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Gisele Bündchen Spills The Tea About Husband Tom Brady’s Ex

Tom and Gisele’s marriage is picture-perfect on the outside, but it was far from that when the pair started dating. They got off to a bad start when Gisele found out that Tom got his ex pregnant at the start of their relationship. The information was more than enough to throw any impending romance off the rails. But against all odds, love prevailed.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are well-known public figures. Brady is a sports powerhouse, while Bündchen is a supermodel. As is often the case with celebrities, their personal lives are just as popular as their professional work. Add in the scandal the pair faced when Tom’s ex publicly declared she was carrying his baby, and you have a lot of tea to spill! Read on to learn all the details and discover how the couple managed to keep their relationship strong.

Brady Was With Bridget Before He Met Gisele

Tom Brady’s sports star status assured that he would always be a magnet for equally high-status women. The proof is definitely in the pudding as Brady is now married to fashion model Gisele Bündchen. Despite his wealth, sporting talent, and celebrity status, however, things weren’t always rosy for Tom.

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Being an athlete means big opportunities as well as big responsibilities. Brady had been intimate with many women prior to Bündchen. Specifically, he was in a relationship with Bridget Moynahan – an actress who’s had roles in the musical comedy film Coyote Ugly and the police drama series Blue Bloods

Brady And Bridget Were An Item In 2004

Sparks flew when Brady and Moynahan met for the first time. Though Bridget was not looking for a serious relationship at the time, she connected with Tom when the two realized they had many things in common. They had the same sense of humor and values.

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Keep WatchingThe pair went out on numerous dates before they made their relationship official by announcing it publicly. They looked like a lovely pair, and they were celebrated in the sports world and in Hollywood. But things were different behind the camera, which is why they ended their relationship after two years.

Tom And Gisele Went On A Blind Date

Brady and Bridget’s breakup had no fanfare or drama. It was a mutual decision the two made when they realized their relationship was not working. Brady was reportedly heartbroken, and he decided to avoid dating someone just to fill the emotional emptiness left by Bridget.

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The NFL athlete wanted authentic companionship, not a bevy of women to distract him from his sadness. Fortunately, Gisele Bündchen entered the scene. When she agreed to go on a blind date with Tom, she did not know it would turn into something serious. Brady’s friend set the date up as he believed Bündchen was a perfect match for Tom. He certainly wasn’t wrong!

Bündchen Was Asked About Brady In An Interview

Though the couple met on a blind date, the two were obviously aware of each other beforehand. Gisele was asked about the football star in an interview. The reporter probably saw how the two would look good together and asked the fashion model her thoughts on Brady.

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Bündchen knew any statement she made might be twisted. She was also not interested in breaking up Tom and Bridget’s relationship (they were still an item at the time of the interview). Though she found the athlete attractive, she expressed disinterest because he was taken.

Gisele Was With Leonardo DiCaprio

When Gisele went on a blind date with Tom, she was similarly looking for a good, honest relationship. She had been in a relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio during the first half of the 2000s. Back then, they were a couple the paparazzi liked to relentlessly pursue.

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Though they also looked gorgeous together, their relationship was not strong. The two called it quits in 2005. Gisele took the time to heal before deciding to start anew. She wanted to be genuinely ready before stepping into another relationship. 

Gisele’s Worries Were Unfounded

Bündchen said yes to the blind date, but she had reservations. She wasn’t interested in dating anyone who didn’t truly spark her interest. She did not know the life-changing decision she made would lead her to a happily-ever-after future.

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Fortunately, her fears were unfounded. When she met Brady, the two hit it off easily. They felt a sense of familiarity paired with the excitement of the unknown. She was happy to know he was funny, kind, and warm-hearted. Early on, she felt she had made a good decision.

Tom And Gisele Agreed To A Second Date

Neither Tom nor Gisele anticipated how dramatically their romantic lives would change after this casual encounter. Brady was pleasantly surprised when he discovered his blind date was with Bundchen.

