not happy with the lack of it. He seems to be saying, “Hey, mom! Spend more time looking at me and less time gazing at the TV.”

Image courtesy of propav8r/Reddit

Have you ever seen a baby pout better than this? Perhaps he is protesting against being born? Maybe the baby is demanding attention from his parents? Or maybe he’s just working on his pouting skills for future events? No matter what, he’s still a cute little pumpkin.

Put Me Back Inside

One of the biggest responsibilities a person can face in life is to care for a newborn baby. Still, many people go into this challenging situation unprepared. Indeed, many new parents remark that more time is spent preparing them for the birthing than the parenting process.

Image courtesy of 867-53OhNein/Reddit

This is the face a baby makes when she just wants to be put back in the womb and left alone. It doesn’t matter what stage of her development she’s reached, all this little one wants is to crawl back to the only safe place she’s ever known: her mother’s womb. 

Little Grandpa

This baby looks like an old grandpa, and we can’t stop giggling. It reminds us of the wrinkles and folds that appear around our mouths, and the loose skin that develops above our eyes when we get older.

Image courtesy of awheeler92/Instagram

The newborn stage is so special. Babies generally come out all wrinkly, but that changes over time. Every baby develops at its own pace. This adorable little bundle of joy may look like an old man now, but his wrinkles will go away over time. He’s just growing into his face!

Let the Hair Do the Talking

There aren’t many things in life more beautiful than thick, dark hair, but if we had to pick the most beautiful thing, it’d be chubby-cheeked babies with full heads of thick brunette hair, like this little one here.

Image courtesy of christophermm/Reddit

This bub has a bright future already. He’s bound to be making girls’ hearts flutter quite soon. How could anyone resist his charm? Let’s just hope he doesn’t get a bald spot when he reaches the age of 30.

Future Actress

There is a lot of fun to be had as a photographer. One day, you’re taking pictures of a gorgeous couple at their wedding, and the next, you’re snapping hilarious candid shots of babies. Of course, those babies can do some pretty funny things.

Image courtesy of justinetuhyphoto/Instagram

The expression on this baby’s face is so dramatic. It looks like her mother forced her to take a picture for this shoot. The photographer was able to capture the moment this baby looked like she was about to launch into a tragic Shakespearean monologue. This is an actor in the making, for sure.

Richard Harrison Look-alike

Many people grew up watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel. What they should know is that Old Man Richard Harrison (on the left) who passed away in 2018 was actually a beloved father and grandfather to his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Image courtesy of KnivesAndWolves/Reddit

If you look at the image above, you’ll see that both Harrison and the baby share the same facial expressions. Now we just have to wait for this baby to grow up and become Harrison’s carbon copy.

Work Again?

You know that feeling when work has been so overwhelming that you just feel like shutting yourself up at home? Maybe this little old man feels that way for one reason or another. It seems like his work is just too much for him. Maybe he just wants some time off.

Image courtesy of Tekon421/Reddit

We’re pretty sure this guy is channeling his future self heading off to work in peak-hour traffic. Don’t worry buddy, by the time you’re old enough to get a job, perhaps we’ll finally have jet-packs and flying cars!

Happy Anniversary

In most marriages, it is true that the husband and wife want to celebrate their biggest milestones in life together. If you are among the couples celebrating their golden anniversary, then you most likely want to celebrate it with class and style.

Imahe courtesy of tverofvulcan/Reddit

An old married couple wanted to make sure that their grandchildren knew they were as happy as could be, and what better way to do it than with the help of a photographer? These two cute babies look just like their grandparents. 

Ready to Party

Don’t you just love this little baby who looks so much like an adorable adult? You can tell that he’s his mom’s favorite. He’s already got style. In fact, he looks cuter dressed as an adult than he does when he’s in his own clothes.

Image courtesy of x.lucy_oscar.x/Instagram

What a handsome little guy. He is going to knock the socks off anyone he goes on a date with. This little man is totally rocking a bow tie, and we also love his matching jacket and pants. He looks like he’s out to impress. 

I’m Outta Here

Here’s a baby who looks like he has had enough of life. Babies are sensitive and can feel stress just like adults. This tiny human is an example of just how much babies can reflect the emotions and behaviors of the adults around them.

