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40 Shady but Hilarious Boyfriends Moves That Left Their Partners Fuming

We can 100% say that anyone who has had a boyfriend will be able to relate to some of the people in this article. Having a partner is not always fun. Sometimes, they are the reason why our stress levels skyrocket. While they mostly do sweet and thoughtful things to make you happy, it seems they just can’t resist the occasional shady move.

Of course, when their shady moves are also funny, they end up being part of a guy’s charm. In celebration of the infuriatingly funny boyfriends out there, we’ve prepared some photos that will definitely tickle your memories and also give you a laugh. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’re sure to be entertained by this list. Let’s kick-start the countdown, shall we?

A Lover’s Prank

Relationships become tedious if you always do things according to the rule book. Of course, we’re not recommending cheating or otherwise breaking your partner’s trust! We’re talking about spicing it up with some friendly pranks like this one.


We don’t know who started it, but this couple knows how to make their relationship fun. Unfortunately for the girlfriend, she wasn’t ready for this new Post-it paint job. She was on her way to work and didn’t have time to clear it up, so she had to drive her car without removing them. We can’t wait to see her revenge!

A Surprising Proposal

Sometimes, there are things that need to be kept secret from girlfriends, such as wedding proposals. This man knew his girlfriend had a habit of investigating things and snooping around. Since he didn’t want to spoil his wedding proposal, he did something most of us would do if we were in his position.


Instead of a ring, he left a paper with eyes that gave a “What you looking at” face. Obviously, the girl laughed about it, and the man successfully hid his plans from her. To his girlfriend, our advice is to stop searching for the ring! Don’t rush – you’ll get there soon enough.

A Friendly Note

There is a saying that you never truly know your partner until you live in one house. We guess that’s true. Many couples discover new things about their partners once they settle in together. Some of them are just little details, while others can cause some tension.


What would you do if your girl’s make-up was all over your white, clean towels? Instead of confronting his partner, he wrote her an official letter instructing her to cease cleaning her makeup with his white towels. We love that he referred to himself as “housekeeping management.” It’s passive-aggressive but kind of cute!

Secret Hack

Household chores are not only the responsibility of the women in the equation. Just like the relationship itself, you have to work together for your household to be peaceful and happy. Much of the time, however, women have to deal with all the chores at home. Any objections?


We love how clever this man is, but he must forget that girls are great investigators. You can’t get away with this for long, dude. She will certainly find out sooner or later, so you might as well just tell her the truth.

Shopping List?

A list like this should be illegal, especially if you have a meticulous girlfriend who wants something very particular. Showing just the inside of the refrigerator and telling her to buy anything that she can’t see in there is not a good thing – that will be a mission doomed to fail.


To the girl who received this, we know how you’re feeling. Hang in there. You’ll get through this one. Also, can we talk about how big the refrigerator is? That’ll take a lot of cash to stock up if he wants it to be full.

Trick and Trap

Caution: Don’t do this if your girlfriend is a GIRLzilla. For the love of your life, don’t even try. Take it from us – this one is not the best trick to pull on your girlfriend. It will certainly get her attention, but it’s so risky we’re not sure that you’ll get the answer you’re seeking.


There’s an easier way to get your girlfriend’s attention. You just need to be persistent. This is not it, especially if she’s the jealous type. To the ladies out there, please do your part and answer your partner’s questions, especially if you have an honest and responsible man who only wants your attention.

And the Oscar Goes to ….

When both people in a relationship share the same humor, the relationship becomes a more enjoyable experience. It’s a well-known fact that laughter is essential for good moods and mental health. Plus, it’s good to see couples who are able to make each other laugh.


We would love to see this in person. And the fact that they always have an audience clapping for what he did is so funny. It’s nice to see people appreciating others and giving them a good laugh. We hope for the best for this couple.

Runaway Kisser

Not again, Jason. You did it at Starbucks too. Okay, it is a little funny, and any relationship that shares jokes and laughter creates a solid bond that will grow stronger with time. However, it doesn’t work so well when everyone is staring at you shadily.


After being a runaway kisser, we just hope Jason got his burger and nuggets. Though it was a shocking moment, it’s pretty safe to say that the relationship is healthy. Just remember that not all pranks and jokes are good. Sometimes, you need to put a limit on how many “funny” tricks you make your partner go through.

Waaaaay Too Honest

This guy clearly loves his family, and when you first start reading the dedication in his book, you might even start to tear up a little at how sweet it is. Then you get to the end, and you realize things are not as they initially seemed.


The seemingly beautiful dedication is actually a sly little backhanded compliment. He basically blamed them for how long it took him to get his book published. Read the dedication again, and you’ll notice he offers no positive descriptors for his wife or kids. That’s one shady dedication!

