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30 Adorable Dog Memes to Brighten Even the Darkest Days

There’s an uplifting quality to dogs that we cannot explain. Whether it’s their teary eyes or the way they act when they see us, something about dogs will always tug on our heartstrings. They can make us feel like everything will be okay. Even with all of life’s hardships and challenges, these furry friends are sure to put a smile on your face.

Most dog owners can agree that their fur babies are a constant source of entertainment, whether it’s their charming grins or just their funny habits. Some dog owners have been lucky enough to capture perfect moments of pure joy and innocence on camera. That’s why we have these dog memes for you! Enjoy these funny images and allow these innocent, love-filled creatures to lift your mood.

That Loving Feeling

This meme is so relatable. If you’re in a relationship, it will strike a chord with you on a very personal level. When you feel loved, you become happier, healthier, and more motivated. Though these blissful times are beautiful, it’s important to renew your decision to love your partner every day, even in the tough times. 

Image courtesy of Aiden Graham/Pinterest

Dogs are masters of giving genuine affection. They have a loving and caring nature, which means they have no trouble offering their affection unconditionally. Dogs can turn your mood upside down with a simple look or a gentle nudge. Let’s admit it – we all make the same face when we’re in love.

Luck Is on My Side

Any student would agree that studying is hard. When you’re busy with school, family, friends, and other things that keep you from focusing on your studies, life can get hard. Let’s not even talk about the anxiety you feel on exam day, especially if you didn’t study hard enough.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/OIBcPwm

The journey of life on Earth is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes you get lucky and do well in a test, even if you didn’t study. Either it’s good fortune or you’re just an intelligent individual. Regardless of how much preparation you put in, obtaining an A on the test is still a significant accomplishment.

No One’s Home

We all make that face when someone is ringing the doorbell or knocking on the front door when there’s no one else home. It’s not always fear. Sometimes we’re just surprised at the sudden intrusion on our alone time.  

Image courtesy of Funny Joke Pictures

Furthermore, when an unexpected guest shows up at your door, you could be flustered and unsure of what to do. For dogs, this moment is even more extreme. This meme says it all: “How can you stay calm at a time like this?” 

Barking for No Reason

We can all agree that dogs are adorable, loyal, and full of good qualities. However, no one is perfect in this world, and even dogs occasionally engage in mischief. One of the worst things they get up to is barking in the middle of the night without any reason.

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Of course, you must be alert to the noise your dog makes, particularly at night. Dogs can pick up on smells and sounds that your senses aren’t capable of registering, so those annoying yaps may be warning you of the threat.

Calm Down Ma’am

This meme deserves an award. It’s one of the funniest animal memes we’ve seen on the internet. The dog nailed a typical scene in which a staff member is going about their duties when a customer gets furious and demands to speak to the manager.

Image courtesy of Keith Olsen/Imgur

Not everyone can be as gracious as this dog when dealing with aggressive customers. Most employees do their best to give customers the best service possible, but there will always be that one person who has to make a scene.

Listen to Me, Human

Dogs are cute until you forget to take them out for a walk. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of the pup in the picture. The look on its face says it might be about to do something you won’t like. Take the little cutie for a walk. It will do both you and the pup a world of good. 

Image courtesy of Adobe Spark

Not everyone can be as gracious as this dog when dealing with aggressive customers. Most employees do their best to give customers the best service possible, but there will always be that one person who has to make a scene. 

Sorry, What?

Many of us fall victim to this embarrassing situation. Do we really look like that when it happens, though? We’ll never know. This meme shows precisely how some of us feel when someone has explained a concept for the nth time and we still don’t get it.

Image courtesy of FunnyFiasco

There are days where we feel like our brains are not functioning the way they should be. On those days, we worry that our loved ones or work colleagues will get furious when we ask them to explain themselves one more time. The dog in the meme is just incapable of being anything other than adorable, but its smile has summed up this situation perfectly.

Apologetic Eyes

When you have dogs, 80% of the time, silence is a sign that something terrible is going on in your home. The other 20% of the time, they’re just sleeping soundly. This might sound dramatic, but it’s true. Dogs can be naughty sometimes.

Image courtesy of Cutesy Pooh

If your dog looks like the one in the meme, there’s a good chance it has done something wrong. This look means a dog knows it’s in trouble. You can see clear signs of remorse on its adorable face. It’s possible, however, that a guilty-looking expression is a reaction to displeasure or anger the dog is sensing in its human companions.

Act Innocent

Cats and dogs share an unspoken animosity toward each other. This time, the dog wins. We don’t know what he did to make that happen but look how satisfied and triumphant the dog is.

Image courtesy of ShubhamPatra189/Reddit

This meme resonates with many people, particularly those who have siblings. When you play with your siblings, it’s only natural to cause mayhem in the home. When you misbehave, your parents tend to blame the older siblings more than the younger ones. The youngest child in every family has rocked this expression more than once!

