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39 Funny & Punny Snapchats From Everyday Life

Humor is the best medicine as they say. It is also infectious. When one person finds something funny, they want to share it with others. This is why funny social media posts go so viral – the desire to spread laughs everywhere. Although Snapchat is less popular than Facebook, there is still a huge user base of people who love to make funny posts and share them around.

Snapchat is great because it allows you to take scenes from everyday life, add captions, and send them off to friends and strangers alike. It offers a new way to make jokes and have fun with daily scenes and situations that you might otherwise overlook. So check out these 39 Funny and Punny Snapchats From Everyday Life to get an idea of the possibilities. Keep Watching

You Listen Here, Pelican

This pelican thought that he and grandma were best buds, but maybe he got a bit too cozy. When trying to get her wandering attention, the pelican ended up nibbling at her. She wasn’t too happy about that, to put it mildly. 

Image Courtesy of Imgur/MegaCorgi321

Grandma wasn’t about to let the pelican fly away unscathed, so she gave him a good old fashion talking to. Judging by the downward gaze on the shamed pelican, it feels pretty bad about the scolding. Choose your friends wisely as they say. 

How Can You Resist

The picture below will be familiar to many pet owners out there, especially dog owners. Despite all the bonding and affection that dogs can show us, there is one thing that makes dogs happier than being with us: food! 

Image Courtesy of 9gag.com

And when they want food badly enough, dogs put on their puppy-dog eyes. This sad-looking expression is notoriously hard to resist and dogs have perfected it. Many of us wish that our human friends, family, and significant others could look at us like that. 

Eyes in the Back of Your Car

Imagine driving on the highway as a van changes lanes in front of you. After slowing down to give it some distance, you raise your eyes to look at the back of the van. “Am I driving in the right direction?” you think. 

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

You are, but it takes you a while to figure it out. After a double-take, you realize that the back of the van is still the back of the van – despite the crafty decal! We just hope it hasn’t caused any accidents.

What’s in a Name?

A long time ago, last names were meant to tell you what a person did. For example, “Smith” was probably a blacksmith, and “Baker” most likely baked some bread. Although that tradition is long gone, sometimes it makes a comeback. 

Image Courtesy of theberry.com

The name above makes it more or less inevitable that the student above is going to be a lawyer. It was basically determined at birth. A name like that would be a waste in the world of baked goods. We wonder what she’s studying for.

Take the Dog for a Swim-Walk

They say a dog is “man’s best friend” because of the loyalty that dogs show. No matter what happens, they will be by your side. Unfortunately, it looks like this older man needs to keep a closer eye on his best friend. 

Image Courtesy of Dogmemes/Reddit

Although their walk has turned into a swim, the dog continues along as loyal as ever. Luckily, the dog has mastered the doggy paddle, but we hope it isn’t too long until the man realizes where his best friend is.

Unconventional Weight Loss

For many people, putting on weight is as easy as (eating lots of) pie. Losing weight is the difficult part – keeping it off is even more difficult! After a few days of being sore, people are hesitant to go back to the gym. Is there another way? 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

For this statue there is. This witty poster managed to give a whole new interpretation of this old marble statue. It should go without saying, we definitely don’t endorse this dramatic approach to weight loss. Stick to the veggies and exercise. 

Finding the Right Angle

Without being able to physically meet up, long-distance relationships end up relying on photos and video chats. The problem with that is editing – photos and videos can be touched up with filters, angles, and other embellishments. But not all the time. 

Image Courtesy of Meme

Sometimes it might be an odd hour of the morning or night, so you’re not ready. You haven’t set up the correct filter or angle, so you end up with an unflattering angle. However, all you need to do is move it around a bit and you’ll find the perfect spot. 

Blending In

Sometimes it seems like there are two kinds of people: those who love to stand out and those who love to blend in. The first kind likes to wear patterns and colors that clash with what’s around them. The second kind does the opposite – just take a look at the student below! 

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

It’s hard to know the reasoning behind her fashion decision, but it’s amazing just how similar the size and pattern are on her clothes and the bathroom walls. The walls must feel like she’s one of their own. 

That Face

As an adult, you often have to take care of yourself – have your own job, pay your own bills, and cook your own meals. But what happens when you’re sick or upset or annoyed? Well, usually there is one person you can call to help make you feel better.

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

That’s right, your mom. She can help fix your problems, hopefully. But just in case she calls you out on your behavior or gives you a hard time, you can always wince and say “but moooooom” and hope for the best. 