Image courtesy of Highlyeccentricc/Reddit

What is this baby saying? It’s anybody’s guess, but it is safe to say that he is over the diaper changing and the sleepless nights. He needs a little break. The baby looks like he’s saying, “I can’t take it anymore – I’m outta here.”

I Want to Be Back Home

Your baby is the most beautiful creature you will ever meet. That is one reason why we have these beautiful “Ohh” and “Ahh” moments with babies. They are so adorable, so cute, and so lovely that they trigger those reactions from us.

Image courtesy of MRsMuddy/Reddit

This picture shows a baby girl who has only been in the world for a few hours but is already looking as though she’s fed up with life. All she wants is to return to her mother’s womb. She did not expect life to be this hard. Things were much simpler when she was safely tucked away inside her comfy home.

Can I Talk to the Manager?

Whether they’re dressed like adults or rocking the crankiest of expressions, all of these little babies are absolutely adorable, and we’re sure that their moms and dads can’t get enough of them.

Image courtesy of Acad12345/Reddit

You don’t see photos like this every day. This newborn baby girl has just been born, and she looks like she wants to talk to the manager who approved her release from her mother’s womb. It’s hard to imagine what’s going through this little girl’s mind, but she’s clearly not amused. 

Silence Please

This baby already has his own unique style, and he’s not even out of diapers yet. He looks like he doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone, and if they keep asking him questions, he will show them how annoyed he is. You don’t need to be old to appreciate silence.

Image courtesy of stonedchristian/Reddit

This boy doesn’t realize just how handsome he looks, but his parents did a great job capturing a moment that will probably be a favorite of his when he grows up. He might even show this to his children, and they might have a good laugh about it too.

Little Cabbage Patch Kid

Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage in the 1980s and 1990s, and even if you’re not that old, chances are that you have some fond memories of these dolls. From their adorable outfits to their soft baby-like features, Cabbage Patch Kids have withstood the test of time.

Image courtesy of RidingWithTheGhost/Reddit

Indeed, this iconic toy may be worth a lot of money now. Collectors are willing to pay thousands for old Cabbage Patch Kids. Just look at the kid in the photo there. Now he’s all grown up but when he was a baby, he used to look just like those famous dolls.

Cranky Baby

This little one is not impressed by anything. It’s funny how cute a cranky face is on a tiny baby. However, when we see such an expression on an adult’s face, it can cause us to feel panic. 

Image courtesy of allshowernoflower/Reddit

We can’t blame this baby, though. Life can be tough sometimes, and it’s hard to keep your cool all the time. We’re sure this little cutie will grow out of the frowning stage soon. Until then, the parents will have plenty of hilarious photo ops! 

Cigar and Whisky Please

Dressed in a business suit, he seems totally grown up, giving the impression of an experienced man about town. You can easily imagine him holding a cigar and a glass of whisky. These are common symbols of a grown-up professional, but here, they make a baby look really funny.

Image courtesy of robwallace7/Reddit

That guy looks like he’d be the first customer at the pub for babies (yes, the one only serving milk, of course). He looks like he’s in his 40s, married with kids, and is worried he won’t be able to send them to a reputable university. Life is so challenging!

Poops, I Did It Again?

This tiny young lady has a furious expression on her face. She is letting you know that she does not want to be bothered. What has gotten her so angry? We do not know, but she is clearly not impressed by whatever has happened.

Image courtesy of Triggercut72/Reddit

She looks like she’s going to roll her eyes and say something cheeky. However, that expression may also mean that it’s time for a diaper change. It’s not easy dealing with a little kid who doesn’t want to wear diapers but is constantly having poopy accidents.

Little Old Man

Some day, when you’re out for a walk in the forest, you might happen across this tiny baby who looks like he’s 80 years old and has lived in a drum for most of his life. Of course, you may not even notice him – he is incredibly shy and tiny.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

What does this baby do with his time? Does he just exist to give out presents to children all over the world who have been nice? Is he a retiree as well as a baby? We’re wondering if he also enjoys a pension every month.

Hi, Madonna

This precious baby girl is already a star. She has the body language, the style, and the moves. Madonna would be so proud. Just put on “Like A Prayer.” It is an excellent soundtrack for this picture.

Image courtesy of PelicanParker/Reddit

We present to you the most Instagrammable baby of the century – a baby that can strike a pose in front of the camera. When this girl gets older, we will not be surprised if she becomes one of the most popular stars on Instagram.