A Cool Patio

Well, this patio is impressive. We love it, but we can’t say this guy’s wife does. When you read something that starts with “promise you won’t get mad,” most of the time, you know you’re about to get mad. We just hope he had fun looking at it while it lasts.


Honestly, it’s not that bad. It could be worse, and in fact, we find it really cute. Maybe we’re a little biased because we loved playing Mario Kart and Mario Party when we were young. Hopefully, his wife will accept this. If not, they will have to spend money again to fix it.

New Normal

Because of the pandemic, many people have been stuck at home. Most have been working, but some have just enjoyed being weird like this guy. Luckily for this man, he found a gem (his wife) who shares the same humor as him.


Apparently, Joe was thinking of making his wife’s colleagues laugh to lighten up the mood while they were discussing serious work stuff. We love the idea, and we can’t wait to try it out too. We just hope our boss will not fire us for this one. Before we get to that part, where can we find partners to bother with our cute pranks?

Organized Chaos

Women often complain that the guys in their lives are messy and disorganized. The image below is an excellent example of this. However, it also reveals something deeper. Amid all that chaos, many guys are strangely well organized.


Though this guy doesn’t have a cute little container filled with paperclips presented neatly on his desk, he always has one at the ready. He also knows precisely where it is at any given time. The picture above is proof that organization can come in many different forms. So, never judge anyone until you’ve borrowed a paperclip from them!

Discreet Boasting

Do you want to boast about something to your girlfriend without sounding boastful? You can tell her directly, but that’s too lame. You can post it on social media, but you don’t want other people to think you are a show-off. What’s a boyfriend to do?


Easy! Buy a cake with a writing that says what you’ve done. For instance, if you buy some groceries, proudly proclaim it on a cake. Just be careful – she might find something missing from the groceries, and your clever plan may backfire on you. But hey, at least you’ll have cake

Genius Love

Skip the flowers, ditch the chocolates. Sometimes, a handwritten love note is all a woman needs to feel appreciated. How sweet is it to receive a handwritten note that expresses how he loves you and wants you in his life? But if you were given this note, how would you react?


First, the drawing is on point. Second, your husband is quite a baddy in school. And third, who would leave a piece of bacon uneaten? We get the point, and we love the effort, but next time, a simple “I love you” will be enough.

Nelson, That’s Not Your Drink

This is one of the struggles of introverts. First dates are worse than surprise quizzes in school. They can be so hard that you just want to fail and move on. Some people would say dating is a piece of cake, but for an introvert, it’s a 10-foot-tall cake!


You may know now that there are people who find talking to strangers hard. Sometimes, nervousness builds up and destroys everything. That’s what happens to this guy right here. We can totally relate to this man. We just hope any girl he dates is kind to him when things get out of hand.

For the Love of Donuts

There are many people who love to be creative in every aspect of life. This man is a prime example. He could have sent a message to his girlfriend to let her know that he would be out buying some delicious donuts, but no. He knew that wasn’t enough…


Why be normal when you can be extra? This guy changed his girl’s desktop screen to let her know that there was no cause for alarm. The only problem is this: what if she doesn’t look at her computer? He could come home to find her in a panic! Thankfully, donuts should soothe her either way.

A Great Way to Get Your Girlfriend to Be More Thrifty

This man was tired of telling his girlfriend all the time to save money by not overusing the thermostat. What he did next was funny but very effective. Is there anyone out there who enjoys sleeping in a freezing cold room?


So, in order to let his girlfriend understand what he was trying to say, he invented a trick that she couldn’t resist. After all, who can say no to more presents, right? Just make sure you get her more than ten gifts if she’s been shivering under several blankets every night.

It’s the Thought That Counts

It may be corny, but sweet little gestures are often enough to say that you’re with the right partner. Some people don’t need grand things in life to know that their partners are truly in love with them. In today’s society, some people prefer to see simple, genuine actions rather than riches and gold.


If we can get both, of course, we’ll take it! We’re not complaining. As the famous saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Clearly, for this couple, that saying is true. We hope we find genuine happiness and satisfaction with someone as sweet as Joel.

A Useful Gift

When we say some people are practical, we mean it. We’re siding with this guy. Flowers wilt and chocolates are quickly devoured. That’s not a great way to express your unending love for a person. A letter is good, but phones are a must these days.


Did you know these old Nokia phones are still kicking around? So, symbolizing love with a Nokia phone is a witty decision. Also, you can play a good old-fashioned game of snake. We think this is a brilliant idea. Simple and practical.