Home Sweet Home

How do your friends feel about you and how do they express it? It changes from person to person. Some tell people directly, others gossip behind their backs, and still, others use snarky “snaps” to get the message across.

Image Courtesy of theberry.com

Was this meant to be offensive or if it was sent to a friend? We hope it was a witty remark to a friend. Although we do give the sender points for thinking up the insult, to us it lacks the spontaneity of a good comeback. 

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

There’s a growing farm-to-table movement that encourages people to know where their food comes from. Sometimes that knowledge can be a bit uncomfortable though – especially when you’re trying to enjoy a barbeque with family and friends!

Image Courtesy of The Sun

The chicken stopped by the grill at just the right time to make the chef feel a bit guilty about eating chicken. By the looks of it, the chicken is more concerned with eating grass. Although uncomfortable, it’s a part of life. To enjoy the barbecue or not? That is the question. 

Mirrors, Don’t Forget the Mirrors

Some folks are uncomfortable being single. There’s only so long you can be a third wheel before you feel overwhelmed by your friend’s pity. So, what’re you going to do? 

Image Courtesy of Acid Cow

Make up an imaginary partner of course! It’ll stop the friend’s pity and give you an ego boost. However, there are some rules to follow. Rule #1: never take a picture in front of a mirror – it reflects! We give this guy props for snapping a photo with his foot (no easy task), but he still has a lot to learn. 

New Student

High school students can get pretty creative when trying to figure out how to skip class. Teachers have heard plenty of excuses over the years, ranging from the simple “I’m sick” (forced cough, forced cough) to the “my grandmother died” (for the third time this semester). But something new always comes up. 

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

Like putting a balloon in a hoodie and calling it a day. For some reason, when the teacher went by, classwork was handed out to this new “student.” Smart work! 

An Exception to the Rule

There are exceptions to every rule. The exception to the rule “birds of a feather flock together” can be seen below. This duck either doesn’t know what feather he belongs to or he doesn’t care. Maybe the world of the flamingo is much more interesting! 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

What do you think the duck was thinking? Perhaps he was trying to hide out from humans and other prey or perhaps there’s something the duck likes about slender legs and the color pink. Whatever the reason, the poster definitely snapped a photo at the right time. 

Morning Rituals

Waking up with the right attitude doesn’t come naturally. People need their morning rituals and one of the most popular ones is starting the day off with your favorite beverage. Once you’ve got that, you’re good to go … or are you? 

Image Courtesy of tickld.com

There’s nothing that will kill your buzz quicker than getting your favorite drink and spilling it seconds later! We just hope this poster was able to clean up the spill, get back in line, get another drink, and restart the day. 

Truth in Advertising

A lot of products make big claims that they will radically change your life. Often, these claims fall short. Sure, certain hair products or skincare products can make your life (or at least your hair and skin) better, but it’s not going to solve everything. 

Image Courtesy of cosmopolitan.co

The message on this bottle is a bit ambiguous. Exactly what kind of damage is it going to fix? Does it work on painful emotions as well as a dry scalp? If it did, their sales numbers would most certainly rise.

Clogged Sink

What do you think of when we say, “clogged sink?” Many people think of hair stuck around the drain waiting to get picked out and thrown away. Either that or it’s a plunger situation. But there is another, more clever way to use that phrase. 

Image Courtesy of whiterteeth.us

Looks like this “clogged sink” doesn’t need a plunger so much as it needs a writer! This play on words – tiny clogs in the sink – is the little sister version of a dad joke. We give her an A for effort. 

It Takes Guts

Just like the post above, this one is based on clever wordplay. Skeletons, like humans, sometimes need to get a weight off their shoulders. For this skeleton, that weight was the need to ask out a crush. So, he chatted to his friend for some advice. 

Image Courtesy of FunnyFoto

Was the skeleton able to muster up the courage to do it? Unfortunately not because, as the caption says, he didn’t have the guts. Zing! We just hope he finds someone who appreciates a good sense of humor instead of guts.  

Full Of Yourself

Some people have the gift of gab and clever wordplay. The person who made the “snap” below definitely falls into that camp. It took us a few reads to finally get the meaning. Take a look and see if you can understand immediately. 

Image Courtesy of FunnyFoto

At first, we thought both the Russian doll and the girl were giving “I’m full of myself” expressions. Then we realized that Russian dolls are literally filled with mini-versions of themselves! Phew – so glad that didn’t go over our heads. 

