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38 Hilariously Relatable Memes That Are Low-key Empowering to Women

It’s 2022, and girls get to rule! Young women were asked to share their favorite memes about what it’s like being a strong and independent woman in this day and age. As a collective, the women of the world know how to get the job done while also taking time to laugh about the ridiculous moments we face on a daily basis. 

The challenges of being a woman in the 21st century are real, but it is crucial that we don’t take things too seriously. Being able to joke about the everyday injustices and oddities women face is a crucial step in shedding light on these things and perhaps even bringing some outdated ideas to an end. To help us all enjoy the lighter side of life, here are 38 of the best memes that are especially relatable for Gen Z and millennial women.

Snakey Remark

Women may not be as simple as men are. When it comes to what women want, the verdict is still out, but we all can agree with basic human rights for both genders, right? This girl has the right idea. Perhaps we need to put up a few signs like this for women! 

Women are not asking for much – just give us distance and respect. Respect is the key to this. Do you think we should start posting similar signs so that everyone learns to give women what we truly want?

Back to the Past

There are fashion trends that are so awesome we love them every time they’re revisited, but we do not want all of the fashion styles of the past to come back. Some trends need to stay in the history books where they belong, even if we have to be dramatic to keep them there.

Who remembers the low-rise jeans of the 90s? These monstrosities are apparently making a comeback, and girls are protesting to keep them where they belong – in the past. Who needs jeans that reveal a little too much whenever you sit down? The trend may work for some models, but for many women, it’s a style that haunts their nightmares. 

Men vs. Women

Men and women are undeniably different in countless ways. Of course, there’s a vast and beautiful rainbow of ways to identify, and not everyone fits into the standard gender roles. However, it seems that skincare brands and advertising companies are yet to catch up to this reality. 

While women are expected to use dozens of skincare products to maintain their fresh appearance, men are happy to keep an all-in-one bottle to take care of everything. Marketing agencies have been forcing this on us for decades. 

Mixed Signals

Trying to figure out women can be a dangerous endeavor. We can take you on a roller coaster of emotions – happy one moment and sad the next. Women’s magazines know this about their readers, so they have learned to adapt.

They give us ways to lose weight quickly, then hit us on the next page with a scrumptious recipe for a cake, then it’s more diet advice, and then a half-hearted article on how we should accept ourselves as we are. What is with this emotional rollercoaster? 

How Many Steps Does It Take to Get Perfect Skin?

Skincare can be intimidating. Why on Earth does it take so many steps and so many products just to get smooth and supple skin? All of this effort just so you can wash it all off and start again in the morning. 

It is never simple to look beautiful. This is a sacrifice most girls know. You have to get the perfect combination of beauty products on your face at night to look fresh in the morning, and of course, this can cost you a pretty penny. 

What Is Your Type?

Some men would pay millions to know what women truly want. There is a range of factors a girl could be looking for in a potential partner. Some might want a dependable guy, a funny jokester, or maybe a bad boy that needs taming. 

When this girl summed up the qualities she wants in a partner, she realized that what she was really looking for was not a man at all but a truly loyal companion. Who could blame her when a golden retriever is actually the perfect best bud? 

Enough with the Blind Dates

When your friends get married, but you stay single, it can become hard to relate to them. Being the good friends that they are, your buddies want you to find a person who makes you happy. However, they often mistakenly assume they’re the ones who’ll find this person for you.

What many married people fail to realize is that not everyone wants to be in a relationship all the time. Some prefer to have their own space, while others want to find love at their own pace, without being pressured into it by well-meaning friends. The girl responsible for this meme decided to spread the message through humor. We approve! 

Setting Expectations

Men might not get it, but women all over the world know what it feels like to be put under the microscope and expected to look pretty all the time. Some men still think that all of this beauty comes naturally for us women.

Well, somebody better tell them that life isn’t like movieland, where women can just splash their faces with water and be camera-ready for a photoshoot. This meme resets these ridiculous expectations, making it clear that women should not feel pressured to be perfect all the time. 

She Came to Learn

There is a time and place to flaunt what your mama gave you, and this girl gets it. When asked why she did not look like a fashion diva at school, she came up with the most sincere and witty answer to finish the conversation on her terms.

She came here to learn, and she means business. There may be days when we just don’t feel like worrying about our appearance, and it’s no one’s business to tell us that we’re not living up to their arbitrary standards. This girl puts all her focus on learning rather than fashion, and we are here for it. 

