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40 Drone Photos That Show the World from a New Perspective

There are marvels to be found in the development of uncrewed vehicles that can perform tasks for us while we relax in a comfy chair at home. Drones, for example, can be employed for a variety of recon operations while being controlled from the safety of a military base. In addition, photographers from all around the world are now using these incredible machines to capture moments that we generally miss out on because we simply don’t have wings.

We’ve gathered some of the most exciting photographs captured by drones, including everything from flocks of ducks that look like particles in the sky to realistic-looking Sasquatches. Explore the pages beyond to see your world from some astonishing and previously impossible angles. 

A Path Through the Ocean

There are some journeys that you must take on your own accord. There is no doubt that this journey through the Atlantic Ocean on a solid block of concrete would be an incredible experience. You can count us in for sure – this route is one we’d definitely like to travel at some point.

Image courtesy of gramho

Seeing the Atlantic Ocean Road from a bird’s eye perspective is quite breathtaking. Isn’t it amazing how majestic this road looks when the ocean has one of its moods? For more than 30 years, the highway has been a must-see if you’re traveling in Scandinavia.

Relaxing on the Beach

Manta rays are known for their tranquil demeanor, which explains why they prefer to remain anchored to the seafloor and avoid being disturbed. Nevertheless, it is a sight to behold when these gorgeous creatures take to the skies.

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

This drone image was taken from a beach in Sri Lanka, where two ladies are lying on the sand, blissfully unaware that a pair of rays are peacefully watching them from a safe distance. These rays could be best friends, grazing in the water and keeping watch for humans. That’s an exciting concept.

In a Marigold Field

Drone photography can reveal some fascinating aspects of people’s daily lives around the world. These women, for example, may not see the same wonder in their surroundings as we do since they are so used to gathering marigolds every day of their lives.

Image courtesy of mymodernmet.com

One thing we all want to do at least once in our life is take in the breathtaking views of this beautiful landscape. Take a look at how brilliant the colors are and how well they are combined. It looks like a Monet picture has been brought to life in some ways. We can definitely smell the fresh blossoms!

Magnificent Castle

If you visit France, you’ll likely want to head to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Outside of the City of Love, there’s an entire country to explore. Mont-Saint-Michel is a must-visit site if you wish to get the most out of your vacation money.

Image courtesy of dronedj

The castle you’re looking at is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are only 50 inhabitants on this island. Nevertheless, thousands of tourists visit each year to be awed by this magnificent building that defies the passage of time.

A Natural Masterpiece

We thought this was a surreal piece of abstract art from the early twentieth century when we first saw it. And who can blame us? The combination of perfection, absolute mystery, and bafflement makes it impossible to see anything else at first.

Image courtesy of gramho

In reality, Max Foster took this picture from a height of 1,500 feet over Iceland’s Delta River. If you look closely, you’ll see what looks to be random faces in the image. Undoubtedly, this is a work of art deserving of being displayed in every residence in the world.

Central Park

Central Park, a vast green space smack dab in the heart of New York City, is one of the world’s most famous green spaces. Even if you’re just going for a daily jog in the morning, it looks stunning throughout the winter months.

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

Thanks to this drone picture, we can get a good feel for the place’s beauty in winter, when temperatures drop so low as to cover each and every inch of grass with a thick layer of snow. In a city like New York, where everyone is always on the go, Central Park provides a welcome respite and a sense of community for the people who live there.

Keeping a Safe Distance

The best approach when it comes to observing and photographing big cats is to maintain a safe distance. However full their stomachs might be, even in the shade of an oak tree, these majestic animals will not tolerate any intrusion into their personal space.

Image courtesy of TravelFuntu

Nonetheless, a courageous drone went above and beyond the call of duty to capture an image of this incredible beast, which we’re sure was debating whether to pounce on the strange flying machine. We feel as though someone is peering into our souls through those wide, piercing eyes.

Hello, Whale

The only way to properly appreciate the immense size of a whale is to get up close and personal with one of these majestic creatures – the largest mammals on the planet. They’re magnificent animals that need to be respected rather than savagely hunted.

Image courtesy of Science 101

While a swimmer is snorkeling near a giant humpback whale, this drone captured the exact moment when the whale rose up from the depths, completely unaware of how stunned her human neighbor was by the vast chasm in size that separates them.

Real Nature?

It’s safe to say this image is a bit of a challenge to decipher. While one side of the road is still enjoying spring, it appears as if the other side is going through a brutal winter. Our walls would look stunning with this yin/yang combination as a poster.

Image courtesy of k.sina.cn

Of course, this is not the case. To produce this work of art, the photographer chose to take one picture in the winter and the other in the summer and then combine the two images in Photoshop. This isn’t truly how nature appears, but the contrast is beautiful.

