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40 Hilarious Celebrity Beach Fails Captured On Camera

The beach is a great destination to relax, but if you’re a celebrity, that may not be the case as much as you’d like it to be. You find that the paparazzi are following your every step, photographing humiliating situations and releasing them publicly for everyone to see. There are tens of thousands of photos of celebrities getting sand in their underwear, slipping and falling in the water, or tripping up while trying to walk as if they’re wearing stilettos on the beach.

People are used to seeing a lot of celebrity pictures and videos. They see the stars being cute and lovely, but just like everyone, celebrities aren’t perfect. Here are 40 of the most embarrassing celebrity beach fails caught on camera.

Volleyball Slap Right in the Face

Could Rose and Jack could have fit on the door at the same time? We may never know for sure. What we do know is that Leonardo DiCaprio always looks extra fine, whether it be on set or in the streets. Except for beach activities, maybe.

When playing beach volleyball, Leo, remember to make use of both your hands. It’s perfectly permissible to use everything above the waist in the game, but your head, especially your face, is not a great choice. Better luck next time!

Having a Fashionable Fall

No matter what Steve Tyler does, we’re here for it all. Although the rock musician is known for having a big personality, it appears that he does not have much talent when it comes to paddle boarding—and he doesn’t look too happy about it either.

Even though he is unsuccessful at paddleboarding, we must give him props for gracefully sliding off the board. The look on his face makes us wonder if he didn’t trip and fall on purpose just to put on a show. After all, he’s a natural performer at heart.

Dad Bod is the Best!

Most famous people eventually become tired of having their every move chronicled by the media. They can’t even go to the store or the beach without having their choice of fashion, behavior, or body criticized. So, to make the best of a terrible situation, some choose to play around with it.

Chris Pratt reasoned that if they were going to follow him, at least they wouldn’t be able to take flattering pictures of him. Therefore, he exposed his stomach, made an odd face, and dared them to take a good photo of him. Nowadays, Chris looks way more in shape. Good for him!

I’m Taking a Swim

Like everyone else, famous people have their reasons for visiting the beach. While some come to surf or paddle board, others are there to get a tan, while others are there to relax and take in the scenery. That is made more challenging by nosy fans and prying paparazzi.

It’s clear that Rihanna expected nothing more than a relaxing swim, but instead, she got much more than she bargained for, sadly. We wouldn’t consider a trip to the beach successful if there was no time to unwind. We hope your luck is better the next time around, Ri.

An Awkward Jump

One of the most exciting things to do at the beach is jumping into the water from some high point, such as a cliff or a boat. There’s something exhilarating about the moment we go below the surface and have to hold our breath until we break the surface again.

Still, it would appear that Jack has not yet mastered the cannonball jump to its full potential. It looks like he’s going to make a solid impact with the water if he keeps jumping like that! At least it’s not a complete failure like a belly flop.

The Paparazzi Are On Their Way!

Paul McCartney has had a long and fruitful life thanks to his membership in The Beatles, arguably the greatest rock band of all time. Because he has achieved so much in his life, he can now relax and take pleasure in the simpler things in life, such as going to the beach.

Paul is sick of having people follow him with cameras, and we can certainly see why he is so frustrated by this. After being followed for several decades now, we can’t say that we blame the man for giving the pesky photographer the middle finger.

What’s Hugh Been Doing?

Hugh Jackman has achieved great success both at the theater and on the silver screen. A talented singer and dancer who can also put up a good performance, he is a true renaissance man. Unfortunately, although he has mastered the art of the radiant grin, he is also afflicted with some less-than-endearing facial expressions when coming out of the water.

Hugh, can you tell us what’s happening here? It appears like a football, or even a big wave, has smacked against your face. There’s no denying that this is not your finest mugshot moment.

No Filter

Kim Kardashian shared a snapshot in which she doesn’t seem utterly flawless for once. Instead of attempting to hide her sunburn and tan lines with the use of filters, the reality star decided to show them off to the world.

Kim looks better when she’s honest with her followers, and we appreciate the reminder to use sunscreen and never tan with sunglasses on. Could this be the beginning of the end for photoshop?—at least for one of the Kardashians?

The Seagulls Launch an Attack

There are a lot of things that people all around the world have different opinions on, but there is one thing that we can all agree is a fact: seagulls are pests. These evil birds appear to take pleasure in swooping down on humans and snatching their food whenever they have the chance.

Chris Brown was attacked by one of these horrible animals. Although he survived to tell the tale, it is clear from this picture that the emotional scars will remain with him for the rest of his life. Just take a look at that horrified expression on their face.