Ice Cold

Most people do not want to attract unwanted attention, especially not when they just want to eat a popsicle in peace on a hot summer’s day. People tend to put a double meaning on things that may not be welcomed, and funnily enough, men are often more anxious about people’s perceptions than women.

This meme offers instructions for eating a popsicle without attracting unwanted attention. Go ahead and enjoy that cold, hard treat. No one here is gonna look twice at you if you slice it up with a knife instead of licking it. 

Makeup Disasters

Wearing makeup helps many women feel more confident. It can be a secret ally, helping you look your best on days when you may not feel your best. Almost any perceived flaw can be remedied by a splash of concealer here and there. 

Although it is mostly a friend to us, makeup can also turn on us and be our worst nightmare. This is especially true when we forget that we put on a bit of fancy eye makeup. Something as simple as rubbing your eyes can turn your look from glam model to messy raccoon in an instant. 

Chore Olympics

Celebrating small feats is crucial for your self-esteem. From a promotion at work to reaching your goal activity level for the day, go ahead and celebrate all your large and small wins. Beauty can shine through at all sizes, but it is still advisable for your health to get your heart pumping now and then.

Who says you have to lift weights or even become a pro athlete to keep active? There may be some that are proud of their gold medals in certain sports, but you do you. Something as simple as changing bed sheets is an activity to be proud of, especially if you usually struggle to stay organized.

What’s Wrong Now?

Though we do like to avoid gender-based stereotypes, most women are happy to admit that they can be a bit moody from time to time. This statue is channeling our vibes when we get upset about something and wish our partner could just understand without us having to explain.

The complex brain of a woman cannot be fully explained, even by renowned psychologists. Men often wonder what they did wrong when women go quiet and refuse to give an answer when asked what’s wrong.

Best Friends Just Get it

A girl can tell her best gal pal anything under the sun. When you want to get to know a girl, you should also get to know her bestie. She can talk for hours on end with her and never run out of things to say. Besties even understand cryptic messages like the ones in the meme below. 

This girl did not want to seem like she had nothing to do, so she found a way to look busy by pretending she was seeing a slew of messages about very important matters. Apparently, these “important matters” were actually just her favorite emojis of the day. 

Exuding Confidence

There may be times when you do not believe in yourself as much as you should. On those days, it is reasonable to fake a confident smile and do your best at any given task. After all, most life coaches will tell you that confidence is the key to success. 

This little girl knows exactly what it means to channel your inner strength. She exudes an aura of confidence as she raises her hand to hold an owl. This is what you need to project. Remember this little boss whenever you lose faith in yourself and need a confidence boost. 

Art and Pain

Fashion is an art form that you wear to express yourself. So, as you put on your makeup, feel free to think of yourself as an artist painting a mural of self-expression. Makeup is the medium you use to create a work of art that boosts your self-esteem. 

Of course, being an artist comes with a few ups and downs. The artist must suffer for their art. Poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand might not be on par with the suffering of Francis Bacon or Vincent Van Gogh, but it still counts! 

Online Shopping Secrets

Who else fell victim to online shopping during the pandemic? You log on innocently enough to purchase one necessary item, but next minute, your cart is full of impulse purchases, and your budget is on the brink of a major blowout.

Online shopping may be fine when you are single, but for married couples who have shared finances, it’s a different ball game. As cute and funny as this meme is, hiding purchases from your partner is a red flag that you may have some unhealthy shopping habits!  

Don’t Break Character

We all have those moments when we realize we’re the ones being problematic. It’s so frustrating to suddenly become aware that you’re being a brat and your behavior is totally unjustified. What do you do? You could stop and apologize, but sometimes, there’s nothing for it but to stick to your guns.

It may be too late to go back on things that have been said or done, so all that’s left to do is stand your ground. Here is the perfect meme to encapsulate the feeling that arises when you’ve dug yourself a hole that’s too deep to get out of. 

Tell Me I’m Right

Women have a sixth sense for telling if someone is lying to us. Sometimes, our questions are just opportunities for you to tell us that we are right. Here is a meme that can help guys determine if this is the case.

Husbands and boyfriends, be warned! Etch this look into your memory. If you see it, she already knows the truth – she’s just waiting to see if you’ll own up to it. If you don’t give her the correct response, you’ll be in big trouble. Men, take note!

