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Cats or Dogs? No Need to Choose, These Are 4 Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

They say that dogs and cats should never be in the same place, such is their natural dislike for one another. However, it’s common to know someone who has one of each at home. If you are someone who either has a cat-friendly dog or has seen one, then you’ll know they do exist and they are awesome. Want to see some great examples? Then you are in the right place!

Here are five awesome cat-friendly canine breeds who would have no problem at all in hanging around with a feline instead.


While you might not think it, the humble beagle can be a fine cat-friendly dog. They are hunting dogs by nature so many assume them to be overly brash and competitive. That, though, isn’t the case. A beagle will love to hang around with a cat because, as a pack-hunter, they see cats as part of the team as opposed to something to hunt!

Add in the fact that beagles bore easily, and they’ll tire of a cat long before they end up in conflict. The beagle is an excellent all-around choice, anyway. They are reliable, loyal dogs that are easy to love, to introduce into your family life, and to spend time around.


The adorable pug dog is the ideal animal to get around the place if you are looking for a cat-friendly companion. They are adorably playful little things that will have no competition with a cat around the place. They are also likely to be the happier of the two for the extra company, so you should have no problem in getting your dog to become mates with your cat – or at least co-habitants.

Plus let’s face it, few things in the world are more adorable than the pug. You would find it easy to get them to get on with just about any animal – look at those little faces!

Golden Retriever

Is there anything they can’t do!? The Golden Retriever is one of the most versatile and reliable breeds of dog around. They are excellent for those with cats at home, too.

They are the ideal dog for any family, really, and should be great for you to have around a cat. So long as it’s given some time to get used to the co-habitation under a watchful eye, there is no reason why your cat and dog cannot become close over the years.

Basset Hound

Another good choice, though, would be the basset hound. These are going to be a good one due to the fact they share more personality traits with the average cat than they do a dog. While they are not going to agree on everything, you will definitely find that a basset hound can be just the right kind of canine to have around the place for a cat.

They are going to be good due to the fact they like to get a sleep at regular intervals. For a cat that isn’t looking to cause chaos, that can be the perfect friend to have along for the ride that is life.