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Beach Photos And Summer Snaps That Aren’t So “Instagram Worthy”

We can see why a once-in-a-while vacation to the beach is good for the soul. The feel of sand under your toes, the sound of waves breaking on the coast, and families enjoying fun together in the fresh air—throw in some ice cream, a swimsuit if you love splashing in the water, and plenty of fun and you’re sure to create some lasting memories.

When summer rolls in, people flock to the beach for some fun under the sun—and what better time to show off your summer body or flex those photography skills? Unfortunately, however, these people either had bad luck on their side or just aren’t as photogenic as they think. Either way, these summer snaps are hilarious. 

Horsing Around Takes On A New Meaning

We’ve all seen the commercial of the young model riding a horse on the beach. Well, this picture is something like that—except totally not. Looking at this picture, it seems more like they’re taking “horsing around” to a whole new level.

Source: Twitter/beritmclaughlin

Perhaps horses for hire weren’t available, or maybe they just wanted to add some levity to their beachside vacation? Whatever the reason, we appreciate what they’ve done here, and we’re sure many other people on the beach that day did as well! 

Parenting Done Right

A trip to the beach with the kids is a classic. The little ones get to have the time of their lives, and parents get to chill out and relax under the sun and admire the view. This parent thought he wasn’t having enough childish fun and opted for a role reversal.

Source: Twitter/zaymom223

We’re not sure which one is the child in this picture! But we’re sure this kid didn’t think it was amusing. This dad looks like he was having the time of his life laughing at his daughter’s reaction to a sea monster sneaking up on her from the shallows.

Sun-kissed Skin In The Beach

Summer is the perfect time to get that tan! What better way to flaunt your luxurious beach vacation to the rest of the office than by showing off your sun-kissed skin? We certainly wish we were able to lay about in the sun all day like this guy. This seal looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

Source: Reddit/vivienne178

Locals call this lovely seal Argiro, which means ‘Silverly’ in Greek. The people who work on the beach try to make her stay as comfortable as possible. When it became clear that she liked lying in the sun, they decided to save her a sun lounger to maximize her comfort.

Car Commercial Gone Wrong

Marketers can sell anything when there’s a beach and sea in the backdrop. So promoting a new truck model on the shore seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not so much. This might have seemed like a good idea, but mother nature had other plans.

Source: Reddit/markesmongu

We’re not sure what they were thinking—maybe they thought it was shallow enough to get some shots of the truck driving through the water. That does sound cool. Unfortunately for them, their lack of judgment cost them money—the vehicle was recovered with extensive damage.

Locked And Loaded For Summer

Flip-flops are ideal for summer outings. They’re light and easy to wear, and there’s no better footwear to use on the beach. People can use them to feel the sand in their toes and water over their feet without worrying about stones or sharp shells. The only downside is that they’re easily misplaced.

Source: Twitter/sweepscrub

This may appear to be an overreaction, but their owner clearly believes that their beloved flip-flops are at severe risk of theft. However, we’re dying to know: did they carry that enormous lock with them all day just in case they wanted to leave their shoes alone for a few moments?

Catching Some Shade

Wearing sunglasses to look cool has its limits. When the sun is high and the heat is unbearable, it’s okay to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses should only be worn when the sun is up—otherwise, what’s the point? You’re only making it hard to see for yourself.

Source: Twitter/parsonsJosh

This beach must have had enough people wearing sunglasses to seem hip at night that they’ve gone and put posters up to discourage people from doing so. With so many celebrities wearing sunglasses day and night, it’s hardly surprising that some folks are following this fad.

Photobombing Should Be Made Illegal

Like dive-bombing in the pool, we think that photobombing should be outlawed. Then again, a well-placed photobomb can produce a small chuckle. This guy had better hope that the couple he’s photobombing has photoshop skills to save their precious picture—or at least a sense of humor.

