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Friends Cameos: The Ultimate List of Guest Stars on Friends

With a total run-time of around 86-90 hours and an ensemble cast of brilliant lead actors, Friends was a massive success in the ’90s. It is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and arguably the most famous TV show ever created. The characters became household names, and six friends quickly became a part of all of our lives. It was the one TV show that always made us laugh, grabbed our attention, and gave us much to talk about.

Friends was unique in the way it approached guest appearances and cameos, with an endless list of celebs throughout its ten seasons. Fans and non-fans alike will be astonished by how many famous faces appear on Friends. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

Brad Pitt

There’s no denying that this Hollywood hottie was majorly swoon-worthy in the ’90s, which is why it makes perfect sense that he appeared on Friends. However, there’s also the fact that he was the husband of Jennifer Aniston at the time. That’s even more logical!

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In any case, he portrays Will Colbert, a former classmate of Ross, Rachel, and Monica’s. Will spread a malicious story about Rachel in high school, but when he comes back, she doesn’t recognize him. Though he was the one who was mean to her, he’s also the one who still holds resentment. Not cool, Will!

Winona Ryder

It’s only fitting that Ms. Winona Ryder appeared on Friends during her heyday in the ’90s. She stepped into the character of Melissa, Rachel’s friend. The two share a little secret, which isn’t really a secret anymore. While they were both drunk in college, they shared a passionate kiss.

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When Melissa doesn’t recall it, Rachel feels the need to repeat the act in order to establish its authenticity. In a surprise, Melissa remembers everything and admits her feelings for Rachel.

Paul Rudd

Whether you recognize him from his role as Ant-Man or as Josh from Clueless, Paul Rudd is unquestionably a well-known actor nowadays. Not only did he get cast in Friends, but he was also given the opportunity to appear regularly. Rudd portrays Mike Hannigan, a character who goes on to become Phoebe’s husband in the show.

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He was a much-loved character among fans, and there were a few memorable moments when he went on his first date with Phoebe after Joey set them up together.

Reese Witherspoon

It is impossible to deny that Reese is one of the most endearing figures in American culture. She appeared as a guest on the Friends television show not just once but twice.

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She played Rachel’s younger sister, Jill Greene. During the course of the show, the two had a contentious relationship, and viewers groaned from their sofas when Jill attempted to punish her older sister by dating Ross. You’ll see her make an appearance on the show in the sixth season.

Sean Penn

One of our favorite costumes from Friends was worn by Sean Penn in the 2001 season. His character, Eric, wore a solar system getup. Though he was (and still is) one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Penn consented to appear on the show because his two children enjoyed it so much.

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What a wonderful father, right? His character dates Ursula, Phoebe’s “evil” twin sister. After Eric’s bombshell, Phoebe discovers that her sister has been lying, causing her to feel even more betrayed. The love triangle begins at this point!

Kristin Davis

Although Kirstin Davis is best known for her role as the preppy Charlotte on the television show Sex and the City, she also appeared on Friends. Davis portrays one of Joey’s one-night stands, Erin.


In the episode broadcast in the year 2000, Phoebe and Rachel try to befriend her. However, things get a little weird, and as a result, the girls miss out on the opportunity to make a new friend. Following her successful episode, Davis revealed that she had stage fright prior to her appearance on the show.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning sure is cute, isn’t she? She’s the youngest star to feature on Friends, although she was already a household name at the time of her appearance on the show. She plays the character of Mackenzie, the young lady who lives in Monica and Chandler’s future house.

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Joey and Mackenzie meet because neither of them wants the other to leave their homes, and as a result, the two form a close bond. Joey takes some valuable lessons away from his friendship with her.

Cole Sprouse

Let’s face it – when Jennifer Aniston played Rachel on Friends, who among you didn’t have a thing for her? We bet you still have a crush on her even now. That’s understandable, and you’re not the only one. In an interview, Cole Sprouse, who was eight at the time, said he forgot his lines whenever Jen was around.

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It was difficult for him to perform on the show because he would “stammer a lot and forget lines.” He appeared on the show as Ben, Ross Geller’s little son.

Julia Roberts

That smile has the potential to brighten up an entire room, or perhaps the whole set! When she made her guest appearance on Friends, Julia Roberts portrayed Chandler’s elementary school classmate.

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Because he had humiliated her in the past, she was on a mission to get her own back, which makes the episode highly entertaining. If you didn’t already know, she was cast on the show because she was dating Matthew Perry at the time. If you want to take a look at her performance, the episode is “The One After the Super Bowl” (it’s a two-part episode).

Ellen Pompeo

Is that Meredith, but with no scrubs or hospital gowns? Although you think you might be imagining things, it is definitely real. Just a few months before she began working on Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo graced the set of Friends.

