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40 Fabulous Fashion Tips To Keep Your Look Fresh And Trendy

Feeling behind the times, look-wise? Still rocking that skirt and leggings look or rocking the beehive? Fashion is a fluid contrivance, but if you don’t keep up with the times, they’ll leave you behind. If any of this resonates with you, it might be worth refreshing your fashion knowledge—and we’re here to help. From unlearning old rules to learning new tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered.

While some fashion laws never fade (we’re looking at you, socks and crocs!), there might be a few new secrets to learn and pitfalls to watch out for that you haven’t yet encountered. Follow a few of these tips, and you’ll shed a few years off your looks—or at the very least, you’ll avoid looking like a blast from the past. So get ready to give your wardrobe a stern talking to. 

Ditch The Skirt And Pants (But Not Both At The Same Time!)

We’re entering an age that welcomes nostalgia and wider acceptance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t exactly a green light for a fashion free-for-all. Some looks still have connotations of oldness—take this piece, for example.

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Although this look was hot over a decade ago now, it’s still a little “too soon” to bring it back. Feel free to try it out if you like, but there are much better ways to express yourself than doubling up on legwear. That goes for skirts and leggings too. Avoid!

The Noir Look

Black is a great color—it goes with anything and can slim your figure. That being said, it can wash out the natural color of your skin, and, if we’re being honest, it can make you seem a little dull, as though you’re clueless about what to wear and just pull out another black piece from your all-noir wardrobe.

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But if you feel that black just resonates with you as a person—that’s totally fine. Just try mixing and matching it up with a splash of color. Any accessory will do. Add a spot of hot pink jewelry, or throw on a cheery blouse. Make yourself stand out with bold patterns. 

Cloudy Foundation

Rather than covering up natural signs of aging like wrinkles or fine lines with foundation, it can often have the opposite of the desired effect. By adding obvious layers, your skin will become more textured, and people will start missing the forest for the trees, as it were.

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Try thinning the amount you apply. Remember that confidence is 90% of looking good, and your skin will love you for it, too. The better you take care of your skin, the more radiant you will look and—trust us—the better you’ll feel.

The Big ‘Do

This one might not come as such a big surprise to most of you, but the 80s have been over for a while now. If you’re still rocking the big ‘do, consider making a change. Besides, getting a new hair look is one of the most satisfying things you’ll do this week—guaranteed.

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While we’re at it, all that extra styling, curling, and spray really doesn’t do much for your hair’s health. Keep it healthy and hydrated, and you’ll give yourself years back in the long run. Just remember to pick a new style that resonates with you.

Straighten Up That Spine

This next one is big, so heads up (and shoulders back). Even the trendiest amongst us will have trouble staying fresh without this basic but essential habit—straighten your back. You’ll appear (and feel) more confident, energetic, and powerful. What are you waiting for? Try it right this second!

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See what we mean? It takes a little practice to maintain, but it’s worth that extra effort. If you’re really struggling, there are products out there that can help nudge you in the right direction. Some clothes even help you to keep your spine up and your shoulders back. 

Kick Outdated Outfits

Take a long, hard look at your wardrobe. Now, look at it again, meaner this time. Are you seeing any garments in there that remind you of better times? Have their colors faded? Here’s a reminder that it’s sometimes good to refresh your wardrobe once in a while.

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We’re not saying you should throw everything out once a week and bend to the whims of fast fashion. Give your old ropes away to charity if you need to—someone will be able to make use of it. It’s not just keeping up with trends; it’s about feeling new. If you’re really hesitant to throw out your old attire, try mixing new and old together. 

Sun Roasted

While we aren’t suggesting that you should start wrapping yourself up in tinfoil and hissing at the sun, it might be time to recognize that going over the top with tanning can induce a look of aging rather than put it off. All that radiation not only damages your skin, but it can make you look rather dried out and overly ripe.

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While this advice goes for everybody, it’s especially important if you’re trying to avoid accelerated aging. Use SPF sunscreen if you really need to get under the sun, and otherwise, stick to the shade. Moderate your sunbathing. Your skin, and your health, will thank you.

Heavy Eye Makeup

This look comes and goes (and may well come again), but for now, this gothy aesthetic isn’t so nouveau. It won’t matter how much or little you add; the effect will likely be the same: your eyes will look smaller on your face rather than bright and fresh.

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Not only that, but it can look formal at best and old-fashioned at worst. Remember, there’s more than one way to make your eyes pop. Take some time and experiment with a look that suits you, and remember to have fun with it!