A Public Apology

This is the sweetest note we’ve ever seen. This man is clearly head over heels in love with his wife. Why? Because even when he’s exhausted, he still thinks of her. C’mon, where can you find those men? The way he apologized for what he did is so cute.


Whoever received the letter, we hope that you are well and that you did not call the cops in terror, worried that you had a stalker. Your neighbor was just too tired to even recognize his wife’s car. He was confused, and as you can see, he apologized for it. We love to see honest guys who are responsible for their actions.

Five Minutes of Silence

It seems funny, but sometimes all your girlfriend needs is a minute (or five) of total silence. You must respect this unless you want to see an erupting volcano in front of your face. That five minute is an indication that you are not allowed to speak to her.


We get it. You must talk to your partner if there’s a misunderstanding. However, there’s always an exception to every rule. If she asks for five minutes, give it to her. Let her be. In the meantime, cook some dinner and say you’re sorry.

Stuck in an Urgent Situation

Texting while driving is a big NO, and this girl knows it. Props to her for following the law. However, she might want to pull over because her boyfriend seems to have an urgent question that needs to be resolved ASAP!


The funny thing is that the pressing issue appears to be a little trivial. Who knows? Perhaps her lover considers this a top priority. After all, it’s his girlfriend’s burrito. This just proves that his girlfriend is his primary priority and that he wants to offer her the best burrito of her life. How sweet!

The Great Awakening

Sometimes, a guy just can’t understand what’s going on in his girlfriend’s mind. One minute she’ll be cute and sweet. After that, she’s like someone who is ready to throw him into the Pacific Ocean – totally insane.


This man had to deal with his crazy girlfriend right after waking up. And we think he wasn’t having it as he asked for a minute to settle and compose his mind before dealing with her weirdness. It’s funny, but at the same time, we’re sensing a threatening vibe.

Becoming Your Person

They say that when you spend enough time with a person, you’ll start to copy their traits and somehow share the same personality. When you spend three or more years in a relationship, you may start to act like your significant other. Has this ever happened to you?


You simply begin to…transform into the same person. Not only with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but this also happens with your close friends. You began to mimic their slang and actions without noticing it. We can’t decide if these symbolic gummy bears are cute or creepy!

A Reminder to Everyone

If you’re dying to find out what kind of person your partner is, then get married. Is that too extreme? Being in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is different from being a husband and wife. There are some truths that only get exposed once you are married.

Youtube/Keshaw Kesariya

Of course, this is not the ideal way to figure out if someone annoys you, but many married couples seem to try it. Once you live under one roof and are contractually tied to each other through marriage, you’ll see your partner’s true colors.

How to Start a War

It seems like someone is going to be sleeping on the couch tonight. Shame on autocorrect. You did this man dirty. Now he has to face a very crucial game of “Who is Abby?” We just hope he survives.


Being in this situation is always unsettling, especially if you’re dating someone who is jealous. Even if you’re not doing anything bad but simply make honest mistakes when typing, you’ll be nervous for the rest of your life, which is terrible because it will be used against you. “If you didn’t do anything, then why are you nervous?” This iconic line is a killer!

At Least He Compromised

Each person in a relationship must compromise. You must be willing to make concessions with your partner by being able to take turns being dominant or submissive if you want to succeed in long-term partnerships. For different reasons, however, not everyone finds this lifestyle desirable.


Instead of compromising, this man simply gave his girlfriend what she wanted. In this case, it’s not too bad. She just wanted to watch the new Hunger Games. We believe he volunteered to be the tribute this time. Props to him!

Paintball Parties for Healthy Relationships

How healthy is it to shoot your partner with paintballs? If it’s just for fun and not personal, then we’re going for it. It sounds fun, right? Paintball guns fire spherical gelatin balls that break apart on impact, releasing a liquid substance that sticks to the skin and creates a temporary mark.


It sounds like this guy wants to attend a paintball party to let go of all his rage. We hope they don’t argue on their way to the paintball field because it is not a good idea to play with people who are in a bad mood.

A Real Lifesaver

This “life hack” might actually work after you’ve been dating someone for a while. It’s easier and less emotional. You just say the number and deliver your message to your partner like it’s an order of greasy food from a fast-food restaurant.


The only problem is that if you have a lot of things to dispute, remembering those numbers will be difficult. We believe that saying the wrong number might unintentionally exacerbate the problem. So, we suggest limiting yourselves to ten points of conflict.

What Does True Love Look Like?

There are times when you are seeking assurance that your partner loves you. There are times when you need a partner’s affirmation that you’re good enough to be with them. If they’re not being unreasonable about it, don’t let your partner feel insecure over something you could easily resolve with three simple words.

