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40 Random Babies Who Look Like Hollywood Stars

You’ll find iconic doppelgänger pictures floating all around the internet. But do you know what’s even more appealing than a person who has the appearance of a Hollywood star? An infant who resembles one. Adorableness multiplies when you see a celebrity look-alike of miniature proportions.

Many infants around the world indeed bear a passing resemblance to a famous person, but the babies in this article are strikingly similar to their famous look-alikes. You might confuse the two if the chubby cheeks and drool-covered chins didn’t give the babies away.

Mini-John Legend

Sometimes infants resemble mature adults, while other times, they merely resemble much younger copies of familiar faces. This snapshot of a baby was posted to social media by a relative who compared him to John Legend. It’s evident from these two pictures why. The baby’s eyes and nose are identical.

rahelllaa/Arthur Mola

Even their cheeks are similar! The smaller one just has more baby fat. The baby’s outfit is the only noticeable difference between these two pictures. Of course, we might be biased because a baby in a tuxedo would be too cute for words.

An Even Smaller Version of Danny Devito

The parents of this infant shared a photo of him on the internet. Although the infant appears to have just finished eating, he looks strikingly similar to a particular star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Since it is commonly said that infants resemble miniature versions of older people, this makes sense, given that Danny DeVito will soon turn 78.


The baby virtually looks identical to the well-known comedian on the right, down to the hairstyle and the grin. Their eyes and eyebrows are even incredibly similar. Our educated guess is that this infant will retain his cuteness well into adulthood.

Gandalf the Toddler

In the Lord of the Rings films, Gandalf’s death led to his resurrection, appearing exactly the same as before. In contrast, if he had been brought back when he was considerably younger, he would have looked like this. A close friend of the baby’s parents noticed the striking likeness between the two.


We can’t say for sure if he enjoyed the films, but the similarities are striking. There are several similarities between the two. In this side-by-side comparison, you can see that they have not only similar eyes and wrinkles but also similar expressions on their faces. 

Little Chef Ramsey

This infant bears a striking resemblance to the well-known chef Gordon Ramsey, shown here on the right. His parents must have agreed because they uploaded a photo of him to social media. They seem identical down to the hair, wrinkles, and stone-cold glare.


It’s not hard to imagine this toddler throwing a tantrum and breaking some dishes because he doesn’t like what’s on his plate. We can only pray that he isn’t too picky about his baby food. Even the onesie this baby is wearing is a perfect match for Ramsey’s chef uniform. 

A Jay-Z Look-Alike Is Born

Similarities are not hard to spot here. It looks like Jay-Z was downsized to infant size before the shot was taken. The infant has the same expression on his face that the rapper often rocks on the red carpet. On this tiny tough man, it’s even cuter.


Everything about them is identical, including their eyes, lips, and nose. What this tiny kid was up to at the time this picture was taken is a mystery. Perhaps he’s just attempting to maintain his character’s demeanor, but he doesn’t seem thrilled.

Wallace Shawn’s Doppelganger

This infant is a dead ringer for actor, comedian, and author Wallace Shawn, but the expression on the baby’s face makes him ten times cuter. He seems either bewildered or irritated in this snapshot. Given Wallace Shawn’s long career as a voice actor in children’s films, it’s only natural that he’d have a little fan who looks just like him.


Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Chicken Little are just a few of the movies he has worked on in the past. Considering how long ago this picture was taken, we can only assume that he has outgrown his Wallace Shawn phase and is now a fully-formed young man.

Little Usher

Songs of Usher are still instantly identifiable today, compared to those of many other artists whose heyday was a decade or more ago. But if this kid has anything to say about it, Usher might have a rival in a few years.


They both have adorable grins, but this one has more beautiful hair. He even has cuter eyes than the well-known singer. The other physical similarity is that they have very similar eyebrows and ear shapes. In sum, this youngster has the potential to become an even bigger star than Usher.

Another British Cook Look-Alike

We’ve already seen a baby who looks like the bold British chef Gordon Ramsey; this one looks like the gentler Jamie Oliver. Their startling similarities stem primarily from their eyes and hair.

The baby’s hair adds a nice touch, but perhaps he hasn’t grown into it yet; after all, he appears to have more hair than the famous chef. Can someone please tell us what kind of baby shampoo this child uses? Though the famed chef is recognized for his charisma on TV, his counterpart has a more infectious smile.

Little Jennifer Garner

Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate how cute the haircut is before discussing how much these two resemble each other. The well-known actress shares several distinguishing characteristics with this unnamed toddler.

Almost every physical trait of Garner’s can be seen in the baby, including her eyes, nose, hair, and grin. The only difference is that she doesn’t have dimples, but they’re so similar in appearance that we overlooked them at first. Whether the well-known actress has seen her little twin or not is a mystery to us.