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Gisele felt the same way. By their date’s end, he knew he wanted to see her again. It was clear the two wanted to spend more time with each other. But they both wanted to keep things private and make sure they were a good fit for each other.

Moynahan Was Having Brady’s Baby

The blind date led to more dates until the two decided it was time to get serious. Their relationship was getting stronger, and each saw a future together. But devastating news almost halted their dream. Brady received a call from Moynahan in 2007 informing him that she was carrying his baby.

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Bridget didn’t want to get back with her ex. She only wanted to tell him that he was the father of her child. Moynahan was pregnant, and the baby had been conceived when the two were still a couple. Tom was stunned. He was also worried about how Gisele would take the unexpected news.

Gisele Thought Twice About The Relationship

Brady and Bundchen had been dating for less than two months when they learned the news of Bridget’s pregnancy. The couple had to deal with an uncertain future. Despite the newness of the relationship, Gisele had to think long and hard about the possibility of being a stepmother to someone else’s kid.

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This was not what she signed up for when she started dating Brady. She thought he was just as single and unfettered as she was. She had to process the new information along with everyone else as the entire world received the news at almost the same time she did.

Bridget Was Worried About Being A Single Mom

Tom and Gisele had each other to lean on when they learned about Moynahan’s pregnancy. Bundchen had Brady on her side as she processed the prospect of being a stepmom. The two were a solid team. However, Bridget was going through the experience alone.

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It was not easy to learn that she was carrying the child of a man she had just broken up with. She was not interested in getting back with Brady. However, she admitted her fear of facing pregnancy and motherhood alone. Moynahan reportedly burst into tears when she received the happy but scary news.

Gisele’s Statements Made Moynahan Bristle

Gisele’s early statements to the media about her thoughts and feelings about Tom’s would-be child seemed to show her overeagerness to prove she was okay with the setup. But it only revealed her secret worries. Though she was more than willing to become a stepmom, her fears were evident.

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Her early comments about her stepson left Bridget bristling. Specifically, Gisele’s Vanity Fair remark where she said, “it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child.” This had Moynahan question Gisele’s intentions. It also brought to light the possibility that Gisele may be overstepping Moynahan’s boundaries.

Moynahan And Bündchen Worked Through Their Issues

Given the strange situation they were in, tension was only to be expected between Gisele and Bridget. Fortunately, the two managed to work through their issues. It was natural for both to experience rough patches early on, but they were able to keep things civil.

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The press was not much help. Anything they could do to spark controversy between the women would mean more money for their publications. Thankfully, Gisele, Tom, and Bridget were too savvy to be sucked into the drama. Since Moynahan gave birth to Brady’s son, Tom and Gisele have also had two kids of their own. Gisele reportedly treats her stepson as her own.

Bridget Accepts Gisele As A Family Member

Being pregnant with an ex’s child is clearly not what anyone would have in mind. But Bridget was a trooper and was able to adjust to the situation. She prioritized her kid with Brady and made sure her decisions were for her son’s future. At times, she found it difficult to share him with Brady’s family. Still, she never tried to stop Tom from seeing her son.

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Bridget’s choice was to accept the fact that there were three people involved. She adjusted so well to the situation that she called out any publication that had an intent to divide them. She also immediately shut down any rumors or drama the press tried to brew.

Brady and Bündchen Made An Effort To Include The Entire Family

It is difficult for most to communicate with an ex after a breakup. Having a child with an ex makes it doubly hard to do so. But Bridget and Tom made sure there was no awkwardness between them. Having a son forced them to be better people and to become better parents.

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Moynahan makes sure she speaks with Bundchen and Brady on a semi-regular basis. Their good relationship with Moynahan served to prepare them for when they had their own kids. They make sure Brady’s son is part of their family by including him in all family activities.

Brady Is A Good Dad To His Eldest Son

Brady is earnest about his responsibilities as a dad, especially to his eldest son. Emails leaked to the press proved this. When photos and private conversations were made available to the public, he did not care about what they would reveal.