The Perfect Place for a Getaway

The convenience of not having to worry about anything when staying at a hotel is well-known to anyone who has ever done so. Imagine staying at a hotel on an island with a drone hovering over it – you’d be in for a real treat.

Image courtesy of The Island Hotel

The Aman Sveti Stefan hotel, located on an island off the coast of Montenegro, is a must-visit destination if you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Balkan country. The gorgeous paradisiacal island is the perfect place to get away from it all. Taking a break from electronics here would be ideal, but if you have a drone, feel free to bring it along!

Rowing Across the Desert

This drone shot has got us wondering how somebody might row a boat across the cracked desert floor. Surely this is impossible! It’s hard to imagine what else the ground could be made of. Has the liquid effect been added in Photoshop? Or did the desert experience a flash flood?

Image courtesy of Travel Triangle

If you look closely, you’ll see ripples around the boat, indicating that the water is so pure that it creates the impression that someone is rowing across a desert. We hope it is real as we would love to experience this one-of-a-kind event.

The Red Train

We’ve seen some classic settings in movies during the previous half-century. Bond films have provided us with a great perspective on the breathtaking beauty that Europe has to offer, and we have adored this aspect ever since we first saw Dr. No. The Landwasser Viaduct, an iconic Swiss railway, is featured in the image below.

Image courtesy of AirBnB

Graubunden is home to a six-arched viaduct, which has stood strong for more than a century. If you’re ever in the country, we highly recommend taking a ride on one of the red trains. Believe us when we say it will be worth it!

The Bond Suites

If you look at the first several Bond films, the scenery is the most remarkable aspect of the movies. The film Goldfinger comes to mind because it provided us with an excellent understanding of why it is so vital to see the Alps at least once in a lifetime.

Image courtesy of picuk

The Grand Belvedere Hotel, where the late Sir Sean Connery stayed all those years ago, is beautifully captured in this drone photo. Clearly, this is one of the hotels we’ll need to stay at if we’re traveling around the Furka Pass.

A Sky-High Proposal

When we’re madly in love, we tend to do things that seem out of character, wanting to impress the person who holds our heart. Indeed, love is a rare and special emotion that deserves to be honored in the proper manner.

Image courtesy of mycentraloregon

Take, for example, this couple. As part of his strategy, the man arranged for his proposal to be a significant event and ensured that it received the attention it deserved. When the would-be fiance prepared to speak those magical words, the drone captured the special moment beautifully. Here’s hoping he didn’t drop the ring!

The Voyage of the Time Machine

In the depths of the ocean, we can find everything from strange-looking species to shipwrecks and sunken submarines, and it’s all interesting. They bring us back to a time when things were substantially different than they are now.

Image courtesy of Minimalist Photography/Pinterest

A shipwreck near Coron, Palawan, was captured by a drone that flew over the area. Since the Second World War, the ship has remained in the same place. Scuba divers may explore many shipwrecks in the Coron area. What’s the holdup? The Philippines is a great place to visit!

This Abandoned Plane

While it may appear to be a remnant from the past, this is actually a person’s home. The drone image creates an outstanding piece of photography that can help us bolster our imaginations to come up with an exciting plot.

Image courtesy From above/pinterest

In a nutshell, this is a person’s house. The man who created this house also rents it out to thrill-seekers and others looking for an exciting new experience in their lives. Wouldn’t you want to get on this isolated plane if you couldn’t make it fly over the treetops?

The Shipping Mall

Visiting shopping malls is a favorite pastime for many of us. However, we can quickly lose track of the passing minutes and hours, only to be startled by an announcement over the mall’s speaker letting everyone know that the mall will be closing soon.

Image courtesy of zoomdrones.net

Take a look at this stunning image captured by a drone over Hong Kong’s heart. In the midst of so many skyscrapers, isn’t it strange that there’s an abandoned ship? Of course, it’s more than just a stranded ship. Indeed, it’s a shopping center with a unique design. We’ve just added this to our list of must-see attractions! 

Wrong Timing

Drones are a fantastic tool for capturing footage from various perspectives. We have these drones to act as our eyes and ears in places where we are unable to travel. However, there are some drawbacks to these gadgets as well, such as when they interrupt our peace and quiet while we’re just trying to get some shut-eye and not think about anything.

Image courtesy of Editors Choice

For example, this young lady was enjoying a relaxing sunbathing session when a drone flew overhead and interrupted her bliss. She chased after the drone with her broom in hand, evidently unhappy with how her day was ruined.

The Joy of Road Trips

To enjoy the countryside and the car’s beastly engine roaring and echoing out over the plains would be a true treat. We’d love to embark on a long road trip in a convertible like this one. This picture is incredible because it exemplifies the sheer joy of taking road trips.

