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40 Unbelievable Celebrity Confessions, Revealed!

Living in a world of glitz and glam is such a dream for some. However, life under the lens means that most celebrities get no privacy—ever. Famous people have to get used to the idea of having every moment of their lives become the topic of myopic discussion as the media are always looking to find something buzzworthy and expose these a-list stars to the public.

However, it’s not uncommon to hear of celebs digging up their own grave by revealing their best-kept secrets themselves—from intimate personal moments that were probably better kept private to what they really think of their fans. We’ve put together some of the craziest things these stars have said that they now probably wish they hadn’t. 

Alone Time for Charlie

The American singer and songwriter once confessed that he found “release” while listening to a song from the band Maroon 5. There doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary here—he is a man with needs, after all. However, he was also bold enough to admit that he did the act in front of Adam Levine, the band’s frontman.

He confessed to Adam how he used their hit song, “This Love,” to achieve this “private pleasure.” Adam apparently told Charlie, “That’s really weird.” Charlie elaborated by saying that it’s typical of artists in Hollywood—many find that this type of physical activity helps fuel their imagination—if you say so, Charlie.

Crushing The Step

Much like the rest of the world, Rumer Willis was head over heels in love with Ashton Kutcher. Well, who wouldn’t be right? So what’s weird about it? Well, Ashton was technically married to Rumer’s mother, Demi Moore, potentially making him more like a father figure.

Rumer even expressed her support and said, “I was kind of impressed like, ‘Yeah girl, get it.'” At least she’s proud of how her mom had the sexiest actor as her husband. Unfortunately, her mom’s marriage was relatively quick to end. 

Drink to Conceive

As a result of their vast fortune, the Kardashian family should have access to the best possible medical care available anywhere in the world, but it looks like that’s not the case. Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her doctor told her to swallow Travis Barker’s fluids in order to conceive. They should know better—that’s definitely not how you make babies.

Kourtney’s doctor is to blame for this one. The reality star should replace them as soon as possible. Visiting a doctor who understands even the basics of pregnancy and childbirth, at the very least, would be the best first step on her baby-getting journey.

Not So Pearly White

Celebrities always have to maintain their dazzling smiles while posing for the camera. This is why Jessica Simpson is recognized for her perfect set of pearly whites. Since she has such a great smile, you might be curious to know her oral care routine.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one. The American singer and actress confessed that she hardly ever brushes her teeth. And she was completely aware that it was gross, too. She explained that she doesn’t like them getting slippery and prefers to use daily mouthwash instead. 

Real-Life Vampires

One of the most talked-about couples is Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Journalists have confronted them over their many controversies—from accusations of being real-life vampires to drinking each other’s blood. Machine Gun Kelly even admitted to wearing Megan’s blood as a necklace.

Megan clarified that they only drink a few drops of their blood and that it is part of a ritual they follow. If she hadn’t explained that point, we might have been led to believe that they were partaking in highly unusual behavior. Since it’s just a blood ritual, however, that’s fine.

Parental Consent

Pursuing a career as an actor would mean that you must maintain professionalism regardless of your role. For example, despite being a minor during his acting debut, Christopher Mintz-Plasse had to perform an intimate scene with his partner while his mom was watching at the shoot.

When Superbad was filmed, Christopher was only 17 years old. For legal reasons, his mom needed to supervise the “action” behind the camera. When asked about it, he simply said, “we don’t talk about it anymore.” That’s pretty uncomfortable, to say the least.

Getting Too Comfortable

Having known each other for over a decade, it seems like Lea Michele has a solid friendship with Jonathan Groff. They two met in the film Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known. However, Jonathan was a little uncomfortable about taking the role, as he’s gay.

To help him “get to grips” with his hetero character, Lea decided to walk Jonathan through her whole body so he could get more familiar with the female anatomy. Yes, we’re talking about everything. That’s some real dedication to your craft.

An Unusual Memento

No one knows why Katy Perry has a strange obsession with snatching other people’s hair. After admitting to collecting hair from Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, we’re pretty sure she has a whole wig made out of other people’s hair hiding somewhere.

But that can’t be true, can it? When asked about the matter, she shared how she would wrap each of them with ribbons and put them in her purse. Katy admits that she finds herself weird, too. We guess all artists have their own little quirks. 

Ghost Lover

Regarding romantic relationships, Kesha says she’s had some that were out of this world. By that, we meant literally—as in on another plane of existence—with a ghost. “I had a handful of encounters with the otherworldly,” Kesha confesses. She didn’t catch his name or date of death, but the singer was sure her partner was a ghost.

Regarding the subject, “I am very open about it.” Kesha followed this up by saying that her private parts are haunted. “In all honesty, I thought I had dead people in me. It seems silly, but it was true,” she added. It’s enough to make Morticia Addams envious.