Much Love, Fam

We all want to show our pets how much we love them and make them feel like members of our family. As a result, we’ll often sacrifice a treat from our plate for them. Before you start feeding your dog human food, it’s important to know your pet’s nutritional needs and which items are safe and harmful for them to eat.

Image courtesy of Lala Watkins/Pinterest

We shouldn’t feed our dogs certain foods because they can be harmful. While we admit that we should follow this rule at all times, sometimes we can’t bear the expression in their eyes when they see us eating. So long as you avoid onions, chocolate, and other foods that dogs can’t tolerate, it’s okay to share a treat here and there.

For the Love of Chips

If you have a dog, you’ll undoubtedly agree with this meme. Everyone prioritizes something in life, but humans aren’t the only ones to have priorities. Surprisingly, fur-babies have them too. There is something about a bag of chips that makes your dog’s ear twitch.

Image courtesy of InspirationFeed

If you have a pup at home, chances are they’re just as excited about their snacks as you are. A few chips can be an excellent way to teach your dog some new commands or reinforce tricks they already know.

Mood Swings

Even the sweetest people can get cranky when they’re hungry. Your mood is liable to shift without warning, and if you’re prone to “hangriness,” you may even have to warn people to stay out of your way until you get your next meal.

Image courtesy of IMGFlip

This dog meme manages to be as funny as it is accurate. Hunger makes us appear war-ready, and some people can relate to this trait. Once our appetite has been satisfied, we go back to being sweet and harmless. We can all agree that messing with a hungry person is a terrible idea.

Too Much Monday

We will never get enough of the weekend. Waking up to your alarm on Monday morning is such a drag that we want to crawl back into our beds and ignore everything. The weekend is over too soon, and Mondays are relentless. 

Image courtesy of Mark Deavult/Pinterest

Weekends seem to fly by as though our bosses have figured out how to speed up time. On Saturday morning, it feels like you have all the time in the world, but then it’s over just as soon as it began. When Monday comes, we feel as if we never got to enjoy our weekend because we were exhausted the whole time, just like the dog in the meme.

You Don’t Need to Ask

It’s always a blessing when someone offers you food, especially if it’s something tasty and indulgent. If you have a friend who’s willing to share their food with you, then you can count yourself lucky.

Image courtesy of DogTreatmentPro

Some people only consume a small amount of their meal before feeling satisfied. Sharing is caring, and thus by offering your food, you can show that you care for the people around you. There’s usually always that one friend who’s secretly hoping you’ll need help finishing your meal.

I Volunteer

First of all, the meme is so cute. Second, if you have siblings, then this situation is probably painfully familiar. Siblings love to bicker with one another over almost anything, especially food. The two cuties below are no exception. 

Image courtesy of iFunny

Sibling rivalry can occur among younger children since they may not know how to articulate what is bothering them. They occasionally fight because they’re tired of spending so much time together. Also, just like humans, it is normal for dogs to fight over food. 

The Space Between Us

Having a dog is, in some ways, similar to having a child. They require a lot of time and attention, but they will give you unconditional love in return. Dogs enjoy sleeping in your bed, and they usually take up the majority of your available space.

Image courtesy of It?s Rosy

If a dog wishes to sleep in your bed, it’s a display of their love and affection for you. Sleeping with your pets has many advantages, including offering a sense of security, which can help reduce anxiety. Make sure to take proper physical care of your dog to ensure it doesn’t bring bacteria or pathogens into your bed.

Working from Home 

There are a lot of perks to working at home. One is that you have more free time since the commute to the office is a whole lot quicker. You can also start working while still in your pajamas because there are no coworkers around to give you side-eye. Aside from these benefits, working at home may give you the freedom to set your own schedule.

Image courtesy of Jetsetter

Problems only arise when your supervisor asks you to turn on your cam for a meeting. What if you just woke up and your hair is a mess? You would have to suffer humiliation in front of your coworkers if that happened. Of course, you can always take inspiration from this meme and spruce up for Zoom meetings.

Technology Troubles

Let’s appreciate the dogs in the photo. They’re so cute, and the expression is on-point for some reason. It’s no secret that technology evolves at a rapid pace, and it might be difficult for our parents to keep up with all of the changes.

Image courtesy of Funny Dog Memes/Facebook

Just look at the photo above. Parents usually look like this when they’re on a video call. Even if it’s pretty confusing for them to use this technology, they still want to learn how to do it, which is so adorable. 

Big Help

When we witness someone in need, we feel compelled to help them, even if we have no idea why they are distressed. It is human nature to be like that, especially if the person in need is someone about whom we care deeply.

