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About Us

ParentsDome is here for you – parents of the year. And yes, all parents should get a day off – whenever they can!
We are here to supply that comic-relieve, that sweet moment in which you, parent, can relax and for a few minutes have some “me” time.

Our site and this FB page are our retreats, so come in, put your feet up and enjoy!

At Parentsdome, Facebook page and website, you will find many interesting topics such as health, parenting, family-related topics, and even adorable articles that will make you smile! But!! and this is an important ‘But’… all the content we have here is not for educating porpuses. We are sure you are doing the best you can. The content is here to wake up those hidden emotions you’ve got stuck inside somewhere.

Who we are

We are a group of content lovers from around the world who love it when other people read out content and feel.
We have to confess that we are writing all this content to satisfy ourselves. But we won’t be satisfied if our readers aren’t, so it’s a win-win situation.

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