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40 Animals That Will Shock Everyone With Their Size

We frequently hear about gigantic animals that roam the earth, but it isn’t easy to imagine what these creatures would look like if compared to the average person. There are certain animals that weigh several tons and could crush a person in a matter of seconds. Despite this, making comparisons between these creatures and humans is so outlandish that it boggles the mind.

The following animals – ranging from horses to whales to creatures you may never have heard of before – will provide you with a greater perspective on how huge the members of the animal kingdom can be in comparison to people.

The Oldest Wombat on Earth

Patrick was the oldest and biggest wombat ever recorded. While the typical lifespan of a wombat is 15 years, Patrick lived to be 32 years old – more than twice the average. He had a long and fruitful life and weighed a staggering 88 pounds. The handler appears to be struggling to lift him.

Wildlife Park in Ballarat

Australia is home to these fluffy animals, and Patrick was adored by everyone who met him. Before his death in 2017, he spent most of his life at Ballarat Wildlife Park. The team was saddened by his death. He was, after all, their big baby.

Clydesdale Horses vs. the Average Person

Clydesdales are one of the largest horse breeds on Earth, and they are also widely recognized as the mascot of Budweiser Beer. Despite their imposing size, they tend to be docile, calm, and easy to train.


Despite their massive size, they are not the largest horse breed. A shire horse is the largest breed, and it resembles a Clydesdale but is much larger. These horses from the UK are large and distinctively marked, making them easy to detect.

Adult Sunfish vs. Baby Sunfish

Smaller than a fingernail, newborn sunfish are in the beginning stages of their development. These little cuties will develop into the world’s largest bony fish over the coming years. The fish, which has a flat appearance and may weigh up to 2200 lbs, is found in tropical waters.

Amy Coghlan

It’s amazing how quickly such a small fish can develop into such an impressive creature. It’s impossible to make a meaningful comparison between a fully-grown fish and a human due to our vastly different anatomies. Despite their fearsome appearance, the fish do not bother humans, as evidenced by the picture.

Giant Bunny

This bunny is so big we’d almost be intimidated to meet it! Despite its size, this gigantic bunny is entirely harmless. While it’s adorable to look at with a furry face like that, we’re nonetheless wary.

Billy Brocas

The amount of carrots this thing could consume is probably hundreds of pounds. The long feet of this enormous beast undoubtedly cause some tremors in the ground when it hops. Thankfully, these giant bunnies are gentle. We’re not so sure it’s keen on being hugged, though!

The Magnificent Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is the national bird of the USA. Because they are so rarely seen, people often fail to appreciate the size of these spectacular birds. When fully expanded, their wingspan can reach six to seven feet, with talons measuring two inches in length.


This woman attempts to contain it, but the bird protests, “No, I am a symbol of liberty. Allow me to extend my wings and soar through the air like the majestic bird I am.” We often wonder what is going through their brains because they always appear so enraged.

Big Southern Elephant Seal

At the Enoshima Aquarium in Japan, a Southern Elephant Seal named Minazo found his home. He was big and imposing but sleek and well-known for his blue bucket. He died in 2005, and many individuals were greatly saddened.


Elephant seals store fat primarily as a means of keeping themselves warm in frigid environments. During the mating season, they become more aggressive and rest on rocks. In the wild, you’ll notice that they have a lot of scars from their fights with other males.

Talons of the Eagle

Eagles use their talons to catch their prey, so they need talons that are incredibly long and sharp. There is also one that serves as a kind of thumb for gripping things. They are around two inches in length. Handlers must wear gloves since the blades are so sharp and can quickly penetrate human skin.


Depending on the sort of bird and the prey they’re after, talons can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They appear like dinosaur claws, which makes sense because birds are descended from theropods – a type of dinosaur with large claws like this.

Two Alaskan Dogs

There are a few distinct breeds of Alaskan dogs, each unique in size. Phil, the Alaskan Malamute, is the large furry one. Aside from barking even when instructed not to, this dog has a lot to say. The little one is an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, with features similar to those of a Husky pup.


The Klee Kai may appear like one of Phil’s puppies, but it’ll grow up to be much smaller. As sled dogs, Malamutes were initially bred to carry hefty loads. They can weigh up to 90 pounds. The sweetness of these two is equal, despite their differing sizes.

Big Fluffy Cat

Many people are familiar with the various dog varieties, but fewer are aware of the wide variety of cat breeds. The size difference between Maine Coons and Siamese cats can be seen here. Most people would categorize them as “the orange kind” or “the white kind,” but specific distinctions must be made in each case.