Image courtesy of WoofPost

You can help other people in need without knowing what’s going on with them – just follow the example of the dog in the meme. Even if your efforts are insufficient, the fact that you are eager to assist them is already a good thing.

New Face

Wearing makeup is not supposed to be degrading. A person can wear makeup whenever they want, and no one can stop them from doing so. Some people in our society today are branded as fake just because they love to wear makeup. This sort of shaming is so unnecessary. 

Image courtesy of Melhanie/Pinterest

It’s not necessary to please everyone. However, if we wear makeup all the time, some people may be shocked that we appear different when we enjoy a makeup-free day. If this meme hits home, don’t feel bad. It’s up to us to decide how we want to present ourselves. So, the next time you feel judged about your decision to wear (or not wear) makeup, remind yourself that your opinion is the only one that matters.

Good Boy

Let’s appreciate the dog in this meme. Whenever we see dogs perform a good deed or complete a trick, we usually say good boy or girl. It’s the ideal approach to convey how valuable they are. They may or may not understand it. Who knows. 

Image courtesy of Reader?s Digest

When it comes to people, however, being called a good boy is generally seen as condescending. It appears that you are treating them like a dog, even if the truth is that you are just complimenting them. People are clearly far more sensitive than dogs!

Putting the Fur in Furniture

This meme is quite witty. Most dogs would prefer to sit on your couch because it’s comfortable. The problem is that they leave their fur all over the place, and dog hair is not easy to remove.

Image courtesy of April Addington/Pinterest

If your dog seems to be shedding more than usual, you may need to replace its shampoo. You might also need to reupholster your couch and choose a fabric that is easier to clean. Take a look at the dog’s expression. Could you really tell that adorable pup to stay on the floor?

Where’s My Invisibility Cloak?

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how awkward it is to be sitting there as your friend’s mother yells at him. It’s even worse if it’s your mother and you’re the one being yelled at. Either way, it’s so embarrassing that you may want to borrow Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak so you can avoid the situation.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/hot/time

We understand how humiliating it is for our friends, so the very least we can do is cheer them up. Some friends who have known each other for an extended period will make jokes about it. However, if you believe your friend is embarrassed by it, then forget about it.

The Ultimate Betrayal

One look at the dog in this photo, and you can see how betrayed he was. He expects something other than tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. The look of dissatisfaction is written all over his face. You can tell that the dog understands the situation because of his expression.

Image courtesy of Ruin My Week

This meme demonstrates that dogs and people can communicate. They can detect our emotions, read our facial expressions, and even follow our pointing gestures. We hope the dog received the pizza he was promised in the end.

Plans Are Meant to Be Broken

There are times when we know what we want, but our bodies do not cooperate. Just like the meme below, you plan to go to the gym only to find yourself climbing back into bed. We won’t blame you because it’s something we all do from time to time.

Image courtesy of Top5

It’s normal to skip the gym and stay in bed if you’re a student or an employee with a busy schedule ahead of you. To those people who can still stick to their plans, can you share your secret with us?

Wait a Minute

It’s not easy to bring your dog to the vet for grooming or check-ups. You have to resort to all sorts of measures to convince them to go, such as pretending you’re going to the park. It’s funny, but it’s true. 

Image courtesy of Cobra Kai Quotes

One of the things that dogs dislike most in the world is going to the veterinarian. It’s not unusual for animals to be terrified of seeing the veterinarian, but there’s something about traveling to the clinic that makes them act this way. Although the reason may seem obscure, you must keep your dog calm and assure them that you will not abandon them.

We Need to Talk

Do dogs feel jealous when you interact with other dogs? Would they know it? Well, to answer those questions: yes, they do, and yes, they can. Your dog will know that you’ve been around other dogs. A dog’s sense of smell is a hundred times more sensitive than ours. 

Image courtesy of Memes and Gifs

Look how serious the dog is, and the caption is so funny. Imagine going home and seeing your dog on the couch asking you what you’ve been doing the whole day. We might not know how to react to this situation, but we think this scene is hilarious.

Let Me Out

The look of trauma in this dog’s eyes is relatable. The first day of school or work is something that many of us dread. It’s nerve-wracking meeting new people, and it’s scary not knowing what to expect. For a dog, starting daycare involves a lot of change packed into a short amount of time.

Image courtesy of eBaumsWorld

This dog is a little scared, just as many of us feel on our first day in a new class or workplace. Like humans, dogs can experience anxiety and fear in high-stress environments. However, there are ways for both humans and dogs to help themselves calm down and enjoy their fresh start.

Pet Me, Please

It’s sad to see this dog asking for affection, but it’s hilarious to think that he may have made the sign himself. Dog owners should dedicate plenty of time to petting their dogs. It’s a responsibility that every dog owner has to perform.

