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40 Ridiculous Reasons Why Ex-Couples Ended Their Relationships

Breakups are something that nobody looks forward to in a relationship. There are many reasons relationships end—either someone cheated, they weren’t on the same page to begin with, or one or both of the pair fell out of love. There’s a lot of pain in saying goodbye, but not everyone has deep reasons for doing so.

This list contains some of the funniest and most ridiculous reasons for breaking up. Some here have broken up with their significant other because of a friendship pact, others because their partner made a fashion faux pas. While you may think they are ridiculous and shallow, maybe they can serve as examples of red flags for your dating life in the future.

Army Routine

There are days when our relationships, indeed, our lives, can fall into an undeviating routine, resulting in a boring existence. However, there are many ways to spice up a relationship. But if that fails, just remember: love is always a choice.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Heather Johnstone

This user on Twitter shared how she dumped a guy just because their relationship got a little too routine. She emphasized that it was like living in the army. Maybe she realized that she deserved more than that, that life can pass you by before you know it.

Face the Music

A musician’s greatest nightmare is listening to someone play off-key, whether playing an instrument or while singing. When you’re that in tune with the music, only perfect harmony will do in a relationship. This Reddit user happens to date someone who does it all the time. 

Story courtesy of reddit/geekstormKeep Watching

The user didn’t think twice about describing how terrible their partner was at singing. That half-second delay sounds like a nightmare. We are not sure if this poster is a musician or just loves music in general. However, we think it’s a pretty good reason to cut the “chord.” 

No To Green Tea

They say that true love is accepting someone for who they are, and that means accepting everything. That’s why the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage is so important in romantic relationships. You should have a pretty good idea about your partner’s strengths and weaknesses before making any kind of commitment. 

Story courtesy of reddit/glitterexplodingbombPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@miss_bobbypins

This poor girl just deprived herself of drinking green tea just because of the relationship. But green tea also has a lot of benefits such as anti-aging, reducing the risk of cancer, boosting immunity, and a whole lot more. However, for this girl’s ex-boyfriend, green tea is a no-no. How about no-no to this whole relationship?

You Must Be Tripping

One piece of advice you should take on relationships is this: always be honest—if you suspect foul play, call it out. Otherwise, you might end up like this Twitter user who missed his chance to take a vacation to the Caribbean, complete with beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine.

Story courtesy of reddit/MyBatmanUnderoos

It’s true. Most of us are idiots at 22 years old. To be honest, most of us are still idiots. We wonder what happened to his ticket! Hopefully, she went to the Caribbean with a bestie, or she went alone and took time to grieve and think about the choices she’d made so far.

Stirring Up Drama

This guy broke up with his girlfriend just because of her tea etiquette. Who is he, the Queen of England, wherein every etiquette should be followed? We don’t know if this was the real reason, but it seems that when this guy makes a decision, he follows through.

Story courtesy of reddit/JackXDarkPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@casu_vik

Maybe he was annoyed by the noise from the spoon. That’s why he broke up with her immediately, instead of letting the sound gradually bleed into his ears day in, day out, like an alarm that screams, “GET OUT! GET OUT!” We’ve totally been there.

Pro Gamer Move

While quality time is important for a relationship, getting some alone once in a while is equally important for maintaining a good partnership. It gives you time to think, time to do what you want to do, or just time to be yourself. However, this college guy just wasn’t having it.

Story courtesy of reddit/CtulhuhoopPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@maryrosegaming

In this case, this lady didn’t respect her boyfriend’s boundaries regarding his free time. On the other hand, the guy could have communicated better with his significant other. Oh well, maybe they weren’t meant to be together, considering they were still in college.

Night Of The Living Dad

Living dolls, ghosts, and zombies are usually the topic of horror stories. But have you ever heard of someone’s father coming back from the dead? Scary, right? How could this be connected to the break-up story, you ask? Well, this guy’s ex broke up with him to give herself time to grieve. But there’s a twist.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Alex FrenPhoto courtesy of Instagram

After all that, the dad turned out to be alive and kicking. Meeting your partner’s parents can feel horrifying, but that’s just morbid. Imagine blaming the death of your own father for a breakup then forgetting that you did that to get back with the guy! That’s a red flag if we ever saw one.