Source: Twitter/KeeganAllen

He saw his chance to make a few people laugh and figured that leaping in the backdrop of their love shot would be a good time. We’re curious if the pair saw before leaving home or if they discovered it when looking back through their vacation snaps.

A Beachside Couch Potato?

We go to the beach to get away from the normalcy of everyday life. It’s supposed to be a chance to get a change of scenery and physical exercise, plus a good dose of vitamin D, which can do wonders for a person’s mood. But this guy just wasn’t having it.

Source: Reddit/yudoit

A trip to the beach is rarely accompanied by a sofa, but this guy wanted the best of both worlds. We have to hand it to him—he’s got powerful sand shaping skills. It most likely took him a long time to put that thing together. Maybe he deserves the lie-down.

Soda Lover Dream Come True

This is one clever way to advertise a soda brand. Who wouldn’t want to take a shower in this huge soda dispenser? It’s so clever that we bet that it raked up tons of attention on the beach—well-done marketing team, well done.

Source: Reddit/oldelpaso91

We only hope it’s not actually soda flowing out of the showerheads—that would make removing the sand that much more difficult. If you’ve ever doused yourself with a soft drink, you’ll know what we’re talking about (unfortunately, we can’t recommend it).

Doggy Dude

Dog owners will be happy to know that their pets, like typical children, love the beach. They just can’t contain their excitement—it’s pretty hard to keep them still to get a good photo when they’re that happy. Case in point—this image.

Source: Twitter/arthurik87

Most pet enthusiasts like taking photographs of their dogs, but this owner had amazing timing during a trip to the sea with their spaniel. This comical photo, which appears to be an attempt to imitate Marilyn Monroe in her famed wind-swept posture—or perhaps a lush surfer dude stepping out of the sea for a breather—is one for the wall.

A Surprise Encounter Of The Donut Kind

Walking on the beach with a donut seems to be the ideal way to spend the day, at least this lady thought so, until a huge bird swooped in to steal her thunder, or rather, her donut. What were the chances that she would snap a picture in the exact microsecond this pelican snagged her snack?

Source: Twitter/readersdigestUK

But it was fair prey for this local bird—she was practically holding it out for him! This pelican saw the opportunity for a free lunch and took it. In an amusing turn of events, the camera went off at just the right moment, capturing the burglar’s masterful pilfering in action.

Some Things Were Not Meant To Be

Most people love the idea of waking up in a beach house. For some, it’s their ultimate goal—and they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. When you’re serenaded to sleep by the ocean waves and woken up by the rising sun cresting across the ocean’s horizon—you’ve made it.

Source: Twitter/Karishad

But this is what happens if you try to take a shortcut to achieve your dreams. Instead of getting a house by the beach, you’ll get a trailer submerged in sand. We can only hope they had a nice time while it lasted—and that they had adequate insurance to cover such a blunder.

Taking The In-Laws To The Beach

There is nothing more romantic than taking bae to the Beach. But nothing kills the mood faster than having to take the in-laws with you, too. This might be a good lesson for all of us—there are some places where in-laws are not welcome.

Source: Reddit/sizertl

Third wheels are never usually fun. However, it seems that this guy was willing to let his father-in-law tag along on the romantic vacation, and it didn’t go so badly. Check out this comical snapshot taken during their fortuitous encounter. Love can be shared!

Has Narnia Moved To The Beach?

This is an odd one. We’re not sure why—or how—this door ended up where it is. We can think of a million potential reasons, but ultimately, it will forever be a mystery. We rather prefer to think that it is a door to Narnia, placed out in the open in the most unusual of locations.

Source: Reddit/elastizitat

Perhaps you’re meant to knock before entering the beach, or was it once a part of Josaphine Anwhistle’s home in A Series Of Unfortunate Events before the rest fell into the sea? In any case, it has people’s imaginations running wild, that’s for sure.

The Most Important Bottle To Bring Along

What’s the most important bottle to bring along on a beach holiday? That’s right—sunscreen. This picture, however, is an unfortunate by-product of drinking on the beach without that all-important sun blocker. When the brain gets fogged up by alcohol, a person tends to forget the important stuff, like staying out of the sun.

