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Here’s What The Cast of “16 & Pregnant” Are Doing Today

16 & Pregnant was one of the most popular reality shows on MTV. Its cast members became famous for both good and bad reasons during the show’s run. Following the success of 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom launched in 2009. Since then, fans have watched them deal with new partners, pregnancies, and co-parenting over several seasons.

Although several of the 16 & Pregnant’s most iconic moms went on to star in Teen Mom and its various spin-offs, not all of the girls stayed in the spotlight. Here’s what some of the most memorable moms have been up to since their time on the show.Lindsay Lohan Is Engaged to Bader ShammasKeep Watching

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska dropped out of school after becoming pregnant with then-boyfriend Adam Lind’s child. She got married soon after giving birth, but the relationship eventually dissolved and they divorced, with Chelsea winning primary custody. In 2014, she began dating Cole DeBoer. The two married in 2016.

Now a mother of four, Chelsea announced her exit from Teen Mom 2 in November 2020, with her final episode airing in December of 2020. We hope she found a new calling in life following her departure from the show.

Maci Bookout

Fans of 16 & Pregnant watched Maci and Ryan learn to care for their son, Bentley before their relationship fell apart. Maci is one of Teen Mom’s most recognizable characters since she has always struggled to communicate with the father of her son.  

After the two broke up, Maci went on to feature on Teen Mom OG. During this show, Maci got married and started a clothing company with her husband, Taylor, called “Things That Matter.” Since then, they’ve had two additional children.

Jenelle Evans

Evans was infamous on 16 & Pregnant for being a party girl and giving full custody of her son, Jace, to her mother, Barbara. In one episode, she attempted to postpone a jail sentence in order to attend a music concert. 

Jenelle was let go from the show in 2019 following a series of events involving her husband, David. In October 2019, she eventually filed for divorce. She has also had two more children since.

Mackenzie Douthit

When cheerleader Mackenzie Douthit married Josh, she changed her name to Mackenzie McKee. During the show’s run, Josh was engaged in a rodeo accident which put him in a neck brace just before Mackenzie was set to give birth. The couple now has three children together. 

MacKenzie has also been on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 3 as one of the cast members. During these appearances, Josh has been accused of “cheating,” so things haven’t always been easy for the couple.

Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole gave birth to her son Lyle at the age of 16. Her episode was particularly remarkable due to the terse relationship she had with her baby’s father. Josh Drummonds chastised Paulun for being in and out of jail on a regular basis. After all these years, it doesn’t appear that anything has changed. 

Paulun sought an order of protection against him in 2017. She went on to other things after closing that chapter of her life. She eventually found new love and married. She currently has two children and lives in relative anonymity.

Kayla Jackson

Kayla has a lot to say about her life experience during the show. Jackson was pregnant with her first kid, Preston, when fans first saw her on the show. She had Cedric, her second child, in 2016 with her new partner, Matt Neyers. 

In an interview a year later, she stated unequivocally that her decision to participate in the show was the worst thing she had ever done. Kayla accused the makers of the show of altering footage to make things appear worse than they actually were.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, 17, made her television debut on 16 & Pregnant. She was a cheerleader, expecting a child with Derek Underwood, her then ex-boyfriend. Abraham has since sparked a debate on both Teen Mom OG and in real life. 

Abraham was sacked from Teen Mom OG in March 2018 when the show’s executive producer confronted her about her mistreatment of the cast and crew. She also got in trouble for her involvement in the adult entertainment industry. She starred in the MTV series Ex on the Beach in 2019.

Ashley Salazar 

On 16 & Pregnant, Salazar had her aunt and uncle adopt her kid, a decision that she struggled with for years. Salazar stated in a 2015 article for Parenting that she was busy with college, but that she was given a chance to visit her daughter every now and then.

Salazar and her first child’s father, Justin Lane, had their second child, Phoenix, in 2017. Salazar and Justin aren’t together anymore. Nowadays, Salazar is just getting along with her life like everyone else.

Catelynn Lowell

After becoming childbearing sweethearts on the show, Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra are still together. Catelynn was one of the most memorable mothers because she chose open adoption over retaining her baby. 

The two got married in 2015 and started a children’s clothing line together. They’ve had two children since then, and while their relationship has had its ups and downs, they’ve stuck with it. Both have returned to Teen Mom OG as regular cast members

Amber Portwood

Amber was one of the show’s most distinctive teen mothers. During her partnership with Gary Shirley, Portwood gave birth to her daughter Leah after a tumultuous maternal journey. Amber and Gary went on to star in Teen Mom as one of the cast members.

Though Amber’s ups and downs were far from over, the MTV cameras followed her through problematic new relationships, time in jail, substance misuse, and mental health issues. Amber is still a part of the Teen Mom OG cast.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn was a cast member on Teen Mom 2 as well as 16 and Pregnant. She bemoaned the lack of support she got from her own family during her first pregnancy. She shared custody of her child with her ex, Jo Rivera. 