The Maine Coon is significantly larger and fluffier than other domestic cats. They can reach a weight of up to 18 pounds and are sociable. As with any cat breed, you must build a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

A Giant African Land Snail

Seeing this slithering creature would give you the creeps. It may be innocuous, but it looks like something from an extraterrestrial monster film. Slow growth is the hallmark of these snails’ existence, and they can survive up to ten years.


It’s not quite like a lovely puppy, but some people do keep them as pets. This one’s face looks like a bunny! In case you were wondering, they don’t meow like Gary, the snail from Spongebob Squarepants. We know – we were disappointed too!

The Size of a Whale Skull Compared to a Human

This is what a whale skull looks like if you’ve never seen one before. It looks like something you’d expect to read about in a Lovecraft story! It also looks a lot like those old plague doctor’s masks, the design of which could have been based on an actual whale skull; who knows?


Blue whales are the largest whales on the planet, and their tongues alone weigh the same as an elephant. Although these creatures are docile and harmless, their enormous size makes them capable of crushing a wide range of objects.

Adorable Great Dane

It’s no surprise that Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds. It’s hard not to fall in love with these cuddly giants. The fact that they can stand taller than six-foot doesn’t lessen their cuteness. Even if they’re the size of miniature horses, we will pick one of them over a gigantic snail any day.


Because of their size, Great Danes are susceptible to a wide range of health issues. It is typical for the stomach to twist, trapping air. Surgery is the sole solution to this condition.

Warning: Moose on the Road

It’s not uncommon to spot a moose grazing in the parking lot of a shopping center in certain parts of the world, but most people have never seen one before. Someone who has never seen one of these enormous beasts would find this scene startling.

To avoid getting stuck, this one is hunting for a place to fit his antlers between the tree branches. Having to awkwardly walk around a parking lot while avoiding being caught in any obstacles is a tough life to live.

Saltwater Crocodile

The world’s most aggressive crocodile, the saltwater crocodile, is a dangerous adversary. When fully grown, they can reach a length of 20 feet and a weight of two tons. A wild encounter with one of these beasts is not something you want to risk.

To the enormous crocodile, this person in the tank is a tempting morsel of prey. Saltwater crocodiles have the hardest bite of any living animal and have attacked humans. People may not be able to notice the crocodile in the muck of the river, making them easy prey for the reptile.

A Lion’s Head vs. a Human

Lions are magnificent animals that live in Africa’s bushland and plains. They are the rulers of the animal kingdom, and even though they may look like enormous house cats, these big creatures are quite dangerous. Massive in stature, the male lion’s head dwarfs that of a human being.


While some individuals, like this man and the Tiger King, have sought to make these wild cats their companions or pets, most people believe that they are supposed to be free in the wild and shouldn’t have to spend their lives confined in cages.

Gorilla Hands Are Like Ours But Ten Times Bigger

Regarding the structure of their skeletons and hands, gorillas and humans share many similarities. On the other hand, gorillas are significantly larger than the typical human. The powerful apes are pretty large, but their hands look almost exactly like human hands.


These fascinating animals possess extraordinary intelligence, and some can even use sign language to communicate with their handlers. Though their strength is frequently misconstrued as being dangerous, they are adorable creatures. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should try to shake hands with one! 

Another Mammoth Moose

Most people don’t realize just how massive moose can be until they’ve seen one in person. They are the largest deer species and can be identified by their antlers, which stand out, even from a distance. Their stature doesn’t change the fact that they’re generally calm and nonaggressive.


Antlers are only found on male moose, and they get bigger every year. Moose plush toys may be found all around Canada, which explains why they are so popular there. Aside from that, they’re Maine’s official state animal.

The Incredible Weight of a Bison’s Head

Blood and DNA samples are being taken from this bison. This device keeps the animal secure so the tests can be performed without risking injury to the human or the animal. This animal weighs 3,000 pounds, making its size difficult to comprehend.


There’s no way to describe it other than to say that its head is the size of a full-grown man. Bison are so enormous that they could easily crush a human, putting their size into perspective.

Leatherback Turtles

The leatherback sea turtle is the biggest species of turtle still alive. According to the research of a few marine biologists, the average lifespan of these turtles is somewhere around 100 years. The dark-colored turtle is a species at risk of extinction; as a result, efforts are being made to conserve them so that their numbers won’t continue to fall.


The inhabitants of the Seri tribe, who are located in the state of Sonora in Mexico, believe that the leatherback turtle is one of their five creators. Many tribes around the world hold these creatures in high esteem.

A Giant Baby Snapping Turtle

Snapping turtles can be found in freshwater and are frequently spotted by visitors to ponds and lakes. The young ones often look like they have reached their full maturity. However, those little turtles aren’t even close to reaching the size of full-grown adults. The world just became scarier!


