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30 Funny Coincidences That Actually Happened

What are the odds of going into a department store and seeing someone wearing the exact same outfit as you, down to the finest details in your accessories? What about finding your long-lost twin on national TV? Life has a way of throwing us off guard, and in these trying times, having a good laugh is what we all need.

That is why we’ve gathered these funny coincidences that have the lowest odds of ever happening, but somehow, they did! These uncanny moments are sure to get you wondering how on Earth they were even possible. Read on to discover 30 of the funniest and most unbelievable coincidences ever shared online. We’re so glad these people had cameras ready to capture these impossible moments. 

Instant Karma

It’s always tempting to make fun of our friends, especially when they’re not aware of it. Things like this aren’t done to be mean-spirited. Being goofy with friends is a way of bonding with them. However, in moments when we least expect it, karma has a way of getting us back. 

Image Courtesy of Taringa

This woman took a wacky photo with her friend. She thought it would be funny to put bunny ears behind her friend’s head, but the joke was on her. Thanks to the angle of the light, the bunny ears were perfectly aligned behind her head. Talk about instant karma!  

Double Trouble

There is a one-in-a-million chance of seeing someone that looks exactly like you on the news. For this reporter, that rare moment arrived at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way. 

Image Courtesy of Best Criminal Lawyer Near South Bend/Facebook

Did he just accidentally meet his long-lost twin? His mother might have some explaining to do. He must’ve felt flustered seeing a police sketch of someone that looks exactly like him accused of robbery. Are we seeing double or is the search over? 

A Correspondent Named Correspondent

Parents only want what’s best for their children. Some parents take this a little too far, though, expecting their kids to take on their unfulfilled dreams. Is this what happened to Matthew? Did his parents have everything planned out for his career before he was born? 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

You might not believe it, but this is not a typo from the news network. With a name like that, it was clearly his calling to work for the BBC. Matthew Correspondent is indeed the correspondent for Europe.

Camo Cats

Do you have fur babies at home? If so, we’re pretty sure you can relate to this one. As much as we like to hold and cuddle them, there are times when they just don’t want to be bothered and will completely ignore their humans. 

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

These cats have mastered the art of camouflage. You can’t even see them at first glance. The photos were taken at the right time and from the right angle, showing just how perfectly these kitties blend in with their environments. 

The True Origin of Rainbows?

We have been taught that rainbows always come after the rain. As children, many of us were fascinated to see that huge colorful arc in the sky after a gloomy day. How true is it, though, that rainbows come from all that moisture in the air? 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

Well, this photo might tell you otherwise! Rainbows might really come from strip malls, and this photo is all the evidence you need to back it up. How come there are people who say that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when in reality, there’s a mall? The funniest part is, if you look closely, the name of the shop the rainbow appears to be rising from is “Rainbow.”

Gandalf the Grey

Here’s one for all the “Ringers” (aka avid fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy). What are the odds of seeing a wizard riding a bus? In this photo, Gandalf was caught casually traveling while reading a book. Perhaps he is off to another adventure. 

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

To make this coincidence even funnier, his archenemy is sitting just two seats behind him. How cool is that? Any Ringer would be thrilled to see these two iconic wizards randomly riding a bus. Are they off to another battle?

Is That a Moving Traffic Cone?

For costume parties, especially during Halloween, we normally think of dressing up as a zombie, a superhero, a popular celebrity, or a character from a new TV show or movie. This guy took his inspiration from an entirely different place. 

Image Courtesy of brilio.net

This man is surely having the time of his life while showing off his orange and white outfit that perfectly resembles the traffic cones on the street. Coincidence or not, we’re glad he did this during the day because if it was at night, we might have a mini heart attack seeing a traffic cone casually walking down the street.

New Found Fame

Being famous sure has its perks. You get to live in the limelight and receive special treatment everywhere you go. At the same time, it gets tiring when people are always following you around. 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

As for this man, he just wanted to enjoy a few quiet drinks. Little did he know he was about to become an instant celebrity when his doppelganger appeared on the TV behind him. This moment was captured perfectly by the man’s friend. Even their hats match! 

The Sesame Street Duo

Of course, these two are not really from Sesame Street. When we see the word “cookie,” we know we’re usually in for a tasty treat. As for the word “monster,” we usually associate it with nightmares and horror movies. 

Image Courtesy of College Humor

Place the words together, though, and you get Cookie Monster – the lovable cookie fiend we all giggled at on Sesame Street. The funniest part about this picture is that the two men probably have no idea that their hoodies combined to create “Cookie Monster.”