Image courtesy From above/pinterest

A Ford Mustang trip along Route 66 would surely be a blast, and you would certainly create a slew of lasting memories. This legendary highway has been central to a number of our favorite stories, and we’ll always fantasize about driving the length of Route 66.

A Perfect Place

Visiting the Netherlands is well worth it because of the breathtaking scenery and historically significant sites that have been preserved with utmost care. In addition, this famously flat land is home to friendly locals, historic windmills, and an abundance of tulips.

Image courtesy of buro247.me

If you ever find yourself in Groningen, we highly recommend visiting the Fort Bourtange. Despite its age, the star-shaped fort is in excellent condition. And take a look at that breathtaking scenery. Have you ever seen something constructed or preserved to such a high standard?

Sagrat Cor Church

We recommend a trip to Spain if you’re serious about taking stunning drone photos. Of course, you’ll want to snap as many fantastic drone images as you can while visiting the magnificent Catalonian city of Barcelona.

Image courtesy of Catalunya

This photograph, for example, depicts a stunning vista of the Sagrat Cor Church, which appears like something out of a computer game involving an assassin for a religious order. The church is also referred to as the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This picture appears to have been taken in a different period due to the thick fog surrounding it.

Christ the Redeemer

Has anyone ever refuted that Christ the Redeemer is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations in the history of humankind? As a silent guardian of Rio de Janeiro, the enormous statue attracts visitors from all over the world every year.

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

This drone shot wonderfully sums up why it’s a sight to behold. Take a look at how it’s sitting atop a mountain, taking in the view. It’s as if Jesus himself is keeping an eye on the country and doing everything he can to keep it safe.

Let’s Take It Higher!

Some believe that the most effective meditation is done at a location that is not easily accessible to most people. Solitary confinement used to be a common practice for historical monks and other spiritual leaders. They were able to think more clearly as a result of this.

Image courtesy of The Vintage News

You are looking at a drone image of a church in Georgia that was built in the 9th or 10th century by a community of monks. You can only imagine the challenges monks had to overcome to settle at the Katskhi Pillar in this mountainous country.

King of the Sand

Drone photography is breathtaking. It opens our eyes to possibilities we would never have considered before. The red dunes in Saudi Arabia, for example, are both spectacular and mystical. Abdulla Al Nassar, a brilliant drone photographer, saved the day for all of us by capturing this incredible shot.

Image courtesy of moneyforlunch

There is a valley nearby where you can see the camel shadows perfectly reflecting on the sand. It’s incredible! Everyone has a different perspective on things from afar, and this image lets your imagination soar into the wild.

Black and White

This drone image was captured using a black and white filter and then enhanced with the use of Photoshop’s advanced features. The photo was taken at Phan Rang, Vietnam, a city known for its dunes.

Image courtesy ofbigglobaltrave

Isn’t it interesting how these youngsters sprint over the dunes, casting long shadows? While this photograph features significant amounts of sand, we must also point out that this city contains numerous other magnificent attractions that are well worth seeing. So, be sure to add Phan Rang to your travel itinerary as soon as you get the chance.

A Breathtaking Fall

At the convergence of the Santa Maria River and the Gallinas River in Mexico, a marvel of natural beauty has been created – a breathtaking waterfall with turquoise water and a rainbow that appears to have made its home there.

Image courtesy of moneyforlunch

Drone photography has captured yet another breathtaking view of our wonderful world. However, we need to be reminded of how our actions affect nature. We need to protect our environment better if we want to keep scenery like this around for future generations to enjoy.

The City with a Million People

The population density of Mexico City is among the highest on the planet. So even if you’re just out on a jog, you can feel the vibrations of the city beneath your feet. It’s a beautiful place to be immersed in, but this photo from a drone gives us a sense of just how densely inhabited it is.

Image courtesy of AXELiin/reddit

If you take a close look at the image, you’ll notice that there are literally row upon row of houses. How many people can fit into a given area? Do you think it seems like another planet from a distance?

The Enchanted Gardens

Skyscrapers, enormous retail malls, Arabian nights, casinos, deserts, and camels come to mind when one thinks about Dubai, the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But this fascinating metropolis offers even more wonders to behold for those who happen to have drones!

Image courtesy of Travelandleisure.com

If you’ve ever been to Dubai and haven’t visited the exquisite Dubai Miracle Garden, you’ve missed out on something truly spectacular. You can see just how vibrant and beautiful this garden is from the perspective of a bird’s-eye view. Just be careful if you visit the UAE, as drones are illegal in many places – always check the laws first, no matter where you are in the world. 

Stairway to Heaven

Before heading back to the studio and crafting a work of musical art that would transcend time and all kinds of barriers, the iconic rock band Led Zeppelin traveled to Portugal’s Algarve. If you look at this stunning aerial photograph, you’ll see a maze of manmade stairways tucked away in the middle of a lush green forest.