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The leak began when the football star had to provide personal information to the court due to an NFL-related legal issue. This caused his emails and phone records to become available for public consumption. The information had no terrifying secrets to reveal about Brady. It only proved that he is a good dad to all his kids.

Psychologists Weigh In On Brady’s Emails

When everyone was able to get their hands on Brady’s emails, some could not help but analyze the content. Psychologists had a field day discussing Tom’s relationship with Moynahan. They were eager to find out if there was tension between the two.

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However, their assessment revealed that the ex-couple were getting along well. The texts between the two showed that their focus was on their son. They did not dwell on the past. Their conversations revealed maturity and a shared goal to co-parent successfully.

Gisele Prioritizes Healthy Eating

Though Gisele no longer walks the runway, she knows the hard work it takes to have a successful career. She had to sacrifice a lot of things. She also had to be careful about what she ate. She removed sugar and coffee from her diet.

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She has made healthy eating a habit. Now, she wants to pass on the same habits to her kids. According to Gisele, 80% of her kids’ meals consist of vegetables and fruits. This is a remarkable feat considering that kids are very drawn to eating processed foods and sweets.

Moynahan Is An Author Of Cookbooks

While Bundchen is very careful about what her kids eat, Bridget is more relaxed. She is only responsible for her own kid’s meals. She also takes inspiration from the cookbooks she has authored.

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Her cookbooks may have been inspired by her role in Blue Bloods. Though Moynahan may include some indulgent treats in the recipes she cooks for her son, she is with Gisele on avoiding processed junk food items. Though they have slightly different approaches, both mothers are focused on giving their kids a healthy start in life.

Gisele And Tom Spent $14 Million On An Apartment

Tom’s son may sometimes wish that his parents were still together. But there are likely also times when he realizes that having two sets of parents is pretty cool. For one, he gets to spend time with his father in different places because Tom owns various expensive properties.

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Thanks to the success of Brady and Bundchen’s careers, they are able to afford high-end accommodation wherever they go. They have an apartment in New York City that’s worth millions. Apparently, the apartment got its hefty $14 million price tag due in large part to its classy kitchen.

Brady Loves Bundchen

Tom doesn’t hold back when complimenting Gisele. He is clearly expressive about his feelings when it comes to the love of his life. In turn, Gisele is equally committed to their relationship. Not many women would say “yes” to being an unexpected stepmom at the start of a relationship.

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The NFL superstar was vocal about his decision to marry his “life partner”. He described her as “one of the most caring, nurturing people in the world.” This statement was made by Tom after the Super Bowl one year. Gisele is clearly always in his heart and mind, even when he’s competing in major events.

What You See Is What You Get

A lot of people like to read between the lines of the relationship between Brady, Moynahan, and Bundchen. Some assume that behind their picture-perfect image is a lot of drama. But the truth is much simpler. Some find it hard to believe that they are one big happy family that gets along well. However, the three of them insist that this is just how things are.

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Though it is difficult to be 100% sure about the dynamics of their family life, what everyone sees about them is presumably what you’d get if you were able to sneak a peek into their private lives. People close to the trio attest to this fact. Though their relationship may not be perfect, there is no bad blood between them, and all of them are getting along well.

Brady Gives His Parents Credit

It’s hard enough to parent well when there are just two of you. Add another parent to the mix, and you may have chaos on your hands. This is why the press is so fascinated with Bridget and Giselle and their unique way of doing things. How do they get their dissimilar parenting styles to work harmoniously?

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For some reason, Tom’s parenting is given little attention by the media. But his fans have noticed the loving ways he handles fatherhood. Brady gives his parents credit for the successful family life he has now. According to the athlete, his mom and dad were good role models as he was growing up. 

Tom Learned Real Love From His Parents

His parents have been together for so many years. Besides being a great example of true, long-lasting love, Tom has seen his parents at their best and worst. They have always managed to be there for each other no matter what.

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When Brady’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, she had to go through painful treatments. It is difficult to stand by helplessly as a loved one goes through such a difficult time. But Tom’s dad was with his wife every step of the way. Brady was clearly inspired by their unconditional love for each other. 