Not only do snapping turtles have one of the harshest bites of any animal, but they also have the creepiest appearance. No deaths have been linked to snapping turtles, but we still wouldn’t want to get too close to these ancient-looking reptiles.

The True Tiger King

A cat of this size will be hungry in a matter of minutes, and this bottle isn’t going to cut it. Siberian tigers, with their striking black and orange markings, are stunning creatures. Of course, they’re also incredibly dangerous.


Unfortunately, this tiger is kept in captivity while its wild counterparts reach much larger sizes in their natural habitat. Animals like this, which are fierce predators, should not be kept in cages to have people stare at them all day. No animal was ever meant to live in a cage. We hope this tiger king is able to roam freely one day. 

A Polar Bear Paw

When you see polar bears on the Discovery Channel, they are very charming; yet, when you learn how enormous their claws are, their adorableness is diminished a tiny bit. Contrary to popular belief, these creatures are black. They have black skin beneath fur that reflects light, making them look white.


Because they spend so much time in the water, polar bears are also considered marine mammals. In order to hunt, these bears can stay in the water for days at a time while smelling their prey from a mile away.

Big Toe Beans

Imagining how much larger wild cats are than humans is fascinating. A tiger’s paw is enormous compared to the palm of a human hand, which is both amazing and terrifying. Seeing these gorgeous creatures in action makes you realize just how powerful they can be.


Because of their razor-sharp claws, these paws are very different from those of your cat. We genuinely hope that this tiger has just been sedated and that no one was out there hunting it. Tigers are on the brink of extinction as it is. 

A Big Squishy Caterpillar

This caterpillar has a highly squishy appearance, but we cannot determine what species it belongs to. It seems as though several ladybugs hitched a ride on its back, but in reality, those are a built-in defense mechanism against potential enemies.


After creating a cocoon, these caterpillars transform into beautiful moths. It is hardly surprising that they have a wing span of seven inches, given how chunky they are when they are still caterpillars. In all honesty, it reminds us of the caterpillar in the movie A Bug’s Life.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

A Siberian tiger needs to scratch itself on a real tree because it is much too large to utilize those artificial scratching trees explicitly designed for cats. The tiger is twice the trainer’s size, meaning it clearly has the capacity to overwhelm her.


We wouldn’t dare venture into any area that featured this giant tiger hanging out nearby. The tiger may be waiting for the trainer to come down from the tree because he thinks she is hiding up there.

The Dangerous Bear’s Paw

There is no denying that teddy bears are adorable, but actual bears are entirely different. When it comes to bear claws, this woman can show you a thing or two. You might get a high-five across your entire body from this paw, but you won’t be getting back up.


Claws are an essential part of a bear’s attack and defense system and are also used for climbing trees. They must maintain a firm grasp to avoid injury should they lose their footing and fall off the tree. However, if you disturb a bear, it may use these claws to attack.

Creepy Hammer-Headed Bats

Mysterious bats are typically connected with vampires because of their spooky appearance. Getting bitten by one won’t necessarily make you a bloodthirsty human being, but you could contract rabies or some other awful disease. Hammer-head bats can reach a height of three feet and are primarily found in Africa.


It resembles one of those medieval gargoyles you’d see on an ancient building. The fact that they sing in order to woo females is an intriguing aspect of their behavior. Rather than the songbird, they should be referred to as the song bat.

Greeting a Great Dane With a Pawshake

Giant, goofy Great Danes are known for their gentle demeanor. Because they are so cute and cuddly, most of them don’t understand how large their bodies are. Inevitably, larger dogs have shorter lives, which is a crying shame.


We are disappointed that we cannot see any more of the dog. It’s clearly so huge and cuddly. Great Danes are exceptionally loyal, and despite the fact that they are significantly larger than their owners, they adore being held close.

One of Australia’s Less Dangerous Spiders

With its wide variety of spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlies, Australia is full of creatures we’d like to avoid contact with. Despite making your skin crawl, this spider is one of the least harmful in Australia.


Cockroaches and mice tend to avoid these huntsman spiders because they will snap them up in an instant. For this reason, many Australians are comfortable having a giant huntsman in their homes. The venom they produce is not hazardous to humans, unlike the poison of other spiders. Despite their intimidating size, they serve an important purpose: keeping unwanted guests out of your property.

Mini Cooper vs. Dog

This is what a Great Dane looks like compared to a Mini Cooper. This is Bella, who enjoys poking her head out of the car windows whenever possible! Though she looks like a horse compared to the small car, she manages to squeeze herself in.


