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Families Recreate Vintage Photos With Hilarious Results

Old family photos definitely inspire a rush of memories. Nostalgia can bring back the very moment when the pictures were snapped  for better or worse! Growing older means more sag and more grey. Is that all really so bad? Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been, Mark Twain once quipped. Father time waits for no one, at least without a visit from the botox fairy. For photographers with sass, it’s possible to spoof the old scenes and contrast looks for laughs. A few funny families did exactly that, right here. It’s time to take a look at their side by sides!

A Tender Snuggle, 34 Years Later

As a baby, this little fellow would lie on dad’s chest to sleep. Nowadays, he is all grown up. But that doesn’t mean anything has changed! Still a cuddlebug, son tried to recreate this special nap three decades later. How did the old man feel about it?

Reddit / deltaphoenix08

Well, to start — the experience is a bit more weighty. It’s hard to deny the pounds that have been gained over the years. Wincing in pain, dad allows the snapshot. The internet says thank you, and wishes him a quick recovery!

15 Years Between Crocs

Crikey, mate! Everyone remembers the glory days of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. His ability to conquer creatures large and small beyond the reptile world was unmatched, and he had a massive fan base for it. After his untimely death from a stingray, many worried about the family he left behind. How are his kids doing, today?

Instagram / @robertirwinphotography

As big fans may know, both son Robert and daughter Bindi have followed in his footsteps. The kids join their naturalist mom promoting wildlife education around the world. Here, Rob fed Murray the crocodile 15 years after his father was snapped in the act. Steve would be proud!

A Real Son-Ception

Dad and son, son and dad. This seems like a real loop-de-loop. Who is who, really? With decades between them, it can be hard to figure out who the elder and younger are, in each photo. Like father, like son is no joke in this case!

Reddit / mrn00bton

Even casual observers can see that man number two looks just like man number one, and the babies are pretty similar. All the outfits are the same. Both the mustaches are the same. No photoshop was involved: It’s two totally separate generations of family fun!

Lookalike Soldiers, Secretly Dad and Son

General George Patton once remarked: ”Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.” So many men have come and gone, under that philosophy. Who are these two heroes, right here?

Reddit / kadillac76

24 years apart, these two are involved in different battles. But it’s hard to deny how similar they look! As it turns out, this photo collage shows a real father and son. Both were shocked to see the update, but it all made sense!

They’re Not Twins

Sometimes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In this case, two generations would have a lot in common, much later on. No one could have predicted it, in the early days of their parent-child relationship. Looking 38 years later, the comparison is shocking!

Reddit / Nadname

The verdict is in: Like father, like son! The ringer print tee, the mustache, and the scenery would be enough for a lookalike contest. But oddly enough, they really do look alike! Sometimes, DNA just seems to clone itself more than anything. Carbon copy, right?

Mom’s 60th Birthday

The times change, but the closet stays the same. Without a good clean-out, the best outfits stay tucked away for a rainy day. For her 60th birthday, this mom wanted to relive her favorite fashion moments. Here, she recruited her kids to recreate a photo with the iconic blue dress!

Reddit / madbear

Obviously, the youngsters no longer fit in their clothes. And they’re not actually so young anymore, either. But with a little creativity, the family managed to find nearly identical styles for the update. A charming scene, if there ever was one!

Three Brothers, 90 Years Later

Black and white pics have gone out of fashion, for the most part. But the very best memories were captured by this early photography, for millions. Here, three brothers posed side by side for a shot in 1929 on a farm near their house. It must have been a chilly day, judging by the hats!

Reddit / I_CRE8

On second thought, it might be hard to remember, for sure. That’s because the second photo featuring the brothers was taken 90 years later. Yes, 90! This reunion went viral, understandably. How could it not?

Adoption Update

This sibling pair decided to recreate their very first picture together. It was an important moment, and they never forgot! Taken the day of baby brother’s adoption, the happiness on their little faces is undeniable. Decades later, they recreated the magic on film. Crib and haircuts, included!

Reddit / blackmachine312

When the images went viral, people remarked that barely anything has changed, in their style. Their smiles are also just as wide as day one. But this time, something is different. Years of love and bonding are behind these expressions, not just excitement!

High School Graduations, 18 Years Apart

It’s undeniable that being a teen mom is a challenge. At the very time when the focus should be grades, there are diapers and bottles to deal with. Opting out is not a choice! Shockingly, one hardworking young lady managed to do it all. Holding her baby daughter, she dons a graduation cap for the camera. How are things between them, these days?

Reddit / mammacarrie

Just 18 years after her big day, there is another celebration. It’s the same celebration, in fact! Mom and daughter are close as she finishes her walk down the aisle in cap and gown. Carpe diem, ladies!

Woodstock Revisited

Perhaps the most famous music festival of its time, Woodstock was held in 1969 in Bethel, New York, Advertised as “an Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music,” more than 400,000 hippies showed up for the experience. This couple met at a show, and had the good sense to capture it on camera! What are they up to, these days?