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Dogs love nothing more than to be cuddled and stroked. Just like humans, dogs need time with their owners for much-needed attention and affection. By petting your dog, you can improve his overall health and well-being. It will also be a lot of fun to play with your pup.

Move Aside!

This dog deserves an award for being so hilarious. There’s something about keys that our dogs get excited about. As soon as they spot that keychain, watch out! They’ll do just about anything to get it. So what’s the deal with our four-legged friends’ fascination with keys? 

Image courtesy of Barking Laughs

A key is a direct line to getting all their needs, which explains why dogs go bonkers over them. Keys are a sign that they may soon be allowed to run free outside, which explains why they’re so obsessed!

Nothing Can Stop Me

When you are determined to accomplish something in life, nothing can stop you from moving forward. This dog is struggling to walk because of the wind, but it is also learning from its challenges and growing stronger. 

Image courtesy of SweetestPoms/Twitter

This meme reminded us that we have to keep moving forward each day without giving up on anything, no matter the situation. It gives us hope that someday in the future, despite our difficulties, we will be able to accomplish our dreams in life. Even if we cannot get up right away, we still have to put one foot forward at a time. 

Don’t Leave Me

Our phones are like our friends. You can talk to a phone, trust it with your secrets, and sometimes even ask it for help. When it’s gone, you’ll probably feel lost. What’s even worse is when your phone dies at the most crucial time.

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com/briangalindo

Living without a phone is difficult nowadays. You can do anything on your phone, from communicating with loved ones to entertaining yourself on public transport. Our phones can sometimes be a source of income. This is why it’s so frustrating when the battery dies. 

Life Is Ruff!

We can all relate to this meme. There are days when you feel like your problems are draining your energy. Students, workers, and parents can attest to how exhausting it is to even think about the next day sometimes.

Image courtesy of seekingalpha.com

As the meme suggests, some days are rougher than others. These days feel tough. However, laughing at memes can give you a fresh outlook on the way to a new day. 

Extra Fries vs. Exercise

Some dogs dislike exercising so much that they may even refuse to go out for a walk. If your dog is one of these types, how do you get them to exercise? You can let them run around your backyard or play with them. 

Image courtesy of Quotes and Humor

Many people despise working out because they would rather conserve their energy by lying in bed. Some of us are passionate about going to the gym and exercising. On the other side, some among us constantly find reasons to avoid doing either of those things.

Just a Bit Excited

While many dogs are lazy, some dogs love nothing more than running around. You can tell which kind of dog you have by telling it that it’s time for a walk. If it reacts like the dog in this meme, you’ve got an energetic pup! 

Image courtesy of Dog Memes

Walking your dog is good for its health. You can take your dog to different places in town, go to parks, or venture into the woods. There are many pet-friendly areas where you can walk your dog and show it how much you care about its wants and needs.

Believe in Yourself

Do you know why dogs love to chase their tails? It is the same reason why people reach for their smartphones when they are bored or stressed – they can keep themselves distracted from whatever they’re going through by tapping on apps and browsing websites. 

Image courtesy of wikianimal.news/

That explains why the dog in the meme is desperate to catch his tail. The way he looks in the mirror seems like he’s ready for anything. It’s funny to look at them circling around and not getting tired of the chase. 

Don’t Blame Me

Look at how devastated this dog is. As you can see, the dog was not happy about getting the blame. If you notice your dog acting in this manner, reassure the furball with some love and affection.

Image courtesy of lightinghomes.net

The expression on the dog’s face and the rain outside the window are on point. It’s as if he planned everything to look more dramatic. This dog will not forget the humiliation he felt when his owner blamed him for something he didn’t do.

Beware of Dog

When we notice this sign, we usually take a step back from the area where it is displayed. However, most people would be willing to take the risk and hug this puppy. Look at its tiny paws and adorable floppy ears. 

Image courtesy of FanPop

Most dogs are sweet and affectionate regardless of their size. However, to protect the community, people with guard dogs must always place a warning sign. We’re quite sure such rules don’t apply to this puppy, though.

The Cutest Magician

are magicians by nature because they love making things like the remote or your slippers disappear. If this puppy asked you to use your slippers for his next magic trick, would you let him? 

Image courtesy of IHASAHOTDOG.COM

We know what he’ll be doing with our slippers the moment he gets hold of them. We would love to see a puppy magic trick, but it’s best not to let him have your slippers. Give him some chew toys instead.

No Room in the Budget

The unspoken war between dog and cat is real. Although not every cat and dog in the world will experience this animosity, it’s still meme-worthy. Just look at the example below.

Image courtesy of PriorReception/Reddit

The meme is hilarious. Imagine if your dog was so concerned about cats that it learned to do maths to ensure you never let one in the house. If you’re a dog parent, this will make you laugh.