The wonderful thing about Bella is that she is capable of towing the vehicle if it breaks down. Now we want to see what Bella would look like in the automobile. Instead of sitting in the car, it would almost appear like she is wearing it.

The Biggest Salamander and Amphibian on Earth

This gigantic Chinese salamander has the potential to give you nightmares if the other animals on this list haven’t done so yet. These creepy-looking creatures are the largest amphibians in the world and have a scent similar to pepper. Additionally, they make sounds that resemble those of a kid.


These salamanders are endangered and require protection at all costs. The totally aquatic amphibian prefers streams with rocks, and its appearance suggests that it may easily blend in with those rocks it loves so much.

The Human Skeleton Looks Tiny Next to a Whale Fin

Because we don’t encounter whales very frequently in our everyday lives, many people tend to underestimate their size. Seeing a whale’s fin compared to a human skeleton is a great way to put its size into perspective.


It’s fascinating to notice how the bones inside a whale’s fin resemble the fingers on a human skeleton. It can be challenging to understand the sheer magnitude of the size of some animals that inhabit our planet if you haven’t experienced it with your own eyes.

Real-Life River Monsters

If you are familiar with the television program River Monsters, then you know how terrifying some of the creatures that live in the river can be. This particular fish comes from the Congo River and is known as a goliath tigerfish.


Locals strongly believe that an evil spirit enters the body of the highly predatory fish, which is believed to be the cause of the fish’s tendency to attack humans. This monster’s razor-sharp teeth can grow up to an inch long. It would be terrifying to encounter in the wild.

One-Armed Giant Croc

For your safety and the safety of others around you, never leave the boat when you’re in crocodile territory. Despite losing one of its limbs in combat, this creature’s jaws are still formidable. When the croc got into a confrontation with a shark, it lost one arm.


The tour groups called this crocodile “Brutus.” After battling sharks and other crocodiles, he has a lot of scars on his body. Recently, a vine got lodged in his throat, and he lost a few teeth, but it hasn’t deterred him from trying to show off in front of the crowd.

Biggest Whale Skull in the World

When it comes to mammals, the blue whale ranks as the largest. They can reach 98 feet in length and weigh about 190 tons. Sadly, whalers in the 1800s decimated the population of these massive mammals, which can now only be found in small numbers in the northeastern Pacific Ocean.


You can see how big the remainder of the creature is just by gazing at its skull. The skeleton’s size dwarfs the man. As a matter of fact, a blue whale’s heart is heavier than the weight of a car.

Giant Asian Hornets

Those killer hornets coming to the United States were once considered the second-worst thing about 2020. Do we still need to be concerned about these things? In less than an hour, a hive of honeybees can be decimated by the two-inch-long Asian murder hornet.


They have a deadly sting that can inject venom into a human body and cause death. Up to 50 individuals are killed by hornets each year in Japan. A praying mantis is the only thing capable of doing them any harm.

Fully Inflated Horse Lungs

It’s clear that this horse was not a habitual cigarette user. Horses must have large lungs to run for long periods without tiring. When it comes to speed and endurance, some animal organs are far larger than their human counterparts.


We’re not sure what happened to the horse, whose lungs appear to be in excellent condition. However, even though we aren’t vets, those dark spots may have contributed to the animal’s death. Regardless, their size is mind-boggling.

The Fruit Bat’s Size Is Underappreciated

People rarely get this close to bats, so we have no idea just how large or small they truly are. This one resembles a baby Batman, except he’s afraid of being hung upside down. Because of their size, these creatures are appropriately referred to as “flying foxes.”


The idea of getting up close and personal with a bat doesn’t exactly scream “fun,” but this young lady appears to be relishing the opportunity. We are fortunate that they do not want our human blood. All they want is our fruit.

A Flood Introduced a New Ant Type

Only after a flood did someone discover this enormous ant, which they had never encountered before. What poisonous waste was that huge ant able to get its hands on? What gives it such a massive size compared to other ants?


The truth is that this is the queen of a leafcutter ant. As the colony’s queen, she will always be larger than the ants who labor for her because she produces most of the colony’s eggs. This was an amazing find as it’s rare to ever see the queen out and about. 

Is That a Remaining Dinosaur?

This is not the claw of an animatronic dinosaur from Jurassic Park; instead, it is the claw of a southern cassowary. Once again, we have Australia to thank for this colossal creature. This giant bird resembles an ostrich or an emu in its overall shape.


Most of these flightless birds are found in the jungles of Indonesia, New Guinea, and the northern parts of Australia. They are not the most beautiful creatures, and their appearance is more reminiscent of dinosaurs than modern-day birds.