Source: Twitter/Oh_Malza_la

This guy now has a subtle reminder of that unfortunate event when he got drunk and passed out on the beach without sunscreen. Hopefully, this has taught him a great lesson, but we have to admit, it is very amusing.

Building Memories With The Family

Getting to the beach with the whole family is always a good time. Building memories that the kids will remember is a great by-product of frolicking on the sand. This family came up with a good way to remember their time under the sun—or should we say—bucket.

Source: Twitter/evelinfuria

A little “forced perspective” produced wonderfully imaginative beach shots, which will undoubtedly stand out in the family book for years to come. We bet this kid would have been too young to remember the time he and his mom got trapped in a huge bucket—so it’s good that they have the pictures to prove it. 

Seagulls Are The Pigeons Of The Sea

If there’s one thing a beach can do without, it’s flocks of seagulls. They are what pigeons are to the streets of a city—if not worse. Beach bums have to be on their guard, or else they may miss their next meals thanks to these sneaky rats with wings.

Source: Twitter/rearegazou

We’re not sure what the bird found so appealing about this man’s headgear. Maybe there were fries buried beneath that he managed to smell out? If you look closely, you can see little bits falling from his hat. Could this have been intentional? 

Back To The Past

In this day and age, even going to the beach isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to disconnect. That’s right—you have to get offline for a while. This restaurant by the beach certainly understands the idea and would like its patrons to know. They invite their customers to a time when WIFI wasn’t yet invented.

Source: Reddit/RajBandar

Although it certainly made a few folks question how they would live their lives without being connected to their computers or phones, it would feel like stepping back in time. Talking to each other certainly has its benefits over the internet as people can create great memories with friends and family in the fresh air. 

Good Old Mr. Krabs

We all know who Mr. Krab is. He’s the frugal—almost too frugal—boss of one Mr. Spongebob Squarepants of Bikini Bottom. He is known to bend over backward for a buck or two. It seems that life imitates art—here’s a crab that could not let go of a measly buck, even while a giant human stands over him.

Source: Reddit/capecoddaveb

Unfortunately for this small marine critter, that dollar belonged to an unsuspecting beachgoer. Now, this photographer can say that they have met the actual Mr. Krabs—in the crust! We can only hope he was able to recover his money before it was gone forever.

Thieves Swooping In

Laying in the sun in front of the waves on the beach makes for a relaxing day. People don’t usually take any valuables with them to the beach—unless you count ice cream as precious, like us. In that case, this guy got something near and dear stolen from him by someone unexpected.

Source: Twitter/rickyberwick

This guy had just purchased his refreshing snack when a seagull thought it would be better if it went in their tummy. Even if this unwitting victim lost their ice cream, they did well to capture the bird snatching it. If they get another, maybe they can eat their ice cream together.

Creative Group Photos

Too much fun in the sun can cause dehydration and can make you go crazy. This group of friends might be suffering for precisely that, as evidenced by their crazy idea for a group picture. Or maybe they’re just very funny, creative people.

Source: Twitter/stonepeak72

We love this idea for a friend or family photo! Imagine all the wonderful expressions you could make in the sand if you wanted to! You can’t go wrong with this one. Planning a trip to the beach soon? Consider drawing in your shadow’s face!

No Parking Zone

When the beach gets packed with people wanting to spend their time with their family and friends, parking spaces can become scarce. This guy had the brilliant idea of parking on the beach itself—literally. Why walk all the way to the shore when you can just step out?

Source: Twitter/canadaparkshame

This image is probably the best argument for doing just that. Unfortunately, it seems these people failed to account for the tide being out. Getting their car back and repairing it after it took all that damage would have been insanely expensive.

Cats On The Beach

People take their pets to the beach, and usually, no one bats an eye. However, this one pet seems to be out of place. When we say “beach,” “a cat” is rarely the second thing that comes to mind. The two go together like butter and dust.