Ben Trivett / Warner Bros.

Today, they explain they knew they were meant one, just two days into their tryst. 50 years later, things are still going strong! To commemorate their special story, they grabbed a blanket and a camera. The result was iconic, again!

Same Cool Bike, Same Cool Lovers

Mark Twain once advised: “Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” Clearly, this young fellow took the idea to heart. There’s nothing quite like a romantic ride in the park to charm a lady, is there? Young love and fast wheels led to a long relationship. Fifty-two years later, it’s still going strong!

Facebook / ZhangZheSheng

The back story is that in 1965, a 19-year-old guy an 18-year girl asked a passerby to take a picture at the park. Later, they married. They invited a photographer to the very same park to recreate the scene for their wedding anniversary. The more things change, the more they stay the same for 5 decades!

Chic Beyond Time

Punk rock had its time, and the fashion is still fun for a niche group out there. Most former rebels cleaned up their act, at some point. Moving to the suburbs with a  real job and a trustworthy image was easy as a haircut and a change of clothes. This couple did just that!

Reddit / throwaway8286521

But like an iceberg, most of the story lies below the visible surface. Even though they are dressed as middle-class parents, they know who they really are. Posing for a photo shows the superficial changes over time. But real punks never change!

Flying Forever

As a kid, she watched her dad fly planes all over the world. Transporting people is a tricky job, and most never see how it is done behind the cockpit. Dad loved to share, but he probably never thought he was inspiring a future career. Look at the update to see his beaming pride!

Instagram / @jasmijnvwvd

Now, this young woman has begun her own journey as a pilot. For nostalgia, she brought her old stuffed lion on board. He always flew with them, and he’s not going to be left out of a picture now!

Foster Care and Post-Adoption

According to current data, there are more than 400,000 kiddos in foster care in the United States. They range in age, and often shuffle around from home to home. It’s a chaotic life, in the years when stability is most needed. Here, a little girl gets a hug at her latest location. How did that work out, in the end?

Reddit / whatagirlygirl

Two years later, this is no longer a foster situation at all: It’s a full-blown adoption. Held in her new forever mother’s arms, she is almost too big now!

Vintage Viral Photo Updated

The picture on the left may have been taken in a different era, but the standards haven’t changed that racially. Even back then, it was a bit unorthodox to carry a baby in a grocery bag. How did that risky parenting work out, in the end?

Twitter / @dimitarbechev

Quite well, against all odds! All grown up, daughter decided to accompany mother to the very same farmer’s market, all these years later. They kept the vintage style, even as times changed. Obviously, a selfie was in order. Being fashionable and photogenic demands it!

Medical School, Just 70 Years Apart

In the old days, med school wasn’t quite as high-tech as it is now. No computers even existed, just old-fashioned notebooks and books — gasp! Grandpa worked hard to get his degree but took a quick break for this photo. Would his grandson be a science geek, too?

Reddit / Neuromancy_

Indeed, he also ended up at doctor school! Sometimes, that just seems to run in families. But when the young student found the old image, he was pretty shocked. He only knew gramps in his jowl years, but the young version was eerily similar. Twins, almost!

60 Years Of Love

After 60 years, not many ladies will fit in their beloved wedding dress. That’s just how life goes, most of the time. Some choose to keep it in storage as a treasured family heirloom. But that’s becoming less popular, with fast fashion trends. What became of the lace and ruffles, here?

Reddit / dskeezy05

Tucked away in the back of the closet, the gown was waiting for just the special occasion to make a second appearance. It looks like it stood the test of time. And here it is: A mega milestone anniversary!

Two Different Battles

Life is full of surprises, and ups and downs. No one would deny that, especially in the old generation. From war to famine to pandemics, the challenges in the last century were many. It was unavoidable. But those with a partner to stick through it all were the lucky ones!

Reddit / lorubis3

Hand in hand, this couple walked in harmony in the good old days. This didn’t change when the wife was sick and dying. From behind, someone knew they had to document the touching moment. Hubby is right by her side, just like when she was healthy. A friend to the end, he was!

Four Decades of Dreams

After 40 years, most would probably try out a few different barbers and styles. But not this fellow. The loyal customer seems to still go to the same hair professional. His favorite shop knows how to get that old cut just right, no matter the trends!

Reddit / bitbot2000

And just like his feathery hair, his marriage seems to be timeless. In the second photo update, wifey has found her old plaid and barrettes. They still suit her just fine. Plus the love hasn’t faded at all!  Why fix what isn’t broken?

Same Age Deja Vu

As the years pass, some of the most beloved people of the family pass on, too. Here, an old photo of dad brings back loving memories. At birth, the baby had less defined features. As babies tend to be! But years later, it’s fascinating to compare the men in their 20s phase. How did that work out?