Tiny Putin

Someone pointed out that this infant looks just like the Russian leader Vladamir Putin. He may not be the best celebrity to be compared to, but the resemblance is striking. Besides having nearly identical skull shapes, their faces are practically indistinguishable from one another.


Maybe this is how the ex-KGB agent appeared when he was a little child, long before the fall of the Soviet Union. People quickly pointed out that this little guy seems far cuter, though. Compared to his warmongering counterpart, this kid gives off a more thoughtful impression.

Cute Little Kid Resembles Kevin from The Office

Kevin from The Office already has the demeanor of a giant kid. However, it is unclear which of the two is being imitated. Even if Kevin tries his hardest throughout the series, we all agree that the expression was worn best by the infant on the left.

Kevin does get props for his hairdo, which we assume he has been sporting for much longer. That’s about the extent of the resemblances; in the toddler stage, we’re betting that their personalities will be more alike than their appearance.

Another Wallace Shawn Look-Alike

We think every newborn resembles Wallace Shawn at some point, but that’s a sidebar we’re not going to get into right now. The infant in the photo on the left has a few more traits in common with the well-known actor and star. One obvious similarity is that they share a nose and general facial structure.


This infant lacks the typical newborn puffiness in his cheeks, making him resemble Shawn. Several other striking similarities between the two make us wonder whether this isn’t, in fact, the celebrity’s son.

Royal Blood Found

Though this celebrity is slightly younger than the others we’ve mentioned, the resemblance is striking all the same. After seeing a picture of Prince George, a godparent shared this snapshot of their godchild. Both have brown eyes and identical hair styles. Perhaps the most endearing aspect of this picture is the baby’s expression.


Even his little finger is pointing at the image. Of course, he’s ecstatic; it’s not every day that someone discovers they look like a real-life royal. Perhaps a film script is waiting to be written about this!

The Baby Conan O’Brien

The first thing that caught our attention about this photo was the hair on this tiny man. The second is that the only fundamental similarity between them is their hair, which makes them unlike many other pairs on this list.

Conan is a much-loved late-night host, so we consider it only fair that he has a little version of himself. Indeed, we must take back what we said previously. They share more in common than their striking hair. They also both have blue eyes and charming grins. 

Philip Seymour Hoffman but Tiny

It’s clear that this kid has studied the expressions of his famous look-alike, as he mimics him almost perfectly in this photo. And that’s not even close to being the only parallel. The baby’s hair looks exactly like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s, except for that one cute strand at the front.


Similarities in the size and shape of their heads, eyes, and noses are also present. Yet, some people pointed out that this infant resembles another well-known star. We’ll let you decide if the bub in this snapshot looks like Matt Damon or not.

The Reincarnation of Einstein

Einstein was a genius, yet something about his appearance made him seem like a kid. Maybe it was the wild hairstyle and his love of being silly and sticking his tongue out. This toddler has done a decent job of mimicking Einstein’s famous tongue-out pose.

George Hodan via www.publicdomainpictures.net

It’s strange because his eyes also look much like the famous scientist’s eyes. The similarities seem to end there, excluding the possibility that this infant grows into a genius prodigy like Albert Einstein. Here’s hoping it happens!

An Early Showbiz Icon

A lot of similarities can be seen in these two pictures. Someone uploaded the left picture after observing that the baby resembled an early cinema star. The trademark curls aren’t the only thing they have in common. The little girl also has Shirley Temple’s eyes and grin. Although we know the actress was older when she first gained fame and acclaim, they appear to be the same age in this photo.


When the image on the left was published, several observers noticed the striking similarities between the two. The child actually has longer eyelashes than her more well-known counterpart. 

The Tiny Human Version of Mr. Stay-Puft

Here, on the right, you can see the original Mr. Stay-Puft. In the movies, he plays the part of a giant, supernatural marshmallow creature, which is appropriately eerie. Though they have a striking resemblance, especially in their lovely grins, the two are very different.


Relative to his cartoon self, we find this tiny boy to be quite endearing. While there are some similarities between the two, they give off completely different feelings. Compared to the photo on the left, which just shows a baby being a baby, the one on the right is slightly unsettling.

Mrs. Doubtfire – the Baby Version

Though Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire was a fictional character, this is probably what she would have appeared like as a little child. The resemblance is eerily striking, and the glasses are a brilliant finishing touch.

Elpintogrande / Bored panda

The photo on the left, however, appears to be somewhat dated and may have been taken before the debut of the iconic film, making this young girl the first Mrs. Doubtfire. We’re curious whether this child now resembles Mrs. Doubtfire or the late comedic actor Robin Williams.