Sisters United!

The Bro Code and the Sister Pact exist, and if you have no idea what they are, they’re unspoken promises between friends to respect and protect one another in times of trouble. Most friendships aren’t this hardcore, but the following is an example of two people who share bonds beyond romantic love. 

Story courtesy of reddit/chadder_b

It seems that some people only like being in a relationship because their friends are in one. Or maybe this girl just wanted a way to show sympathy for her friend—by literally putting herself in the same position. Never underestimate the influence your partner’s friends have on them. 

Flat Chance

Beliefs do matter in a relationship. Some people break up because they have different perspectives on the world, especially when religion gets involved. It’s difficult to be with someone who has different values than you.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Vanessa Tan

Politics and religion are one thing, but having a difference of opinion on the shape of the world is another. Scientists figured this out a few centuries ago, and it’s hard to imagine anybody profiting or gaining levels on the hierarchy over this odd idea. It’s probably good that this relationship ended. Otherwise, they would have ended up walking in circles.

Food Fight

Food is one of those things that make people happy. Mealtimes can be a bonding moment for partners. Food is one of those things that we like to figure out at the start of a relationship, as in: “Are you a picky eater? Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to food?” That sort of thing.

Story courtesy of reddit/acid_testing

Sharing food in a relationship is normal. However, this just sounds like a powerplay. It’s nice that one person can feel that comfortable around another, but stealing someone’s food just because it simply goes over the red line. Sharing isn’t always caring.

A Haunting Romance

This story is extra creepy. How would you feel if your significant other said that she or he saw your dead mother in the room while you were on the toilet? We would have goosebumps, too, at the very least. 

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Omer Lavi

Imagine that you had a significant other who sees the dead. This could be both an advantage and disadvantage to your relationship. It’s shocking, but we’re not sure if it’s so traumatic, we’d have to break up with our partner over it. Then again, we think it would be hard to live with your in-laws, living or dead.

Fashion? What Fashion?

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Depending on your personality and characteristics, you tend to dress in a way that communicates who you are. Good fashion is essential since we only get one chance at making a good first impression, and likewise, we often judge strangers based on how they dress. 

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/LynnPhoto courtesy of Pinterest/Katie Kyle

While we respect everyone’s fashion choices, it’s reasonable to say that a guy who wears sweats and crocs all the time doesn’t seem to be making any fashion choices that we can see. Maybe his partner should communicate this before breaking up, but perhaps it’s not something they can change.

No Competition

Okay, we don’t think this one is ridiculous, but we believe her ex is. If you’re in a relationship and your partner tries to keep you away from your family, consider it a big red flag. Love should never be a competition, and if anyone ever tries to act like it is, cut them out.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/potato

There’s no reason that your love life and family life can’t be balanced. This tweet screams “needy” and “toxic” to us and might be the best reason to break off a relationship. Never let your partner control your time. If your partner loves you, they’ll be happy letting you do what makes you happy.

Timing Is Everything

In every failed relationship, there are moments when we want to break up, but we just can’t seem to get the timing right. It’s either Christmas, New Year, or worse, their birthday. Of course, hurting them at these special times would make the break twice as painful. 

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/shakeyjake

We think that rather than waiting for the right moment to break up, you should just do it. It shouldn’t matter if there’s a gift involved or a special event—just be honest with the other person. Just rip the band-aid off—it will be less painful for everyone in the long run.

Female Empowerment!

Life for women these days is tough. Society expects us to join the workforce, be the perfect mother and take care of all the little things that men “can’t.” In all honesty, we can’t say this is a bad reason to break up with someone when they imply that women should labor at home without having an income of their own.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Brittany Welker

Having to work while taking care of the house might not be perfect, but at least it gives us agency in the form of cash away from whatever scraps our husbands throw us from the dinner table. If men were expected to do a few things on this “traditional” man’s list, the world would probably be a fairer place.