Embarrassing Moment On Stage

Chris Brown does not have to come clean about anything for us to get an accurate picture of the sort of guy he is. The singer did divulge to the public a story about his embarrassing onstage accident in which he released a number two on stage—and we aren’t talking about hits here.

He went in for an outfit change, but he decided to try to hold tight until the end of the song. But he couldn’t hold it together. “I only had a memory of it sliding down my leg.” He said, describing something which, like all domestic abusers, should probably have been left in a toilet and flushed away.

Too Cool To Shower

When we see Jake Gyllenhaal, you might think that it would be cool to get to know this attractive actor off-screen. However, behind his neat facade is something you might not expect. Apparently, he doesn’t get around to washing himself much.

Jake said, “I find showering less and less necessary.” He also added that he believes that not bathing benefits skin maintenance and that we clean ourselves naturally. However, the award-winning actor later went and clarified that he was just kidding. We’ll need to take a smell test on that one.

An Opinionated Person

Everyone has opinions and thoughts, but sharing them is not always a good idea. In Kanye West’s case, keeping things a secret has never been a trademark of his personality. In an interview, the rapper stated that he believed African Americans chose slavery.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years—for 400 years? That sounds like a choice!” It’s absurd, but that’s how he put it. When probed for more, he admitted that it was based on a feeling. Is this some high-level right-wing satire, or are we missing something? Maybe Kanye should open a history book sometime.

An Effort to Conserve Water

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—much like Jake Gyllenhaal—aren’t huge fans of taking baths. No one knows if the actors ever shower but apparently, they only wash their children when they’re clearly dirty. Ashton believes that you should only tell your children to take a bath if you see dirt on them.

There are two ways of taking this. You could assume that he only bathes his children when they’re covered in mud. Another interpretation is that he meant that keeping kids 100% clean all the time is futile, so don’t sweat it. 

Closer Together

Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, have garnered attention for their unconventional parenting styles. The celebrity couple admitted that they all slept in the same room together as a family. It’s quirky, but in times gone by, nobody would have batted an eye at this kind of thing.

For the record, their children are currently eight and six years old. Although their growing children are now at the stage where they need to have their own space, it seems they are completely fine with staying together for the time being. 

Minor Mistake

James Franco had already admitted to one instance of misconduct on his own before further claims were brought forward against him. According to reports, the actor reportedly arranged a romantic date with one of his fangirls. It’s not unheard of—but there’s a problem.

This fan was a minor. Upon further questioning, James made it clear that he had no idea the fan was under the age of 18. This should be a lesson for the future—if you’re not sure, always ask someone about their age. It’s not that difficult.

Side By Side

There is no “typical” romantic partnership. In fact, certain behaviors that would be considered icky by couples who have just started dating might be normal to those who have been together for a very long time. However, it seems as if Meghan Trainor got a little overboard with being comfortable with her husband.

The pop singer admitted to having side-by-side toilets with her husband. And yes, by that we mean two toilets right next to each other. Megan explained that there were a couple of times when they had to go to the bathroom simultaneously. So instead of fighting over who goes in first, she suggested installing two bowls adjacent to one another. 


While we’re on poor hygiene practices, Cameron Diaz definitely doesn’t smell as clean as she appears. The actress has made it clear that she does not use antiperspirant or deodorant. She believes that antiperspirants aren’t as effective as they are marketed to be on TV.

Cameron also mentioned that she hadn’t used deodorants for the past 20 years. She believes that antiperspirants keep all the stink in instead of preventing your body from smelling. We had no idea that celebrities get medical degrees in addition to their Razzies.

Sleep Talking

Camila Cabello did not reveal any of her own secrets, but she did spill some tea about her past relationships, specifically with Shawn Mendes. According to Camila, Shawn tends to have racy dreams while in his sleep.

But what makes Camila so sure about the kind of dreams Shawn experiences? She divulged that her ex-boyfriend habitually flirts with dream-lovers when fast asleep. In the same interview, Camila mentioned that Shawn would randomly moan himself awake. 

Another Chance at Love

People across the world assumed the power couple’s split was done and dusted when details of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s breakup leaked. Nevertheless, Rihanna revealed that she still had feelings for Chris and wanted to give him another opportunity.

We’re sorry, Rihanna, you should find someone who makes you happy, but we just can’t warm up to this particular love story. Thanks to her long-term romance with ASAP Rocky, Rihanna has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy. It worked out for the best.

Left Uninvited

While celebrities have significant influence, this should not be a basis for them to encourage the public to have the same practices, especially regarding health decisions that affect you and the people around you. Doctors, not stars, should be our primary source of information when it comes to healthcare treatments.