Miniature Victor Garber

Some users noted that the child in the photo did not resemble actor Victor Garber, yet we see many similarities between the two. Although their heads are slightly different in shape, they are otherwise identical. There is a high degree of similarity between the facial features.

Bored Panda

Because these characteristics aren’t typically found together, our comparison stands out in specific ways. But we have to admit that we like the baby clothing on the right better than Garber’s tux. A red bow tie adds a dash of charisma – that much is true.

Little Nathan Lane

Actor Nathan Lane stands out from the crowd with his distinctive appearance. The baby on the left appears to be mimicking the ironic smile perfectly. The child also has the actor’s hair and eyes. Nathan Lane is well-known for his role as the voice of Timon in The Lion King.


But he has been in Hollywood for nearly 40 years and has appeared in several films. Maybe this little kid will grow up to be an A-list movie star thanks to his stunning good looks. If not, we hope he maintains the same sardonic grin as his famous double.

A Miniature Version of Chris Farley

You’re missing out if you haven’t seen any of Chris Farley’s films. It’s appropriate that his look-alike is a baby because he had some great hits in the ’90s. Babyfaces are nothing new to him, as evidenced by the photo, and the little kid on the left gives an excellent impression of him.


He even has the wild hair that the actor is known for. The shirt seems like something Farley would wear unironically in one of his classic roles. Maybe this kid will grow up to charm us with his unique sense of humor too. We can only hope! 

A Tiny Duplicate of Simon Pegg

Why do these two pictures make us feel so cozy and happy inside? Simon Pegg is an actor and comedian who always has a bright disposition, but the baby on the left is truly something special. We can’t quite put our finger on what it is about the two that’s so similar, but we know they’re alike.


Maybe it’s due to the way their heads are shaped. It’s cool to see a miniature version of the legendary actor. Incredible as it is to see the little guy’s face light up when he snaps a picture, seeing him in action in a photograph is even better. We do not doubt that his bright disposition will help him succeed.

Baby Twin of Rob Ford

Rob Ford, another famous comedian of the ’90s, frequently sported the outfit seen in the bottom photograph. Perhaps the infant has seen a few of his movies because he already seems to grasp the material well. Something or someone may have leaped out and startled him.

The two of them share the same hairstyle and facial structure. They even have the same double chin, albeit the younger version may shed it as he matures and loses his baby fat. Whatever happens, we want him to keep his innocent expression of surprise forever.

Similar but Different

Because of a post comparing him to a character in the Austin Powers film series, this poor kid was doomed from the start. True, most babies born bald do resemble “Mini-Me,” but only in a general way. Thankfully, the baby does not have the trademark scar on his head.


Its eyes are the same color and form as Mini-Me, and that’s really the only similarity between the two. Aside from that, this child is even cuter than its celebrity doppelganger. 

Nice Stripes

Like the one that resembled Jay-Z, this infant has mastered his famous look-alike’s signature expression. Michael Cera and his miniature doppelganger often appear startled and confused in photographs. The poor kid was probably just caught off guard by the flash, but the photo came out beautifully.


Stripes are a fashion staple for both individuals, so it’s safe to assume that they share a similar sense of style. However, the infant does a better job of carrying off the look than Cera. Despite how cute they look on babies, stripes can be difficult for grown men to wear.

The Baby Version of Bill Maher

Talk show presenter and political commentator Bill Maher has a little doppelganger, or so it seems. Even if they don’t look exactly alike, they have the same eyes, and perhaps when this kid gets older and gets some hair, they’ll look even more alike.

Several commenters quickly pointed out a striking resemblance between the little kid and another famous face. Many commenters noted that the infant resembles actor Bill Murray; with more reflection, we must admit that he also resembles Bill Maher. In any case, all three share some similarities.

Very Confusing

Just in case you recognize his face but don’t know his name, Karl Pilkington is a British host, actor, and comedian. This infant nails Pilkington’s signature bewildered expression better than the guy himself. The baby strongly resembles his famous look-alike in his eyebrows, mouth, and forehead.


This is one of the cutest baby faces we’ve seen, which makes us question whether Pilkington didn’t just steal his schtick from another adorable little kid. After the photo was uploaded, many commenters quickly pointed the similarities out.

Resembling Corey Feldman of the 1980s

If you’re unfamiliar with the actor on the right, his name is Corey Feldman, and he was a major star in the teen film industry of the 1980s. There are some striking similarities between the two, especially in their hair and eyes, but we can’t help but think that the baby on the left resembles another child star more. The same point was made by other commenters as well.

Mommy Shorts

The little kid looks like a miniature Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. The longer we stare at the picture on the left, the more we agree with the Hermione comparison than the Feldman one.

Cam With Less Hair

The parents of this infant, who goes by the name of Charlie, went all out when they posted this picture of their young child. His hair was cut and styled, and he was given clothing that looked like it was made for Cam from Modern Family. Cam may have slightly more hair on his head, but we’re confident that even more will sprout as he matures.