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She appears in an episode as Missy, a friend of Chandler and Ross from their time in college. Of course, there is drama! It is revealed that although they both liked her, she only ever shared a passionate kiss with one of them: Chandler. Things get a little messy, that’s for sure.

Christina Applegate

The Greens have arrived, the Greens have arrived! Fans were ecstatic when Rachel’s younger sister Jill made an appearance on the show, and they were given a second glimpse into Rachel’s life when Christina Applegate arrived. Christina portrayed Amy, Rachel’s other younger sister.

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When something horrific but amusing happens at Thanksgiving, she almost guarantees she’ll never return. Of course, she does return. While Friends fans loved to hate Amy, she was thoroughly praised by reviewers for her performance.

Gabrielle Union

Bad Boys 2 star Gabrielle Union plays Joey’s new neighbor and love interest. Kristen, a character played by Union, moves across the street from the group during the time, and she catches the eye of both Joey and Ross.

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In a humorous and amazing twist, she ends up dating both of them at the same time! Guys might be disappointed, but this is definitely a “female power” moment. When the boys learn that she is playing them both, they give her the opportunity to pick one of them, but she ends up breaking up with both of them.

Sarah Ferguson

The episode “The One with Ross’s Wedding” was filmed in the United Kingdom and was a delight for viewers. In addition, there were a few amusing cameo appearances by celebrities, including royalty. Sarah, the Duchess of York, appears alongside Richard Branson, who offered 75 first-class tickets to appear on the show.

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When Joey sees the opportunity, he takes out his camcorder and captures it. Sarah’s daughters had lobbied for her to participate in the show, which helped defuse some of the bad coverage she was receiving from the tabloids at the time. 

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields played one of Joey’s many love interests on Friends. She was brilliant, of course, and we have to say, her eyebrows were so on-point. In the episode “The One After the Superbowl”, her character, Erika Ford, has a date with Joey, and they go out to dinner.

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Joey thinks everything is perfect until he finds out that she isn’t dating him because she truly likes him. She is under the impression that he is genuinely Dr. Drake Ramoray, which is the role that he portrays in a soap opera. It’s really hilarious!

Giovanni Ribisi

Throughout the series, Giovanni portrayed Phoebe’s brother, Frank Jr., on the show. Frank, just like Phoebe, has an eccentric personality, which is one of the reasons we like him so much. Aside from being Phoebe’s brother, who wouldn’t love his character?

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The sitcom’s third season brings the siblings back together, and their close relationship continues to develop as the show progresses. Seeing how much affection and support they have for one another brings warmth to the viewer’s heart.

Gary Oldman

British actor Gary Oldman also appeared on Friends. He’s played so many characters over the years that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. However, we have to say, we adore him as Padfoot in the Harry Potter series.

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In the program’s seventh season, Joey’s acting career sends him to the set of a WWII film, where he meets Gary Oldman. Because of his part, Oldman has adopted a speech impediment, which is made much funnier by Joey’s reaction to it in the program. Both the episode and the cameo are fantastic.

Aisha Taylor

Things might get a little dicey if your friend starts seeing your ex. Fortunately, Ross and Joey’s relationship was able to weather the strain. At first, Joey enters a relationship with Charlie, a successful paleontology professor portrayed by Aisha Taylor.


However, it appears that Ross has a soft spot for her. He seems to think that two paleontologists dating each other would make for an even more compatible pair. After all, love may not always be best served by the cliché that “opposites attract.”

George Clooney

When George Clooney and Noah Wyle, who was a co-star on ER at the time, appeared on Friends, it was like two universes clashing. The two gorgeous doctors who happened to ask Monica and Rachel out on a double date were a perfect fit for the role.

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As a result of this, fans of both programs, as well as the general public, were ecstatic. It was the best crossover ever! It’s surreal to reminisce about a youthful George Clooney with his scrubs and stethoscope.

Charlton Heston

When an old Hollywood heavy hitter is on the line, it’s best to avoid casting them in a role they aren’t familiar with. Instead, you must portray them as the best versions of themselves, which is only natural.

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Joey goes inside Heston’s trailer to take a shower after a three-day fishing excursion with his father. The legendary actor, who appeared in nearly 100 films over a 60-year career, finds himself in a humorous situation. What happens? Some typical Joey nonsense, of course.

Tom Selleck

It’s impossible to overstate how legendary Tom Selleck and his mustache are together. Since he first appeared on Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck has been sporting a mustache, and it is safe to say that it hasn’t lost any of its allure over the years.