Everything Floral

Floral print isn’t out per se, but an overdose of flowery patterns can make you seem like a part of the wallpaper or the furniture. While it’s a certified classic, you don’t want to embrace classic so much that you’re known as a classic yourself. There’s no need to throw all those lovely summer dresses out.


Try mixing them up with new items, such as shirts or denim. If you love the simplicity of a summer dress (as we do), try investing in some with different patterns—bright and tropical or trippy and geometrical, and remember that accessories are your best friend.

Clunky Is Out

We’ve got good news for you—that unwieldy, impractical, strapless nightmare that you had to lug around under your arm all day can now be put into retirement. More utilitarian models of item storage are now in—that includes strappy backpacks and tote bags.

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Unless you’re someone who always has to leave the house with emergency supplies and the kitchen sink, carrying a small clutch bag or purses instead of a strapless military backpack might give you (and your back) some relief. 

Secret To Success

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. We hate it when people (usually men) tell us to “smile.” It’s annoying and condescending. With that out of the way, smiling is actually a great way to appear younger. There was even a study confirming this.

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After asking hundreds of people to study thousands of faces, researchers found that people generally guessed that faces with smiles belonged to younger individuals and that faces without smiles were assumed to be older than they were. Additionally, smiling can actually make you feel happier—even if you didn’t feel like smiling, to begin with.

Brooching The Truth

We’re sad to have to put this classic piece to rest, but there’s no getting around this one. Brooches are considered antiquated today. They may well make a comeback in the future, but for now, it’s best to keep them safe for formal occasions or for nostalgic moments.

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If they don’t make a fashion comeback, well, they might even be worth a pretty penny in the future if they’re kept in good nick. We still love the look, but unfortunately, the brooch is a mainstay of times long passed. 

Overly Thin Brows

One easy way to discern when a TV show or movie was made is to check the eyebrows of the female characters. Thicker, more natural brows are in these days, and the razor-thin look has been dismissed as old-hat for a while now—so going to all that effort to slim them down might be for naught.

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That’s not to say that maintenance and grooming have gone out of fashion, but the penciled-in look just isn’t hot anymore. Excessive plucking can actually stop your eyebrow hair from coming back. So if you still have them, try not to pluck your brows into non-existence. 

Edgy Sunglasses

Find a pair of sunglasses that suit your face’s shape, rather than find a pair you like the look of. Everyone is different, so make sure you get a second opinion before shelling out your hard-earned cash. As a general rule, the frames should line up with your temple.

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Additionally, the width of the frame itself shouldn’t extend beyond the boundaries of your face. Try to avoid frames that are too thick or sharp, as they’re likely to weigh your face down. Find a pair that match you, but try going for the delicate, lighter models first.

The Pantyhose Pallet

There are only two types of pantyhose and stockings acceptable in public now—well, not really, but there are only two types that are fashionable. The black kind has remained popular, but any shade that doesn’t match your skin color isn’t kosher these days.

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If you’re wearing a pair that is noticeably different from your skin tone, it’s going to draw attention in the wrong kind of way. Maybe recycle your old pantyhose by using them as onion holders in your kitchen.

Not Wearing a Belt

This one isn’t mandatory (none of our tips are!), but it might help you spruce up your look. Well-fitting clothes can help you look slimmer and spry. If your clothes seem a little baggy, all you need to fix them is a belt around the waist. Plus, belts make great accessories.

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This won’t work for every single outfit you own, but you’d be surprised at the difference they can make. If you have a colorful belt, it can also help break up dull-looking clothes and give you a little pizzazz.


Don’t worry—we’re a fan of turtlenecks, too. However, they can be difficult to pull off, and there’s a danger they’ll look old-fashioned without the right modifications. Make sure to bring them into the present with some jeans or a sharp blazer.

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We’re seeing a resurgence of 70s-style wear, but the jury is out on whether turtlenecks are still fab or fab. If you really must go with the turtleneck, forgo the necklaces and make sure it compliments your chin.

Dim The Bling

While some like to go about the place like a mobile jewelry store, too much glitz can weigh you down, physically and aesthetically. It’s better to display a key piece than to overload yourself with glass and gold.

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Modesty is in these days, and showing off is considered quite passé. Conserve your treasure trove and embrace simplicity. That way, you’ll be able to debut a new piece just about every day of the week.

Match Too Much

Fashion is all about planning ahead, and a good matching jacket, pants, and boots can be a stunning look. That being said, you don’t want to come off like a piece of fruit. Why limit yourself to sets? Get creative and see what kind of combinations you can come up with.

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Wearing a matching outfit can draw attention but getting the colors right can be more aesthetically satisfying. Obsessive matching can also convey a sense of intransigence and rigor, which has its advantages in some contexts, but it’s something you’ll want to avoid to stay chic. 