Source: Reddit/sollysocksify

From what we can tell, a professional dancer was holding her photoshoot at the beach and wanted to bring her cat along. She looks like she’s bending over backward to keep her kitty happy. Maybe the cat can’t see the ocean yet. 

Lonely Cookie Monster

A day at the beach is a great way to unwind and clear your head after a long week of work and responsibilities back at home. We all need a break from our hectic television schedules. Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster also needs this kind of to himself, or so it would seem.

Source: Reddit/czarcaztic

Or maybe he just wanted to take a break after a jogging session. It’s not going to be easy for him to get lost in the crowd. His huge blue body stands out like a sore thumb. We hope he wasn’t too disturbed by the loving admirers who wanted his signature.

When The Gulls Attack!

If seagulls were in charge of the beach, then it would be a party every day. They are the true party animals. This unruly bunch knows no limits—If anyone wanted to compete with these festival freaks, they would certainly lose.

Source: Twitter/_youhadonejob1

This image definitively proves our point. The best part of this picture is the commotion in the background. When the tension of the situation subsides, we’re sure these beach fans will find it hilarious to look back on this shot.

Catching The Holy Waves

This girl must be surfing the day after Halloween—she still has her costume on! The guy behind her looks like spiderman. We’re still wondering how many other superheroes were on the beach that day. We would like to think that they had a good time.

Source: Twitter/bokumasalamy

We’re assuming she received a few curious glances from the other beachgoers that day. If she did go surfing, we hope her costume was able to withstand the weight of the water. The fabric of her robes seems rather heavy for wetwork.

The Perfect Tan

Some people have a hard time getting a tan, but not this guy. He obviously got a tan much faster than he could take his shirt off—thus the impeccable tan lines. We guess he was hoping the rest of his back catches up, but we’re not sure that’s how it works.

Source: Twitter/RPanh

It’s happened to the best of us—forgetting sunscreen or just not reapplying it sufficiently during the day. After a nice, hot day on the beach, some of us have ended up with tan lines that just make us cringe. Just one or two sessions is generally all it takes to get the job done.

Gigantic Beach Towel

People usually just take the essentials when going to the beach. For one, nobody likes getting sand where the sun doesn’t shine. For that reason, it’s good to bring a beach towel to lay on. That way, you can lie on the sand without getting it everywhere or getting burned.

Source: Reddit/JiveMonkey

Who says everything should be done in moderation? This group came up with a novel solution that also prevents strangers from getting too close while they hang out by the sea: a large beach towel. We’d appreciate knowing where it came from if anyone could fill us in! We can’t imagine shipping would be cheap, though.

Behind The Scenes

Beaches can make for great photo opportunities. That much is obvious, as you can probably tell from this picture. It’s not clear who came first, but everyone else just had to copy it. Where do you think all those lovely Insta photos come from?

Source: Reddit/Lewy-G

And how else will the rest of the world know about your amazing day? Remember to add an encouraging caption for the whole impact. We think the best shot of the day was probably taken by this individual, who managed to line the photographers up perfectly.

Best Way To Enjoy The Beach

Beach towels, umbrellas, and coolers full of munchies are all part of the fun when going to the beach. Unfortunately, not everyone who goes to the beach enjoys playing in the sand. It spreads everywhere, and the longer it’s there, the more irritating it becomes.

Source: Twitter/jelradivojevic

They didn’t seem bothered about the encroaching tide, which doesn’t bode well for their survival. Despite receiving a few stares and under-the-breath whispers from the other beachgoers, they look like they have the most comfortable spot.

Family Pictures By The Beach

Having the picture taken by the beach is great fun. Just make sure that you time the picture right, and you don’t accidentally throw your child on the floor. Looking at this family, they could have had a potentially memorable photo if they had just held on an extra second.

