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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Misadventures That Made People Reconsider Getting Married

Across generations, the reasons why people marry have changed. For members of the Silent Generation (just before the Baby Boomers), for example, remaining unmarried was embarrassing. Marriage, therefore, was a necessity, and they committed themselves at a young age. By contrast, younger generational cohorts may go into matrimony for financial reasons, love, sex, and sometimes even simple convenience.

Studies show that there’s been a significant decrease in marital unions in recent years. Those who marry generally do so at a later age, and many defer or avoid having children. It could be that younger people find the practice impractical in an economically challenging modern-day setting. A small fraction of marriage cancellations can also be attributed to mishaps at bachelor/bachelorette parties. As comical as it may sound, the events you’re about to discover traumatized the participants to such an extent that many chose to avoid marriage altogether. 

All Alone

What was supposed to be a big night for the bride-to-be, who depended so much on her closest friends for the success of the night’s affair, turned out to be a major disappointment in her life. Sadly, her friends plotted against her.

In the end, the pre-planned “special” evening that eventually became her forlorn bachelorette party was spent alone. The bride was left feeling betrayed and abandoned. At least the wedding proceeded successfully the next day, and this was what mattered the most when all was said and done. 

The Purging of the Venue

The husband-to-be’s best bud had already done his part, and the wheels were in motion for the stag party to take place later in the day. The only problem was that they all overlooked one major glitch in the best man’s armory: his soon-to-be ex-wife.

She came out guns a-blazing. In the middle of a divorce, she took whatever she felt she owned in the marital property. In other words, she took everything. That included all the booze, tables, chairs, and anything else they had prepared for the bachelor party. 

A Bachelorette at Daytime

A Reddit user confesses that this was the worst idea for a bachelorette party she’d ever witnessed, and it included the bridesmaids’ scavenger hunting for the event in the mall. It was like shopping for family and friends during Christmastime, only they were the only ones going mad.

Rather than getting drunk in a club like normal American women at a bachelorette party, this crew decided to take their debauchery to a mall at 11 am. Can you imagine anything worse than being accosted by an aggressive bride-to-be when you’re just trying to grab a latte and pick up some new shoes? We can’t either. 

Beyond Recall

Worse than having a poorly planned stag party, as this fellow can attest, is not having any party at all. It felt like none of his buddies cared for him nor bothered to reach out and plan something when an exclusive get-together really mattered. Where was his best man at the time?

Hosting a bachelor party is the least a friend can do before the guy enters the wedding gate, with all the responsibilities that lie ahead. Although, we feel like this guy could have taken matters into his own hands and simply asked his best man to throw him a party. 

The Bleakest Bachelor Party

When you see a best man, groom, and groomsmen assembled in a bar, you know something interesting is about to happen. The man of the hour expected a bunch of sexy women dressed up in bunny suits to pop up at any moment. However, it became very clear after an hour that nothing of the sort was going to happen – not unless he paid for it.

Instead, the groom, in his last night as a free man, ended up paying for all the beer they ordered at the bar, and the nachos, and the limp, depressing fries. It was like a reverse birthday party, and all his guests thanked him for the gifts before they went home. 

An Eventful Evening

They say the best parties slip out of our memories. The spicy details of an event become blurred by alcohol, which confuses the nerves around the hippocampus, and only the general feel of what went on the night before is remembered.

This soon-to-be bride’s friends have the scars to remind them (and her) of their eventful time together as they celebrated her last night of unmarried life. She had to care for a friend’s broken nose and wash fresh vomit from her leg. We bet she wishes she could forget all of it! 

Construction Site Party

Perhaps a little more research about the place they rented online might have saved them some trouble, but they relied too much on what beautiful things were written on the ads, and they suffered for it. The bachelorette party they planned for the weekend turned out to be a disaster.

Even if they had private dancers on board, how would they dance to any tune other than the genre of construction noise? What privacy was allowed them with the workers walking in and out of the house? They deserve a refund, plus damages for time wasted. 