Gisele’s Mental Health Struggles

Fortunately, Tom and Gisele have not had to go through any experiences similar to what Brady’s parents went through when his mom received a cancer diagnosis. Both have no significant health issues, and they naturally wish that this state of affairs continues. Still, they have their fair share of struggles.

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Bündchen has long been open about her mental health issues. She burst into the modeling scene at a fairly young age. This meant she grew up in the business and felt the pressure of making a good and lasting impression. Eventually, she developed severe anxiety. Things became so bad she once considered ending everything. Fortunately, she managed to see the light. Her husband Tom is the biggest supporter of her mental well-being. 

Tom’s Oncoming Midlife Crisis?

Everyone is prone to experiencing a midlife crisis. Even someone who seemingly has it all can question their life decisions. Brady may not be immune to this phenomenon, and it is a question he’s been asked in some of his interviews.

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Though evidently successful, the pressures brought about by his career may take their toll. Still, a few hard days likely won’t be enough to put a dent in his psychological strength. He is relatively blessed and lucky to have enjoyed a flourishing sports life and personal life.

Brady Thinks He’s An Ordinary Dad

Outside the football stadium, Brady leaves his sports star status behind and becomes a regular dad. He doesn’t even think he’s a cool dad. Of course, his fans believe otherwise – he will always be a hero to them. But Brady insists he is just like everyone else.

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According to Brady, he is a regular dad who has no idea about the music his kids listen to. He also does not know what to wear. Fortunately, he is humble enough to learn from his children. He is not a know-it-all dad who thinks he is the expert in everything. For that, he actually fits the definition of a cool dad, even if he doesn’t think he is one.

Bridget Married Her Partner In 2015

Tom and Gisele shared the joys and struggles of parenting. They have been together on both the good and bad days. How about Moynahan? She did not remain a single mom forever. Thankfully, she got to enjoy a happily-ever-after storyline too.

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Bridget found Andrew Frankel, the love of her life, and they got married in 2015. They have been living happily together ever since. Bridget also experienced what Gisele went through as she became a stepmom to Andrew’s three kids from a previous relationship.

Gisele And Tom Are Jealous?

There are plenty of rumors about Brady, Bundchen, and Moynahan’s alleged disputes with regards to parenting responsibilities. One rumor is that Gisele supposedly feels jealous of Bridget’s relationship with Tom. She reportedly dislikes the connection the two have and the fact that they share a child together.

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However, some believe that it was actually Tom who was the jealous type. He is reportedly jealous of Gisele’s ex, actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Though Gisele broke up with Leo long ago, Tom was worried the two would get back together, especially during the early months of their relationship.

Bündchen Couldn’t Grow With DiCaprio

Gisele was in a relationship with DiCaprio for half a decade. She surely has fond memories of the actor. But they pale in comparison to the life Gisele now leads with her husband, Tom. The supermodel believes that Tom lets her grow as a person – a characteristic her relationship with DiCaprio never had.

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While she was dating the actor, Gisele reportedly felt she couldn’t be her real self. She always had the feeling she was supposed to live up to her supermodel image. She also didn’t feel comfortable expressing her anxieties to DiCaprio. But with Brady, she was not afraid to be herself. He is supportive of everything she wants to do in life. 

Gisele Is Supportive Of Brady

Gisele is similarly supportive of Tom, especially before a game. Tom’s work requires that he stay motivated in order to perform at his peak on the field. Gisele, therefore, follows a tradition to help her husband stay on track.

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Gisele reportedly has an altar full of pictures of their kids and Tom in the middle of a football game. Its purpose is to give Tom the positive energy and mindset he needs. It also helps increase the chances of his team achieving victory.

Gisele Became A Model Because Of Her Mom

Gisele never dreamed of becoming a supermodel. She had no desire to have a career on the catwalk or have her face plastered all over fashion magazines. It seems fate had a different future in mind for her, and so did her mother!

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Gisele did not want to be rich or famous. Instead, she was hoping to lead an ordinary life. But her mother insisted that she pursue modeling when she was spotted at 14 years of age. The rest is history. 