Immediate Action Required

It’s not uncommon for the family jewels to need adjusting in public, and any men who have ever experienced this understand that it’s not always possible to wait. On what appears to have been a family beach day, Scott Disick and Kourtney were caught in such a situation.

He must not have been able to wait until he was alone to put everything back where it belonged. Unfortunately for Scott, the paparazzi had been waiting for this opportunity. He can take comfort in the idea that he is not alone in feeling uncomfortable in this photo.

Maybe Some Cherry ChapStick Would Help Him Out

Perhaps Orlando Bloom might benefit from paying more attention to the lyrics of Katy Perry’s song, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.” There is no doubt that she has also kissed Orlando, but her feelings about this kiss are less enthusiastic.

It appears that the couple had a quarrel, and while the actor thought things were OK, Katy was not ready to make up just yet. Or maybe he just had a case of really awful breath. Any way you look at it, Orlando, you need to start slathering on the cherry chapstick immediately!

A Family Disaster

Jerry O’Connell is one of the few famous people still happily married after more than 15 years. Unfortunately, quite a few famous people have a rocky history of relationships. The transparency of their lives and the public nature of their interactions only lay a shaky ground for their marriages.

You can see him and his two daughters fall off a paddleboard together to the right. The look of surprise on all three of their faces indicates that the situation was not at all what any of them had imagined. What a crazy family moment!

On the Verge of Falling

It looked like the Beckham family was having a great time on their yacht until Brooklyn started to slip and fell into the sea. It would appear that his father, David, was responsible for that since it would appear that David pushed his son off the yacht in jest!

It seems that famous people’s weekends are just like ours, full of silliness, humor, and harmless pranks. However, most of us don’t do all that aboard yachts, so perhaps celebrity vacations aren’t precisely like our own.

When Jack Black Attacks, the Shark Bites the Dust

Jack Black has a tremendous reputation for his hilarious personality and wide range of vocal skills. He even dubbed one of the main characters in the animated film Shark Tale in 2004. Photographs of the star riding a gigantic inflatable shark were taken as part of the tour’s publicity efforts.

What’s Jack doing here? Why would somebody go sailing—or shark riding—in jeans? Having wet jeans on is one of the worst feelings ever—so it couldn’t have been fun afterward. His choice of clothing was a bust, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Baby Bieber

Right here, we see Justin Bieber when he was a young lad. It is common knowledge that people used to make jokes about Justin Bieber’s appearance when he was a child, precisely because his voice hadn’t yet dropped and he had wavy hair at the time.

Justin has it rough. It must have been incredibly annoying to constantly be referred to as a girl when he identified as a young man, especially when there were so many jokes made about it on the internet. Even playing football on the beach in peace was out of the question for him.

Worst Piggyback Experience Ever

Taylor Swift has become a cultural icon in the music industry. She got her start in country music but successfully expanded into other genres. Many of her supporters, known as Swifties, closely follow her career. Here she is, trying to catch a ride on the beach.

It turns out that piggyback riding is not one of Taylor’s strong suits. The problem may be that, at 5 feet 10 inches tall, she’s too tall for ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston to carry her. Or maybe the water just made everything too slippery. Who can tell?

The Beach Slide

Celebrity teams competed in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl flag football event. Many well-known personalities participated, including Shay Mitchell, John Legend, and Taylor Lautner. It’s safe to say that if there’s one thing Americans are passionate about, it’s their sports.

It would appear that whoever possessed Taylor Lautner on their roster was at a possible disadvantage in this competition. It would appear that he is somewhat clumsy when he is not in his werewolf form. Sand is challenging to run in, after all.

Put on a Show

Even though he was born in Texas, Matthew McConaughey clearly has a deep appreciation for all things California. The actor is a big fan of yoga and is frequently spotted there. One of Matthew’s trainers commented, “He likes hard stuff.

The thought of going to the gym and executing a simple fitness routine would bore him to tears. Matthew is incredibly flexible, and he can perform hundreds of press-ups.” The outcomes, however, cannot be contested, so who cares if it looks ridiculous?

Really Stupid T-Shirt

Steve Martin is an invaluable asset to the film industry. The 76-year-old actor has been a fixture in movie theaters for so long that multiple generations have had the opportunity to enjoy his work. As with most people, he finds the beach to be relaxing.

On the other hand, putting on his clothes is not something that pleases him. Evidently, he has a lot of trouble with it. Even when he tries to pull it all the way down, he fails. That’s why you need to carry a towel to dry off, Steve.

An Unimpressive Leap

Celeste Barber is a stand-up comedian from Australia. Her funny images criticizing the ludicrous side of social media have made her renowned, even more so than her comedy tours or the millions of dollars she has raised for various Australian causes.