BFF Asleep on the Job

A best friend is supposed to know what’s going on in your head without you having to say a word. She should have known that the bachelorette event in San Francisco was a big deal, but she didn’t seem to care at all. Was she just being conspicuously lazy to hide a massive surprise in the works?

The bride realized too late that nothing was actually going to happen, apart from a short trip to a nearby club. Her expectations were dampened, and with her BFF hitting on the celebrant, to everyone’s surprise, her thunder was partially stolen. 

Jack and Jill Party Gone Wrong

This DJ bore witness to a bachelor party that went horribly wrong. Mutual friends of the bride and groom thought it would be a fun idea to let the bride sneak in. However, this did not work out well for anyone involved.

Everything turned out messy the moment she was let into the exclusive space, witnessing what we all know is common at bachelor parties – lap dances and sexy strippers. She blew up like a bomb, killing their planned marriage.

Away From It All

The bachelorette party rolled on smoothly past midnight until they realized the event was missing an important piece – a cog in the wheel that must have been accidentally thrown off balance. The rest of the night became about finding the missing groom’s sister.

Everyone was relieved that they eventually found her passed out in a porta-potty after hours of searching. She was safe, if not heavily intoxicated. But it was enough to rob them of the appetite to party on, so they just called it a night. 

A Decision to Come Clean

Honesty may not always be the best policy, after all. This is what a young man learned when he dropped the bomb and talked about his philandering ways during his bachelor party. Maybe it was not his intention to brag. Perhaps he just wanted to achieve a clean slate by confessing to an exclusive audience. However, the decision did not work out in his favor.

The stories of his cheating ways leaked. This was too much for his fiancée to take. Understandably, she decided that getting wrapped up in eternal matrimony with a cheater was definitely not a good idea. In the end, this was probably all for the best.  

Celebration or Brawl?

Prior to the altercation, it was easy to tell that something was brewing below the surface. While everyone else at the bar seemed to be at ease, enjoying each other’s company, the groom was making eyes at the maid of honor. The bartender wasn’t close enough to the wedding party to be able to see what was coming. However, he caught on fast when punches began to fly.

The liquor took effect and liberated the groom-to-be’s feelings for the maid of honor, who was more than willing to return the favor. At this point, all hell broke loose. We recommend hosting your bachelor and bachelorette party separately and perhaps limiting the amount of alcohol consumed. 

A Strange Case of Confused Arousal

This happens to most people at least once or twice in our lifetimes – you wake up early in the morning not knowing where you are. It’s as if life had just begun at that very moment, and you re-experience infancy. That’s what this person’s great uncle thought the morning after his bachelor party. The confusion only grew when he discovered that the people around him spoke an unfamiliar language.

The great uncle woke up from a deep sleep in a new country with no idea how he’d gotten there. This all began after a drunken send-off from his bachelor party. What an experience this must have been, to be dead drunk one day and in Belgium the next. 

A Special Request

This may have been too much to ask from the guests of a bachelorette party, who had every reason to expect a steady flow of drinks, snacks, dance music, and strippers. Instead of indulgent forms of entertainment, however, they were faced with a horrific alternative.

Who wants to spend their bachelorette party running a marathon? Long-distance running isn’t really for everyone, but this bride expected her guests to do it without prior practice. This is such a weird request from the bride-to-be. It seems that she was abusing her once-in-a-lifetime position to make her friends suffer for no apparent reason.

The Sky Is Falling

How often do we hear of brides and grooms having cold feet before the big day or during the wedding itself? Returning to a rented place after a bachelor party to find out everything inside is a mess could be an omen for the superstitious.

Some people could take something like this as a sign to put off an impending wedding. If the clothes to be worn on the special day end up with marks or a little tear, buying new ones would easily solve the problem. However, people can be pretty jittery and paranoid when they’re about to get married. 