Baby Gordon Ramsay

The father of this tiny baby was looking at his son’s picture on the computer and felt that the boy looked like somebody else entirely. So, the man decided to take a picture, study his features closely, and investigate.

Image courtesy of Claire8ball/Twitter

If Ramsay is the chef everybody hates, then this baby is his loveable doppelganger. Of course, if he continues to take after the cranky chef, all that cuteness might change as he gets older. Gordon Ramsay, where were you 10 months ago?

Grandma’s Mini-me

Here is an adorable photo of a baby girl who looks strikingly similar to her grandmother, the woman in the picture on the right. This makes us believe in the strength of genetics and family resemblances. They could pass as twins separated only by time.

Image courtesy of moonlyra/Reddit

This little baby is so serious. She has that same grim look as her grandmother. Perhaps she just needs some milk to cheer her up. Maybe mommy can give her a hug and tell her a funny story. Hopefully, the kid will smile and feel better soon.

Grandpa’s Boy

Who’s this handsome little guy? It is Ben, the baby. He is getting all the cuddles from his Russian grandpa. To those of you not familiar with the Russian language, a babushka is a grandma and a dedushka is a grandpa.

Image courtesy of bex_boys_and_books/Instagram

Ben definitely has a lot of his grandfather in him. All the features of this little guy look very similar to his grandfather’s. He has his nose, eyes, and forehead. We bet grandpa is curious to see whether the likeness remains as Ben gets older.

I’ve Had Enough

​A newborn chub got a shower of kisses from his parents, but the constant affection has been getting him down. He is just days old and already wants to be left alone.

Image courtesy of yourmomprobably/Reddit

This poor little guy is not happy with what his parents have done to him. Are you skeptical about whether he is a real baby? He certainly does look like a chubby baby doll. If you’re not convinced yet, we’d like to point out that this is a real baby and he is really cranky too. 

Are We Done Yet?

We see it all the time – a smiling baby staring up at its parents, looking adorable. Just as often, however, there’s a baby on the other end of the spectrum – one that is scowling and looking less than thrilled to be in front of a camera.

Image courtesy of WolfgangSho/Reddit

While most babies take to smiling like a champ, this guy is the exception to the rule. We’re used to seeing smiling infants and happy toddlers, but this little one won’t be happy until this photoshoot is over.

Little Miss Granny

Aww, look at that baby. We just want to pick her up and snuggle her. She is too adorable for words, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way. She’s just so charming with her bright eyes, happy smile, and squishable cheeks. 

Image courtesy of go_ask_your_father/Reddit

She is such a cutie. We can’t stop looking at her. She just needs a pair of wire-rimmed glasses and she could be your favorite grandma on her way to bingo night with her friends. 

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is a time filled with joy, laughter, and a feeling of goodwill towards all humankind. For some, it can be an especially hectic period, making the moments of bliss all the more special. We’re sure you’ve experienced that indescribable feeling that comes with seeing your loved ones again.

Image courtesy of alljmu/Instagram

Baby grandpa is spending Christmas with his family, and it looks like he was given plenty of presents to open. He looks so happy in the picture. His eyes are crinkled up from smiling, and he’s wearing a cute Christmas sweater that grandma probably knitted for him. It doesn’t get any cuter than this.

Not Impressed

Music is a powerful tool that can produce positive effects on the brain and the mood of babies. Even if you’re not a music lover, it’s worth making time to listen to Mozart, Beethoven, and other maestros. Of course, your baby may have its own ideas about what sounds good and what doesn’t. 

Image courtesy of pholder.com

This little boy is clearly not impressed with whatever music is coming from the speakers. He looks cross and a little sad as he cringes uncomfortably. We can’t help but wonder if this little fella would rather listen to some rock music instead of classical composers.

A Whole New World

Babies are rarely thrilled about being birthed into a new environment, with a lot of new sensations and people all around them. However, there is simply no way around it.

Image courtesy of Trygler5/Reddit

This baby boy looks like he is not feeling his best. In fact, he looks downright miserable. Perhaps he didn’t want to be born yet and is annoyed that his feelings on the matter weren’t taken into account. Maybe he was just tired from the long delivery. Either way, this baby boy is not a happy camper right now.

I Want My Mom

There’s nothing quite like the moment a new life emerges from the shadows of pain and suffering. The mother of this newborn went through a tough time with the delivery, and this is the face that greeted her when it was finally over. 