Minaj revealed that she was not invited to the Met Gala because she refused to receive a booster shot for Covid, which was mandatory for all the guests. This just sounds like another case of feelings trumping the facts. 

Sudden Confession

When celebrities confess to something, it’s usually not something we mere mortals can easily comprehend, being as far from the stars as we are. But in the end, they are still humans, and they still have human needs. Cardi B made a rather racy confession that we might all be able to relate with, at least if you swing that way.

Apparently, she’d like to hook up with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen at the same time. Who would pass that up, given a chance? Chrissy added her two cents through Twitter, writing, “Gasp! Drops biscuits.” Cardi then replied, “Drop your panties, okurrr!” 

The Taste of Breastmilk

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone nursing a baby, you’ve probably wondered how breast milk tastes. Some may have even tried to steal a sip at one point, just like KJ Apa, who admitted that he would casually drink his wife’s breast milk even in public.

One would assume that the restaurant would provide a sufficient number of beverage options for the thirsty, but for him, it’s not enough. In KJ’s words, “My wife is a milk machine, and I love it.” Seeing that baby and papa savor their mother’s beverage equally makes us both smile.

First Acting Job

Many of us, including suffering actors, have done questionable things to get by. Leslie Jones claimed that she used to work as a telemarketing agent for the Church of Scientology before she had her big break in show business. That’s low—and coming from us, that really means something.

Like everyone else, she had to secure a job to pay the rent. In an interview, she went on and said how she only needed to act crazy. She considers it her first acting stint. We can’t help but wonder whether she pulled a Tom Cruise and hopped up on a couch to her first drama job. 

Caught in the Act

Finding release on your own once in a while is perfectly natural. However, there is something a little strange about doing it in front of a camera with a film crew around you when you were just supposed to act it out—not do it for real.

That’s what Robert Pattinson admitted to doing. Apparently, he relieves himself in front of the camera this way whenever the screenplay calls for it. Faking it, according to Robert, “simply doesn’t work.” Acting is what you do, Robert—it’s your job to make people believe in something that isn’t real.


Sex education is, unfortunately, still woefully inadequately taught in most schools. Regardless, we can still assume that a man would be aware of whether or not he had undergone the circumcision procedure or not.

It seems Patrick Stewart believed he had been circumcised – until recently, that is. His wife was the one who pointed out how he wasn’t. The actor was convinced that his wife was playing a prank on him, so he called his doctor to get the facts straight.

Speak Her Mind

More than ever, celebrities are letting the world see their private parts, including Hoda Kotb. During a live interview, the actress admitted that she has a “landing strip.” Hoda later expressed her private horror at revealing such information to the media, but the pressure was apparently too much for her.

Kathie Lee Gifford, her co-star, was to blame, said Hoda. She mentioned how she was pressured to speak her mind and had no choice but to confess. However, Hoda—being the celebrity that she is—should’ve been used to talk shows by then. 

Unexpected Gift

Jenna Dewan worked as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson before she became a household name. Jenna recounted how Janet was a wonderful boss who even sent a box of toys to her team as a token of her appreciation. However, these weren’t toys for children, shall we say.

But if you’re brave enough to pull off a Robert Pattinson, you can make use of them while in front of the camera. Based on what Jenna remembers, she was only 19 years old when she received the gift from Janet on Valentine’s day. “I’m like baby, baby, baby naive,” She said. 

Rock Star Life

The classic rock star lifestyle includes, as we all know, abusing a variety of illicit drugs. Steven Tyler made it quite obvious that he has lived up to all of these stereotypes. It’s been revealed that the singer has admitted to spending over $2 million on drugs.

But of course, we won’t be disclosing the kind of illegal substance he took. He did give some hints about what he had used by stating things like, “I snorted half of Peru!” Just by that statement alone, the singer was able to boost Peru’s economy. 

Left Uninvited

For Amy Schumer, Hollywood’s reputation as a place of glamor and splendor isn’t important. When it comes to celebrity gatherings, she has no qualms about telling her supporters that she actually hates them. This year’s Met Gala, in particular, according to Amy, “felt like a punishment.”

For the most part, it’s just people pretending to talk to each other just to impress. She made it clear that she never intends to return to that place again. Of course, Amy could always contact Nicki Minaj for advice on how to get kicked out of a party without being invited!

We’ve Kinda Figured

Emilia Clarke spilled some beans about her co-star Jason Mamoa, at least in regards to one particular area of his body. Emilia spoke on the experience of shooting an intimate scene with Jason, describing his package as “big.”

This is, without a doubt, the least shocking news ever. We predicted that Jason’s implement would be in proportion to his stature. In addition, Jason exudes a very well-endowed attitude, which is not surprising considering the care with which he treats female coworkers.