Something Smelly

Couples often wonder what the other might be up to at a separate party before their wedding. These thoughts carry a tinge of jealousy from overthinking and baseless suspicion. If the groom-to-be had acted on his misgiving and walked in uninvited at the hibachi restaurant that night, something smelly would have greeted him.

It would have been an embarrassing affair, and no one can be sure how the maid of honor acted under pressure to clean herself up at once. We’re glad the groom didn’t show up. Otherwise, their love for each other (and the maid of honor) may have been tested.

Engaged for Superficial Reasons

Unfortunately, unlike our grandparents and great-grandparents, the reasons for younger generations to marry can be quite shallow. How we wish things stayed as they were in the good old days, at least in the realm of finding a life partner and holding on to relationships. Back then, people only married for love, right?

The soon-to-be husband must find the silver lining in all of this. The awful truth was revealed just before their wedding, which is a blessing. He must believe that better things are in store for him up ahead. 

A Discouraging Little Sister

Often, the person you’ll end up with in life is the type you least expected in your younger years, with youthful goals and outlook being a bit too narrow and idealistic. It’s not surprising to see couples with differing personalities staying together once you understand how things work. The ones people expect to clash (theoretically) can actually find a middle ground – a sort of ballast that keeps the balance and lets their shared light shine. The most successful couples always sacrifice for each other.

The groom’s pessimistic little sister wants none of that. She’s also quite the saucy drunk – someone who doesn’t mind spilling her thoughts when shown a bit of encouragement. Of course, that’ll likely change when she grows older. Life will make sure of it.

Testing the Freezing Point

Why anyone would step outside in freezing weather in their undies is baffling. They were either too drunk to notice the strangers gawking at them or too happy to care what other people thought. They just wanted to rejoice and let the world know how they felt.

If it was the latter, then we have no real complaints. You do you! But to this outsider, they looked like a bunch of fresh recruits in line for an initiation. Does that connote readiness to enter marriage? 

Embittered Maid of Honor

One of the Maid of Honor’s primary duties is to keep the bride calm and to work as a mutual messenger between the bride and groom during the pre-ceremony. But this Maid of Honor had ideas of her own, prodded by a past of unreciprocated love.

It was the worst assignment she could have received. As the Maid of Honor, she planted the seeds of doubt that made the bride uncomfortable. And she made the show, albeit indirectly, all about her and how the groom should’ve chosen her over the bride. What a mess!

Synchronized Messaging as Digital Evidence

Digital evidence such as electronic mail, images, and in this particular scenario, synchronized messages may not yet be permissible as evidence in court. Still, to this disappointed bride-to-be, it does not matter. She’s become the judge and the jury all at once, and the judgment has been rendered.

Thanks to a fling her fiancé entertained at the last hour, their marriage was over before it had a chance to begin. She might have been too hard on him, but the law is the law. 

Death March

Some people think marriage is a death march – a proverbial clipping of wings. Unfortunately, this Reddit user took that line of thought too literally, sharing how he came out from his bachelor party and decided to walk through a military airfield. It sounds like he had a death wish.

It’s not like anyone can just walk through a heavily defended area. To infiltrate the fort, they must have crept through barbed wire, unknowingly walking into a dangerous situation. That’s what alcohol does to your decision-making skills!  

Mad at His Reflection

Bachelor parties often end up like high school reunion after-parties, when everyone has drunk more than their fill, and the action just won’t stop. As a result, everyone in the group becomes unhinged, stories become exaggerated, and anyone is bound to do something stupid at any moment.

In this case, trouble ensued. The man of the hour lost it, so his friends had to hold him back. Bottles broke, tables were violently upturned, and the friends were left with a hefty bill to pay before leaving. First, they had to hold the bachelor back before he beat himself up. 