Image courtesy of TongueBandit69/Reddit

All newborns go through a period of adjustment after birth. The transition from life inside the womb to the outside world is very scary for babies. We’ve all been there. It takes a lot of hugs to make things better for mom and bub. 

Market Day

What an adorable photo! This snap was posted by the baby’s aunt, and it shows a little man who is proud of all his purchases at the market. He must be really excited to show the family what he picked up for dinner.

Image courtesy of Geeze-Us/Reddit

We love his outfit here, especially those tiny baby Vans. He looks like he’s in a rush to get home for dinner and in a good mood about his productive day. It looks like he’s picked up another fashionable hat. We can all learn a lesson from this little guy about sun protection! 

Being Bald Isn’t Bad

Babies are born with all sorts of hair. Some are born with thick hair, while others are born with very thin hair. Some babies even go bald during their first few months, but most of them grow it back by the time they are one year old.

Image courtesy of haught_justin/Instagram

This little cutie is just three months old, and he is already turning into a grandpa. Despite that, he remains adorable with his bow tie and suspenders. Seriously, this photo is too cute to handle.

Future Accountant

Hiring an accountant is exactly what smart people do. One of the best things you can do to make sure you’re all set and ready for tax season is to hire an accountant and let them take care of your tax return.

Image courtesy of buggbomb/Reddit

We are all looking for that perfect accountant, right? The one that helps your business out, and that you have a ton of fun with. Well, the second part might not be true for most accountants, but it is for this little guy. He is fun, he is professional, and he looks even cuter in person. 

Who’s Gonna Pay for All This?

This baby grandpa was tagging along to the store with the family, but he wasn’t sure what to expect. He looks surprised at the abundance of groceries. Perhaps he’s wondering if he’ll have to pay for them.

Image courtesy of CrazyPyro516/Reddit

You can’t help but feel bad for the overwhelmed baby who is stuck at the checkout of a grocery store with his family. There is junk food piled all around him, and he’s having a hard time keeping up. Hopefully, they’ve got some healthy food tucked away in that shopping cart too!

I Hate Bath Time

Do you know how many toddlers are afraid of water? Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing, and it usually shows up between one and two years of age. Babies don’t always see water as something to fear until they are older.

Image courtesy of mammmmm5/Reddit

It’s bath time for this grumpy old man, but what’s with that expression? Why is this baby so unhappy? It seems he doesn’t like the water. The baby’s facial expression is screaming, “Ugh! I hate bath time.”

Is This Benjamin Button in Real Life?

How did this happen? Maybe Benjamin Button is a real person, and this picture of him was taken when he was at a younger age. Has this child experienced aging backward? Could that fantastical story have a grounding in reality? 

Image courtesy of GuntherWheeler/Reddit

This tiny baby looks like a very sweet, albeit wrinkly, grandpa. He has a bald head and a whole lot of frown lines on his forehead, but don’t worry – he will grow into his features soon enough. 

Flaunt It

Now that’s how you do bath time right. Don’t be ashamed – this guy knows he’s got fat rolls for days, but he doesn’t care. He’s happy to strut his stuff, and who could hate on that?

image courtesy of thelittlemisses/Reddit

This is the most adorable baby ever. It is easy to see why this little guy is causing such a stir. If we were his parents, we would pinch those cheeks and cuddle this precious bundle of cuteness all day long. 

Wallace Shawn Doppelganger

If you haven’t heard of him, Wallace Shawn is a famous New York City-based actor, voice artist, playwright, essayist, author, and comedian. Those who were around in the 80s and 90s will surely be familiar with his character, Vizzini, in The Princess Bride.

Image courtesy of CatastropheWife/Reddit

If you want to find the best-looking baby in the world, you’ve found him. One look at this baby and you can already tell that he is a Wallace Shawn doppelganger. They have the same chin, the same frown, and an expression that says they’ve seen it all. How cute! 

Do Not Disturb

This granny is trying to sleep, and no one is going to disturb her. She’s less than happy about life, but everything gets better when she’s able to take a nap. We can all relate to that feeling! 

Image courtesy of httpabigaillll/Reddit

Newborn babies are super cute, but they’re also extremely fragile. You don’t want to wake a sleeping baby if you can avoid it because you may end up with a cranky little creature on your hands! They need their sleep to grow and develop properly, not to mention that a sleeping baby is a thing of beauty.