Highlights To Highlows

Those milky rivers of blonde elegantly streaking down your hair from yesteryear have long since soured. While they were fresh for a while, a more natural look is the preferred mode of streaking these days. Er, hair streaking, that is.

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Just like hairstyles, accessories and highlights in fashion have moved on, too. Rather than the single streak, subtle techniques, such as balayage, will allow you to express yourself and make your hair really pop with a more natural and gradual effect.

Longer Skirts

Longer skirts can be a comfortable and stylish piece, but too much coverage can make you look a little baggy and dull. Like many things in life, it’s a matter of balance. Make sure to mix a long skier with something shorter up top. A t-shirt or fitted blazer should do the trick.

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It’s all a matter of proportions. Colorful skirts can match really well with white tops, plus accessories like rings, bracelets, and a bright tote bag or purse. It’s a look everyone’s embracing nowadays, and we love it.

Capri Pants

We’ve gone back and forth on this one, but here’s the verdict: capris pants aren’t terribly good at helping anyone age gracefully. We’ve had a team of scientists look over this phenomenon. Here’s what they came up with.

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Because of the length and tightness, capris make your legs appear shorter and rounded than they actually are, giving you more of a ball-like shape. While they’re comfy to wear, it’s not an ideal look if you’re trying to shave off a few years.

Pastel Overload

One way to fade into obscurity and/or the background is to dress in a way that fades you into obscurity and/or the background. While they’re soft on the eyes and easy to match with other items, they don’t exactly help you crackle with energy.

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Their washed-out tones might paint you as being washed out as well. If you are a big fan of these colors, just remember to punctuate your pastels with a percolating pink or provocative purple that practically pops the pupils. 

Being Too Conservative

Tweed and pearls, a pussy-bow blouse, and a blowback hairdo: these styles lend themselves to a look that screams: “I can’t let go of an imagined past” and is hardly ever associated with youthful, energetic movements. Mixing tweed with more modern components might be worth a try.

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Still, if old-fashioned garbs, stringy pearls, or slick-back hairdos butter your bread or float your boat, then you do you. There is something fun about dressing up like a Victorian or a Tudor, after all.


Wool has an association with wholesomeness, warmth, winter, and coziness. These aren’t bad qualities in or of themselves, but these associations can unnecessarily push a few years onto your image. Like many other items on our list, the solution might be close at hand.

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When wintertime comes around, and the weather calls for a mug of cocoa and something warmer to wrap yourself in, just remember to pair your beloved woolen sweater and knitted hat with a chic pair of boots, slim blazer, or a pencil skirt. 

Heed The Tweed

Originally developed in Scotland, this rough woolen cloth makes for an excellent windbreaker and stylish material. Unfortunately, wearing it does give off connotations of class superiority and uptightness which might give off the impression that you’re trying to distance yourself from everybody else.


That said, it works well as a vintage piece when combined with other articles of clothing, such as jeans or pointy boots. Just try to avoid turning up in a suit made of the stuff to a protest rally or whatever else it is young people get up to these days.


There’s nothing inherent about wearing monochrome that adds age to your look; it’s just difficult to pull off. Perhaps its sterility gives it an air of plainness, or the whiteness adds a sense of coldness to your demeanor. There’s no sense in abandoning this style if it’s your mode.

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There’s nothing wrong with trying to be sophisticated, but it’s always a balancing act. Maybe try jazzing it up a little with a special accessory like a necktie, handbag, or quirky backpack to add a dash of color.

Forcing It

If there’s one thing that’s true in this life, it’s that nobody gets out alive. Gracious aging is no easy thing. It requires conscious effort, experience, and mindfulness. Rather than trying to fight it, the most beautiful thing one can do is embrace it and accept it without regret.

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Fighting a war with attrition with time itself is bound to leave visible cracks, whereas even if aging gracefully leaves you looking less than stellar, you will live with a happier heart and soul. If living well and taking care of yourself isn’t real beauty, then we don’t want to be beautiful.


There were protests about this garment in the 60s, and it’s easy to see why. It has the power to age up anyone who wears it almost instantly. It’s the way it covers the legs in an ultra-conservative way.

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If you absolutely must use one (if you happen to own a hundred of them or something), just make sure that the cut accentuates your legs rather than makes them look stubby and short. As usual, add a modern accessory in there just to be safe.

Frumpy Footwear

They’re one of the most important parts of your outfit. Wedges are still in vogue right now, but if you’re struggling to make them work for you, consider block-heel mules. Versatile and comfy, they’re sure to bring your look into the 21st century.