Like Gisele Bündchen’s infamous “leap,” almost all of her images are sendups, and that’s part of what makes them so beautiful. When other celebrities use social media, they come out as trying too hard, whereas Celeste just brings the laughs. By doing so, she demonstrates the importance of constantly being one’s true self.

Mother and Daughter

In this touching photo, Kim Kardashian can be seen laughing and playing with her kids. She has four children from her marriage to Kanye West, and like any other family, she loves taking them to the beach in their matching swimsuits.

Kim, even though this is quite endearing, it is evident that your child is not powerful enough to hold you up! While the shot may have failed, the day itself certainly did not. They will always have the memories they created together.

This Clooney Cannonball Was Captured on Camera

It’s safe to say that George Clooney has always had a certain allure. When he appears on TV, it seems as though all the women in the room immediately start swooning. He’s got the looks, the cash, and he’s funny, too.

Even while he’s in the middle of diving into the sea, women find him attractive, goofy face and all. It could be the way that he’s gracefully leaping and flexing his arm muscles or the way that he’s perfectly pointing his toes. Even though it’s awkward, the photo has a lot of personality.

Away From the Depths

Those who know Lena Dunham recognize her bold personality. And while that’s something a lot of people look up to, others are often left perplexed by the decisions she makes. It doesn’t bother her, though, because she’s too busy ignoring the critics to stop herself from living her best life.

One such instance is a supposed photo shoot with mermaids. When exactly did mermaids stop wearing tops? Shouldn’t she be near the sea, or can she sprout legs like Ariel? This picture was probably just a lucky snap.

Slipping and Falling

While Dua Lipa was on break at the beach, she had a little mishap while riding her surfboard. The singer and her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, were out surfing when they both experienced some embarrassing wipeouts. Unfortunately, Dua and Anwar’s future together may have been foreshadowed by their surfing mishap.

They couldn’t keep going, so they ended things in 2021. Dua remarked, “The next phase of my life is about actually being good with being alone,” so she clearly won’t mind spending more time alone on the beach, practicing her moves.

The Fall of Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, the middle of the three Jonas brothers, continues to make people laugh with his online remarks even if we haven’t heard any new music from the group in a while. While he may have gone a little quiet, his picture trail remains.

At the beach, he is seen here acting incredibly gracefully while doing who knows what. Given the amount of sand on his face, it is reasonable to assume that this was not his first fall, and it is also likely not his last. But, at least, he did it elegantly.

Bikini Bottom Runaway

There’s no need to remind everyone that American fitness expert and 1996 Miss Bikini America Jennifer Nicole Lee has a fantastic body for wearing revealing swimwear. She is satisfied with her physical appearance and is pleased with her hard work.

Miss Bikini America surely knows that the knot on her swimming suit tie should be doubled over. Girls should always take extra precautions because the ocean is quite good at untying common knots. She still manages to look cute despite baring her rear end to the sea.

Not Exactly An Instagrammable Picture

It appears that influencer Brittney Saunders’ beach photoshoot didn’t go as planned. The social media sensation was attempting to take the perfect beach photo to share on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, but events took a turn, and the picture she wanted to publish did not turn out well.

It didn’t look like she was having much fun, and the waves weren’t exactly doing anything to enhance her appearance. Taking the perfect photo for Instagram is not as simple as it may seem. Even though it may seem so, those poses don’t just happen naturally!

She Let the Gastineau Girl Out

Brittny Gastineau’s father was a player for the New York Jets, and her mother is a model and reality show personality. Because she and her mother co-starred in a sitcom on the E! Network called The Gatineau Girls, she is familiar with the presence of the paparazzi.

She probably didn’t anticipate that they would capture her with her bathing suit falling down, though. Thankfully, she has perhaps retired the outfit by now because one-piece cutout swimsuits were so last season.

Jim Carrey Exudes Sophistication

Jim Carrey is a famous and well-liked Canadian comedian. He has had a long and fruitful career in Hollywood and is responsible for making millions of people laugh daily. People will still like his antics even though he has said he is thinking about leaving the entertainment industry.

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but Jim, you don’t look good in that swimsuit. Black is most certainly not your color, and even if it were, you do not have the proportions necessary to fill it out correctly. At the very least, one can get a nice laugh out of it.

“The Jokester”

Hollywood’s male actors tend to fall into one of two major archetypes: the funny boys or the pretty boys. The good-looking guys fit the standard trope of being muscular and tall. But, on the other hand, the boys who make you laugh are the ones with the most interesting characters.

As rumor has it, Channing Tatum, who co-starred with Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street, is unquestionably a pretty boy. While Jonah sat awkwardly by himself, Tatum was swarmed by fans eager to take his picture.