High School Musical?

High school can be a trying time for teenagers. After all, they’re going through a lot of changes—physically, mentally, socially, musically… Musically? This Twitter user shared how music can tear two young lovers apart in the most unexpected of ways.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Johnny Rangel

If we had to guess, the girl was probably going through something else, and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or maybe she just really, really liked this one song. Either way, high school is a good time for experimentation and maybe a bad time for lifelong commitments. 

Low Score

Appreciation is a nice thing in a relationship—whether it’s for a big or small achievement, you might expect your partner to be there to congratulate you. However, in the competitive world of video games, there isn’t always an “easy mode.”

Story courtesy of boredpanda.comPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@anabrooks23

This Twitter user shared how his girlfriend watched him play and was brutally honest about his performance. We thought she was just thinking out loud. Of course, the guy got hurt and decided to just end things with her. Oh well, we all learn from the past.

Peanut Butter Lover

Real love requires compromise, especially when your significant other has extreme allergies to certain foods. In this case, a man has to choose between his love for peanut butter and his girlfriend. What will he do?

Story courtesy of reddit/Chriscros14Photo courtesy of Instagram/@shop.backtoearth

The guy just couldn’t imagine not eating peanut butter for the rest of his life. If he wanted to see his girlfriend, he couldn’t have peanut butter two days beforehand. He chose peanut butter. At least the guy knows where his priorities lie.

Love Bombing

Showing love to your significant other is pretty normal. However, showing too much love to someone you just had your first date with is a bit alarming. The lady did the right thing by leaving this guy in the dust. There’s a time and a place for this stuff—and that time is at least after the third date.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Ditani

Research says that love bombing is a sure sign of narcissistic tendencies. Just imagine—they’re still on their first date, and yet the guy is telling her that they’re gonna be together forever. For some, it’s a sign of great love to come; for the rest of us, it’s a surefire sign of danger.

Not Once, Not Twice, But Thrice!

Cheating in any way is not acceptable. If you cheat on your partner, remember that the secret will always reveal itself. And if it doesn’t, could you live with yourself? Could you consider yourself a good person?

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Ken Fowl

We feel sorry for the three guys who were the boyfriends of this girl. Seeing two of your boyfriends at the same concert is just insane. Oh well, happily, all three of them broke up with her. That’s what we call instant karma.

Peas In A Pod

This guy broke up with his girlfriend just because she eats her peas one at a time. She’s definitely testing his patience, and she did not pass the vibe check.

Story courtesy of reddit/No-Mas-PantalonesPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@daytodaymonkey72

We know that eating slowly also has its benefits—but eating one pea at a time? That might be frustrating in the long run. Her man didn’t have the patience to wait for her while eating her peas, so he might as well just break it up with her.

Coz’ You Know I’d Walk a Thousand Miles

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton is one song that describes how love can go. ‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles If I could just see you tonight. And that is true for most relationships. You’d be willing to go beyond borders just to be with the love of your life.

Story courtesy of reddit/AlfSilverssonPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@polly_gl_ot

However, it’s nice to be reciprocated once in a while. Sadly, for this Twitter user, all his efforts were not reciprocated. He took a bus, ferry, and subway just to be with his girl, and he’s done with it because he can’t see his girl putting any effort into seeing him, not even one time. One-sided relationships can be tiring in the long run, especially if you’re the only one putting in the effort.

Spoiler Alert!

One thing fans of TV shows or movies get frustrated by is spoilers. It’s the reason you shouldn’t check social media whenever there’s a great movie on. You might see spoilers while scrolling down your news feed. But what would you do if your significant other spoils the story?

Story courtesy of reddit/CopperTodd17Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sarahjs1980

We’d definitely get angry at our partner for doing that, especially if we were big fans of a show, but we’re not sure if that would warrant a breakup—unless the show was Doctor Who, of course. That would just be the end for us!