She eventually married and found a new significant other. She and her now-husband married in 2012 and have since expanded their family. In addition to being a mother, Kailyn is a college student pursuing a degree in mass communication.

Whitney Purvis

Whitney, like many of the other teen parents on the show, struggled with problems outside of parenthood. She not only dropped out of high school, but she also struggled financially, causing a great deal of anxiety and stress throughout her pregnancy. The young mother gave birth to a baby boy, but there were still difficulties ahead. 

When she was pregnant again in 2014, she ran into legal issues for trespassing and shoplifting. She and her partner divorced after the birth of their second son.

Leah Messer

After two years of marriage, Leah Messer-Calvert divorced Corey Simms, the father of her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah. Through her daughter Ali’s health problems to Leah and Jeremy’s divorce, viewers have watched Leah confront numerous challenges. 

After going to therapy for depression in 2016, she was given 50/50 custody with her ex in 2016. This topic would resurface in 2018 when she started talking about it on her podcast. She later returned to Teen Mom 2 and wrote a memoir about her life.

Lori Wickelhaus

Lori Wickelhaus and her ex-boyfriend Cory Haskett made the difficult decision to place their baby Aiden up for adoption during the second season of 16 & Pregnant. They sadly handed off their son and moved on with their lives. Wickelhaus and her fiancée Jo Amos welcomed a new baby, Rylynn, in 2013. 

She took up classes and worked at a nursing home while she was pregnant. She worked hard to achieve her objectives and now lives a peaceful and happy life.

Megan McConnell

Megan’s baby’s father was only interested in playing video games. He was a teenager, after all, but this caused a lot of trouble during the pregnancy. They welcomed their baby boy into the world in 2010, then married a year later. However, the relationship did not work out, and they divorced the following year. 

Megan McConnell announced in August of 2015 that she was expecting her second child, a surprise to everyone. The father, according to the 21-year-old, is Chase, her live-in boyfriend whom she met through a co-star.

Kayla Jordan

When Kayla found out she was pregnant in 2009, her boyfriend, J.R. Davis, dropped down on one knee and proposed to her. Her parents were supportive of the engagement, and their son Rylan was born in 2010. But following 2013, she broke up with Davis, and the engagement never led to marriage. 

Kayla has had three more children from three separate husbands. She appears to be content with her life working as a full-time bartender/waitress. 

Christinna Cook

We followed Christinna Cook as she prepared for the birth of her baby girl, Destiny. Fans of the show may recall the awkward moment that she was forced to take a DNA test by the grandmother of her baby and high school football icon, Isiah Robinson, to prove he was the father.

The test came back positive and Cook and Robinson eventually married. However, they have since divorced. Christinna moved on in her search for love. She gave birth to her second child in April of 2020.

Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant

Brooke and her then-boyfriend, Cody Tarrant, were expecting while Brooke was still in school. Unlike many other couples, the two got married even before the baby was born. Their first child, Brody, was born in 2009 during the show’s filming. They had their second child, Ryley, three years later.

Smitherman-Tarrant hasn’t made the news in a long time and appears to be leading a normal life away from the spotlight. Good for her. We wish her all the best.

Aubrey Wolters

Aubrey Wolters married Austin’s father, Brandon Akerill, on the show. The relationship did not last long and the couple separated in 2011. This year brought more unwelcome news as well: Aubrey was diagnosed with non-cancerous thyroid tumors in 2011.

She underwent surgery to have it removed. But this exacerbated her downward spiral, particularly when she was jailed for stealing, and for the possession of non-prescribed drugs. She eventually cleaned up her act and gave birth to her second child last year.

Adam Lind

Though 16 & Pregnant focused more on the teen mothers, teen fathers were also featured prominently. They played a significant role in helping teen moms get back on their feet while also raising their children. 

Adam Lind, being the father of the child of Chelsea Houska, experienced numerous difficulties afterward. After an alleged physical altercation with ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton, the construction worker was then accused of stalking. In November, Beaton was able to obtain a restraining order against Lind.

Jo Rivera

Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowery had a child together, but tying the knot was not on Jo’s priority list. Despite their differences, they maintained a decent relationship while sharing custody of their baby. 

Jo was diagnosed with commitment issues early on. There were talks about marriage with his current partner, but no sign of a ring. Well, at least he appears to be a decent father, and that’s all that matters

Corey Simms

Since their breakup in 2011, Corey had been entangled in a vicious custody dispute with ex-girlfriend Leah Messer-Calvert over their twin daughters. However, due to Leah’s problems, a custody renegotiation was necessary and he won out. 

He was able to gain extra time with his girls in the end. Simms won an extra night with the twins in December, giving him custody three nights a week while Messer took four. He remarried in 2013 after finding love again.

Maddy Godsey 

Maddy got pregnant after having a night with her then-boyfriend. Her mother gave her a month’s notice to leave the house after the kid was born, so she was obliged to choose between her boyfriend’s parents or her distant father.