However, you won’t find a cuter set of baby clothes anywhere on our list than this one. Charlie shares the same expression of concern that Cam does in the show.

Phil From Rugrats

Imagine these parents’ shock when they saw a resemblance between their child and Phil Deville from Rugrats, a truly iconic show. Also, would you look at that gorgeous hair for a second? I don’t think we’ve ever seen cuter infant hair than that.


That hair looks just like the style rocked by his animated double on the right. When compared side by side, they also have the same knowing grin. Perhaps the eyes are different, but it’s impossible to tell in the cartoon because Phil’s eyes aren’t given much detail.

Mini Garth Algar

The boys’ glasses obviously play a significant role in the similarities. However, there are other similarities between them as well. First, the baby’s face looks a lot like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World.

Wayne’s World via IMDb

Just look at their beautiful blue eyes; they’re as endearing as they are strikingly similar to Algar’s. In addition, we can’t help but compare this baby’s hair to Algar’s. Nonetheless, it could simply be a coincidence that their hair is the same shade.

A Little Patton Oswald

Patton Oswald has never been the most well-known actor, but he has always enjoyed considerable acclaim. Now that we’ve seen his smaller doppelganger, we may have figured out why. His babyface is hard to miss. The tiny guy on the left looks remarkably like a young Oswald.

When you compare these two pictures, you’ll see that everything from the eyes and cheeks to the hair is the same. There’s a good chance that Oswald has done this before, but we can totally envision him pushing a baby stroller around for a role.

A Miniature Copy of Rapper Ja Rule

You can be excused if you have no idea who Ja Rule is. His rap career began in 1999, and the rapper remained active until the 2000s. Though we haven’t heard much from Ja Rule recently, his miniature counterpart has inspired us to revisit his discography. It’s difficult to deny the parallels between the two.

The baby’s head and eyes resemble those of the once-famous rapper. Maybe one day, he’ll be able to continue where Ja Rule left off with his rapping career. Or perhaps he’ll distance himself once he sees the comparison photographs online.

The Iconic Face of MAD Magazine

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the guy on the right, and I can’t stress that enough. The man in the poster is Alfred E. Newman, and he was the face of MAD magazine, a humor magazine that included a wide variety of cartoons.

Mommy Shorts

The little boy on the left is a dead ringer for the cartoon icon, apart from his lack of freckles. Even the space between their two front teeth is identical. Of course, the kid is far cuter than Newman was, but it’s still strange to think that these two could look so much alike.

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Doppelganger

This little one has Ed Sheeran’s face perfectly replicated, and the adorableness level is through the roof. We can’t help but notice the striking parallels between the newborn and one of the most influential musicians of the modern era, whose songs are frequently played on the radio. The baby’s bright red hair and clear blue eyes are a perfect replica of Ed’s.


Who knows? Maybe one day, we will hear the sound of this baby’s voice all over the world, and he will compose music that will give you LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for days.

Amy Schumer

Please, just give these eyes a moment of your time; aren’t they the prettiest things you’ve ever seen? Also, the baby’s nose and mouth look just like Amy’s. How cute is that? We’re assuming this little girl doesn’t yet have Amy’s sense of humor because she’s still so young. It would be nice if the baby developed that too, though!


There is no need to introduce Amy Schumer because she regularly graces our television screens. You may have also seen some of the movies she’s starred in. 

Baby Brown

The only significant difference between these two photographs is that the girl on the right is a bit older. Other than that, there aren’t really many other distinctions to be made. In addition, we are aware of the older girl’s name, which is Millie Bobby Brown.


She is the star of the phenomenal television series Stranger Things. Though she is only 18 years old, she is already making the most of her life, and we can only hope that one day, this kid will have the chance to do the same.

A Cuter Version of Joe Keery

Here’s another baby lookalike from the cast of Stranger Things. This time, the baby looks just like Joe Kerry. Perhaps you are more familiar with his character name, Steve. Good old Steve is hard to miss, thanks to his goofy charm.


In addition to how their hair is styled, baby and Joe both have distinct expressions on their faces. Perhaps they could round up these two kids and make a Stranger Things episode featuring tiny doppelgängers! 

Ryan Gosling’s La La Boy

Here is everyone’s crush, Ryan Gosling, but in baby form! We are all aware that Ryan Gosling is widely regarded as one of the adored leading men that Hollywood has ever produced, and this dashing young man is an uncanny doppelgänger of the actor.


Their grins are almost identical, and the fact that they both have golden hair helps to emphasize their similarities. It is a little bit tough to believe that this child is not actually Ryan Gosling’s son. The resemblance is just too strong.