She’s Quack

Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes, the emotional pain we feel can just be healed with a good laugh with the people we love, especially with our significant others. But what if your partner’s laugh were so grating that it caused you physical pain just hearing it?

Story courtesy of reddit/00RushmoreYankee00

Let’s say this guy had enough of her laugh because he’s too embarrassed to be the center of attention publicly. Maybe the guy is more of the introvert type, while his ex was more of the extrovert type. While opposites do attract, certain traits can be serious drawbacks and can ruin a relationship.

A Chris For The Ages

Which Chris is the best? Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine? These Chrises are our favorite Chrises of Hollywood. But we think the Chris that this Reddit user is talking about is of a different league.

Story courtesy of reddit/rubyreddorothy

We didn’t mean a higher league, though. The first Chris is here described like a t-rex when he’s eating; the other one had no shape to the back of his head. We are not judging anyone for ending the relationship based on disliking oddities—to each their own.


Girls are often stereotyped as being indecisive. Men are willing to pick their choices. However, when girls go with the flow with men’s choices, they will always have a side comment after. It’s frustrating and somehow a red flag.

Story courtesy of reddit/Bamboo_Steamer

Saying “I don’t mind” in every situation is not a good thing to do. Or maybe, she is not interested in the relationship at all. It’s a good thing that the guy gathered up the courage to end the relationship.

Cereal Offender

Cereals are one of the best choices for breakfast. Easy to use and easy to make. Just get the box, pop it into your breakfast bowl, and put some milk in. Yet, some people prefer water on cereals to water.

Story courtesy of reddit/godshirmaPhoto courtesy of reddit

And to be honest, this is just weird. It’s better not to have anything at all rather than having water on your cereal. We wonder what it tastes like. Somehow, we understand the reason for this break-up. We couldn’t live in a house like this.

Just Plain Unhygienic

Some people are not aware that they are being unhygienic, even in the most basic ways. One example would be putting your spoon on the sugar jar after you used it to stir your coffee. I mean, where are their manners?

Story courtesy of reddit/viperhPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@ponnisaravanakumar

While we believe in the saying “to each their own,” this is definitely a red flag for us. If this person is that unhygienic with coffee and sugar, what else have they got going on that they aren’t sharing? We may never know, and we don’t want to, either.

Food Snatcher 

Relationships will always require a little give or take. We can tolerate disrespect—up to a point. This Reddit user shared that her ex-boyfriend ate her lunch, which had been provided for free by the school, while she was getting napkins for him.

Story courtesy of reddit/elllkayyyemmm__Photo courtesy of Instagram/@holymoly.guacamolly

He assumed it was okay since he did it all the time. However, she finally snapped and saw her self-worth for what it was. It was totally right that she broke up with him over lunch. Like, who can survive school without food? I mean, he could ask permission if he wanted her food, right?

Four Eyes

During our elementary years, we enjoyed playing and being creative. Yet, this dude decided that he wanted to have a girlfriend at nine years old, and a funny thing happened that eventually led to their break-up.

Story courtesy of reddit/TheBlkBecSnd

The guy got glasses over the weekend, and when it was time for school, she saw him and just said, “Eww, you dork,” and bluntly broke up with him. Not gonna lie; this was funny because some kids just think like this. We understand the frustration on the guy’s side, but come on, at nine years old, kids shouldn’t be involved in romantic relationships.

Miscommunication Heck 

Some people are still living in the era of rock & roll. Maybe they are not into slang or gen z words, but it’s clear that this woman misunderstood her date’s turn of phrase.

Story courtesy of reddit/Beaglepower

If a story is “funny as hell,” we mean that it was funny. She thought that she was comparing the funny story to Hell, which is obviously not what he meant. We can feel the awkwardness of their dinner, and it’s good that he decided to end things right there and then

Cinema Etiquette

Besides spoilers, the film enthusiast’s nightmare is hearing someone talk while a movie is playing. That’s why you’re at the cinema: to enjoy the film. You can have a conversation after the movie, not during.