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When considering your budget for a wardrobe shakeup, shoes are one item you should feel happy to splurge a little bit on. They’re important for your comfort and posture, and it’s the first thing a lot of people notice when considering your style.


They’ve had a good run, but their reign in the fashion kingdom has finally come to an end. While they seem like a good idea, in theory, their heavy and constrictive design has an unfortunate effect of choking air circulation. Why limit yourself to blue or black all the time?

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Often referred to as “jeggings,” these stretchy jeans have had their time in the sun. They’re not even useful as exercise clothes, either. We’re not sad to see them go. Put their mainstay down to being a bad phase in fashion history, and let’s never talk about them again.

Matte Makeup

The idea behind matte is to add color without shine. New trends have emerged since, and while it might see a resurgence later on down the line (anything is possible, after all), for now, matte makeup is considered a cosmetic dud.

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The dewy, well-hydrated look is currently in. Think of a lush mountain glade overflowing with bounty, opulence, and sunshine. So while you’re next out shopping for lipstick, foundation, and eye shadow, try to keep this in mind.

Velour Tracksuits

Let’s all face the facts—there’s only one Jennifer Lopez. Additionally, pulling off the velour tracksuit look is about as easy as filling in your taxes at the bottom of the sea floor—it’s technically possible, but the odds aren’t airtight.

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They do make comfortable indoor clothes, but there are plenty of options for outfits available on the market that are both trendy and comfy. The full-body velour set just doesn’t match that description. Ditch it.

Long, Flashy Nails

In some cultures of the world, long nails are associated with high class and a rejection of manual labor. But in most places now, long nails are associated with out-of-date ideas about beauty and style. There’s an “old lady” association with them, no matter how garish or subtle you go.

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Strange, lurid, and colorful nail manicures still have their place, but it’s a niche, and the young people opting for them tend to keep their nails fairly short anyway. The oligarch and ladies in waiting looks are out this season.

Frilly Sleeves

Nobody deserves to be mistaken for a table. This kind of look can be found everywhere, and it has to be one of the most unfortunate fashion faux pas. From trumpet sleeves to the bishop, this fad is not just out of date—it’s practically moldy.


If you like wearing them because they’re floaty and comfortable, our advice to you is to find something more fitting, tailored to your shape, and comfortable. Nothing will age you quite as fast as decorating yourself like a curtain or an Ottoman. 

Bohemian Breeze

The boho look is a classic, and it’s been making a return over the last few years. Comfortable and cool in hot weather, flowy and expressive, the bohemian style is a surefire hit—unless, of course, you were actually a hippie from the 60s who looks like they haven’t made a style transition for over sixty years.


If you think this might be the case but can’t find it within yourself to throw out this lovely look, fear not—there’s an easy solution at hand. Simply mix and match the look with an update of modern accessories—a casual t-shirt, a trendy pair of sunglasses, or dapper pants. Make the look work for you.

Flat Matte

This one might save you some time as well as cut a few years off your assumed age. While the flat hair look was hot back in the day, wavy is the new savvy. Flat implies thin, and with thin hair comes the association with old age.

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Thankfully, straight, middle-parted hair is out, and hairstyles with slightly more volume are in. Give your hair a rest and look younger by giving yourself a more flowing, curly, or naturally kinky hair look. 

Bang Bang

Bangs can be cute, but they can be difficult to manage. Just remember that there’s more than one way to style the look. There are curved bangs, wispy bangs, blunt, side-swept, and micro bangs, and each style of bangs can compliment a different face shape.

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Bangs aren’t a one-and-done event. Like a bonsai tree, they will need trimming every once in a while—from once every three weeks to every other day. Take good care of your bangs, and they will take care of you. Just remember to practice restraint while holding the scissors. 

Understand Your Undergarments

From too-tight bras to traceable underwear, badly fitting undergarments can misalign your outfit, causing your clothes to look strange on your body and your back to slouch. It’s all around something you should avoid at all costs.

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Don’t stinge on these essential components of dress—for the sake of your own comfort and style, shell out a little on good quality and well-fitting undergarments. Having yourself outfitted might seem costly, but it will save you—both money and embarrassment—in the long run. 

Not All Black And White

This is a subtle one, but it’s worth considering before your next hair dye. Raven black can look sleek, but overly darkened hair drenched in black can call attention to itself. This is because naturally-dark hair comes with tiny but noticeable breaks of color.

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Flat, dark hair can also make you come across as being rigid and severe. Luckily, there’s an easy compromise for those of you fond of the raven-black look. Mixing in black with shades of chestnut, cinnamon, or light caramel can do wonders for getting a more natural brunette look.