Eventually, she was left with no other choice but to raise her baby on her own. She eventually got a job as a pharmaceutical technician and moved into her own place with her daughter.

Summer Rewis

Summer Rewis and her husband went through a lot of challenges in season five as they prepared to welcome their bundle of joy into the world. Before finally parting ways, the couple had one more child. 

Besides some adultery turmoil, Summer appears to be doing well. When asked about her appearance on the show, she said she didn’t regret it, because it raised awareness about the issue to others all across the country.

Jordan Cashmyer

Jordan Cashmyer was the teen mother who had the most impact on us. Jordan battled with homelessness on top of everything else because her husband refused to work. It was a real fight for survival. The couple eventually had another baby and began working on establishing a more stable life for themselves.

Jordan talked about her time in recovery and how much better she felt after completing the program in 2016. She occasionally appears on social media, but she prefers to remain anonymous in general.

Kristina Robinson

Kristina had a lot on her plate, not just because she was a teen mother, but also because the baby’s father died before her child was born. This was difficult for her, but with a little support and love from her family, she was able to get through it.

She is now married with two children and looks to be living with her new family in a fairly tranquil environment. She didn’t want to continue sharing her life with an audience, unlike many of the other teen mothers.

Valerie Fairman

Learning to be a parent is difficult enough, but figuring out the emotional balance as a teen can seem impossible. Valerie and her boyfriend Matt were perpetually at odds. After they divorced, Matt eventually only wanted to be with their child. 

People can snap under the strain of too much stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this happened to Valerie when she became addicted to drugs. She died in 2016 as a result of an overdose. RIP.

Autumn Crittendon

Autumn and her boyfriend, Dustin, worked through many challenges in season five as they prepared to bring a child into the world. The two enjoyed a bit of a party lifestyle. At first, Autumn was able to control herself. Meanwhile, Dustin struggled to let go of the lifestyle. 

Following the episode, there was talk of the couple having a spin-off show, but this never materialized. Autumn married in 2017 and went on to live a normal life away from the limelight. 

Nicole Fokos

Nicole and her significant other appeared in the second season of the show. In addition to being able to work together to raise their child, the couple enjoyed moral support from Nicole’s mother. 

But Nicole and her boyfriend eventually parted ways and she began abusing drugs and alcohol. As a result, her child’s custody was temporarily taken away. Nicole ultimately pulled herself together and sobered up. She and her new husband have a new child together.

Jordan Ward

Jordan and her twin sister Jesicca dreamed of building careers in the modeling industry. However, when Jordan became pregnant she had to put her dreams on hold, making raising a baby her main concern. 

Jordan’s connection with her twin sister was also a key angle of the episode as they followed her throughout her pregnancy. Jordan and her then-boyfriend Brian married in 2011 and welcomed a second child into their family, but the couple parted ways in 2016.

Ebony Jackson

Before boyfriend Josh got her pregnant, Ebony had planned to enlist in the Air Force. There were many traumatic moments, including Josh’s mother’s request for a paternity test. However, after graduating from school, the two eventually married. 

But they found themselves dealing with legal troubles. Their child was taken away from them and placed in protective custody. They eventually regained custody and welcomed another child into their family. Ebony and Josh eventually divorced, and sadly Ebony lost custody of her children.

Lindsey Nicholson

When you’re a teenager, you have a lot of dreams and ambitions in life. Lindsey’s ambition was to be a cage fighter. But, like all teenagers, she was curious about everything and wanted to experiment. When one of her experiments led to pregnancy, she found herself in a difficult situation.

She gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby girl in 2011. After some time, she then gave birth again to twins, this time with her new husband.

Lizzie Waller

In season two, MTV followed another Virginian, Lizzie Waller, as she and her boyfriend struggled to keep their dreams alive while preparing to become parents. Lizzie aspired to be a musician, but she set unreasonable goals for herself which conflicted with her parenting responsibilities.

The two eventually married, but their union only lasted two years. Lizzie went on to find new love and has had three children as a result. She even discovered a new passion and is now studying to become a dental assistant on off-nights.

Jaime McKay

Season three introduced us to Jaime, a promising high school student who became pregnant at the early age of 17. Jamie and her mother frequently fought about the father of her baby, who had some behavioral issues. 

Jamie would have another kid with her high school lover. After a custody struggle between the two, they eventually broke up. She found love again and got engaged. In 2018, she and her fiancé welcomed another child into the world.

Jennifer Del Rio

A rumor began to circulate that Jennifer had gotten pregnant on purpose, which certainly put an interesting spin on the episode. She and her boyfriend’s relationship fell apart as they were seen getting into numerous physical fights. Jennifer went to Florida once her part on the show ended. 

She continued to keep her followers up to date on her life through her YouTube channel. She married in 2013 and had her second child the following year. She announced another pregnancy four years later. Jennifer has since garnered a large social media following through her work in photography.