The Disadvantages of Fame

“I wake up every morning with terrible anxiety,” says Kylie Jenner, who has revealed that she has succumbed to the pressure of being a celebrity. Kylie shared that she has no idea why it happens to her. “There’s something wrong with me.” Jenner acknowledged.

She went further into her story by saying, ” In the morning, I’m awakened by the suspicion that a false allegation has been circulated about me, and I have to investigate. Finding something negative about myself on the internet is my greatest worry.” With all that pressure, It doesn’t sound like having a big name would be very enjoyable.

Unusual Skincare Routine

Hollywood celebrities practice many weird beauty rituals to keep their glamorous appearances. When people are under constant and unreasonable pressure to look their best, even with all the time and money in the world, there are bound to be a few oddballs left over. However, Sandra Bullock’s routine is undoubtedly the most extravagant.

Prepuce, or the skin that surrounds the body’s most intimate part on women or men, is rubbed over her face as part of her routine. As absurd as this may sound, Sandra is adamant that the benefits will outweigh any discomfort she may have. We’re going to have to take her word for it. Thanks, but no thanks.

No Privacy

Daniel Craig has opened out about how he genuinely feels about people approaching him for selfies or autographs, and it’s not pleasant. He feels that he’s had no privacy, especially when he simply wants to go out and eat. Strangers would randomly take pictures of him without his consent, which annoys him.

Daniel Craig also shared how he was tempted to lash out yet unable to do so. To be honest, Daniel’s frustration is quite reasonable in this situation. In spite of this, there is most likely a more effective manner to deal with one’s followers, particularly one that does not entail any kind of physical conflict.

Ending the Stigma

Unfortunately, our culture has not yet fully accepted the concept that women should have the same level of freedom in relationships as males. When men use their popularity to have several relationships, they are typically praised, while women are stigmatized for doing so.

That’s why we find Madonna’s confession of going on multiple dates a day refreshing. She proves that women are also people, too, and as people, they have needs. Plus, we are all for equality. That’s exactly the kind of push we’d expect from the Queen of Pop!

The First Time

George Clooney, best known for his roles in the movie Ocean’s Eleven, once divulged details about his first-ever “intimate alone time.” It appears that the actor was just in elementary school, which is perhaps a little early for someone to receive their first “experience of an intimate nature.”

“Nothing came out, but everything else was there. I assume it was while I was climbing a rope when I was six or seven years old,” he recalled. Clooney went on and shared how he felt great while hanging off the rope. We just hope he wasn’t reminiscing about this outside a Wendy’s.

Alter Ego

Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé’s alter-ego, has the guts to achieve the things that would frighten even Beyoncé. Sasha appears to be useful in other situations as well. Beyoncé was questioned if Jay Z had known Sasha longer than the rest of us.

She made it obvious that Fierce’s first appearance was in the bedroom. It would appear that Sasha Fierce has been in existence for some time, but Jay Z was the only one who has had the opportunity to meet her. It’s amazing that all that woman is contained within one body.

Her Revenge

We don’t support cheating in any manner, but if you’re going to do it, make sure to do it the Rita Moreno way. The actress had a romantic relationship with Elvis Presley for the sole purpose of making Marlon Brando green with envy. Quite the line-up there!

This was Rita’s revenge for Marlon cheating on her first. Rita explains, “People talked about wherever I’d gone with Elvis, and Marlon was very unhappy about it.” Rita also went on and shared how Marlon would throw chairs to express his anger. 

Painful Ring

Although “love hurts” is a common term, Machine Gun Kelly appears to have taken it to the extreme. MGK proposed to Megan Fox using a ring that causes pain when it is taken off the finger. MGK appeared to be quite pleased with the design of his engagement ring.

However, the general public had strong thoughts on the issue. There are many who believe that it’s acceptable if it works for Megan, and she agreed to it. Some others feel it’s improper to show young, naïve followers this excessive and dominating jewelry design.

Coping Mechanism

Few child actors have maintained their innocent image throughout the years, but Daniel Radcliffe is one of those rare cases. However, he’s just admitted that maintaining things family-friendly has been more difficult than he’s let on. When it comes to dealing with stress, Daniel acknowledges that drinking alcohol has been a major source of comfort in the past.

He says that some drinks help him forget that everyone is always watching him. Ironically, his use of such beverages increases the media’s scrutiny of him. “There is no formula for starting early and figuring things out as an actor.” He added.

Inappropriate Behavior

Liam Neeson admitted to wanting to harm someone because of something another person did. What an irrational way of thinking, right? Apparently, a guy allegedly attacked a friend of Liam. As much as we sympathize with Liam’s friend, the actor’s reaction was completely unjustified.

According to Liam, he waited a week in the hopes that a man would offend him so that he could attack him physically. Right, because punching back absolves you of all responsibility. We can’t help wondering if all those revenge movies have gone to his head.