Seeing Double… Double

If you spotted this on the subway, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d slipped into an alternate reality. What kind of sorcery is this? Here, we see not one but two sets of strangers that look identical. That’s double the coincidence in one photo! 

Image Courtesy of Taringa

Some may think that this is photoshopped, but it’s not. Thankfully, the guys on the left were wearing different shirts. Imagine, if you were just casually riding the train on the way to work only to have your mind blown by these two sets of people who not only look exactly the same but are behaving the same way too! 

Who Wore It Better?

From top to bottom, this picture screams, “who wore it better?” This man was out for a casual stroll when he saw a poster of a model wearing the exact same outfit as him. Of course, in moments like this, it is only natural to copy the model’s pose and smile for the camera. 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

Seeing your whole outfit in an advertisement would be a great confidence boost. It would make you feel happy and as if you are more put together. If only his hair wasn’t blonde, it would look as if he stepped out of the poster. 

Super Mario Brothers

This game basically sums up our childhood. We all grew up playing the iconic Super Mario Bros. These legendary brothers were certainly influential, but we must remember that Mario and Luigi are common Italian names. 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

If you’re craving some burgers, kebabs, pizza, or freshly baked goods, and you want to relive some childhood memories at the same time, this is the street corner for you. Go ahead and satisfy your appetite by visiting these restaurants, and who knows, you might find some gold coins on your way there. 

Surf’s Up

Siófok is a town located on the south coast of Lake Balaton in Hungary. It is one of the most popular holiday resorts due to its crystal clear beaches. However, like many coastal towns, it can also experience unpredictable weather conditions.

Image Courtesy of navbharattimes

Thankfully, this bus stop model was prepared. She’s showing everyone that they should do their best to stay out of the floodwater. Tourists may not be able to proceed with their vacation, but this model can surf her way through the disaster until the flood recedes. 

The Perfect Weapon

If there’s one thing that can unite us all, it’s our collective hatred for cockroaches. We’ve all had our fair share of moments where cockroaches, especially those that fly, have ruined our peace. 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

Our reflexes instantly kick in when we see a roach running around the house, and the first thing to do is grab the nearest weapon. This woman found the perfect tool for putting an end to roaches. Thank goodness The Smashing Book was on hand! 

Oh, My Nails!

Whenever some people feel nervous or stressed, they tend to do things repetitively like clicking pens, twirling their hairs, tapping their toes, or chewing on their nails. The woman on the right clearly has a lot on her mind, but she should probably check out the newspaper headline next to her! 

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

Though it would probably do her good to read that news, perhaps it would only end up adding to her stress levels. We hope all that nail-biting isn’t putting her in any real danger. 

Perfect Pair

Being a parent and attending a children’s party screams chaos. You have to always be alert in case something happens, and at the same time, you need to make sure that the kids are enjoying the event. 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

Of course, parents also need to also keep themselves entertained and have fun. If you spot an incredible coincidence like this at a kid’s party, you have to have a giggle and then document it for the world to see. 

Who’s a Good Boy?

Having a vanity license plate allows you to get creative and express yourself. You can be witty, cool, funny, silly – whatever is the truest expression of you. The owner of this car decided to share some laughs with anyone lucky enough to drive behind them.  

Image Courtesy of thechive.com

Dogs love watching the world go by when they’re in the car. In this photo, the vanity plate says 1EARUP, and when you look up at the cute doggo, you instantly see the inspiration for it. This is such a cute way of communicating with other drivers on the road. 

Fly Me to the Moon

Neil Armstrong was famous for being the first man to walk on the moon. If you ever get tired of staying here on Earth and want to reach for the moon, then, say no more – this crane can help you get there!  

Image Courtesy of Taringa

If you can’t go to the moon, bring the moon to you. Thanks to this crane, we can now hang the moon wherever we want. We don’t need to ask NASA to fly us to the moon because this crane will move it closer to us instead. 

Black and Yellow

A piece of artwork can have various meanings depending on our viewpoints. For some, this two-color painting (which can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago) is basic and boring. For this man, however, it’s like looking in a mirror. 

Image Courtesy of tilestwra

The man in the photo was enjoying a day at the museum, strolling around, taking in the art. Then, he was struck by this perfect representation of his fashion choice for the day. Thanks to him, the artwork went viral on the internet, gaining unexpected attention.

The Classic Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood. With several hit movies such as Batman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and The Shining to his name, Nicholson has cemented himself as a legend of his craft. He has a total of three Academy Awards and numerous nominations to his name.  

