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Goodwill Employee Finds Five Figures Cash Pile Within Clothing Donation

When it comes to donating our clothing to stores, Goodwill is a common choice. The company is known for helping people to afford the kind of clobber that normally would be outside of their remit. And it isn’t just clothes, too, but all manner of goods. The Goodwill project is one of the most ethically impressive organisations around, making it easy for people to find great quality items that would otherwise be out of their financial capacity. However, one employee, Andrea Lessing, working within the Goodwill store in Norman, Oklahoma, came across a quite incredible discovery.

When looking through a large collection of clothes donated, she noticed something that was clearly not a piece of clothing. What she found, though, was barely believable – a whopping $42,000 in cash!

While finding money within Goodwill donations is by no means rare, five figures is definitely noteworthy. The employee noted how shocked she was at the amount she found, and quickly called upon a senior member of staff to verify. They started to look through the documentation of the donation to find out if this was a mistake or not.

The decision to return the money was, for Lessing, a ‘no-brainer’ as she wanted to pass on a message of good ethics to her six-year-old daughter. They were able to find the owner of the money and in thanks for the returning and the good gesture she donated an excellent $1,000 to the Goodwill store. The story quickly blew up as a local news story, and Lessing found herself on the local news and media talking about the discovery.

The aim was simple, as anyone who works in a Goodwill store knows: do the best that you can to help out others, no matter what you can benefit from personally.

A good deed done well

When Lessing got the reward cash back in return, she was shocked as she expected nothing back in return for her generosity. It goes to show, though, that kindness can pay – and while she could have in theory kept the whole amount, it would have been immoral and outside of her ethics to do so.

When asked what she would do with the reward money, Lessing said she’d get her daughter something awesome and tackle a few bills of her own. So, the moral of this story is simple – if you find something that isn’t yours, give it back to the real owner!

Even if you don’t get rewarded like Andrea was, you’ll feel a lot better inside.