Story courtesy of reddit/adamiojsg

Again, to each and his own. Constant chatter during a film might be a red flag for the film enthusiast. Hearing dialogue in any movie is crucial because one missed line might break your understanding of the story, and that can ruin the experience.

Grammar Is Important

In some relationships, grammar is a big deal—especially if you’re trying to impress the person you met through a dating app. Not to be petty, but it’s a turn-off when your date has terrible grammar, spelling, or punctuation. 

Story courtesy of reddit/lolsashaPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@ifixbycar

The only exception to this is if your date has dyslexia, in which case, we understand. If they don’t have that, or some other learning disability, it kind of implies that they can’t be bothered to run their messages through a spell check for you, in which case it might be time to question the relationship… especially so if he calls you a b****.

Lying Tongue

What’s more appealing than a man or woman who can speak another language? Remember everyone: cheating in any way or form is unforgivable. What’s more frustrating is that this guy uses his bilingual power just to cheat with his other girlfriend. 

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/tweetybird

This girl thought that her ex-lover was just talking to his mother whenever he spoke Spanish on the phone. As it turns out, it was his Spanish girlfriend. The moment she found out about this, she broke up with him then and there. El fin!


Not liking animals is a major red flag to us. It would be a deal-breaker in any relationship, to be honest. It’s not about a dog person vs. a cat person. It’s about liking and loving animals in general.

Story courtesy of boredpanda.com/Ana Jud

We’re not gonna lie; if we were in this situation, where a man called my cat (or every cat) stupid, I’d probably do the same even if he was the most handsome guy in the world. 

Mustard Hands

Maybe putting mustard on the fries is not a big deal, especially if you don’t care what sauces your significant other puts on their food. However, this is a weird way to put it, especially in this pandemic. It’s just unexplainable!

Story courtesy of reddit/callmesnake13

The way that this woman put it first on her hand then on fries is pretty disgusting, especially when eating in a public place. This weird habit is a good enough reason to get out of a relationship. 

Science vs. Religion

These are some of the most challenging topics of conversation in a relationship, especially if you have opposing views. But then again, remember that communication is essential in a relationship—comprehension, too. 

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com/Bipolar King

Making snap conclusions is something that can make the other person overthink, or worse, it can be the main reason for a breakup. This guy just wanted to work and research his topic since he’s a researcher. Better that they go their separate ways.

Man Up

Older generations all grew up in a world where society dictated what each gender should do. “Women should be in the kitchen and take care of the kids while men should do the work and be physically strong,” they were told. However, we now live in a more enlightened world where men and women make their own choices.

Story courtesy of reddit/BobbySwaggerPhoto courtesy of Instagram/@frac4s

It seems that this woman still lives with that old mindset. Are the items on the menu gendered? Beer for men, margarita for women? No. There are no rules that mandate these narrow expectations. People create those mindsets, not natural law. We’re glad that this man ended their relationship because the girl needs to consider taking a Modern-Day Gender Relations course.

Toddler Tantrum

Toddlers throw in tantrums to get what they want. They do it in various ways—they cry, get angry, and lash out with violence. But in time, toddlers outgrow their tantrum tendencies and mature. Unfortunately, some people just never grow up.

Story courtesy of reddit/sheogorath366

We get that she’s disappointed about the dinner and movie date. However, her significant other tried to make it up to her by having a drive-thru dinner at Chik-Fil-A. In return, she threw a tantrum by throwing trash out of his car and into the street. Like a toddler. Good thing he broke up with her before she could throw an even bigger tantrum.

Into Anime

Opposites do attract—but not every opposite attracts. Everyone has their own preferences, but not everyone can agree on how to spend free time. But then, there’s the word compromise. Now the question is: are you willing to compromise and to love the hobbies of your partner?

Story courtesy of reddit/ravel77Photo courtesy of Instagram/@moviesandthings6

Apparently, this guy’s girlfriend loves anime and believes that he should probably love it too. But then, it seems that the guy cannot compromise with his girlfriend. Oh well, maybe if they broke up. It might spark more arguments in the future.