It is Not Meant for You

Jack Nicholson is making it abundantly plain to the bird that it is not permitted to share the pizza with him. This actor appears to be prepared to do battle with the bird if it comes to it! We now know that tampering with Jack’s meals is a bad idea—unless you want him to pull a Jack Torrance from The Shining on you.

Perhaps this is how the director coaxed such a fantastic performance out of the actor. He simply had others take small bites out of his dish at various intervals. That would probably be enough to make us put an axe through the door.

Baby Blue Speedos

It’s beautiful when fathers take an interest in their kids’ lives. However, celebrity parents, who are often on the road for work, are not immune to the trend of spending less time with their children as the world continues to speed up.

It’s great that Rod Stewart can relax on the beach. However, baby blue speedos are not the most practical choice for swimming in this shot. There’s no malice intended here, Rod; the truth is that Speedos make no one look nice when they’re the right color.

The Most Sensual Spray Down Ever

Chrissy Teigen and her singer-husband John Legend are avid travelers, and one of their favorite activities is taking trips together. They put forth an incredible amount of effort every day, which we totally admire. During this specific excursion, they traveled by boat.

Why would someone be sitting on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, hosing themselves down with a hose when they could jump into the refreshing sea and go for a swim? Except for Chrissy, everyone else was getting themselves wet in nature’s bathtub. The water’s fine!

Applying Sunscreen Poorly

Sunscreen is an essential item to bring to the beach if you intend to stay there for a long time because it helps prevent burns and skin cancer. We must, therefore, spare no effort in ensuring that every exposed skin patch is given the necessary protection.

If you’re anything like Jack Nicholson, this means slathering it all over your face, forehead included. Did nobody tell him that for sunscreen to do its job correctly, you need to spread it out and distribute it equally over your skin, not just in blobby patches?

Dangerous Waves at the Beach

American actor Josh Hopkins has been in various films and television shows. One of these programs was called Cougar Town, and he appeared on it alongside other performers such as Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, and Busy Phillips.

Much like many other people on this list, Josh appears to have been attacked by the violent waves at the beach, which nearly led him to lose his bathing suit. However, he seemed to have successfully retrieved his belongings before it was too late.

Boyfriend Bikinis

A new style is being set by Kate Moss: the boyfriend bikini. Why bother going out and shopping for a nice summer set when your partner is willing to keep his hand there all day? We’re sure her boyfriend didn’t mind much at all.

You can wear a boyfriend bikini to avoid getting unsightly tan lines in undesirable areas. Also, this fixes the problem of your bikini top being too tight and requiring constant readjusting. If you’re going to be spending time with a partner who isn’t very busy, we don’t think it’s necessary to spend money on expensive swimwear.

Iconic Toddler Meltdowns

Tearful outbursts are common among kids. It’s the nature of parenting, and no one is exempt from it, whether they’re an ordinary parent or famous ones like Gisele Bündchen. The best part is how their temper tantrums always seem to occur at the most inconvenient moments.

Evidently, her child did not want to leave the beach, but his “mean, old mom” forced him to, and he let her know with a tantrum. After having such a wonderful time at the beach, the day ended on a disastrous note. And all because a photographer wanted to make some money by breaching their privacy.

Perhaps A Tongue Game

The world got a sneak peek at the process behind Alessandra Ambrosio and Richard Lee’s picture-perfect couple Instagram posts. These situations are unfortunately more disturbing than cute when we witness them play out at a distance.

We love seeing a couple so in love, and we think it’s great that they’re willing to show each other affection in public, but we think it’s a little weird that they want to use Instagram to give us such an intimate glimpse into their private lives. Awkwardness, unfortunately, is par for the course in most backstage situations.

Bikini Bottom On The Beach

Anyone who caught a glimpse of TV in the 2010s will be aware of Jersey Shore. Deena Cortese was one of the teenage New Jersey residents whose exploits were documented on the reality show. Of course, the show turned out to be fake, but it is still fondly remembered.

Deena is doing fine now that she has two kids and her hubby Christopher Buckner, but she experienced a humiliating incident at the beach when her bikini bottom came undone. Luckily, she overcame it quickly and continued with her beach vacation as if nothing had transpired.

Where’s the Beach?

Snookie co-starred on Jersey Shore with Deena Cortese in the 2010s. Due to her hilarious antics, she quickly became a fan favorite on the show—many people who saw it may still recall that one scene on the beach. Jersey fans will know the one.

It’s almost impossible to read “Where’s the beach?” without picturing Nicole saying it. Getting arrested for drunkenly disrupting the peace in public is, in our opinion, a significant failure, but we know that it was all staged now. At least Snookie claims to have a good time when recalling that moment.