Tom Brady’s Dream Was To Be Famous

Though Tom and Giselle are compatible in some ways, they are also quite different. In terms of ambition, Brady always wanted to be in the limelight. He always had the drive to make a mark, even as a kid.

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His desire actually stems from feeling invisible when he was growing up. He even wrote an essay about it. He described feeling unacknowledged compared to his sisters. He just wanted people to see that he also had value. Evidently, his dream came true as he is now one of the NFL’s biggest stars.

Brady’s NFL Career Takes Him Away From His Kids

Tom Brady didn’t become an NFL superstar through sheer luck. He had to work hard to get to where he is now. All the perks and benefits he is experiencing are due to his skills and perseverance. Unfortunately, it does have some downsides.

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Brady likes to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He makes sure he spends time with his family, but most of the time, he can’t. His job demands long hours and lots of travel. As a result, he has missed milestones in his children’s life. But it seems it’s a sacrifice Brady had to make.

Gisele Focuses On Her Family

Gisele’s career requires that she take full advantage of her age and looks. Modeling is not one of those jobs that can be done indefinitely. The physical requirements it demands are grueling, and no one wants to be told they are “too old”.

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Gisele is now in her 40s, and her priorities are her kids and family. Though she can still definitely sell a campaign, she prefers to live a life away from the spotlight and close to the people she holds dear. 

Gisele Bündchen Is A Positive Influence On Her Husband’s Career

Some women are scared to give up their careers for the sake of family. But Gisele seems to have no qualms about leaving the career she found success in. Fortunately, she and Tom have more than enough money, so she really has no need to work.

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Besides her talent in modeling, Gisele is also amazing at giving her husband guidance. She has helped him make many important career decisions and has always believed that having a positive mindset is the key to success.

Tom Ends The Football Season With A Family Vacation

Though Tom is mostly away from his family, he makes sure he spends all his time at the end of the football season with his family. He is determined to give his kids the quality time they deserve, and this likely contributed to his decision to retire in 2022. 

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It’s the perfect time for the entire family to have fun. It is also a valid excuse to jet off to an exotic place and enjoy the best hotels money can buy. Not only can they afford it, but they also deserve it.

Brady Went To Costa Rica To Celebrate His 2019 Super Bowl Win

Football season is always difficult for the players. They are pressured to win and to make it to the finals – the biggest games of the year. Tom was very lucky to be able to not just play in the 2019 Super Bowl but to lead his team to victory.

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It was a glorious victory for Brady. To reward himself, he went to Costa Rica with his family. It was surely a well-deserved vacation. Even his fans were envious of his chill time, but they also believed it was what a champion deserves. 

Tom And Gisele Are Into Real Estate

Since they have quite a bit of wealth amassed between them, Tom and Gisele decided to dabble in the property market. Brady is clearly thinking ahead as he knows he can’t play football forever. Real estate clearly lasts longer.

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The couple has been buying and renting out luxurious real estate to interested parties. Having a supermodel and a football star as a landlord is a pretty enticing deal. Would you be able to say “no” to Tom and Gisele?

Gisele Bündchen Wanted Tom Brady To Stop Playing Football

Gisele knows the physical toll football takes on her husband. Tom is also aware of the limitations of his body as time passes by. However, Gisele is deeply in tune with the changes Tom’s body is going through as each year passes.

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She asked her husband to stop playing football for his health’s sake. It was not an easy topic for the couple to talk about, but Gisele knew if Tom stayed too long, he might hurt himself, and the damage could be permanent. 

Tom Prioritized His Family

Taking a cue from his wife, Tom decided to hit two birds with one stone. He knew his wife was right about the possibility of him sustaining a major injury. However, he wanted to quit only when he felt he was ready.

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Deep inside, he is aware that he cannot play football forever. Before making the choice to quit in 2022, he looked for ways to adjust to life without professional sports. In the end, it came down to his desire to spend more time at home and with his children and his beautiful partner. How sweet!