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On the television show Friends, Tom Selleck, who is tall, dark, and handsome (6’4″ to be precise), plays the role of Monica’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. He’s a doctor, but he’s also a close friend of Monica’s parents. So, do the two of them wind up together in the end? Seems like a rewatch is in order at this point!

Billy Crystal & Robin Williams

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams’ appearance in Central Perk made for one of our favorite episodes of the show. The Friends ensemble carefully listens to Crystal and Williams’ talk, which grows louder by the second, as they sip their coffee. After a cheating incident is made public, the gang’s attention is drawn to the duo, and they begin to yell at each other.

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Amazingly, no one actually invited them to participate! The actors were working on another project in the vicinity of the Friends set, and they thought it would be fun to improvise a little scene. It was truly fantastic!

Hugh Laurie

Remember Rachel’s fateful plane trip? When Hugh Laurie sits next to her? Laurie is also our fave doctor on House. For his role on Friends, he kept his natural British accent, which may shock many House fans.

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This was before his breakout performance on House, which catapulted him to fame. However, the truth is revealed when Laurie’s character learns that Ross is now married to Emily in the UK. This leads Laurie to blast Rachel for trying to get back with him and confirm that, in his opinion, she and Ross were indeed on a break.

Helen Hunt

We can’t get enough of the fantastic cameos on Friends, and in retrospect, it makes the 90s seem so much better. Helen Hunt, who already had a significant amount of notoriety at the time, was secretly cast in the role of Jamie in one episode.

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Ursula, everyone’s least favorite twin sister, makes an appearance in this episode as well. Can we also chat about the clothing for a moment? Black suits and white shirts with minimal jewelry are giving us all the energy we need!

Charlie Sheen

In this episode, Phoebe has yet another prospective partner. However, this ex-lover is suffering from an itchy problem – chickenpox. Charlie Sheen gives a noteworthy performance as a previous fling of our favorite goofy Friend, and he even sports a US Navy outfit.

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After being taken off guard by the “surprise” visit, Phoebe falls ill with chickenpox. Unfortunately, Sheen, too, contracts the illness as a result of their closeness. So, both of them need a cold compress and a bowl of chicken soup for their date.

Denise Richards

Denise makes an appearance on Friends in season seven when Monica and Chandler are engaged to be married. She plays Ross and Monica’s cousin, Cassie. Both Chandler and Ross have the hots for her, making for plenty of awkward scenes. Ross, she’s your cousin!

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Cassie moves to Ross’s house because Chandler can’t stop staring at her. Unfortunately, Ross can’t quit staring at her either, so she decides to move in with Phoebe. Unfortunately, Phoebe seems to be going through the same struggles as the guys.

Jason Alexander

Though he had just finished filming Seinfeld at the time, Jason Alexander decided to visit the set of Friends and its live audience to revisit the New York City sitcom scene. As the character Earl, he makes an appearance in the episode titled “The One Where Rosita Dies.”

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Eventually, during the course of the show, Phoebe and Earl have a discussion that is not only challenging but also highly significant. Everything works out in the end, and the plot is definitely one that will stick with you.

Dermot Mulroney

In the ninth season of Friends, Dermot Mulroney makes a special cameo appearance, playing the character Gavin Mitchell. Unfortunately, what could have been a sweet and loving relationship between his character and Rachel Green was scuppered by the Ross/Rachel predicament.


There’s a chance that Rachel and Gavin may have had a happy ending together. However, it seems most people wanted Rachel to have a standard happy conclusion with Ross. Someone needs to tell them that it’s possible to fall in love with someone who isn’t your best friend!

Richard Branson

We have one of the greatest cameos of all time in an episode that is also very British. This cameo is memorable because the character’s job was about as big of a mismatch as you can get from the person who plays the part. Can you imagine Sir Richard Branson as a street vendor?

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The street vendor is none other than Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. Isn’t that hilarious? Joey and Chandler decide to purchase some souvenirs from Branson when they are in the United Kingdom for Ross’s wedding.

Alec Baldwin

Phoebe was a lovely and mysterious character, so it should come as no surprise that the show focused a lot of attention on her romantic life. Parker, a character portrayed by Alec Baldwin, was one of her potential romantic interests.

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It turns out that Parker is somewhat possessive, very eager, and, well, he’s just more than a little bit obnoxious overall. Who knew that having an overly optimistic outlook on life may actually be detrimental? Being possessive is undoubtedly not a good thing.

Hank Azaria

There is no question that Hank Azaria was a triumph in this role, and this is true regardless of whether you knew him best from The Simpsons or The Birdcage, in which he played a stay-at-home nanny. He portrays David, “the Scientist Guy,” and he was one of Phoebe’s earliest love interests.