Fingers By The Pool

Social media has made it so lots of people can share significant (and, to be honest, insignificant) events in their lives. But it has also made people feel pressure to fake events if nothing much is going on. 

Image Courtesy of bigpicture.ru

People fake events to make it look like they live a more glamorous life than they do. The poster above started doing that, but then pulled back to make it into a joke. Well done. The fingers and desktop really look like a pair of legs at the pool!

Finally Found Dory

The Pixar film Finding Nemo was a hit for both kids and adults when it came out in 2003. People fell in love with Nemo, the lost fish, Marlin, his dad, and Dory, the dad’s sidekick.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Dory was famous for being forgetful. She and Marlin had a contentious friendship, but eventually, she pulled through and helped to find Nemo. But before that, Dory got lost quite a bit. This clever Snapchat user claims to have found her – in the frozen food aisle! 

A New Lab Partner

Science nowadays is so complex that it often requires teams of scientists to all collaborate together. Working in the lab can be stressful at times, so it’s important to get along with those you work with. Now, who couldn’t get along with a lab partner like the one below?  

Image Courtesy of 9gag.com

Looks like this labrador takes the laboratory seriously! That focused gaze makes it seem like this doggy is doing some cutting-edge science – perhaps a discovery worthy of a Nobel Prize!

To Dress Up Or Dress Down?

A lot of high schoolers are excited to go to college because they want to live away from their parents and to make a lot of new friends. A great way to do that is to join social activities like sports, clubs, and frat parties. 

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Phieliep1

When you first get to college, frat parties are new and require getting all dressed up. By the time you’re a senior, they get old. You can’t be bothered to dress up, so you choose to dress down – pajamas and sandals it is! 

Impasta Syndrome

Mass production has made it so that large amounts of the same product can be bundled together, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes you find a mistake in your pasta – in this case, it was a Fusilli pasta piece in the Penne Rigate. 

Image Courtesy of funny-picturess.us

If it was tucked away in the package somewhere that would be one thing, but this piece of Fusilli managed to be smack dab in the middle of the window advertising the pasta! Luckily, this Snapchat user made the perfect pun.

Father-Son Bonding

If you’re a fan of the 1994 film The Lion King, then you’ll probably understand why the advertising below is a bit problematic. Sure, the image is an uplifting moment of father-son bonding and Mufasa is a pretty great father. The problem is with how long he was a father. 

Image Courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Shortly after the image above, Mufasa was killed by his jealous brother Scar. Whoops! The moral might be to spend time with your kids before it’s too late, but this Snapchat user chose to interpret it more grimly. 

I Own These Bathroom Lands

Many cats have an air of superiority about them. They live on their own terms and only get pet when they want to. The cat below mixed the love of climbing high spaces with the love of striking a kingly pose. 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

Just look at that self-assured expression! It’s almost like Simba being shown all of the Pride Lands in The Lion King. This cat switched out a huge cliff for a medicine cabinet, but clearly feels the same sense of pride when looking over the loyal subjects below.

Making a Fancy Meal

Expensive restaurants are expensive because the food is meant to be top-quality. That’s why it’s disheartening when you spend a lot of money, but the food ends up being sub-par. Sometimes it feels like the only fancy thing is the presentation. 

Image Courtesy of buzznick.com

This clever Snapchat user decided to ditch the top-quality food and focus on the artistic presentation. Drizzling a bit of ketchup all over a simple home-cooked meal turns it into a 5-star delicacy! Looks like we got a budding chef on our hands. 

Naked Pictures

The internet has its fair share of people asking others to send in their naked pictures. This Snapchat user found one of the most unique ways of doing that – all while advocating a healthy way of life! 

Image Courtesy of popsugar.com

Now drinking and driving is one thing, but driving while drinking Naked is a whole other! The driver felt it was a perfect time to snap a photo of his first Naked pic, but we still suggest pulling over before snapping nudes. 

Clever Highlighting

Some people like to journal down their daily thoughts – the highs and lows of what happened over the course of the day. It helps them to keep tabs on how productive they are and what they should be grateful for. 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

This person took the advice of focusing on the “highlights of your day” a little too literally. Instead of a list of positive things, this Snapchat user literally highlighted the words “my day.” They have a way with words – which may be the highlight of their day! 