Image by ALOT living

When swinging, this child’s parents should have considered the weight—or lack thereof—of their son. So much potential was lost in one picture—and yet, so much hilarity was gained. We wonder if this candid shot made it to their living room mantle.

Hanging Ten

These bros are totally down to surf—but it looks like they’re too good for the plain old ocean. They’ve instead opted to surf on air, and one is using the other to achieve this. What a feat! It’s like something from a dream or a cartoon.

Image by

What a fun way to bond with a friend—using their washboard abs as a hoverboard. That’s the kind of future we want to see—at least if the guy acting as the board doesn’t mind too much. Nice work for both of them. 

Eye Eye, Captain

This mustachioed gentleman must be having a whale of a time fishing on the beach. The fish must be biting—he has more than enough to have fun and play with. We guess it is never too late to play with your food.

Image by

We are still wondering what kind of fish he is holding. By his headgear, it seems that he had to dive for them. Eye see what you did there, old man. This is one creative way of taking pictures on the beach that doesn’t necessarily involve a swimsuit. 

Home-Made Floaters

Reduce, reuse and recycle! These are the words that should be seen everywhere today. Our planet is suffering from excessive waste and pollution (which means we’ll be suffering soon too). This guy had the right idea—he’s saving money and being eco-friendly.

Image by Bored Panda

He might not be too good at swimming, as implied by the appearance of his floaters—but he is great at conserving waste. It takes a brilliant mind to upcycle empty soda bottles into life-saving floaters for those who have difficulty keeping afloat to use. 

That’s One Way To Catch A Frisbee

The beach and the sun can bring out our silliest sides. This girl might be too silly for our liking—or at least we hope that this picture was taken intentionally. You need to catch the frisbee with your hands, silly. Otherwise, it looks like she’s been slapped in the face with a deadly disc.

Image by EgoTV

She has her form right. We’re just not sure if she meant to catch it with her mouth or not. Maybe she’s channeling her inner dog, but as far as we can tell, she is still 100 percent woman. Either way, it’s a great shot—picture—we mean picture. 

What Happened To You, Hugh?

It’s nice to see the celebrities out in the open, in their most comfortable state. It’s good to remember that they’re people just like us. Although they can be annoying, this paparazzi picture timed their picture perfectly—or inappropriately—leading to this startling image.

Image by Reddit

We thought Hugh Jackman couldn’t possibly look horrible. But he looks like he’s sporting a bad look going off these three snaps! It’s never a good idea to “go full derp.” We know it looks bad, but from the neck down, everything still looks pretty good. 

Reading At The Beach

When people are tired of doing water activities or sports in the sea, it’s nice to curl up with a good book. A little warning before one goes on a reading binge—try to avoid unsettling book covers like this one, or you might receive the same result as the one in this picture.

Image by Evening Jokes

The picture kind of messes with our heads. On the one hand, it’s perfectly obvious what is happening in this picture, but on the other, the optical illusion sets in, and it’s hard to unsee once you’ve seen it. In any case, it’s not a good look. 

Friendly Sea Creatures

The sea can be terrifying, but it can also be full of fun and adventure. If we had to choose, we would prefer to live there—after all, it’s where Spongebob lives, right? At the bottom of the sea, we would like to think that only friendly creatures live there.

Image by

This couple had a fortunate photobomber drop into their picture. This certainly is a memorable picture—sea creatures don’t come up for photo-ops often. This friendly little guy might be one of Spongebob’s friends from the deep.

Message In The Sand

When old couples go on vacation, it can be either great or the stuff of nightmares. It’s hard to tell which situation this picture represents. We’re not sure if she’s enjoying her time with her partner or not. Upon close inspection, she’s smiling—but the letters written in the sand say something different.

Image by Brainberries

This guy clearly thinks that he has caught “the one,” as he clearly doesn’t want to let her go. But maybe she wasn’t feeling reciprocal? If she was really in trouble, it might have been better to etch those words onto something that couldn’t be erased so easily, like sand.