Hair Goals

Curly hair is a double-edged sword. It can be gorgeous when properly maintained, but when it is not cared for, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Humidity also plays a huge factor in how curly hair looks.

We would all be happy to like Monica from Friends most of the time, but on this occasion, not so much! Dealing with curly hair in the summer and avoiding one of these genuinely terrible hair days can be a significant challenge. Winter may have some redeeming qualities after all.

Don’t Lose Your Grip

Women are known to be better at multitasking than men, but that does not mean we wanted it to be this way. Some of the skills we have acquired arose from necessity. Just look at this meme – a picture that truly does speak a thousand words.

Dakota Johnson is carrying a phone, her wallet, her keys, a parcel, and a little cup of coffee in one hand. This may not appear to be much, but every girl can relate as much of our clothing does not give us the option of something as simple and practical as a pocket. Multitasking should be considered a superpower. 

All Bodies Are Beautiful

Body positivity has taken the internet by storm, but women still get unwanted comments from random people who claim that they’re just concerned. When a stranger tries to put you down because of your weight or any other aspect of your appearance, just know that their comments say more about them than you.

All bodies are beautiful, so do not be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got. You only have one body, so learn to love it and ignore any haters who come your way. Some people might try to disguise such unwanted comments as “concern for your wellbeing,” but you know the truth. 

Keep Dreaming

Something as simple as walking down the street without being harassed is a big deal for women. We just want to feel secure as we go about our day, safe in the knowledge that we won’t be harassed if we decide to wear a skirt.

Most women can agree that we would love to be able to go down the street without men commenting on our attire, cosmetics, or weight. We’ve never had anyone hum Bollywood songs to us, but we’ll add that to the list of offenses we don’t want to endure! 

Beautiful At Any Age

The pressure to look good is especially hard on women. Many women fear aging much more than men, and this is reflected in the terminology we collectively use. Older men are “silver foxes,” while the best women can expect is “cougar,” and the worst is “old hag.” This is why cosmetic surgeons are so wealthy.

Jennifer Aniston certainly looks amazing at 52. We’re sure she looks stunning in person, but there is undoubtedly a slew of photo editing methods at work here (that she probably didn’t even request). Money does play a factor in how you age too. At the end of the day, your best bet is to avoid playing the comparison game. 

Clueless Men

There seems to be a huge difference between what men believe about women and what is truly the case. While we all understand exactly how much effort goes into achieving a look, men seem to be clueless.

This meme speaks a lot of truth about how most women feel when men express shock at their makeup-free appearance. You would think that everyone understands what makeup is at this point. It’s been around for long enough! Just to be clear – no one has naturally bright yellow eyelids or overlined lips. This is the magic of makeup at work. 

Anger Is an Emotion

Some people truly believe that women are more emotional than men. This is mostly because they have been told as much by older generations. Men have certainly shown perseverance in presenting their emotions as distinct, and the tactic has proven to be highly effective.

Don’t be fooled, though, because anger is definitely an emotion. How has it been possible for males to claim that anger isn’t an emotion for so long? No offense, but being furious is considered “emotional,” and some men seem to be constantly indulging this emotion. 

The Beauty of a Good Chick Flick

From the beginning of time, there has always been a level of competition between the sexes. We all have unique talents and preferences, and we don’t always see eye to eye. When it comes to movie preferences, we appreciate the rom-com genre, despite the heavy criticism it receives.

Ladies, do not let your boyfriend or significant other tell you that a good romantic comedy film is only for the weak-minded. These films show women getting what they want in life, while many action movies kill the female lead as a cheap and easy plot device. So, if you love rom-coms, you do you!

Monthly Dues

As women, we get used to the fact that, once a month, our hormones will go crazy, and we’ll have to deal with the mess and inconvenience of our periods. This being the case, it’s incomprehensible when men express their annoyance about what we have to deal with.

Trust us, fellas – if we could cancel our subscription to the monthly flow, we would. You may find it mildly inconvenient, but at least you don’t have to deal with the logistics of it. Be kind to the women in your life when their “subscription” arrives. 

Dress Up

We are not sure if it is testosterone speaking, but some men literally think that women dress up just to get their attention. Let me tell you something – many factors contribute to our outfit of the day, and it’s highly unlikely that your opinion is one of them.

This meme sums it all up. We are not looking for your attention or approval, even when we dress up in heels, makeup, and a slinky dress. This is a nice way of putting it that, hopefully, men can understand.