Image courtesy of moneyforlunch

What is the destination of this stairway? It’s a long way down the rock face to a hidden and cozy beach in the Faro area. When you head back up, it truly feels like you’re climbing into the heavens. 

Scaling an Impossible Wall

The first International Drone Footage Photography Awards were held in 2016, and since then, drone enthusiasts haven’t stopped raving about them. In order to win an award, people from around the world go to great lengths, and this image is one such example.

Image courtesy of Insider.com

As seen in this shot, a climber descends Utah’s Moab Mount with care and precision. A strange tingling sensation runs down our legs every time we look at this vista, despite the fact that we’re doing so from the comfort of our couch. It is truly exhilarating, to say the least.

Crimson Road

It seems only fitting that an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) be put through its paces amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest. This drone was able to get the perfect photo because the snow had settled around the highway, and the trees were still as crimson as they could be.

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

According to the photographer, the scenery was ideal for this photograph because the temperature at the time was -5 degrees Fahrenheit and it was extremely windy. This photograph is one of the most naturally artistic images we’ve ever seen.

Football Is Life

In terms of passion for football, nothing beats building a field in the most isolated location. It’s easy to see that football is a significant aspect of life on the Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten. All the evidence you need is found in this stunning image.

Image courtesy of buro247.me

Having a football field built on the island only enhances the natural charm of the place. With this information, we can better understand why Norwegian football is on the rise and why Manchester United is managed by one of Norway’s favorite sons.

From the Land and the Sea

At first inspection, this does appear to be an impressive work of art created by a human. That, however, is not the case. American artist Robert Smithson did capture the photo, but it has nothing to do with human intellect – it is entirely natural.

Image courtesy of goldskullhunter/Reddit

When the water level drops below 4,195 feet, you’ll be able to see this type of artwork, which perfectly illustrates the interplay between land, water, and sky. Aang from Avatar appears to be lurking in the shadows of this stunning piece of art, which plays with the four primary elements.

The French Alps

Of all the peaks in the French Alps, Mont Blanc is by far our favorite. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the sheer volume of skiing available here really puts everything into perspective. Skiing across the snowy slopes and taking in the changing colors of the landscape is an experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Image courtesy of dronedj

As the sun began to drop, the Dynastar crew decided to climb the mountain’s peak to get an epic drone shot. Getting to the top doesn’t come without effort, but the view from the peak is worth it in every way possible.

Golden Falls

There aren’t many nations that can compete with Iceland’s landscape in terms of tourism and backpacking adventures. The Scandinavian island nation’s natural beauty and extraordinary monuments, such as this magnificent waterfall, are prominently displayed.

Image courtesy of frekvence1.cz

The gorgeous Golden Falls can be seen in this picture, taken with a drone’s camera. This is unquestionably one bucket list item that should be at the top of your list. You may never look at life the same way again after visiting this stunning place.

Jump and Fall

If you want to experience the ultimate rush, nothing beats cliff diving. However, you should know that it is pretty dangerous. Jumping off the edge of a cliff can be pretty scary because you never know for sure whether you’ll land safely.

Image courtesy of travelfuntu.com

Nonetheless, this person here is a Guinness World Record holder for these kinds of feats, so we’re confident in his ability. The dive occurred at a Yellow River waterfall in China. It doesn’t matter how much experience he has; we’re still concerned about the dangerous, roiling water.

Beautiful Waves

This looks like the final scene from a movie where the Earth is about to implode and allow gigantic waves to engulf it. In a way, it also looks like a strange, psychedelic forest. The reality is that a Thai resident took this stunning image using a drone camera in Chiang Mai.

Image courtesy From above/pinterest

The Ping River, one of several water sources in the area, has an ethereal beauty. Thanks to the drone, we have a stunning aerial perspective of how the small bridge looks when the waves crash against it. It appears as if the river is made from ribbons of ghostly light. 

Climate Change

Alexandria Bay is a small village located on the border of New York and Canada, with a population of 1,078 people. However, because of its location, locals are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of rising sea levels.

Image courtesy of dronedj

Though this image is breathtaking, we believe it is a scathing indictment of how climate change is affecting people all around the world. This is an issue that must be addressed urgently if we wish to live in harmony with the environment.

What Are These Animals?

Have you ever traveled to a lake and found yourself surrounded by a large group of ducks? If these are geese, not ducks, we would be worried! It’s never a pleasurable experience to be chased by geese, and shooing them away won’t help you.

Image courtesy of moneyforlunch

Here, a drone camera records the moment when a guy was confronted by a large group of ducks who appeared unimpressed that he was dipping his toes in their water. It seems that these ducks are pretty territorial. The sooner you get out of here, the better!