Chuck Norris Kick

Can you imagine waking up the morning after what started as a simple party among close friends that eventually turned into a drunken spree? You immediately check your phone for drunk texts and to remember what happened last night. How on earth did you get home, and why do you have a bump on your head?

This was what happened to the woman in this story. She went out for a bachelorette party and came home with a concussion. We hope she had fun up until that fateful head-kick!

Jam Packed Party Full of Strangers

A future bride wanted to put on a false front by inviting a lot of friends to her party. She even encouraged friends of friends to come along. There were long buffet tables, and servers regularly checked on the guests to offer a variety of drinks and keep the party going.

Unfortunately, it was hard to keep the crowd of semi-strangers banded together with an atmosphere of awkwardness. They had nothing much in common to start a conversation that lasted, and soon their numbers slowly dropped. What a sad state of affairs.

Liquored-up Travels

Nothing beats hanging out with old friends, especially the ones you haven’t seen in a long time. But, it comes with the realization that despite the long span of not seeing each other, nothing much has changed between you. Spike that up with a few drinks (this incident involved a lot of them), and things can go nuts.

While we’re glad that airlines take security seriously, we’re also a little sad that pranks like this are no longer possible. Of course, it would have been a mission for this guy to make his way home, but he got a hell of a story out of the ordeal!

Absentee Friends

Where are our friends when we need them? People often shoot this inquiry in the air during times of need and wonder if the people they love are merely there when it serves their purpose. Though the story below sounds sad, it wasn’t a tragic day. In fact, this was a high point in her life. There would be free food for every guest and more.

Less than half of the guest list showed up to celebrate with her. Though she took it well, such events make you wonder what might be wrong with you if no one came. Nevertheless, the point of the speech is accurate. The fault probably lies with most of her friends.

A Violent Affair

In a celebration arranged for a man who is about to marry, the least the guests can do is let him enjoy being single one last time. He is about to pass a point of no return, filled with endless responsibilities and duties up to the neck, so let him have some fun – so long as it is relatively innocent!

Instead, a couple of fools rubbed each other the wrong way, and their egos became activated explosives they couldn’t diffuse. How could they not have just let it slide until the party was over? They should be ashamed of themselves. 

A Criminal in the Midst

People shouldn’t have to watch their belongings in an exclusive gathering of friends and loved ones. But somehow, a shady figure was able to find her way into this bachelorette party. Little did they know there was a criminal in the midst.

We figure her criminal intentions might have been activated when the karaoke started and Madonna’s famous Material Girl blasted over the speakers. Perhaps this prompted her stealthy examination of their bags. She certainly sounds like a material girl – in all the worst ways. 

Hot Pants

Bachelor parties are full of fun and games – Flip Cups, Stag Night, Drink Jenga, and the like – at least up to the point when participants still have their senses intact. Unfortunately, the “brilliant” idea of getting the groom to chug a glass of beer mixed with ultra-hot chili fell apart.

That drink would have been spicy enough to kick him off his chair and knock him to the floor. We hope the groom survived the knock-out punch he received from that hardcore beer. 

How Awkward

Their little girl is all grown up and getting married. Still, these older relatives weren’t prepared for what would happen at the bachelorette party. Long gone was the child they had collegially helped rear. The days of first sending her off to Sunday school are well in the past.

The bride awkwardly examined every suggestive present from her friends, from thongs and G-strings to books of sexual positions, with every article conjuring up uncomfortable images that floated in the air between herself and the oldies. 

The Practical Side of Marriage

It’s crucial to account for the practical aspect of marital union. To look at relationships through the eyes of a helpless romantic, with recurring themes common to sentimental fiction, will only lead to a rude awakening down the track.

Had the groom-to-be not known about his fiancee’s financial issues beforehand, he’d have married himself into a debt trap. Assuming he’s an average Joe, 662k would take a long time to pay off. That would be a sure way to kill their romance. 

Every Dog Has Its Day

Building a family involves a lot of sacrifices, and there is no doubt that there will come a time when every aspect of one’s life will seem overwhelming. Still, as long as you don’t quit, things will start to level off and everything will soon be all right.

