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Dog gets Graduation Photo, With Rest of The Family

Instgram/ Labradolliedog

Dogs really are precious creatures, often finding goofy ways to make us laugh and smile. They bring a sense of madness and joy to every day, offering the ideal opportunity to take the stress off after a long day doing whatever you happen to enjoy doing. However, when Alex and family finally brought home a family dog, they had no idea just how important he would become to their household.

Ollie arrived at home and quickly became a major part of the family. He was treated like a family member as opposed to a pet and loved getting the care and treatment that he deserved. He was even so loved, that the kids used to joke he was the real favorite. However, Ollie also played a role in filling a family hole; Alex’s older sister had moved to university, and Ollie helped to fill the gap to an extent.

Instgram/ Labradolliedog

He would even go on holiday with the family, with dog-friendly locations chosen specifically. However, one thing that Ollie didn’t need to do is attend school or university. While the ‘other kids’ had to do human things, Ollie got to spend all day just enjoying life at his own pace.

When Alex came through at college and graduated, her ceremony was cancelled. Like many other moments in life worth memorising, COVID-19 had taken graduation ceremonies away. However, an at-home graduation ceremony was thrown for Alex to help her feel even more satisfied about her amazing achievement. The added benefit was that her other sibling, Ollie, could be present and see his sister get her just rewards for all of her hard work.

However, while Alex and her sister were both graduates – with photos to match – poor Ollie was the odd one out.

Ollie, the dog with a diploma

So, the family decided to do the only thing they could – they got a snap with Ollie with his own diploma. Take a look at the photo and tell us at what point your heart melted. Is it his adorable, proud little stance? Or his delightful little face?

Either way, if you are anything like us you no doubt spotted Ollie looking as proud as punch and felt your heart swell with joy. Dogs have the capacity to make us smile like few other things in life, and Ollie certainly makes Alex and co. smile from ear to ear. Hey, if you had a dog-brother who graduated, you’d be proud as punch, too!