So The Tides Have Turned

We give serious props to this witty Snapchat user who was able to come up with a zingy one-liner when walking down an average aisle in the local supermarket. It makes us want to hang around next time just to see what kind of puns come out of their brain.

Image Courtesy of pleated-jeans.com

What’s soup bro? The other aisles of the store are rife for punning possibility and shopping with them would certainly make an otherwise boring trip into something fun to laugh about. 

Leaving a Mark

Sometimes you’re just too thirsty to spend time slowly undoing the plastic wrap to grab a bottle of water. So instead you punch through the packaging, yank out a bottle, and chug it down before you get dehydrated. That can leave a mark though. 

Image Courtesy of kwejk.pl

Usually, the mark is benign – a random rip in the plastic that’s nothing to call home about. But in the case above, it looks like a nightmarish yell! You just might have to call home to calm your nerves a bit. 

Thyme for Some Puns

Although there’s no reason or rhyme to it, sometimes we just need a good pun. There have already been a few on this list – like the Impasta Syndrome and Clogged Sink – but it’s thyme for another. 

Image Courtesy of FunnyFoto

Thyme is just too perfect a name for punning. Thyme to cook some soup or thyme to marinate the chicken. Even if we had all day, we wouldn’t have enough thyme to finish all the puns this conveniently named spice can produce. But, unfortunately, it’s thyme to move on. 

Magical Accidents

Looks like this woman might have hit some kind of magical creature. How else do you explain the rainbow clouds strewn across her windshield? All it took was a few moments of taking her eyes off the road and then BOOM! – the car thuds and the windshield fills. 

Image Courtesy of alwaysthinkingofmurder/Tumblr

Hitting a unicorn is one explanation for how this happened, but a nicer (and safer) one is driving through a carwash and getting hit with rainbow suds. We hope it was the second and don’t condone hurting unicorns. 

Being Invisible at High School

High school is an awkward time for many people because they are still growing physically, making friends, and trying to figure out who they are. Some students are unpopular and feel ashamed about it. Sometimes they feel like they don’t even exist. 

Image Courtesy of brilio.net

For the student above, that feeling of non-existence was quite literally true when she looked at her high school yearbook. Turns out she was placed right in the middle where the pages fold. Whoever made the yearbook seems to have confirmed that she was “invisible” during those years. 

Fake It Till You Make It

College students aren’t the only ones using social networks these days. Oftentimes, their parents are as well. The problem comes when your mom wants to be friends on Snapchat. What do you do? Decline, approve, or something else? 

Image Courtesy of karmadecay.com

This clever user approved, then deleted the old posts and started anew. It’s easy. Ask some friends to join in on the fun and make a wholesome collage of pics showing you studying and sleeping early. This will help ensure that rent and tuition will still be paid for at college. 

Seal the Deal

This next one is a mix of clever wordplay and cute animals. This little puppy managed to squirm around inside a shirt in just the right way that its nose poked out like a seal. 

Image Courtesy of kwejk.pl

The dog’s owner took that nose poking through the shirt as a sure sign of a pun – we’ve got a “loose seal” in the bathroom! Nothing’s wrong with the fixtures or the screws, it’s just a cute little dog roaming about. No need to call the plumber! 

Watching the World Cup

As the cliche goes, men love sports and women love fashion. The dedication that some men show in following football is baffling to many women, so the woman below decided to poke a little fun at it. 

Image Courtesy of brilio.net

She took “World Cup” a bit too literally by looking at a mug with a printed map on it. Although she tries to muster the interest, just how long can you stare at something you find boring? That’s how she must feel watching the actual World Cup. 

Who Matches Better

Sometimes we just fit into our surroundings perfectly. Soldiers wear camouflage to match the forest. The teacher below wore pink and black to match with a highlighter – an essential part of the teaching environment!

Image Courtesy of brilio.net

This student had some guts to post it on Snapchat. Hopefully, the teacher doesn’t follow her on social media or she’s going to have a tough time explaining that one! The user even took it one step further: who matches better, the highlighter or the teacher? 

Unfortunate Choice of Clothes 

People usually wear all black when going to a funeral. It’s the color of mourning. Likewise, people usually wear camouflage when they’re in the army or out hunting – it helps to not be seen. So what happens when both of those styles meet in a restaurant?

Image Courtesy of Men?s Humor

Well, it looks a bit grim, to be honest. The woman has her head dropped down and isn’t eating while the guy is trying to blend in with his surroundings. The caption sums it up perfectly –- sad to see someone eating alone