A dog bit an unlucky bridesmaid at this bachelorette party. Now, the idea of being involved in another such event will always have a traumatic effect on her psyche. With their powerful hold and shake, Pitbulls can cause severe damage to bones and muscles. They can even cause permanent injuries. If that happens, like a failing marriage, there will be no chance of returning that leg to good condition. 

Love Is Sweeter the Second Time Around

Not everyone gets a chance to rekindle an old flame. Second chances are relatively rare in life, so we should learn not to take what we have for granted. This bride-to-be had moved on from her past breakup with an opportunity to start something better. However, her past returned to haunt her in all the right ways.

This bride learned that love is sweeter the second time around. Unfortunately, her lesson came at the expense of her fiance, ironically, during her pre-marriage send-off. Apparently, she missed her ex-husband’s scent and longed to have him back in her life. Offered a brand new future, she bailed and ran back to a past she hoped to cure and renew. Do you think it worked out well for them? We have our doubts. 

Hen Party Away from Home

If you’ve spent most of your life in your hometown, it would be nice to hop on a mini cruise and enjoy a multi-state bachelorette party. Unfortunately, that can be quite a pricey plan. Perhaps the second best option would be to go on a road trip and party in a new place.

What could go wrong with partying in the Big Easy, where the nightlife is known to go non-stop every day? These gals should learn to take basic precautions too. Now, at least one of them will have a hard time getting through the wedding procession.

Late for Work

It would be wise to host pre-wedding activities a few days from the big day to give space for unexpected setbacks. There’s a slight chance that the makeup artist got to the bride’s hotel in time to work her magic. It’s the only job she was hired for, which makes it worse than a new hire being late on the first day.

Ultimately, the bridesmaids had to make do with what they had and not waste time. The clock keeps ticking – it waits for no one. 

Combined Celebration

On paper, it would seem rather cute to gather all the bride and groom’s friends together at a single venue to celebrate their upcoming union. But there’s no chance such a naive idea would work out well. The general principle at play here is that oil and water don’t mix.

The emulsion was evident throughout the night of the combined celebration. Guests were buttoned-up the whole time, always careful not to commit a Freudian slip. With no strippers or excess alcohol consumption in sight, there were no embarrassments, but no one had a good time either. 

Unexpected Obstacle

For some reason, people get jittery when they’re about to get married. We become irrationally paranoid. “What ifs” start to boggle the mind, even if there’s no indication that something terrible could happen to ruin the wedding.

The chances of being food poisoned during one’s bachelorette party seem rare. However, it almost derailed this wedding. What bad luck! Fortunately, they still managed to pull it off after spending a day or two at the hospital. Talk about determination! Hopefully, that state of mind stays with them throughout their marriage. 

A Couple of Unfortunate Events

Picture the groom and his best man taking their time on their approach toward the right side of the altar in halting steps, faltering now and then, wobbling and looking uncomfortable. You would think that something is severely wrong. Perhaps the groom is having second thoughts? Maybe his groomsmen disapprove of the wedding? In this case, the truth is both more and less painful, depending on how you look at it.

It seems no one was having much luck at the bachelor party. There were injuries all around, and they spent far too much time in the hospital. But at least they made it to the wedding!

Don’t Text When You’re Angry

Bad things happen to everyone from time to time. It’s how people react to adversity that matters. This groom might have overreacted to the news of his fiancee’s cheating during her bachelorette party. Instead of delving into the heart of the matter to clear it up and let things settle down, he made a preemptive broadcast to the world, which only gave people fodder for gossip.

Taking it all back must have been a difficult and awkward thing to do. Imagine if an addendum of angry texts came along with the groom’s cancellation advisory. Saying “I do” to her on their wedding day would undoubtedly be a tough pill to swallow before such a vividly enlightened audience.