Reddit / the-untz

Well, well, well. A similar beard and smile pop out, right away. Looking in the mirror might be a little freaky, after seeing this same age comparison. The genes are strong, here. Some might say, practically identical!

The Silliest Siblings

The first communion is a special day in the lives of girls. It means a new step in religious observance, and the family is there to witness it all. Here, little bro came to celebrate with older sis. Years later at her wedding, he was right there by her side to pull the same stunt!

Facebook / Country Roads Photography

It’s time to create an album for the grandkids. Instead of taking a normal bridal photo, it’s all about nonsense today. But that’s exactly how these two like it, and always did. This family tradition is not exactly traditional!

Kindergarten Vs. Grad School

The first day of kindergarten is like no other in the life of every student. It’s a transition from pre-school to school-school, and it can be a little scary sometimes. Here, one little boy had all his cousins send him off. Family support really makes a difference!

Reddit / tyree731

To surprise mom on her special 60th birthday, the younger generation decided to recreate her favorite photo of the kids. All lined up as adults with real jobs and degrees. And unbelievably, they look as chummy as ever. Both deserve their own frames on the mantle!

51 Years of Nibbles

Till death do them part, this couple has made it through half a century together. At the end, health often becomes a challenge. Here, the wife helps the husband eat in the hospital when he lacks the strength to hold a spoon. Does the sweet scene seem familiar?

Reddit / shaka_sulu

Why, it sure does! 51 years ago, they posed feeding each other cake at the wedding. A lot changed in terms of mobility, but the love hasn’t faded at all. Maybe they’ve aged, but there is no doubt the fundamentals are there!

Flash Forward Fashion

Hanging out with mom is always a treat, as a toddler. But the sweet days can’t last forever! When boys get older, it becomes a little embarrassing to bring her everywhere. And wearing the same style year after year certainly isn’t a cool thing to do. Or is it?

Reddit / farmch

In this case, cool is in the eye of the beholder. A loving son has grown up, but he hasn’t lost his affectionate streak. Recreating the very same sweatshirt with an age update, he snaps a shot of mom. Iconic, for the family album!

Making Music Since 1975

The 70s were a magical time, never to be recreated in quite the same way. These two lovebirds met in the era, and stuck together through thick and thin. What kept things going, most of all? Perhaps their mutual love for string music!

Reddit / rxhunnel

The photo journey through time here is charming. On the left, a custom, tiny little guitar. On the right, a classic violin. Both seem to have command over their respective instruments and now purchased funky upgrades. Together, they have made a symphony out of life and love!

A Proven Daddy’s Girl

When dad graduated from high school, he already had a little one. It’s not typical, but it happens. His daughter was too young to remember the ceremony, even if she was a featured guest. Many years later — 18 to be exact — dad attends her big day. What a special trade!

Twitter / @__toritilla

As a young father, he might have been too busy working to see all of life’s special milestones. But things worked out, with hard work. Holding his daughter in his arms at a heavier size, he doesn’t bat an eye. Congrats to both, says the internet!

Grandad And Grandson in Tokyo

Joining the army can be a way for young men to see the world. It always has been a secret getaway and an adventure. Before the globalized world of now, few Americans visited Asia at all. Grandad was lucky enough to see Japan, pictured here in Tokyo. Must have been wild, back then!

Reddit / Dauntless1

Stationed overseas back then meant seeing a version of the city without highrise buildings. Now, his young grandson returns to witness the modernization. Seventy-three years would be a long time for nothing to change. Hello there, new Tokyo!

Holy Hand-Me-Downs

The concept of a good hand-me-down is not as popular as it once was. Back in the day, families really saved every item to use for the new generation as it came. Now, stores like Walmart make things incredibly cheap to buy. That means fast fashion has even hit the kids!

Reddit / Polytetrahedron

Maybe they don’t have to save it. But this classic blue zip-up made it through decades and generations of this clan. Three blond little boys looked sharp in this sweater, and they seem to know it. A great basic never goes out of style, does it?

Mother And Son, All Grown Up

Time-traveling has never been so easy with family photo albums and modern photography. On the left, a classic head full of curlers and a trendy polka dot bikini. On the right, an update that made the internet do a double-take. What’s the story, in between?

Reddit / Jamescovey

Probably too much to express in just one photo, really. But as they say, a picture says a thousand words. The grown son still has that same wide smile and chubby cheeks from his tiny days in the 60s. Happy baby, happy man. Happy mom, too!

Impressive Lift, 15 Years Later

Life has its stages, and that includes growth spurts — or lack thereof. Every tiny boy loves to take a ride on adult shoulders. It’s impossible to be big and tall, at that age. But with the boost, it’s possible to tower over grown men!

Reddit / Moosegang52

Powerful stuff, indeed. The cousins in the before and after sure do seem close. But honestly, it can’t go on like this forever. At some point, there must be a weight limit for the ride. If amusement parks can do it, surely this family can put their foot down to get him down!