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His character, Phoebe’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, is a recurring role in the show. Five episodes feature him, but we really wish there were more simply so we could get a better look at those gorgeous orange glasses and that iconic 90s style!

Anna Faris

Anna Faris is the queen of comedic timing. She makes an appearance in the show’s tenth season as a surprise guest star. She plays the role of the biological mother of Monica and Chandler’s children. Monica and Chandler adopt twins – sorry for the spoilers!

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As Chandler and Monica prepare to become parents, she plays an essential role in one of the most emotional arcs in the series’ history. She was well-known then because of her role in the Scary Movie film series. You might say this is quite the character change!

Jeff Goldblum

There is something so perfect about Jeff Goldblum’s cameo on Friends. He comes on the show as a renowned director, making this episode of Joey’s story a significant one. In addition, his portrayal has an extra flair because he was unaware that Joey had overindulged in water and actually needed to pee.

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This causes Hayes, played by Goldblum, to take an interest in him, and he gets a call back from him right away. However, does Joey get the part? You now have a reason to watch a few episodes again.

Susan Sarandon

The episode featuring Hollywood legend Susan Sarandon is a crossover with the hit soap Days of Our Lives, which aired in the 1990s. Naturally, Joey is ecstatic that he’ll be a part of the program, but there’s a trick: the character he’s portraying has the brain of Susan’s character. We know – it’s a disaster.

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The actress isn’t exactly thrilled when she learns of the news. As a result, Joey turns on his old-fashioned charms, and the two embark on a passionate affair.

Bruce Willis

Brucey’s hair had not yet been shaved off at this time. The action star appeared in three episodes as Paul, the father of a woman with whom Ross had a brief romance. And he was every bit as intimidating as he was in the Die Hard movies.

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He’s like Liam Neeson’s character in Taken, but a notch or two lower. The storyline takes an unexpected turn when Paul begins seeing Rachel! Matthew Perry made a bet with Willis while they were filming a movie together, and Willis ended up on the show as a result.

Jennifer Saunders

You might recognize Jennifer Saunders from the television show Absolutely Fabulous or from her performance as the Fairy Godmother in the movie Shrek 2. In any case, she became a part of the cast of Friends in the late ’90s, appearing in a handful of episodes as the most devoted mother of Ross’s future wife.

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Saunders gives a performance that is utterly flawless and adorable, despite the affluence, snobbery, and pretentiousness of her character. Like all the other celebrities who had cameos on Friends, she shone in her role. 

Morgan Fairchild

Morgan played Nora Tyler Bing, Chandler’s mother, on the show Friends. It was in 1995 that she first appeared on the show, and she loved every minute of it, thanks to the laughs she got from the audience.

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It wasn’t long before she realized how right she had been about how successful the show would be, even in its early stages. Though several of her actress friends believed she was too young to play the mom, she went ahead and took the part nonetheless. We’re so glad she did!

Bob Balaban

Frank Buffay Sr. is here. Keep an eye out for your elders. Balaban, who wears glasses and has golden-brown hair that is long and flowing, plays the father of Phoebe and Ursula. However, as a father of twins, he fell short of the family’s expectations.

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He was married to Lily Abbott when the daughters were born, and they intended to raise them together. It was then that he decided to leave. Ouch! So he’s her biological father but a distant one. One benefit of Frank’s appearance is that the audience gets to learn where Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” melody came from.

Kathleen Turner

A story that was published a couple of years ago shed some insight on the actual circumstances surrounding the cast of Friends. Though it was supposed to be joyful and welcoming, it was said to be “cliquey” and “unwelcoming.”

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On the show, Turner played Chandler’s father, a transgender lady. Unfortunately, as far as Turner was concerned, the show’s cast and crew weren’t particularly welcoming to outsiders. Therefore, her tenure on the show was marked by a degree of harshness. This is very shocking!

You may disagree with us, but we believe Danny DeVito is a pioneer in the field of comedic acting. Because he epitomizes the adage “dynamite comes in small packages,” he made quite an impression on the Friends cast. He portrays a down-and-out stripper in “The One Where the Stripper Cries.”


The episode is frequently cited as one of the greatest in the series. In typical Phoebe fashion, she gives poor Roy (DeVito) some life advice that changes everything for him. Nice one, Phoebe!

Fred Willard

We can’t believe Fred Willard is no longer among us. Season two of Friends featured him as the San Diego Zoo Manager. During the first season, Ross is on the hunt for Marcel, the capuchin monkey he kept as a pet.

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Willard’s character tells Ross that the monkey has died, but Ross doesn’t believe him. As it turns out, Ross is right, and he can see through Willard’s deception. Those who haven’t seen it yet should do so right away.