Pinterest.com/Whostuck love

Despite the fact that this guy did not explicitly state that he likes his girlfriend, it’s still great to see that they know each other so well. And knowing the tiniest details about your partner demonstrates that you truly care about them. We’re just hoping he tells his girl in person that he likes her.

Clearly, the Right Choice

Before you raise your eyebrows, this is just an inside joke between two people who truly share the same sense of humor. This woman deserves a round of applause for having such a laid-back attitude. Humor always makes life better.

Twitter: @peachesanscream

We don’t blame her for choosing her lovely little cat over some random new man. She doesn’t even need to think twice. Don’t worry about the cat – just throw the boyfriend outside. Kittens always come first. This is as it should be.

I’ve Got You, Babe

Here’s the catch. If your girl says she’s not angry, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s chill. Sometimes, what women say is the opposite of what they feel. And if you don’t get it, they’ll get mad at you for that. They simply expect guys to have enough insight to know what they’re trying to say.


Over time, it gets easier to recognize when she’s telling the truth and when she’s contradicting herself. Guys, please be patient. By the way, when she says she’ll get small fries, she really means large fries.

Breaking Bad News

This girl has a dilemma. How is she supposed to tell her boyfriend that half of the shells in the jar are pistachio shells? Perhaps this is one of those secrets a person should take to the grave. We believe that honesty is essential, but this is not something important, right?


If this really bothers you and you have the courage to tell him, reveal it in a way that won’t leave him feeling embarrassed. After all, it’s the thought that actually counts. We’re not sure that publishing it on Twitter was the right approach, but we’re sure it got the job done!

Is This Goodbye?

Is it dramatic if someone concludes that their partner is falling out of love with them when they start facing the other way when sleeping? It depends. What if he’s experiencing pain in his right shoulder? Of course he’s going to roll over.


But if he doesn’t cuddle you at all anymore, that’s a different story. When your lover quits snuggling you, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a red flag. If they want to do it, they can do it, no matter how tired or busy they are. To be honest, a simple embrace never goes astray.

Never Upset Your Girl, Even in Her Dreams

This is so funny but unfair. We’ve heard about this from multiple people, and it’s ridiculous to think that you’d have to apologize for something you didn’t do. Dreams are the product of what you think before you go to sleep, so whose fault is it if you dream bad things about your partner?


It’s a little out of line to be angry at someone for something they did in your dream, but those feelings are quite real, so it might be best to simply apologize and move on. You can’t win over someone who dreamt about you cheating.

Noodle Head

Girls, let’s not be overly judgmental whenever guys look at us. Sometimes, they just look at you because there’s something on your head. They badly want to tell you but are too afraid to approach you. In this case, it was a noodle.


Don’t assume that everyone who looks at you is trying to hit on you. No girl, it doesn’t happen all the time. So try to be nice. If they try to woo you or do something unpleasant, then you can shut them down.

There’s Never Time to Philosophize About Tampon Prices

Without a doubt, John’s thoughts are on point. But he just chose the wrong time to share them with his girl. Clearly, his girlfriend is in a bad situation right now, and she doesn’t have time for this chit-chat.


At least John was kind enough to go out and buy her some tampons. Some men are too shy to even go to the supermarket and pick some up. It’s these simple things that melt girls’ hearts. We’re sure his girlfriend appreciated the moral outrage over tampon prices after he brought her the urgent delivery!

Girl Code

What do you do when your girlfriend tells you she doesn’t know what to eat? The worst part is that they know what they want, but they just don’t want to say it. They want you to figure it out by yourself – that’s insane.


Why make life harder? Why can’t they tell their partners exactly what they want? Can anybody crack this code for us? It would save so much time and effort. As a result, boys, you should get used to important decision-making.

The Power of PEMDAS

Has anyone out there encountered this with your partner? When a guy pulls out the PEMDAS card during a fight, marry him. He knows what he’s doing. We have so much respect for this man for avoiding bigger problems.


In case you don’t remember, PEMDAS is how you solve mathematical equations. The result of two negatives is a positive. So, it means neither is mad now. This just goes to show that listening in class when you’re still a student will help you survive in the future. Take this as an example.

100% Accurate

Admit it – no one looks good when they first wake up. Sometimes, we look like we forgot to comb our hair the night before. It’s normal and natural. It’s nice to hear your boyfriend say you’re beautiful, even if you look as if you just got home from war.


No matter what we look at in the morning, it’s nice to know that there’s one person who truly admires and loves us. It’s important for women to know that no matter what we look like in the morning, our significant others will always find something good about us that they can tell us every day.