A Not So Hairy Situation

Being a girl can be tough. Trying to fit the mold that society has set for every woman is jarring. From needing to look immaculate all the time to having no body hair, these standards can be ridiculous sometimes.

Making sure your body is clear of all hair takes some time, so make the most of it when it happens. If you’ve ever been around a lady the day after she’s had her body hair removed, you know how much they love to flaunt their hairless look!

A Real Friend

Can a man and woman be friends and nothing more? There are some that speculate that a man and a woman can never be just friends as the opposite gender, mostly the men, would always be looking for something more in the relationship.

When the man finally confesses to the feelings he’s had for the girl all along, the two have a difficult decision to make. They can either stay friends or go for something more romantic. But when there is no spark, and a guy gets put into the dreaded Friend Zone, few people consider how the woman feels. This meme is so on point. 

Girl Code

When a woman gets a compliment from another woman, we have a certain girl code that tells us to help the other woman achieve the same kind of look. It is an unwritten rule to help out other girls and spread love and kindness.

We are positive that every lady has been in a circumstance similar to the one shown in this meme. Women aren’t always willing to reveal their secrets, but when they do, it’s generally about clothing, shoes, and the most effective exercises!

Blast from the Past

We have all been in an embarrassing situation that we could not get out of. For some reason, these things always seem to come back to you at the most inconvenient time and place, like when you’re trying to fall asleep.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been – those embarrassing situations have a way of creeping back up on you. This recollection, no matter how tiny, will hang around and keep you awake. It’s best to make peace with your past as soon as possible if you want to enjoy restful sleep.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

Don’t be so quick to categorize men into certain stereotypes. There are good fellas out there – you just might be looking in the wrong places. Although we do not sum up all men a certain way, this next meme is certainly a fun way of looking at things.

Although this meme is clearly an exaggeration, it is still a light take on a heavy subject that may actually upset some men. While not all men are garbage, many of them promise you all the good things but never follow through.

Women of the Renaissance

We love memes made from classic paintings. Although the painters never intended to put these captions in their artworks, someone on the internet had the genius idea of matching their facial expressions with funny quotes.

This one is hilarious, but it also hits a little too close to home. Men have been whining about how difficult it is to read women since the dawn of time, but they never listen! Men just have to listen, and everything will be okay.

Haters Gonna Hate

No matter how talented and beautiful you are, there will always be something bad to be said about you. Do not let that dull your shine. Go ahead and keep being you – the authentic you – because at the end of the day, haters gonna hate.

There is no sense in entertaining negative comments. You just have to keep being you and shrug off any negativity they throw at you. It is critical that you love yourself for who you are, no matter how many men try to tear you down.

Tell Me Something About Yourself

Is it the first day of class again? This icebreaker is something we know all too well. “Tell me something about yourself.” Not everyone is ready for this question, so when it turns up, you have to think on your feet.

How well do you know yourself, and more to the point, are you ready to share this with other people? When this question is asked, you might feel yourself slipping into an existential crisis. Don’t stress – just tell them small anecdotes about yourself, and you’ll be fine.

Forgetting Something?

We have all had a moment – whether we are prepared to admit to it or not – when obsessive-compulsive thoughts kick in, and we get a mini anxiety attack. Did you turn off your hair straighteners before you left the house? If not, there could be a disaster waiting for you when you get home.

Every woman has experienced the anxiety of leaving the straightener or a curling iron on while out for cocktails with girlfriends. Chances are, you did turn it off after all, but that doesn’t stop you from spinning into a state of anxiety.

Equality Is Key

How did dad bods become the new, hot thing? There are certainly some unfair standards in society when comparing men to women, but this literally tips the scale. Women are expected to keep up with the beauty standard society puts up, so why shouldn’t men?

Women like to enjoy a few pints of beer and calorie-rich food too. Some may argue that we cannot keep up with their appetites, but this is beside the point. If we can look past men’s appearance and value their personalities over their looks, why can’t they do that for us as well?

You Need to Calm Down

As women, our emotions sometimes get the best of us, and we get into our not-so-happy space. When things like this happen, we are like raging bulls, and we are at risk of moving far beyond the ability to listen to reason.

This meme gets it. There is nothing more unproductive than telling someone who is angry to calm down. The point of telling them to calm down is to try and reason with them, but this does nothing to help the person.