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5 Interesting Tea Facts You Might Not Know

As one of the truly global drinks, teas are one of the most popular beverages in human history. In some cultures, especially across Asia, tea serves as a major solution for everything from political decisions to matters of diplomatic urgency. Tea is a tremendous tool, then, for everything from hearing the latest gossip to warming us up on a winter’s day.

There is, though, more to tea than meets the eye. If you like tea, here are some intriguing tea facts you might not have already known.

There is no quick kick with tea

Many people drink a coffee because they want that quick rush of energy to get busy and get things done. Tea, though, releases the caffeine into your system at a much slower, more deliberate pace overall. This allows for your body to absorb the caffeine at a less prolific pace.

The end result is that you are far less likely to suffer from the dreaded ‘coffee crash’ that so many of us suffer with.

The water temperature changes everything

How often do you just boil water from the kettle and pour in, the same as you would do with a coffee?

However, teas are impacted by the temperature of the water as well as how many times the water has been boiled. Using water that has been double-boiled? Start again, because it can create a much less enjoyable taste from the tea itself. Find a consistent water temperature that creates the taste you like, and stick to it!

Teas come in all shapes and sizes

As we know, tea is not just one type of product but a huge selection of tea types. From the likes of Earl Grey teas to English breakfast teas, chamomile teas, green teas, and more, there is a huge world out there waiting to be explored.

Particularly common today are fruit teas, such as peach teas, which are made to offer a sweeter alternative to more typical teas.

Teas are rich in natural goodness

Even the most basic of teas can carry some polyphenols and flavonoids that you were not getting into your system beforehand. High quality teas can be extremely rich in nutrition and other beneficial ingredients that can play a role in healing our bodies.

Many teas are a herbal blend of various herbs and other teas that can create a concoction that is very good for the body, mind, and spirit. Drinking a tea, then, can be just the pick-me-up that your body needs!

If you want to reduce your stress in life, then you should absolutely focus on drinking a nice pot of tea. Tea can be a huge solution for anyone looking to try and improve their day-to-day health. From giving you that extra warmth to creating a very unique taste based on water temperature alone, though, tea requires you to think rather than just stir-and-pour!