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

Did you know that he also appeared in the hit musical, Les Misérables? Yes, it was only for a moment, but he made sure it was iconic. In this photo, you can see his classic grin looking as if it’s part of the billboard for the musical. Of course, the two never did go together!

Life on the Streets

Working outdoors can be hard, and these street signs are no exemption. They stand still 24/7, working tirelessly no matter how tough the conditions may be. Street signs are important as they help us navigate the city. 

Image Courtesy of Acid Cow

Just like us, however, they sometimes feel tired. Take Fell Street, for example. It seems it succumbed to the power of its name and had a nasty fall. Is this just a pure coincidence or did someone do it intentionally? We will never know. 

In Another Life

Oftentimes, we wish to be reborn as rich, famous, or good-looking in our next life. There is this belief that we might be reincarnated someday. This concept gains some traction when you compare famous football player, Mesut Özil, with a vintage picture of Enzo Ferrari.

Image Courtesy of Taringa

In this photo, you can instantly notice the uncanny resemblance between Özil and the founder of the famous sports car brand, Ferrari. Is Özil the reincarnation of Enzo Ferrari or is their resemblance merely a coincidence? 

Perfect Illusion

When shopping, it is important to keep an eye out for discounts. How are you meant to spot a good deal, though, when the products are so well camouflaged? These shoes look like they were made to blend in with this shelving. 

Image Courtesy of onedio.com

Look at that price tag. With just $2, you could own a pair of these polka dot slippers. The next time you want to find the best deals while shopping, keep an eye out for hidden products like this one. 

Shopping for Blood

Do you believe in vampires? I hope you do now because this vampire is on the loose and probably looking to get his daily dose of blood. His target? The Australian Red Cross Blood Service. This is like the vampire version of buying in bulk at Costco.  

Image Courtesy of karmadecay.com

In this photo, a black car can be seen with a customized plate that says, “Vampyr.” The funny part is that this car was seen right in front of a blood bank in Australia. Is he off to go grocery shopping for blood? Yikes!

Babies First

We are so lucky to live in a time where all our survival needs can be met by stopping in at a grocery store. Imagine having to hunt for food and struggling for hours to build a fire. Today’s generations have been freed from such concerns. Of course, modern life brings with it a new set of challenges.  

Image Courtesy of earthporm.com

This has got to be the funniest grocery store sign we’ve ever seen. First of all, who puts baby needs in the same aisle as alcohol? We wonder if the manager of this store did it on purpose just so they could have a sign printed that says “baby needs beers and wines.” 

Bird Watching

This kid is so fascinated with the different kinds of birds that he loves reading books about them. Luckily for him, this bird was equally interested in his book. The cute little creature was probably curious to see some of his friends in the book, so he decided to take a closer look. 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

The young boy can now see a bird in detail and compare it to the illustration on the page. No need to whistle because this bird was nice enough to land on the right page all by itself.  

A Sign from the Universe?

When we achieve something, whether it is small or big, we often take pictures to commemorate the moment. This newlywed couple wanted to celebrate their first day of married life by taking a photo with the daily newspaper. 

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

However, if you believe in signs, this new chapter might be an ill-fated one. The newspaper headline says, “tragic mistake.” Thankfully, the couple didn’t take it as a bad omen, and hopefully, they’ll find other ways of commemorating significant dates in the future.

Hairdo or Hair Don’t?

If you’ve been wanting to change your hairstyle, you might relate to this picture. The woman on the right thought she had found a unique style, but as it turns out, the palm tree behind her had been rocking it for a lot longer.

Image Courtesy of science-a2z.com

This hairstyle will make you an instant head-turner wherever you go. You will surely bring warmth and make people feel like they’re in Florida wherever you go. To top it all off, this hairstyle will help you connect with nature.

Taylor Swift

These trucks were made to find each other. The first thing you’ll notice is that they seem like twins with roughly the same shape, color, and size. Of course, it’s their brands that offer the most important coincidental connection.  

Image Courtesy of providr.com

We knew these trucks were trouble when they came out of the woods (Taylor Swift fans will get the references). When combined, these brands unintentionally create a rolling advertisement for Taylor Swift. It looks as if they were destined to meet. 

Shadow or Mountain?

“See the light where the sky meets the sea?” This picture reminds us of Maui from Moana, and the scene reminds us of the island of Te Fiti. Disney fans surely understand where we’re coming from. 

Image Courtesy of mytawau/Facebook

In this photo, the man who resembles Maui was just trying to soak in the sun by laying on the sand. However, his family had to laugh when they noticed that the mountains behind him looked just like his silhouette.